2004/05 AsianYachting Grand Prix Skipper and Yacht Championships

Points are awarded based on the Yachts performance over nine selected AY Grand Prix racing class events (Malaysia 3, Hong Kong 2, Thailand 2 plus Singapore and the Philippines with 1 a piece) held each year (See below) that fairly grades the competing Skippers ability to successfully run a racing campaign in Asian waters over the Season.

At the final AY GP in Koh Samui at the end of May the Champions Blue Blazer and Perpetual AY Cup traditionally filled with chilled champagne is presented at a magnificent prize giving party on the lawns of the Central Samui Resort at Chewang Beach.

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2004/05 AsianYachting Grand Prix Skipper and Yacht Rankings

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So over nine selected AY Grand Prix racing class events held this season, Neil Pryde and his former Hi-Fidelity have become the respective 2004/05 AY Grand Prix Skipper and Yacht Champions of the year. By taking out the tri-fecta of the Raja Muda, King's Cup and the Singapore Straits which by the way is no easy feat plus 2nd place in the China Coast Regatta behind Skandia is a example of what it takes to win this prestigious award. Unfortunately Neil will not be in Koh Samui to get fitted with a new Armani blue blazer at the grand presentation night but a special award and champagne ceremony was organised at the end of the Raja Muda in duty-free Langkawi.


Skipper Rankings
Yacht Rankings
How the points are awarded?

Neil Pryde - 11 pts
Nick Burns - 10 pts
Peter Ahern - 8 pts

Sam Chan - 3 pts
Grant Wharrington - 3 pts

Ray Roberts - 3 pts
Frank Pong - 3 pts
Robert Knight - 2 pts
Bill Bremner - 2 pts
Armin Schmid - 2 pts
Ray Ordoveza - 2 pts
Bob Howieson - 1 pt
Bill Nichols - 1 pt
Nik Ashraf - 1 pt
James Fernie - 1 pt
Toby O'Connell - 1 pt


Hi-Fidelity - 11 pts
Mandrake - 10 pts

- 9 pts
Ulumulu - 5 pts
Ffree Fire - 3 pts
Skandia - 3 pts

Reichel-Pugh 75
- 3 pts
- 2 pts

Foxy Lady
- 2 pts
SonnenKoenig - 2 pts
Karakoa - 2 pts
Teko MDBS - 1 pt
Wizard - 1 pt


China Coast Regatta 04
1st Grant Wharrington - Skandia - 3 pts
2nd Neil Pryde - Hi Fidelity - 2 pts
3rd Frank Pong - Jelik, RP 75 - 1 pt

Asean Regatta 04
1st Peter Ahern - YO! - 3 pts
2nd Bill Bremner - Foxy Lady - 2 pts
Bob Howieson - Teko MDBS - 1 pt

Raja Muda Int Regatta
1st Neil Pryde - Hi Fidelity - 3 pts
2nd Nick Burns - Mandrake - 2 pts
3rd Bill Nichols - Ulumulu - 1 pt

Phuket Kings Cup Regatta
1st Neil Pryde - Hi Fidelity - 3 pts
2nd Peter Ahern - YO! - 2 pts
3rd Nick Burns - Mandrake - 1 pt

Singapore Straits Regatta
1st Neil Pryde - Hi Fidelity - 3 pts
2nd Nick Burns - Mandrake - 2 pts
3rd Robert Knight - Drumstick - 1 pt

Royal Langkawi Int Regatta
1st Peter Ahern - YO! - 3 pts
Armin Schmid - SonnenKoenig - 2 pts
3rd Nik Ashraf - Ulumulu - 1 pt

China Sea Race
1st Sam Chan - Ffree Fire - 3 pts
2nd Nick Burns - Mandrake - 2 pts
3rd James Fernie - Wizard - 1 pt

Presidents Cup
1st Nick Burns - Mandrake - 3 pts
2nd Ray Ordoveza - Karakoa - 2 pts
3rd Robert Knight - Drumstick - 1 pt

Koh Samui Int. Regatta
1st Ray Roberts - Ulumulu - 3 pts
2nd Frank Pong - Jelik, RP 75 - 2 pts
3rd Toby O'Connell - YO! - 1 pt

Breaking News stories and Race Reports as the 2004/05 season progresses

President's Cup 2005
A slow start produced a mixed bag of results in the early races due to variable wind conditions but the in form Nick Burns / Fred Kinmonth Farr-Mills 51 Mandrake bounced back with four bullets in the final races to take overall victory in the IRC Open class from Ray Ordoveza's Karakoa and Robert Knight's DK46 Drumstick to take home the President’s Cup Trophy.

With the Koh Samui final yet to come this lifts Mandrake to 10 points and the only team within striking distance of Neil Pryde's Hi Fidelity, who ran away with 3 early wins and a 2nd at these prestigious events before the boat was sold to overseas interests.

Hong Kong to San Fernando Race 2005
They started with 10-14 knots of Northerly breeze described by Race Officer Mr Ronnie McCracken as "perfect sailing conditions for a downwind start". As expected a battle between Sam Chan’s monohull record holder Ffree Fire and Fred Kinmonth’s Farr-Mills 51 Mandrake continued through the race. Day 2 saw the breeze pick up to 30 knots at 50 degrees whipping up the sea conditions and a number of early retirements.

Initially Ffree Fire looked set to break her own record however the overall result in normally determined by the arrival time in Philippine waters and the notorious coastal breezes or lack thereof. In the end it was Sam Chan's Ffree Fire that once again proved her pedigree by taking line honours and the South China Morning Post Trophy and certain to have 'done the double' in claiming the IRC A Division title on handicap. The softening breeze at the end deprived them of the opportunity to break their own monohull line honours' record of 49:55:12. Mandrake finished 5 hours behind Ffree Fire to claim 2nd spot and James Fernie's Wizard in 3rd place despite finishing over 24 hours after Ffree Fire.

BMW Royal Langkawi Int Regatta 2005 - YO YO YO!
After a slow start the racing picked up a notch or two with the arrival of a 20knot north easterly tradewind. Peter Ahern's Malaysian Airlines sponsored YO! raced away with the trophy for the 3rd time in succession. Armin Schmid's new Farr 36 SonnenKoenig helmed by Hannes Waimer the CEO of DK Yachts finished up in 2nd place. Troy Yaw's all Malaysian crew claimed 3rd spot on Ulumulu in the racing class. AY Race Reports here...

Singapore Straits Regatta 05
Just like earlier regattas a closely fought battle developed between Neil Pryde's Hi-Fidelity and Fred Kinmonth/Nick Burns Mandrake from Hong Kong flowed over into the Straits Regatta. Mandrake seems better suited to the longer passage races were they can stretch their legs and get enough time up while Hi-Fidelity's crew seem to make less mistakes and excel in the shorter windward/leeward courses. They were running neck and neck through out the regatta till Neil drove home his advantage on race 5 and 6 to win all 3 major events this year, including the Sir Thomas Lipton trophy and skyrocket them up the rankings. Although rumor has it that Hi-Fidelity is on the verge of being sold their present 6 point advantage could be enough to carry them through the remaining 4 events and take home the coveted 2004/05 AY Skipper and Yacht Awards. Singapore Straits 05 AY Race Reports here...

Phuket King's Cup Regatta 04
Right from the very beginning Neil Pryde's Hi-Fidelity got the better of Peter Ahern's YO! and went on to put in a very polished performance to finish up only 27 seconds behind the Burns/Kinmonth pacesetter Mandrake. After applying handicaps Hi-Fidelity scored a resounding win by almost 4 minutes to even up the score with YO! who just scraped into second place by a mere 4 seconds from Mandrake. The score ended up tied on 12 points apiece so after a count back Neil Pryde added another King's Cup to his collection.

Goto King's Cup 04 AY Race Reports here...

RMIR 04 The curtain comes down on another successful regatta
Neil Pryde's HI-FIDELITY added a further 2 wins in the final races today to score a run away win in the Racing Class and add another prestigious silver and gold Raja Muda Cup to his already overflowing trophy cabinet.

MANDRAKE skippered by Nick Burns ran a very close second and took line honours in all races except one but lacked a little speed to capitalise on a fine performance. Troy Yaw's ULUMULU skippered by Bill Nichols filled third spot overall after putting in a very consistent effort and are on a very steep learning curve. Goto AY Race Reports here...

Asean Regatta 04 - It's a rap, for Peter Ahern's YO!
After a short wait for the breeze to build, the final races to determine this years Asean Regatta champion got away in fine style. Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady made a late charge winning both race 6 and 7 but was not quite enough to earn him the overall title from Peter Ahern's YO! whose four early wins and three second places is just enough to earn the title for the second year in succession.

Bob Howieson's Teko MDBS took 3rd place by a whisker or 9 seconds from Glen Omeroyd's Don Quixote to maintain 3rd place overall and build on his lead in the hotly contested Sportsboat class where the lead changed several times throughout the race. Goto AY Race Reports here...

China Coast Regatta 04

The 2004/05 AsianYachting Grand Prix Championships started with a bang at the China Coast Regatta (See Unluckiest Sailor Section Nov 2004)
giving Grant Wharrington’s Don Jones 98 Skandia the IRC A title.

Just one point ahead of Neil Pryde’s 47 foot Bermudan Sloop Hi Fidelity and five ahead of Frank Pong’s Reichel-Pugh 75 Jelik. Go to RHKYC Race Reports here...


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