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Tricky start to the 18th Samui Regatta...
By AY MultiMedia
May 27th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Weather predicting in the equatorial belt, can be a hit and miss science. Daily the predictions are changing from the day before and today was one of those days. On the second lap of the first race, a sheer in the wind appeared across the course. Looking up wind, on the right hand side, the Westerly persisted but on the left hand side, what appeared to be a sea breeze was pushing its way in. In the middle of the course, was a parking lot, so if you found yourself in no mans land, they were left behind and if you wisely clung to the morning breeze side and stayed in the pressure, would romp away with glee and be standing on the podium. A long wait endured for the breeze to settle before the second race got underway, in building strength and steady direction, for the resumption of the expected order of placing's. Follow the action in AY Photo Gallery

Stemming a strong outgoing current added to the starting difficulties and by the time the faster boats overcame their differences, they faced overtaking problems to get back on cue. Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik, returned to restart and unfortunately found their own private parking lot on the second and final mark rounding, to go from hero to zero. Sarab Singh's Welbourn 52 Windsikher II, Kevin Whitcraft's TP52 THA72 and Marcel Liedts Ker 46 Zannekin cleared away at the start and stayed out of trouble, to finish in that order.

By the time the second race started, the Westerly breeze returned in force and covered the entire race course. Some prestart jockeying, with up, up hails and they were away, with 'clear start' called over the radio. Frank Pong's Jelik resumed their place at the head of the fleet and the dueling TP52's, Ray Roberts Team Hollywood, Kevin Whitcraft's THA72 and Sam Chan's Freefire were traveling in close quarters. At the end of the race they finished in that order and pushed Jelik down to 4th place.

Taking everything into consideration the overall order after two races, turns out to be the Whitcraft's THA72 holding a one point lead, over Roberts Team Hollywood and Singh's Welbourn 52 Windsikher II one point further adrift and holding onto 3rd overall.

In the IRC 1 class, the defending champions Fred Kinmonth and Nick Burns GTS 43 Mandrake III have outclassed the opposition to claim the daily double in both races. Timothy Fox's Beneteau 44.7 Fujin, came the closest to bettering Mandrake III time, but had settle on two 2nd places. Morton Jackobsen/Neil Semple's VX One Over Here traded 3rd and 4th places with Hugh Halliburton's Adams 10 Tenacious, to be tied on 7 points for 3rd overall.

The graceful Premier Cruising and Cruising Classes were sent on a passage race between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan but as the breeze played havoc, the course was shortened at Koh Phangan and they returned home, to fight it out on another day. From the start Michiel Brinkers Andrews 70 Bella Uno looked the most serious and disappeared over the horizon. Peter Churchhouse's Warwick 64 MoonBlue 2 resembled a floating bar and struggled to make headway, at the beginning of the race. Pana Trungkabunchar's X512 Lawana, did not make the start and were exhausted waiting for a second race, that did not take place. In the NHC Premier Open Class, Meitatsu Fukumoto / Seng Huang Lee’s flying ORMA 60 SHK Scallywag FUKU skippered by David Witt, managed to correct out in front of Churchhouse's MoonBlue 2 for 2nd place in this class.

Although the Cruising Class has been whittled down to 3 local yachts, they are similar in size and performance. Tim McMahon with the sailing school crew, onboard his X99 SailQuest Hi Jinks, made the most of the wind changes, to narrowly defeat Samui based Mick Grover's Davidson 35 Moon Shadaw 2 by a little over 3 minutes. Andre Den Braven's Whiting 36 Graffiti has the distinction of winning the Keelboat 1 Class, at the 1st Samui Regatta in 2002 under David Bell's stewardship but also suffered in the parking lot after the start and never recovered, to settle on 3rd place.

Racing continues tomorrow and its anybodies guess what the weather will do.

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