AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Down came the rain to dampen up the fun...
As a good twenty knots blew white caps across the bay, a slight apprehension was noticed amongst the skippers and crews at the mustering point for the final days racing. For three days the wind has been great and the rain held off until today when the early morning drizzle turned into a widespread tropical downpour of huge proportions. The very cautious PRO Simon James chose the inshore course and managed to get the IRC and Multihull classes away before the storm engulfed the entire course area. By mutual consensus it was agreed to cancel racing for all other classes as most had opted not to race or limit damage control and yesterdays results had already determined the overall winners.

The IRC classes trudged on with limited visibility in the stinging rain. The overall podium places rested on the results of this final race. David Lindhal's La Samudra took what looked like a comfortable lead yesterday but a late protest lodged last night may well be his undoing. After a few breakages John Vause's crew on Ruby Tuesday are very determined to make up for the lost ground and are back in the running to defend the title. Ruby Tuesday was first to appear out of the rain heading for the finish line but as La Samudra was close on their heels, raising the question "Would they have enough time up there sleeves to win the race?" Unfortunately not, as a little over two minutes separated them and after boat handicaps have been applied it was David Lindhal's La Samudra that raced away with this years title. Keith Garry's Beaux Esprits ended up in third place overall.

Similarly in IRC 2 a ding dong battle between Stuart Crow's Cinders and Mick Kealy's Minx could go either way and today's result would determine the eventual winner. Mick Kealy's Minx got the better of the start and lead throughout to score a well deserved win but it did not finish there. After deducting the drop race both Cinders and Minx remained tied on points so a countback was required to separate them. As Minx had won today it was Mick Kealy's crew jumping for joy at the top of the podium. Jim Kane's third place on Chetak secured third overall. Whatever the result these old Phuket based foes enjoy the friendly rivalry on and off the water.

John Stall's Charro was the only Multihull Racing Class to front up today as the lighter rigged yachts opted to stay ashore and limit damage control. With yesterdays win Marc Cuddenec's Chi Machine had clinched the overall class title and were pleased to have beaten Roger Kingdon's sistership Moto Inzi on their first outing.

In the Cruising Multihull's Chris Runnegar's Chameleon returned after suffering breakages yesterday and Bob Mott's Kilo appeared out of the mist and despite the conditions were determined to see who could get the better of each other. It was Chameleon that took control of the situation with Kilo settling on second overall. Jerome Perignon's Aliocha finished up with third place.

Racing was abandoned for all other classes and the overall results from yesterday will stand as the final placing's.

In the Sportsboats Scott Duncanson's highly fancied Som Tam Express ran away with the title and the Quantum Naga Cup for the second year in succession. Jim Poulsen claimed second place on the Phuket 8 sister ship Lee Marine Vino and Wade Lewis's Team Simpson Marine on the new Beneteau Firstclass 7.5 in third spot.

Two early race wins was enough for Gunther Nutt's Norwegian classic Kerida to clean up the Classic Class. Julian Hill's win yesterday on Sanook advanced them to second place and Graham Chuck's ketch rigged Anjuna stayed amongst the leaders to secure third place overall.

After winning all the races in the two keelboat Club Class Greg Plunkett's Sunsail Princess Isabella complete dominance over Kevin Ashby's Lily was enough to rap up the overall title.

What started out as a windy and sunny regatta unfortunately ended on a stormy note. As we can't control the weather what more do you want from a regatta. There was plenty of wind, close racing, good parties and our hosts Evason Resort have provided one of the best locations in Asia - I can assure you, it does not get any better than this. Image Asia Events must be congratulated for putting on a very slick and professionally run event that other regatta organisers could look at when streamlining their own event. Being held in the middle of the SW Monsoon season is not a detraction and proves yet again to be a blessing to live in a region were pleasure boating can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.

Full results at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com


AY Race Report 3

Facing the final curtain call...
After completing a hectic race schedule on the first two days, the unflappable Principle Race Officer Simon James opted to send the entire fleet on either a lengthy 22+ mile seven island Coastal Course for the racing classes or a shorter four island course for the Club and Classic classes. The wind is up and in several classes the leaders are tied on points coming into the final rounds, so the crews departed full of expectation and hoping to have a trouble free day.

All the IRC yachts approached the startline with a vengeance and shortly after the horn sounded a loud bang was heard coming from John Vause's defending champion Ruby Tuesday, that needed a good result today to get back the overall title. The jib halyard was broken as the crew tried quickly to rectify the problem and head off in hot pursuit.The surf is also up and as the yachts made their way to the outer islands a 1-2 meter swell that has been building with the south west tradewinds made a thrilling downwind spinnaker ride all the way to Koh Maithon. David Lindhal's La Samudra took advantage of the situation to clock up his third win of the series and take a comfortable overall lead. Although Ruby Tuesday managed to claw back with a line honours win her second place today has ruined their chances of regaining the title. Keith Garry's ever consistentBeaux Esprits logged in with a third place to make it five in a row.

In the IRC 2 class Stuart Crow's Cinders made up for yesterdays withdrawal by snatching a timely victory to keep them in the running for the overall lead. Mick Kealy's second place on Minx keeps them on the top of the leaderboard with a race to go. Jim Kane's third place on Chetak firmly places them in third overall in front of George Foose's Free Wind.

With six wins under his belt Scott Duncanson's defending champion Som Tam Express made the most of the surfing conditions to rap up the Sportsboat title with a day to spare and take home the Quantum Naga Cup for the second year in succession. Jim Poulsen's second place on the Phuket 8 sister ship Lee Marine Vino keeps them in front of Wade Lewis's Team Simpson Marine on the new Beneteau Firstclass 7.5 that has failed to impress in these conditions.

In the Multihull Racing Class Marc Cuddenec's Chi Machine got a huge break over Roger Kingdon's Moto Inzi on the first windward beat, which they extended around the course to score their fourth win and firmly stamp their authority at the top of the leaderboard on the first outing. After running neck and neck on all the races held so far Roger Kingdon's Moto Inzi seemed a little of the pace today and eventually settled in third place behind John Stall's fast finishing Charro.

In the Cruising Multihull's Chris Runnegar's race winning Chameleon was forced to retire with a broken headsail leaving the way clear for Bob Mott's Kilo to earn a well deserved victory. We apologize for the mix up in skippers names in earlier Race Reports which was caused by a change of ownership just prior to the event. Jerome Perignon's Aliocha was out again today and landed a second place in the depleted three boat class.

The beat up to the first island soon sorted out the Classic Class yachts by windward performance. The newer plastic boats came out the best with Julian Hill's Sanook taking line and handicap honours. Graham Chuck's ketch rigged Anjuna came in a close second. Gunther Nutt's Norwegian classic and series leader Kerida settled on third place today but is considered first of the wooden boats or true golden oldies.

In the keelboat Club Class Greg Plunkett's Sunsail Princess Isabella notched up their third win of the series over Kevin Ashby's Lily to take a commanding lead and rap up the overall title.

Full results at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com


AY Race Report 2

Close tussles across the high seas...
Despite the lingering early morning thunderstorm, racing got away on time in 10 - 15 knots of south westerly breeze and the skippers were keen to either make up for yesterdays short fall in points or build onto a good haul of podium placing's to extend their lead.

Principle Race Officer Simon James is hell bent on getting as many races completed as possible, so after the boats had finished the four island coastal race and since it had turned into a lovely sunny day, plus the breeze increased to 15-18 knots, it was decided that the IRC 1 & 2, Multihull's and Sportsboats Classes shall have another race down to the infamous Ao Chalong all weather anchorage and back. This coastal run provided a wonderful sight to behold for the resort guests and onshore spectators with the picturesque islands in the background.

After yesterdays close tussles, crews came fully prepared as these battles at the top of the order are set to continue on throughout the entire regatta. In IRC 1 it was David Lindhal's chance on La Samudra to score two wins and turn the tide against John Vause's defending champion Ruby Tuesday, who up till know have shared the 1, 2 placing's in every race. Keith Garry's Malaysian entry Beaux Esprits has consistently scored third and continues to be in hot pursuit of the leaders.

After trading first and second places in the first two IRC 2 races it was Stuart Crow's turn on Cinders to take another win from Mick Kealy's defending champion Minx, who finished a close second. However this was short lived as Cinders had to retire from race four, allowing Minx to even the score plus take a slender overall lead. Jim Kane's Chetak finished up with a third and second place but will have to fight it out with George Foose's Free Wind for the minor podium placing's.

Similarly in the Multihull Racing Class after running neck and neck around the entire course it was Roger Kingdon's Moto Inzi's turn to pick up a good gust, half mile from the finish to streak away from Marc Cuddenec's brand new Chi Machine and claim first and fastest by a mere seven seconds. Talk about firefly's sticking together these two are inseparable. Marc Cuddenec's Chi Machine made amends for the earlier loss by knocking off Moto Inzi in race four by forty-one seconds to edge into the overall lead. John Stall's more cruisier Charro has finished a consistent third and can only watch on from afar as the two leaders are going at it hell for leather in the distance.


In the Cruising Multihull's Bob Mott added another win to take Chameleon's tally to three wins over Chris Sieber's Kilo with three second placing's. Jerome Perignon's Aliocha made it around the course today to fill third place.

After a bit of a squabble over the IRC Sportsboat handicaps to be used, Scott Duncanson's defending champion Som Tam Express has come to the fore to score five first and fastest's over Jim Poulsen's Phuket 8 sister ship Lee Marine Vino. Team Simpson Marine skippered by Wade Lewis on the new Beneteau Firstclass 7.5 has kept the pressure up to hold onto third place but with the wind increasing is finding it hard to keep up with the fast planning Phuket 8 sportsboats.


If nothing else the Classic Class yachts with all the different rigging and sails flying in the wind, paint a lovely picture of days gone by and add a bit of nostalgia to the event. Although Tom Howard's 100 year old classic Seraph sprang a remarkable line honours victory, it was Gunther Nutt's Kerida taking out the handicap honours to relegate Seraph to second place. Graham Chuck's Anjuna slipped into third place which pleased the veteran crew after a hard days work.

In the keelboat Club Class Greg Plunkett's Sunsail Princess Isabella continued their dominance over Kevin Ashby's Lily by adding another win to the tally.

Full results at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com


AY Race Report 1

Got wind and warm sunny conditions..
Instead of standing around grumbling about the wind, the sailors set off quite briskly towards the start line with a 12 knot - gusting to 15 southwesterly, which was expected to pick up during the afternoon and set the scene for a great first day of racing. Crews were quick to get into their stride of tacking quickly and hiking out, as the skippers were determined to put in a good performance and know the results of these first few races will see how they measure up against the opposition and could ultimately determine the eventual winner.

The combined IRC 1 & 2 classes were the first off for the 2006-07 Season. as Principle Race Officer Simon James chose Coastal Course 9 for the IRC and Multihull classes and windward/leeward courses for the hotly contested Quantum Naga Cup entrants in the Sportsboat Class. John Vause's defending IRC 1 champion Ruby Tuesday was first to round Koh Bon by the proverbial mile and held onto the lead till the finish, although the bigger boats closed the gap on the long downhill slide and a tactical slog across the often tricky Ao Chalong Bay. Despite all this it was David Lindhal's lower rating and bigger Swann 42 La Samudra that picked up the handicap honours over Ruby Tuesday and left Keith Garry's Malaysian entry Beaux Esprits to mull over third place. The tables were turned during race two with Ruby Tuesday picking up a first and fastest over La Samudra and Beaux Esprits again in third spot.

In IRC 2 Mick Kealy's defending champion Minx traded first and second places with Stuart Crows Cinders over the two races held today. Jim Kane's Chetak and George Foose Free Wind alternated around in third spot and kept the pressure on the leaders.

The hot-shot Kiwi crew lead by Wade Lewis that form Team Simpson Marine on the new Beneteau Firstclass 7.5 had to perform some shifty startline moves, as the three local Phuket 8 Sportsboats were covering them from all angles but still managed to get the windward berth on each occasion. Built for sheer speed the Phuket 8's soon streaked away and Scott Duncanson's defending champion Som Tam Express excelled in the windy conditions to take all the line honours. Feeling at home in the warm climate with their shorts and favourite flip flops on, the ever determined Kiwi's stayed on the pace through out the races and are likely to pick up some the handicap honours. At the time of going to press a handicap dispute had to be settled and the eventual placing's will not be known till tomorrow.

A Multihull battle of all proportions was on from the start, with the two Firefly 28's determined to get the better of each other. Roger Kingdon's Koh Samui Regatta winning Moto Inzi were first to appear around Koh Bon and lead down the back strait to the Phuket Harbour outer mark. Marc Cuddenec's brand new Chi Machine skippered by designer Mark Pescott on this occasion closed the gap and took the lead going upwind into Ao Chalong. Several changes in the lead then ensured as covering tactics were employed and even a split in tacks as they approached the small island off Koh Lon could not separate them. Puff for puff on the reach to the finish they made advances on each other till Moto Inzi's crew daringly popped the reaching spinnaker and came from behind to bolt for the finish with a one second lead. Chi Machine looking very smart done out in the Club Med livery may have been piped on the line on her first outing but with a slightly lower rating gained back the handicap win by twelve seconds. John Stall's Charro claimed third spot after an exciting day. The same placing's resulted on the second race of the day.

The Cruising Multihulls saw Bob Mott's Chameleon take two commanding wins over Chris Sieber's Kilo during both races in the reduced two boat class.

The Classic Class may have been a bit slow to get started but the crews put in a big effort to get all the sails hoisted which made a magnificent display as they set of on Coastal Course 18 with the tropical islands forming a picturesque backdrop. Despite the extreme differences in design they sail at about the same speed in a close knit group and finished within ten minutes of each other. Gunther Nutt's Kerida took up the challenge to claim line and handicap honours on their only race of the day. Julian Hill's more modern Sanook cruised into second place and Tom Howard's 100 year old classic Seraph showed she still has the spirit with a well earned third place.

In the keelboat Club Class Greg Plunkett's Sunsail Princess Isabella led Kevin Ashby's Lily by a healthy margin around the course to be placed first and second respectively on their only race today.

Full results at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com


AY Pre-Race Report

Where back...
Over thirty yachts are lining up off the five-star Evason Resort to kick start the 2006-07 Season in grand style. The 3rd Evason Phuket Raceweek bought to you by Image Asia Events, who play an instrumental role in promoting yachting tourism pursuits in Thailand has grown immensely in stature in only three years. The whole regatta will be operated from Evason's lower sea view terrace - Into The Beach were ice-cold post-race beers and snacks blend seamlessly into daily prizegivings and fun parties to make it one of the best regatta locations in SE Asia. Seven classes are expected to take advantage of the strong low-season SW breezes of Phuket's east coast and if last years regatta is anything to go by we can expect allot of thrills and spills again this year.

Image Asia is responsible for the Phuket Boatshow (PIMEX) and Director Grenville Fordham is also the President of the newly formulated Thai Marine Business Association (TMA). With five major regattas held in Thailand every year, they are by far the regions most active yachting nation and have produced a thriving pleasure craft building, charter and exciting marine leisure destination. A number of people have got them to where they are now but with all rapid growth situations significant problems often arise, so a legal body that can lobby government for its support in promoting the marine tourism / leisure industry and everything that goes with it had to be formed. No doubt this experience will benefit sailors worldwide that are increasingly making their way to Asia to compete at top class events or just looking for an alternative cruising destination and safe holiday for all to enjoy.

The locally built Phuket 8 Sportsboat and 28ft Firefly catamaran are ones to watch for sheer speed and usually provide the spectators with the excitement they desire. This year the Quantum Naga Cup for sportsboats is combined with Raceweek and Scott Duncanson's defending champion Som Tam Express will have to take on a hot-shot Kiwi crew from Simpson Marine with a new Beneteau Firstclass 7.5 and three other Phuket 8's before he can be crowned champion again.

With ten confirmed starters the IRC class is the biggest and most competitive class to line up this year. A formidable battle is expected to develop despite the size difference between John Vause's defending IRC 1 champion Ruby Tuesday, Mick Kealy's defending IRC 2 champion Minx, Stuart Crows well sailed Cinders and David Lindhal's La Samudra that has won everything in sight at the end of last season. Keith Garry's BeauX Esprits is the only Malaysian entry and has a good chance in this field as they have mustered an experienced crew together and prepared well in advance.

Some of the smaller racing multihulls have the extra luxury of being able to be folded up or dismantled then trailered across the peninsula to compete at regattas on the east coast. Henry Kaye's Cosair 26 The Sting, Roger Kingdon's Moto Inzi and Bob Brindley's X Catriot are both Firefly 28's and have benefited from these recent outings and this experience should put them on favourable terms here.

The larger multihull fleet form the backbone of the private charterboat fleet operating out of Phuket. It's good to see Chris Sieber's Kilo returning to the fold after a recent unmanned excursion drifting off to the Andaman Islands which required a joint government exercise to safely retrieve her. Bob Mott's Chameleon has been on top of their game at recent regattas and will again be hard to topple in the four yacht class.

One interesting yacht competing this week is Tom Howard's schooner rigged Seraph which started life in 1906 during the Golden Age of Sailing. Celebrating her hundredth year of sailing the seas, she represents the ultimate sailing experience from a bygone era. Few people have the opportunity to sail on a yacht like Seraph, let alone trim the ‘gollywobbler’, ‘sweat’ the mainsail halyard or simply cruise around in comfort. So if you would like to enjoy a unique experience she is normally available for charter from: http://www.seraphcruises.com/

Whatever the outcome the 3rd Evason Phuket Raceweek should produce a great four days of racing and comes like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the west coast low season. It also proves yet again that sailing pursuits in SE Asia can be enjoyed for twelve months of the year and with expected improvements forthcoming an open invitation is extended to sailors all over the world to come test their racing skills and at the same time enjoy some friendly Asian style hospitality.

More at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com



With only days to go before the start of the first race, the 3rd Evason Phuket Raceweek is set to mark continued growth in Thailand's only 'Green Season' regatta. 'We have 32 confirmed entries this far ahead of official registration day, so we are fairly confident that we'll exceed last year's numbers by at least 10 boats,' said organiser Andy Dowden, adding that there are always a few boats that just turn up on the day.

Raceweek 2005 saw 29 boats start on the first day of racing, in steady winds of 20 knots gusting to 25 knots. The event saw its share of drama, when one unfortunate boat sank after hitting an uncharted rock and another capsized in the strong winds. Thanks to the fast action of rescue teams, the crews involved suffered only minor injuries

Racing this year will take place over six or seven classes, with a high proportion of Phuket-built boats competing in the faster racing classes. The multihull racing class has two fast Phuket-built Fireflys (Moto Inzi and the brand new Chi Machine) lined up against Charro, X-Catriot and veteran racer Henry Kaye's Australian built The Sting.

Sports Boat Racing will see four locally-built Phuket 8s compete for the Raceweek trophy against the new Beneteau First Class 7.5, with a crack team from New Zealand being flown in to challenge the home grown talent.

The biggest fleet by far is the hotly-contested IRC class, with old faces from Thailand's racing scene pitting their skills against newcomers. One as yet unconfirmed Raceweek entry is keen yacht racer Koravik (Wikkie) Nualkair, daughter of Octopussy and Ma Doo Si owner Viroj Nualkair. She is reported to be heading down to Phuket at the end of July with an 11-strong family team to take on last year's IRC Class 1 winner Ruby Tuesday. The visually striking local boat Switchblade will be competing under the Max Marine banner this year, while Mike Bein is giving his new Suk San Song its first competitive outing.

David Lindahl's always-competitive La Samudra, local legend Horst Lakits's Big A, Stuart Crowe's Cinders and regatta stalwart George Foose's Free Wind line up with new face Chetak skippered by Jim Kane and Malaysian entrant BeauX Esprits.

The performance cruising cats will be well represented by Bob Mott 'stable' of regionally built aluminium boats and the trend for large multihull fleets seems set to continue.

Club class is growing slowly with 3 entries. Mostly crewed by liveaboard sailors, these boats tend to enter in the last few days.

Last, but by no means least, amongst the Raceweek participants is the Classic Class. The classic Danish schooner Seraph celebrates its 100th birthday with a special invitation race, competing against 4 other stunning classic boats: Kerida, Anjuna, Aumgaia and Sanook. This will be the first time in Thailand that five boats in this class have actively raced against each other, and should offer some stunning photographic opportunities.

Evason Phuket Raceweek presents a full week of international-standard yacht racing for a wide range of yachts from the highly competitive top racers all the way to liveaboard cruisers and charter boats.

Based at the Evason Phuket Resort, the social programme will be 5-star, offering excellent catering & first-class entertainment and very special low-season rates for luxury accommodation.

The weather in southern Thailand has been brisk in the last few weeks and the scene looks set for some great racing.

The sponsors line-up includes host Evason Phuket Resort, Raimon Land, a solid supporter of Thailand's regatta scene, Big A Resort, Royal Phuket Marina, Lee Marine, Seraph Cruises, Phuket International Hospital, Electrical Marine, Phuket Inter Wood, Boat Lagoon and Sunsail.

More at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com or make contact at raceweek@image-asia.com

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