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August 17th: Although the wind struggled to reach 10 knots throughout the day and veered around from SW to South, the race officers on both courses managed to complete 3 races for all classes in variable conditions. Eventually succumbing to a lingering storm which bought an end to play, in time to return to the marina and reflect on individual performances. At the morning briefing Regatta Chairman Ray Parry, welcomed all competitors, especially the strong International presence in the 20 boat SB20 fleet. Some were a little keen to get going and recalled at the start but in general racing etiquette prevailed as the yachts circulated and most sailors agreed it was a good opening day to the regatta.

With a new wardrobe of One Sails, Sarab Jeet Singh's Sydney 40 MOD Windsikher came out fighting and scored the daily double in the first race. Undeterred Bill Bremner put his foot down on the Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6, to claim the handicap honours in the next two races and with a 2, 1, 1 scoreline leads the IRC A Class at the end of the day. Two third places and a fourth for Esben Poulsson's Esse 750 Petit Bateau puts them in third overall. As Simon Piff' comes to grips with the newly acquired Ker 32 Rekering Dream, they are constantly threatening the leaders and if it wasn't for an OCS in the first race and recovering with 2nd in the third race, they would be further up the table. The rest of the yachts finished up and down the order, to give Foxy Lady 6 and Windsikher a significant points advantage.

In the IRC B Class, Lim Han's Farr Platu 25 SMUmad, jumped into an early lead with two 1st places and 4th to finish up on top of the scoreboard. Kurt Metzger's Nelson 10 Waka Tere with a crew of SMU Alumni sailors onboard, progressively got better as the day wore on, to hold second in the overall stakes. Mixed results for Gordon Maxted's Young 840 Shoon Fung Too leaves the defending champion in third overall and some work to do to overcome the difference. Alexi Lim's Platu 25 SMUve started of well with 2nd and 3rd but 5th in the third race dropped them down to 4th overall.

Amazingly in the 20 strong SB20 fleet, Jeremy Chase's Glasgow Kiss managed to score 1st and two 2nd's, which will go a long way towards defending the title. Although its early days and with Nik Burfoot's Tara breathing down their neck, scoring 2nd, 1st and 3rd places, the race for the title is on in earnest. Anthony Kiong's SSF 6 ended up third overall and the best of the Audi sponsored Singapore Sailing fleet of yachts. Severe juggling of the places has opened up a large points difference down the order and will take some consistency to climb back into contention.

Although the first two races in the Multihull Class were not timed, the results have Scott McCook's Corsair 750 The Dash scoring 1st, 2nd and 1st places, to go directly to the top of the scoreboard. David Stanton's M23 traded places with The Dash and secured second overall. Clive Van Onselend's Corsair 750 Dash Boot, ended with two 3rd's and 4th and slotted into third overall. Leaving Alan Hodges' Kaze 3 and Stuart Birkbeck's Corsair F31 Tri to Fly tied on 13 points for fourth place.

Three first places for Calvin Lim's Shengli representing the SMU gives them a commanding lead in the J24 one design class. Daniella Ng from the NTU Yachting Club followed suite on RSYC Dua with three 2nd places and Winfrid Wong's Jangan Main Main rounded out the podium places with three 3rd places.

John Simpson's Nacra 20 Molly's Inheriance came to the fore in the Beach Catamaran Class with two 1st and one 2nd place. Jeremy Perrier's Viper traded places with Simpson's Molly's Inheriance to secure second overall. Consistently scoring 3rd places leaves Andras Torok's Nacra 20 Red Rocket in third overall.

When the Moths aren't foiling they are more akin to dead ducks. As the wind was fluctuating between 5 and 9 knots, one minute they were flying along and next minute wallowing in their wake. The skippers unanimously agreed to shorten their course before racing got underway. Will Berney"s Mana Mana Muc Dhoo adapted the best with two 1st and one 2nd place. Paul Runyan's Mana Mana Slingshot filled the gaps but not competing in the third race leaves them in second place. Third places for Will Ellison's Bladerider and not competing in the final race leaves them in third overall.

The IOM remote-controlled boats and 16 Access 2.3's for disabled sailors opened their accounts today with multiple races and complete their series tomorrow.

Racing continues in earnest with a passage race for the combined IRC A & B classes and the SMU Presidentís Cup will be awarded to the winning skipper and crew. Other classes will continue with multiple races in front of Raffles Marina.

More info and results at: http://www.westerncircuit.com/
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