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Wait, wait, wait at the 18th Samui Regatta...
By AY MultiMedia
May 28th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Sailing has often been described as playing the waiting game. It starts with waiting for the crew to turn up, then the wind to arrive and waiting for the tide to change and other variables, before actually leaving the mooring. Today was one of those days. The crew mustered at an early hour and departed for the offshore starting area. Although there was a light sea breeze at the beach, the further we got out to sea, the less breeze there was. Until we arrived at the start boat, that looked like a painted ship sitting on a glassy surface and PRO Ross Chisholm radioing the mark boats, that were dispatched to the north and southern reaches of Koh Samui, looking for wind. Follow the action in the AY Photo Gallery

Many crews ask what happens on the media boat in these circumstances. Apart from sweating away and the occasional swim to cool down, the usual delving questions into ones personnel life and finances, complaints or compliments about the regatta, and today advising the young Laos crew member, what to worry about and how to behave when he goes to meet his future in laws in Canada. When complete boredom sets in, during lengthy waiting periods, a game of Geographical Trivial Pursuit sprung up and entertained everyone in the process.

Until finally PRO Ross Chisholm announced the wait was finally over and allowed everyone to go back to shore and wait for further instructions. Despite the sunny conditions and cloud build up there was not enough wind to start a race and at 1400hrs, an announcement that there will not be any racing today and Race Director Simon James took the appropriate action onshore.

Racing continues tomorrow and hopefully there is enough wind for racing to take place.

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