AsianYachting Grand Prix Skipper and Yacht Champions

After nine tightly contested ***** Five Star, grand prix racing class regatta's held in six countries over the last eight months (Malaysia 3, Hong Kong 2, Thailand 2 plus Singapore and the Philippines with 1 a piece) sees Peter Ahern (photo left) skippering YO! and Sam Chan's (right) Ffreefire emerge as the respective 2003/04 AsianYachting GP Skipper and Yacht Champions for the season.

At the final AY GP in Koh Samui at the end of May the Champions Blue Blazer and Perpetual AY Cup traditionally filled with chilled champagne was presented at a magnificent prize giving party on the lawns of the Central Samui Resort at Chewang Beach

Congratulations must go out to all the competitors with a special thanks going to the organising authorities, race committees and sponsors for working together and making a success off what has often been described as a very ambitious annual sailing program for the region.

Points are awarded based on the Yachts performance over nine selected AY Grand Prix racing class events held each year (See below) that fairly grades the competing Skippers ability to successfully run a racing campaign in Asian waters during the Season.

It's just been great watching the Asian sailing scene continue to grow by promoting more local participation and having great regattas in some of the most exotic places in the world.

Whilst we are raping up the season I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank ISAF - Making Waves, Boating OZ, Regatta Dates, Broadly Boats, Sail-World, Scuttlebutt Europe plus a number of magazines that helped with the publicity and promptly kept their faithful International readers up to date by regularly carrying our Daily Race Reports and sourcing Asian news and results for their e-newsletters and publications. Oh! For The power of the web.

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2003/04 AsianYachting Grand Prix Ranking events

Regatta / Race Names
Official Websites
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Asean Regatta
HK to Hainan
Raja Muda Int Regatta
Phuket King's Cup
Singapore Straits
Royal Langkawi Int Regatta
China Sea Race
President's Cup Regatta
Koh Samui Regatta

Breaking News stories as the 2003/04 season progresses

Presidents Cup results closing up the rankings
Neil Pryde's Hi-Fidelity (2004 Omega AYC winner) made a return to the top of the regatta podium at the Presidents Cup, after a close tussle with Ray Ordevesa's re-measured Karakoa and a consistent effort by Fred Kinmonth's crew on Stella earned them third place.

This lifts Karakoa up to equal fist with Peter Ahern's Yo! on 7 points after eight ***** five star AsianYachting Grand Prix events and Hi Fi up to 6 points together with Sam Chan's Ffreefire who remain the only ones within striking distance of the leaders going into the final showdown at Koh Samui.

The annual AY Grand Prix champion will be receiving a tailored Royal Blue Blaser suitably embroidered at the final prize giving party. So you better come along and see who gets measured up by one of Koh Samui's famous tailors at the end of May.

2004 China Sea Race
Sam Chan's eyecatching ULDB Sled Ffree Fire's 2004 China Sea Race IRC Racing Division win together with the 3 points scored for nailing the Hainan Race back in November see's them jump upto 6 points in the overall standings. CSR Chairman Neil Pryde's Hi Fidelity took second with Frank Pong's line honours winning Jelik following closely behind and Kiwi Brian Petersen's Melbourne Osaka winner Maverick II ending up in fourth place.

Current Skipper and Yacht Rankings after seven ***** five star AsianYachting Grand Prix events sees Neil Pryde's Hi Fidelity and Frank Pong's Jelik tied on 3 points apiece and Ray Ordoveza's Clariden-Karakoa on 5 points going into the Presidents Cup. Watch them reel in leader Peter Ahern and YO! presently on 7 points to quickly advance up the ladder with big performances expected over courses they are more suited to.

AY March 2004 News and Views
Current Skipper and Yacht Rankings after six ***** five star AsianYachting Grand Prix events have been run of the 2003/04 Sailing Season see's Peter Ahern's YO! jumping into the lead and Stuart Harissons Mumm 30 Panic making a steady climb up the rankings whilst the Malayan legends led by Amir Zohri on Gotcha Lagi! made their first appearance after the BMW - RLIR 04...

Singapore Straits 2004
For all those budding racing sailors out there - Get a insi ght into the teamwork required to race onboard Ray Roberts Farr 52 OD Hollywood Boulevard during Race 1 of the 2004 Singapore Straits Regatta. GO here....
Results found at: http://www.straitsregatta.com

PKCR 2003 - AY Race Reports...
Ray Roberts
Hollywood Boulevard still remains tied with Peter Ahern's YO! in the 2003/04 AY Skipper and Yacht Rankings after the Kings Cup and the 4th ***** five star, grand prix yacht racing event this Season.

RMIR 2003 AY Race Reports...
Ray Roberts RMIR 2003 win has lifted Hollywood Boulevard to currently share first place with Peter Ahern's YO! in the 2003/04 AY
Skipper and Yacht Rankings after the 3rd ***** five star, grand prix yacht racing event.

Hainan Race 2003
Posted 08 November:
Although there were only 6 yachts on the Hainan Race 2003 it remains the second grand prix event from which a performance based AY Ranking system for Skippers and competing Racing Yachts is derived in Asia.
See Race Report...

November News and Views: Asean Regatta 2003
It's that Peter Ahern and YO! again
The 4th Asean Regatta is the first grand prix event from which a performance based AY Ranking system for Skippers and competing Racing Yachts is derived in Asia.

Points are awarded to the overall racing class winners at nine selected five star racing events over the eight month AsianYachting Season.

Last season Peter Ahern and Yo! where crowned the inaugural AsianYachting champions and their win at this years event gets them off to another good start this season. To browse the Asean Regatta 2003 Web Edition Race Reports with photos and results goto: http://asianyachting.com/news/Asean03.htm

Skipper Rankings
Yacht Rankings
Regatta Points Awarded

Peter Ahern - 7 pts
Ray Ordoveza - 7 pts
Ray Roberts - 7 pts
Sam Chan - 6 pts
Neil Pryde - 6 pts
Stuart Harrison - 4 pts
Frank Pong - 3 pts 
Vicente Garcia - 3 pts

Fred Kinmonth 3 pts
Russ Parker - 3 pts
Keith Moore - 2 pts
Marcel Leidt - 1 pt
Amir Zohri - 1 pt
Gerry Daughton - 1 pt

Ffree Fire - 9 pts
- 7 pts
Clariden-Karakoa - 7 pts
Hi-Fidelity - 6 pts
Hollywood Boulevard
- 5 pts
Panic - 4 pts
Jelik - 3 pts
Plis Play
- 3 pts
Stella - 3 pts
Pla Loma - 2 pts
Ulumulu - 2 pts
Hocux Pocux 2
- 1 pt
Gotcha Lagi! - 1 pt
Outragous - 1 pt

Asean Regatta
Peter Ahern - Yo! - 3 pts
Keith Moore - Pla Loma - 2 pts
Ray Roberts - Hollywood Boulevard - 1 pt

Hainan Race
Sam Chan - Ffree Fire - 3 pts
Frank Pong - Jelik - 2pts
Marcel Leidt -
Hocux Pocux 2 - 1 pt

Raja Muda Int Regatta
Ray Roberts - Hollywood Boulevard - 3 pts
Stuart Harrison - Panic - 2 pts

Peter Ahern - Yo! - 1 pt

Phuket Kings Cup Regatta
Vicente Garcia - Plis Play - 3 pts
Ray Ordoveza - Clariden-Karakoa - 2 pts
Neil Pryde - Hi-Fidelity - 1 pt

Singapore Straits Regatta
Ray Ordoveza - Clariden-Karakoa - 3 pts
Fred Kinmonth - Stella - 2 pts

Ray Roberts - Hollywood Boulevard - 1 pt

Royal Langkawi Int Regatta
Peter Ahern - Yo! - 3 pts
Stuart Harrison - Panic - 2 pts
Amir Zohri - Gotcha Lagi! - 1 pt

China Sea Race
Sam Chan - Ffree Fire - 3 pts
Neil Pryde - Hi-Fidelity - 2 pts
Frank Pong - Jelik - 1pt

Presidents Cup
Neil Pryde - Hi-Fidelity - 3 pts
Ray Ordoveza - Clariden-Karakoa - 2 pts
Fred Kinmonth - Stella - 1 pt

Koh Samui Int. Regatta
Russ Parker - Ffree Fire - 3 pts
Ray Roberts - Ulumulu - 2 pts
Gerry Daughton - Outragous - 1 pt


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