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2012/13 AYGP Event

Demolition derby to finish off with...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
02:02:2013 - The NE tradewind did not disappoint the sailors, as it has remained in the high teens throughout the regatta. The casualty rate went up a notch when three multihull's returned to the marina early, with a broken forestay, torn mainsail and a dismasting. Winfrid Wong's Cork 1780 Xtra SMUve also returned with mast spreader problems. The race committee decided on two passage races along the East coast to finish up with. The first one mostly upwind followed by two sail reaching and downwind to complete the series. They both turned into soldiers courses with boatspeed determining the finish order. The yachts pointing ability and positioning when the gusts hit played a big part in the first race and when to fly the spinnaker and ability to hold onto it were the deciding factor in some classes in the second race.

Although Sarab Jeet Singh's Sydney 40MOD Windsikher won the IRC A class yesterday, they were back out on the water aiming for a clean sheet. Normand Patrick's Beneteau Farr 40 Anamika had different ideas and being in the right place at the right time, allowed them to fetch the marks on one tack and correct out in first place in front of Windsikher.

The roles were reversed in the second race on the long downwind and by winning six out of seven races Singh's Windsikher totally decimated the fleet. Although Tan Thong Meng's Beneteau First 40.7 S.Y. Endeavour were relegated to two third places today, they have done enough to keep the team from the Marina Keppel Bay Academy in second overall. The demise of Winfrid Wong's Cork 1780 Xtra SMUve and the improved performance by Patrick's Anamika elevates them to third spot on the podium.

The battle royal in the IRC B class went down to the wire. Kurt Metzer's Oracle 338 Waka Tere seems to have the advantage upwind and Gordon Maxted's Young 84 Shoon Fung Too faster downwind. This time Maxted's Shoon Fung Too made the most of the upwind race and placed one hand on the trophy. Metzer's Waka Tere held a convincing lead on the two sail reaching leg but delayed hoisting the spinnaker, allowing Shoon Fung Too to make their move and sailed past to the lee and never looked back. That made it two wins on the day and Maxted's Shoon Fung Too engraved on the trophy two years in a row. Simon Piff's Lavranos 34 Rainbow Dreams, also overtook Waka Tere for second place and comfortably scored third overall.

Camelia Tan's SMUve posted two more wins and ran away with the One Design Platu 25 class trophy. Two second places for Samantha Chua's SMUmad elevates them to second overall. The Indonesian Navy's Arjuna skippered by Januar Lukit has been running in the top of the order all regatta, but failed to sail through the gate and were disqualified in the last race, which drops them down to third overall. None the less a fine effort on the new boats against the polished SMU teams that have trained hard for this occasion.

After winning six out of seven races, Borstnar Vladimir's Angel could take it easy as they have routed the opposition and defended the J24 title. Two third places for Seah Cheong Hock's Shengli did not deter them as they have done enough to keep second overall. Jovina Choo's RSYC Dua won the last race and take the pleasure of being the only team to beat Vladimir's Angel in two years and at the same time end up in third overall.

Despite Curry Keoughan Jen's Jaunt and Simon King's Bonbridge 215 Svanika sharing the wins today, Wendle Wald's Jeanneau 35 Melissa lll has five wins to their credit and takes away the PY trophy on their first attempt. King's Svanika is the smallest boat in the class and still managed second overall. Curry Keoughan Jen's Jaunt was disqualified for a blatant port/starboard incident which paved the way for Wang Yew Pang's Jeanneau 54 Haiyi 1 to take over third overall.

Nils Razmilovic's A5 stamped their authority in the SB 20 class with two wins today and proudly takes the top step of the podium. Third and second places for Anthony Kiong's A7 keeps them in second spot. Yong Qiang's A6 was one of three premature starters in the last race but still managed to take third place despite being tied on points with Bill Lydens TT2 by virtue of having won Race 4 yesterday.

In the Multihull class, Alan Hodges Corsair 750 Kaze was the only boat to keep a clean sheet with seven wins and avoided the pitfalls that saw most the fleet retire with damage. Despite breaking the forestay and not being able to compete today, Scott Galle's Corsair 750 The Sprint did enough yesterday to hold onto second overall. The crew on Stuart Birkbeck's Corsair F31 Tri to Fly were elated by taking line honours in front of Kaze in the last race which elevated them to third overall.

The decision to form an organising committee by the stakeholders, instead of passing the role onto the next club each year, has resulted in combining their resources and smoother running of the regatta. This is a good move and needs to be complimented with better courses if International competitors are to be lured back to compete. If the MPA can be convinced to cooperate with crossing the Straits would also vastly improve the situation.

It was a great relief when crews cleared the crowded anchorage and entered the wide expanse of the Straits on the way to Batam. The ships that were encountered during the crossing were easily avoided and crews spent their time having lunch on a leisurely cruise. Prehaps a restart on the other side might be in order. Judging by the organising committees response they are already working on it and we can rest assured that they will come up with a solution and the regatta will get back on track.

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