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AY Race Report 3

2009/10 AY Grand Prix Championship Event

AP over A (2 horns) - Everyone go home...

18:11:09 Unfortunately the early morning drizzle and overcast sky failed to produce enough wind for the harbour races to get underway. Some déjà-vu from past years, I'm afraid. After nearly three hours of hanging around and with a little persuasion from the competitors, PRO Gerry Rollin had no alternative other than postpone the races for another day. The race to Langkawi will go ahead as scheduled tomorrow and it is proposed to attempt to run these postponed races for the IRC classes (weather permitting) on Friday afternoon on Bass Harbour.

Penang Trishaw Races

After observing the trishaw races yesterday we came to the conclusion why this type of sport appeals to the yachting crowd. It is very similar to yacht racing. Take an old bicycle, try to go as fast as possible around the set course, several accidents and breakages occur along the way causing retirements and disappointments. Even the fittest can come undone and a certain amount of skullduggery goes on between competitors all a while consuming copious quantities of beer. Eventually a winner is declared and everyone is happy and head back to the bar to discuss the day's activities. This year the Malaysian Armed Forces came out on top followed by Evolution Racing and a good afternoons entertainment was had by all, including the Penang spectators that have never seen a demolition derby in Trishaw's before.


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