August 14th, 21st, 27th - 8th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta
This regatta takes place over three weekends: Sun 14th, Sun 21st and Sat 27th August being the last day of racing to encourage a better party after the prize giving. A beneficiary race will be held on Sunday 28th, which will not count towards the WCSR results. This event is open to self righting keelboats having a valid 2005 IRC certificate, or PY Class belonging to members of Singapore Sailing affiliated clubs and invited sailors of other yacht clubs. All yachts will get free berthing at Raffles Marina from 7th Aug to 11th Sept. The NOR is at: or for more info Tel:(+65)6869-1822 Fax:(+65)6862-2280

8th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta
AY Race Report 3 & Summary

When it's all said and done...
Usually there is more said than done, but not in this case as the sailors have completed 6 races over three weekends and attended a gala presentation in the Raffles Marina ballroom. If that's not enough, over S$20k has been raised to send Elaine Chua on her way on the Mini Transat and a beneficiary race for Sailability sailors will be held on Sunday to complete a very active program of events.

The final two races to determine the overall class winners started in 6 to 8 knots of breeze which increased slightly during the afternoon and had the sailors back in the bar, ready to celebrate by 4:00pm. With the help of Aussie Skip Lissiman, former sailing master on Alan Bond's America's Cup team, Jonathan Mahony's crew on Happy Endings showed they could walk the walk, to win both races by the proverbial mile and claim the overall IRC trophy. Surprisingly in a act of fate they also won the lucky draw for the fantastic Baume & Mercier watch at the presentation party.

Keith Dunn's Mount Gay 30 Lunchcutter 2 scored two seconds and climbed up into 2nd place with Peter Forbes Next Page out performing the others on the day to jump up into 3rd spot overall despite their new pink outfits earning them a traditional down down drink.

In the closely contested Sportsboat class Bob Howison's Platu 25 Teko MDBS maintained their winning form with two wins to capture the overall title from Drew Gardenier and Mark Jewell's Bengal Tiger Lines - The Dogs 2 who finished with a 3, 2 score line in the final races. Gordon Maxted's Young 840 Shoon Fung Too sailed into 3rd overall after Choo Tze Wei decided to gracefully withdraw his Platu 25 from the event to settle a rating dispute that had arisen.

Although Richard Ahl's J24 Juno had secured victory with 5 wins in the One-Design Class they did not have it all their own way when Wildon Goh's SMUve managed to pip them on the line by a few seconds in race 5. Despite Lea Sea Yean's Jangan Main Main keeping the pressure on the leaders through out the event they had to eventually settle for 3rd place overall.

The light weather once again favoured the smaller yachts in the PY Class with Simon Piff's Rainbow Dream regaining his winning ways with two wins to secure the overall class trophy. Despite Richard Anderson's Tune Inn scoring a 5, 3 to end up tied on 12 points with Nathan Richardson's Lady Galadriel who scored two third places today, Tune Inn's crew had done enough in the earlier races to hold onto 2nd place overall from Lady Galadriel.

All in all, 3 great weekends of racing was had by most sailors, whether they are winners or finished up down the order, to show just how much fun the club level can offer, which also helps hone the crews skills, before they take on the regions major events coming up latter in the year.

Full set of results can be found at:

8th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta

AY Race Report 2

Natures way of evening up the scores...
The yachts headed out into a heavy downpour to start race five which unfortunately left behind a big lull in proceedings and the yachts floundering around waiting for the wind to return. As they inched their way forward, wind lines could be seen forming and then bam! The yachts that managed to claw their way to the front got it first and were away. The trailing yachts had to wait their turn and play catchup for the rest of the passage race.

Bob Ashman's Simba came to the fore on this occasion in the IRC class with Tom Bonehill's Loaded in 2nd spot and Bob Comstock Tactical Antics 3rd. All in front of the series contenders of Jeremy Muller's Scallywag and Keith Dunn's Lunchcutter that reduced Jonathan Mahony's Happy Endings lead down to 2 points with two races to go.

The hotly contested Sportsboat class saw Bob Howison's Teko MDBS score another win and Mark Jewell's Bengal Tiger Lines - The Dogs 2 leapfrogging Choo Tze Wei Platu 25 to end up 2nd and 3rd and within 3 and 2 points respectively of the leader Teko MDBS.

No changes in the One Design class where Richard Ahl's J24 Juno has scored 4 wins in a row. However Lea Sea Yean's Jangan Main Main turned the tables on Wildon Goh's SMUve this time around but places are reversed in the overall standings and they have no chance of catching Juno for the overall title.

The grand old ladies of the PY Class showed the smaller boats just what they can do on the longer reaching legs of the passage race. Pauline Blasky's Sari Timur reveled in the conditions to edge out Simon Morris's Sirius that was built in 1935 in Sydney and has a tremendous history as a workboat in the Pacific and known for several circumnavigations of the globe. Richard Anderson's Jenneau 42 Tune Inn filled 3rd spot and now trails the overall class leader Simon Piff's Rainbow Dream by only one point.

Although a couple of the classes seem to have unbeatable leads there is still two races to go this weekend and a drop race to be calculated into the results which could see a dramatic change in the order.

Full set of results can be found at:

8th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta

AY Race Report 1

A mixed bag of results on day 1...
Racing got away in 10 to 12 knots of SW breeze, right in front of Raffles Marina in the Johore Straits which fortunately runs up and down in a South Westerly direction. The crews eagerness to get away had skippers jockeying for position and many calls of "up up!" were heard at the start as the bunched up classes crossed the line.

All three races were completed and as the breeze varied in strength through out the afternoon the individual podium places were shared amongst the front runners to end up relatively even on points after handicaps have been applied.

Jonathan Mahony's Mumm 30 Happy Endings (2, 1, 1) scoreline, is the best of the 10 yachts in the IRC fleet, to open a handy lead over Jeremy Muller's Sydney 32 Scallywag (1, 2, 5) at the end of the day. Keith Dunn's Mount Gay 30 Lunchcutter 2 (3, 4, 2) placings, kept the pressure on the leaders to trail them by only one point.

The hotly contested Sportsboat class saw the Platu 25's of Choo Tze Wei (1, 3, 2) and Bob Howison's Teko MDBS (2, 1, 3) come to the fore and tied for the lead with 6 points each.

Drew Gardenier and Mark Jewell's Bengal Tiger Lines - The Dogs 2 showed some brilliant bursts of speed to get better as the day wore on with a (5, 2, 1) and claim 3rd spot going into the 2nd round.


It was a different story in the One Design class were Richard Ahl's J24 Juno scored 3 wins over Wildon Goh's SMUve who ended up with three second places. Lea Sea Yean's Jangan Main Main did the best of the remaining 4 entries with a 4, 3, 3 score to fill third spot.

The mixture of Classic and Cruiser racers in the PY Class sees Simon Piff's Rainbow Dream shoot to the lead with a 1, 2, 1 over Richard Anderson's Jenneau 42 Tune Inn with a 2, 1, 3 finish. Nathan Richardson's Lady Galadriel was the next fastest of the diverse range of yachts with a 3, 3, 2 to hold onto 3rd spot and only a couple points adrift of the leaders.

With three more races to come and the chance to drop their worst race, all classes and perhaps bar the One Design J24's remain open at this early stage in proceedings. In the changing nature of yacht racing, anything can happen from here on in and the next two weekends will tell.

After the presentation of the days prizes, the announcement of Elaine Chua's fundraising evening at the BQ Bar at Boat Quay on Thursday 18th, drew an incredible generous crowd to spontaneously raise over US6,000 from several anonymous donations, so she can now buy a new set of racing sails for her Mini Transat entry Feng. The ever friendly Elaine was humbled by these kind gestures from her fellow sailors and assured everybody that every cent donated so far has been wisely spent and gone towards achieving her ultimate goal of completing the 4000nm race across the Atlantic in September. More on Elaine's progress, log onto

As AsianYachting always likes to send sailors to sea with the best possible equipment, we have re-supplied Elaine with our Southern Ocean gloves for the race and 15 more pairs to be either auctioned off on Thursday or sold in La Rochelle to help send her on the way. Our heart and wishes of good luck go out to her. Unfortunately we can't be at the BQ Bar on Thursday to enjoy some of those fantastic margarita's but I'm sure the rest of the sailors there will make up for us.

8th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta

AY Pre-Regatta Report

Twenty seven yachts will be lining up on Sunday 14th in four classes to contest this years 8th Western Circuit Sailing Regatta conducted by Raffles Marina in Singapore.

A good 12 to 15 knot South Westerly was clocked blowing down the Johor Straits this afternoon and racing is expected to be close as most yachts just finished the hotly contested RSYC Regatta only 2 weeks ago.

The IRC winner on that occasion was Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady but as they have entered a sales agreement will not be racing which leaves the fleet wide open to any of the 9 IRC yachts racing. Jonathan Mahony's Mumm 30 Happy Endings has been runner up to Bill recently and Jeremy Muller's Sydney 32 Scallywag plus Tom Bonghill's modified Magic 25 Loaded are expected to put in a good showing.

The Sportsboat class will be interesting as 5 different designs are competing. Drew Gardeniers Reflex 28, Mark Jewell's Laser SB3, Dickson Addis's JS9000, Gordon Maxted's Young 840 and the 2 Platu 25's of Choo Tze Wei and Bob Howison's Teko MDBS which comes fresh of a victory at the RSYC Regatta. The crew which can consistently produce the best boat speed in changing conditions and keep out of trouble over the next 3 weekends is likely to be crowned champion this year.

Six J24's are competing in the One Design class and a battle royal is looming between the Changi Yacht Club and Raffles Marina entries. Richard Ahl's Juno raced away with the Singapore Straits Regatta earlier this year and Lee Sea Yean's Jangan Main Main plus Simon Davidson's Jock are expected to be in the running by the end of the series.

Anything from the 1935 classic Sirius and a William Gardener ketch Sari Timur to a Jenneau 42 sloop Tune Inn are lining up amongst the six PY class entrants.

The diverse nature of these floating homes will undoubtedly be won by the yacht which has the most fun while emptying the well stocked fridge.

Racing takes place over the next three weekends with 3 windward / leeward or triangle races scheduled on race day 1 followed by a passage race for all classes next weekend and finishing up with 2 more races on the final day of racing.

The sponsor lineup includes Volvo Penta and Baume & Mercier will be presenting a watch to be decided by drawing competitors names from a hat.


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