4th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta 2001
12th August 2001 Races 1, 2 & 3
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Raffle's Marina, Singapore witnessed some 24 yachts come together on the start-line for the 4th Western Circuit Regatta. This year saw a very strong fleet assemble with some fast racing boats to heat up the competition. The new Farr 40 'Pla Loma 3 ' owned by Keith Moore caught everyone's eye and included in the crew Singapore's Elaine Chua having finished the BT Global Challenge race and Bruce 'Sobstad' Anson. Also in the fleet were DK's Mumm 30 skippered by Hannes Waimer, ex King's Cup winner Big Buzzard skippered by George Olivit, the ever present J24 'Juno and the Swan 60 'Irvmiren' with Hans Jocab Hvide at the helm.

Brilliant sunshine and light to moderate wind conditions were welcomed by the fleet for the 2 windward and leeward races.

Race 1 saw shortened course with just one windward / leeward leg around the cans. The start-line was a hive of activity with the majority of the fleet jostling for position by the committee boat. 'Mumm 30' was forced into a 360º after crossing to early and the 'Pla Loma 3' lead the pack from the off and took the line honours some 59 minutes later. Several of the fleet headed inshore with a 10 knot breeze but at the mark 'Mumm 30' followed 'Pla Loma 3' and then a fairly close group consisting off Switchblade (Gary Gouw) Hai Min (Ken Kerr) The Dogs 2 (Mark Jewell) 'Foxy Lady' (Bill Bremner) and Irvmiren (Hans Jocab Hvide) all threw the kites up for the spinnaker run. It was a fantastic sight to see a large fleet in Singapore under spinnaker with the pressure on the crews to jibe well with the shortened course. In the end it was 'Pla Loma 3' who took first with corrected time followed in 2nd place by 'Mumm 30' and X99 'Foxy Lady' helmed by Bill Bremner in 3rd.

Race 2 followed a similar pattern as race 1. The placing of the windward marker seemed to cause some confusion in the fleet and many yachts picked it up late allowing 'Mumm 30' and 'Pla Loma 3' to fight out the race amongst themselves. In the end 'Pla Loma 3' took line honours with 'Mumm 30' following close behind. On IRC the result stood with 'Mumm 30' in 1st, the J24 Juno (Tim Tan / Richard Ahl) and the X99 Xen@ (Hermans Philip) in 3rd.

The passage leg for Race 3 was played out in light winds throughout the day. The start line once again saw the yachts competing strongly for position and some vocal activity from several of the crews. The wind certainly seemed to be inshore for on the way up to the first mark. The Dogs 2 (Mark Jewell) and Mumm 30 lead the pack making good round. 'Pla Loma 3' however seemed to be struggling for a long time and at one stage in the race one of the crew was overboard looking for foreign objects. Whatever was found certainly did the trick as the Farr 40 pulled away from the pack joining the Mumm 30 and The Dogs 2. In the main grouping the X99's put on a great show of racing. 'Xen@' took the wind inshore and pulled away from 'Foxy Lady' but was pulled back by the first mark. From then on neither of the X99's could shake off the other until the spinnaker leg with Bill Bremner's 'Foxy Lady' rounding before 'Xen@' who was struggling to get round the mark with the little wind and strong tide. The other X99 'X-el' (Lex Barker) put in a strong performance as well and finished 9th overall.

The wind seemed to die on the leaders as the approached the finishing line for the shortened course allowing the chasers to make up valuable time and positions. In the end 'Pla Loma 3' took line honours followed by 'Mumm 30.' Overall on IRC KT2 (David Low) took 1st, Juno (Tim Tan / Richard Ahl) 2nd and Next Page (Steve Walker) 3rd.

With one weekend to go in the series the two races around the cans will be very important for the leading boats. As it stands after 3 races 'Juno' is in first with 12 points, 'Mumm 30' 13 points and 'Foxy Lady' 14 points very closely followed by 'Pla Loma 3,' KT2 and The Dogs 2.

See full results and standings below after Race 3…

Results after Race 3

4th Western Circuit Regatta 2001



19th August 2001 Race 3



IRC Division - Provisional Results



Sail No.

Name Of Boat Skipper IRC Hrs Min Sec Elap Secs Corr'd Time R 1 R 2 R 3 Ov'all Points
SIN120 Juno Tim Tan/Richard Ahl 0.907 5 36 8 20168.0 18292.38 7 3 2 12
MAS30 Mumm 30 Johannes Waimer 1.092 4 59 2 17942.0 19592.66 2 1 10 13
SIN1637 Foxy Lady Bill Bremner 1.0000 5 17 22 19042.0 19042.00 3 6 5 14
MAS4001 Pla Loma 3 Keith Moore 1.183 4 41 24 16884.0 19973.77 1 2 13 16
SIN10 KT2 David Low 0.907 5 32 17 19937.0 18082.86 8 8 1 17
SIN8080 The Dogs…2 Mark Jewell 1.035 5 12 5 18725.0 19380.38 4 7 6 17
SIN999 Xen@ Hermans Philip 0.997 5 24 9 19449.0 19390.65 9 5 7 21
SIN92 Against All Odds Howard Witt 0.991 5 19 37 19177.0 19004.41 12 12 4 28
SIN2626 Next Page Steve Walker 0.985 5 17 28 19048.0 18762.28 16 11 3 30
SIN18 Jangan Main Main Lee Sea Yean 0.907 5 56 47 21407.0 19416.15 17 10 8 35
SIN888 Switchblade Gary Gouw 1.101 5 1 19 18079.0 19904.98 5 19 11 35
SIN3607 Hai Min Ken Kerr 1.076 5 12 51 18771.0 20197.60 6 14 15 35
SIN91 Quaterdeck Esa Masood 0.907







4 DNF 39
SIN100 Jenny 2 Jeffrey Low 1.033 5 24 30 19470.0 20112.51 13 16 14 43
KS852 Shoon Fung Too Gordon S. Maxted 1.006 5 37 23 20243.0 20364.46 14 13 17 44
SIN9 Shengli Lim De-Wei, Randall 0.907







9 DNF 45
SIN4848 Tactical Antics Bob Comstock 1.061 5 13 8 18788.0 19934.07 DNC DNC 12 50
SIN333 Waka Terre Kurt Metzger 1.033 5 27 11 19631.0 20278.82 18 17 16 51
SIN5995 X-EL Lex Barker 0.999 5 26 32 19592.0 19572.41 DNS 20 9 54
THA696N Big Buzzard George Olivit 1.138 5 11 24 18684.0 21262.39 15 21 18 54
GBR6868 Irvmiren Hans Jocab Hvide 1.238 5 13 17 18797.0 23270.69 19 22 19 60
SIN2507 Jantra Neil Jonasson 0.907







15 DNF 65
SIN3274 Tempest Kent Goeking 0.907







18 DNF 68
SIN5080 Moonbeam Joerg Kalisch 0.958







23 DNF 73

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4th West Circuit Sailing Regatta 2001

12th, 19th and 26th August 2001
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Organized by : Raffles Marina
Venue : 10 Tuas West Drive, Singapore 638404
Latitude 1 degree 20.53 minutes North
Longtitude 103 degree 38.22 minutes East


1.1 The event will be governed by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of Singapore Sailing Federation, the respective Class Rules and their Bye-laws (except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions), Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.


2.1 The following categories of sailors are eligible for participation in this regatta:

I) Member of all Sailing Club and Marina affiliated to SSF.

II) Invited Yacht Clubs.

III ) Visiting Yachts in Singapore


3.1 The entry fees for the regatta is S$200 per yacht consisting of a Helmsman and 4 crew. Additional crew will be charged S$40 per head. Payment by cheque should be made payable to Raffles Marina Pte Ltd. Payment by cash or credit card can be made at the Dockmaster’s Office ( DMO ) , Raffles Marina.

Entries received before Sunday 22 July 2001 will have their boat’s name embroidered on their T-shirts.

    1. The entry fees include cost for Regatta T-shirt, ball cap, all social functions and berthing fee in the marina for the month of August 2001.
    2. Yachts arriving 2 weeks before the Regatta (after 23 July 2001 ) may apply for FREE berthing subject to availability of space.
    3. After the regatta, participating yachts can enjoy a Post Regatta Berthing fee of S$200 per yacht from 27 August to 30 September 2001. Thereafter, Visitor’s Rate applies.
    4. Please call DMO at Tel: 8691825 for reservation. Please quote " Western Circuit Sailing Regatta ".


    1. Sun 12th August 2001 - 1100 hrs - Skipper’s Briefing
      - 1300 hrs - Race 1 and Race 2 (Windward & Leeward)
      - " Boat Race " in the Pub

      Sun 19th August 2001 - 1300 hrs - Race 3 (Passage Race)
      - " Makan Kechil " in the Pub

      Sun 26th August 2001 - 1200 hrs - Race 4 and Race 5 (Windward & Leeward)
      - Prize presentation cum dinner

      4.2 Secretariat will be set up from 1000hrs at the Atrium Lobby, Raffles Marina on each race day.

    2. Sailing Instructions will be will be available at the front reception of RSYC,Changi Sailing Club , Singapore Armed Forces Yacht Club and DMO, Raffles Marina from 22 July 2001 onwards or through e-mail : siokeng@rafflesmarina.com.sg.


5.1 There will be two handicap systems for this series. Each participating yacht may enter for both or one handicap system.


To be based on the Valid 2001IRC rating. A copy of the valid certificates is to be made available if requested.

PY For the 4th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta, each participating yacht will be given a PY Handicap by Raffles Marina PY Handicap Sub-committee ( RMPHS ). The PY handicap allocated to each participating yacht for 1st Race could be different from the CSC or RSYC PY allocated handicap and no redress will be considered. After the 1st Race and subsequent races thereafter the allocated PY will be amended at the decision of the RMPHS but in principle the PY will be adjusted as follows :

1st : PY will be reduced by 1.5
2nd : PY will be reduced by 1.0
3rd : PY will be reduced by 0.5

Last Place : PY will be increased by 1.5
2nd to Last Place : PY will be increased by 1.0
3rd to Last Place : PY will be increased by 0.5

Adjustments will also be made, at the discretion of the RMPHS, to yachts that have given a PY in the first race that is considered to be unrealistic by the Sub-Committee with reference to the rest of the fleet. It is noted that the intention is to give all participating yachts an opportunity to win a prize.


6.1 The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A 4.1 of the RRS will apply. There is no minimum number of races to constitute the series. When 3 or fewer races are completed, all Races shall count.


7.1 The courses for the regatta will be described in the Sailing Instructions. The Racing area will be from Sultan Shoal to West Johore Straits ( up to Tuas Causeway ).

8.1 Prizes will be awarded to the following Races :
i. Race 1 to Race 5 - 1ST to 3rd Positions ( IRC & PY ) for yacht only
ii. Overall - 1ST to 3rd Positions ( IRC , PY ) for yacht and crew.

    1. Class prizes will also be awarded subject to a minimum of 6 entries.

8.3 Prizes for yacht and crew will be limited 5 only ( Skipper and 4 crew ). Additional paying crew will receive a replica prize 2 weeks after the regatta.

    1. Participating yachts arriving at the marina before 8th August 2001, can participate in the National Day Race on 9 August 2001.
    2. The Race is for J-24 and Classic / Cruiser yacht only. The 2 Classes will race on separate courses at 1300 hrs.
    3. Entry form and additional details are available at DMO. Tel: 8691822 and Fax : 8622280
    4. Results of the race will not be counted for the 4th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta.


10.1 The Singapore Sailing Federation, Raffles Marina, the officials, members and volunteers who assist in the organising and running of the regatta will not be liable for the loss of life or property, personal injury or damage caused or arising out of this event.

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