Inaugural 2002/03 AsianYachting Skipper and Yacht Championships

AsianYachting decided to introduce a performance based ranking system for Skippers and competing Racing Class Yachts over the 2002/03 AsianYachting Season. After awarding points to the overall racing class winners (See points awarded below) at ten major racing regattas over the eight month season the inaugural 2002/03 AsianYachtingChampions were crowned:

2002/03 AY- Skipper of the Year: Peter Ahern

2002/03 AY - Yacht of the Year: YO!

News Editors and Webmasters please take note:
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As the Sportsboats Class is expected to develop up this coming season separate rankings may appear for this exciting new class derived from the regatta's that include this class as a alternate racing division.

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Peter Ahern (12 pts) Tops the 2002/03 AYSkippers Ranking List over the Season
Ray Ordoveza (6 pts)
Ray Roberts (6 pts)
Fred Kinmonth (5 pts)
Warwick Downes (4 pts)
Frank Pong (4 pts)
Mineo Maruyama (3 pts)
Neil Pryde (3 pts)
Andres Soriano (2 pts)
Amir Zohri (2 pts)
Robert Elliot (2 pts)
Alan Burrell (2 pts)
Ernesto Echuaz (2 pts)
George Hackett (2 pts)
Helmuth Hennig (2 pts)
Marcel Leid (1 pt)
Hannes Waimer (1 pt)
Andy Pilcher (1 pt)

Yo! (12 pts) Tops the 2002/03 AYYacht Ranking Lists over the Season
Note: In the Yacht Rankings a change occurs at the top of the order with Stella taking second place as Warwick Downes and Fred Kinmonth shared the skipper roles during the season to be as follows:
Stella (9 pts)
Karakoa (6 pts)
Jelik (4 pts)
Holleywood Boulevard  (3 pts)
Luna Nuova (3 pts)
Viking Express (3 pts)
Hi-Fidelity (3 pts)
Maligaya (2 pts)
Gotcha Lagi! (2 pts)
Linklaters Mandrake (2 pts)
Sandoway (2 pts)
Subic Centennial (2 pts)
Jo de Ros (2 pts)
China Blues II (2 pts)
Elektra (1 pt)
Jativa (1 pt)
Time (1 pt)

2002/03 AsianYachting Season

China Coast Race Week
Fred Kinmonth Stella 3 pts
Helmuth Hennig China Blues II 2 pts
Andy Pilcher Time 1 pt

Hong Kong to Hainan
Frank Pong Jelik 3 pts
Fred Kinmonth Stella 2 pts
Marcel Leid Elektra 1 pt

Asean Regatta
Peter Ahern Yo! 3 pts
Ray Roberts Luna Nuova 2 pts
Hannes Waimer Jativa 1 pt

Raja Muda Int Regatta
Warwick Downes Stella 3 pts
Amir Zohri Gotcha Lagi! 2 pts
Frank Pong Jelik 1 pt

Phuket King's Cup
Peter Ahern Yo! 3 pts
Robert Elliot Linklaters Mandrake 2 pts
Neil Pryde Hi-Fidelity 1 pt

Singapore Straits Regatta
Ray Ordoveza Karakoa 3 pts
Peter Ahern Yo! 2 pts
Warwick Downes Stella 1 pt

Manila to Boracay Race
Mineo Maruyama Viking Express 3 pts
Alan Burrell Sandoway 2 pts
Ernesto Echauz Subic Centennial 1 pt

Royal Langkawi Int Regatta
Peter Ahern Yo! 3 pts
Neil Pryde Hi-Fidelity 2 pts
Ray Roberts Luna Nuova 1 pt

President's Cup Regatta
Ray Ordoveza Karakoa 3 pts
George Hackett Jo de Ros 2 pts
Ernesto Echuaz Subic Centennial 1 pt

Koh Samui Regatta
Ray Roberts Holleywood Boulevard  3 pts
Andres Soriano Maligaya 2pts
Peter Ahern Yo! 1 pt


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