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AY Race Report 6 & Summary

2013/14 AY Grand Prix Event

Bremner's Foxy Lady 6 are the 2013 RMSIR champions
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
23rd Nov 2013: As the tropical disturbance passed by, it unleashed heavy rain squalls and whipped up a confused seaway. By morning scattered storms, variable wind and a two metre swell kept the skippers and race committee guessing if racing was possible. Lets go out and see was the call. While the Cruising Classes had enough wind to start their passage race, the IRC Racing Classes were delayed by the lack of wind and swinging through 60 degrees. PRO Jerry Rollin went in search of wind and eventually found a patch as the sky cleared and the sun shone through. Then it was on for young and old to determine the class winners and secure podium places.

Although Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi claimed the daily double on the last race, it was to late as Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 had wrapped up the IRC 1 title yesterday. After 10 attempts on 5 different boats, Bremner's jubilant crew take home the prestigious Raja Muda Cup. Pryde's Hi Fi ends up in second overall and David Ross' Kerr 40 KukuKERchu edged out Sarab Jeet Singh's Sydney 40 Mod Windsikher in the last race to secure third and fourth places respectively.

In almost a repeat of last year, Jon Wardill's Cassidy 55 Australian Maid came from behind to snatch Premier Cruising Class victory on the last race. This makes it three years in a row, that Wardill's Australian Maid takes home the Jugra Challenge Cup to Darwin. After grounding on an uncharted rock yesterday and third place in the final race, Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Antipodes took a dive down the charts, which made way for Peter Cremers Warwick 75 Shahtoosh to overtake them for second overall. Hill's Antipodes settled in third and can only harp back on what could have been.

Five wins out of seven races, hands Gordon Ketelbey's Beneteau 44.7 Fujin the IRC 3 title and the Tiger International Challenge Trophy on their first attempt. Jon Cray's Swan 42 Sea Bass performance is a tale of two halves that started slow but picked up confidence as the event unfolded. They eventually overtook Brian de Vries Swarbrick S125 Steel de Breeze for second overall that started strong and tailed off towards the end.

By winning the first four races, Neil Ankorn's Farr 1104 Mat Salleh looked set for the IRC 4 title, but engine problems caught them late for the start in Penang and again five minutes late for the final race, but only by the grace of the drop race, they have managed to cling onto first place and secure the RSYC Cruising Challenge Trophy. Initially Jeff Harris' J 92S Nijinski was the provisional winner until the results were recalculated and had to yield to Mat Salleh. John Kara's Dehler 34 Skybird progressively stepped up the pace to win today and secure third overall in front of Arne Hayn's sistership DeLite.

Despite finishing 6th today Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly has done enough in the earlier races to win the Cruising Class and in doing so added the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Cup to their silverware. Simon Piff's Lavranos 34 Rainbow Dream slammed home first place today, to end up in second overall after mixed results. Jerry Lau's Bavaria 37 WYSIWYG II took a tumble down the order on the last two races but finishes up in third overall.

With four wins and two 2nd places, Keith Miller's Harmony 38 Sade2 conquers the Classic Class on their first attempt and rewarded with the Eveline Trophy. Barry Wickett's Slipper 42 Kay Sira started well but mostly played bridesmaid to Sade2 to end up second overall. Consistently scoring 3rd places as the leaders fought it out gives Simon Read's Aeolus XC third overall.

Although Peter Wilcox's Schionning Gforce 1500 Mojo won the final race, it is David Liddell's Corsair C37 Miss Saigon that has triumphed in the Multihull Class and takes home the Dato' Abdul Aziz Ismail Challenge Trophy for the first time. In earlier Race Reports Wilcox's Mojo led the class but the results were recalculated in Miss Saigon's favour and Mojo was relegated to second place. Richard Eyre's Corsair C37 Zhuka could have had a better placing had they completed the two Penang Harbour races correctly but this was always going to hold them back in third overall.

Logistics plays a major role in this moving regatta that has four stops over nine days, spread out over 300 miles of coastline. Transporting excess boat equipment, crew luggage and having vital race officials on station at the start and finish with adequate support boats, will always be a huge undertaking for the organisers, let alone having it running smoothly. Unavoidable break downs often throws the best plans out the window and backup or alternative plans need to be organised well in advance. Delegating tasks to experienced personnel in the shore based secretariat is imperative and not relying on one person to make all the decisions will also improve the relationship between competitors and management. If everything is supposed to be on the website then have the personnel to upgrade it during the event as its to late afterwards.

Skippers and crews have been asked if they like the new venues, which has produced mixed results. Some resist change and like the familiarity of the old venues, while others find the new marinas safer to berth their boats and enjoy a change in food outlets. Personally I like exploring new alternatives and now some serious planning can go into preparing for the 25th anniversary next year. See ya then...

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