AY Earthquake & Tsunami Alert 2011

AY Tsunami Alert 2011AY Tsunami Alert 2011AY Tsunami Alert 2011 - Keep Updated
13 Mar 2011: Japan's 8.8 earthquake at 1:46 pm on 11th March, off the east coast of Honshu, released an enormous 4 to 8m Tsunami that completely destroyed coastal regions and low lying areas up to 10k inland. Jaw dropping LIVE TV footage was broadcast on CNN, BBC, CCTV. Tsunami Warnings were issued for coastal areas across the Pacific basin - from Hawaii to Chile - as a result of the waves triggered by the earthquake. As the time limit in the Pacific basin for the initial Tsunami, has expired, we ask people in the region to keep an eye on proceedings as there have been over 200 after shocks since the big one. The regions Tsunami warnings included Russia, Mariana Islands, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii and as far away as the US West Coast, South America and New Zealand. Further problems have resulted in three nuclear reactors at Japan's Tohoku Electric Power Company in Onagawa and Tokyo Electric Power Company two nuclear power plants in Fukushima where one has already recorded a big explosion. As these are still early days and the affected area is difficult to access and the survivors still have to be located plus the future economic consequences on the World's 3rd biggest economy will have repercussions around the world for years to come.

AY Pacific Tsunami Warning 2011

11 Mar 2011: Japan's 8.8 earthquake at 1:46 p.m. today, near the east coast of Honshu, released an enormous 4 to 8m Tsunami that has completely destroyed low lying and coastal regions well inland. Astounding LIVE footage is being broadcast on CNN, BBC, CCTV and other networks, right now! Tsunami Warnings have been issued for Taiwan, Russia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Pacific Islands and as far as Hawaii plus possibly the USA west coast and South America. So if you live in these areas Please Take action NOW! - This is for real not reality TV.

The expected time of the Tsunami's arrival (See Japan Video) is also available from these news sources. State seismologists raised a tsunami alert over at least 19 areas in the Philippines on Friday afternoon after the biggest quake to hit Japan in seven years unleashed a trail of devastation, The massive earthquake shook buildings in Tokyo, causing "many injuries," at least one fire and triggering a four-meter (13-ft) tsunami, that will have repercussions around the world for years to come.

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