Evason Phuket Race Week 2005

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Evason Phuket Race Week 2005

AY Race Report 4 & Summary

31 July 2005: It's all over, bar the shouting...

The race committee wisely decided to delay the start on the final day by an hour, to allow competitors a little extra time to complete urgent sail and boat repairs after the demolition derby experienced yesterday.

About 9:00am while most media where enjoying the superb Evason breakfast at Into the View which looks out over the moored boats and islands beyond a passing storm with a distinctive twister in it, had sprung up which moved across the racing area and disappeared towards Phuket Harbour.

One question recently raised is: How do you know that your staying at a 5 star resort? Easy I would answer - It's when there is a pianist playing a grand piano during breakfast and the friendly staff are ready to pamper to your every need, including spa and massage plus a private Island nearby to lay around on during the day.

The passing storm seemed to leave a vacuum for awhile but by the 11:00 start time the breeze returned and gradually built up to a gusty 12-15 knots during the race.

Twenty three of the 27 yachts left racing were back out on the water for the last race which started in front of the Evason and ran up and down to AO Chalong and back a few times. Specially designed if there is strong wind and provide a spectacle for the coastal dwellers and resort guests along the way. The boys from Skiff-Asia have been out on the tip of Cape Phan Wa taking photos each day of Race Week. Check ‘em out here!

In IRC 1 John Vause's Ruby Tuesday came into today's final race with an insurmountable points lead and choose not to race as he did not want to repeat his King's Cup 2004 episode.

When in a similar position of winning the class went out and broke the mast in the final race in which they did not have to compete in to win the series. In Ruby Tuesday's absence David Lindhal's La Samudra rebounded after a bad day yesterday by winning today's race to regain 2nd spot overall.

Scott Duncanson's crew on Securicor Somtam Express put in another superb performance of keeping the Phuket 8 upright with the huge asymmetric spinnaker and despite being way out in front of the monohull fleet ended up 2nd on the day and in 3rd place overall.

Paul Kendall's late charge of consecutive wins on Simba was just not enough to dislodge Mick Kealy's well sailed Minx in the IRC 2 class, who scored three 1st and three 2nd places to take out the title. Despite Stuart Crows Cinders not fronting up today he still finished up in 3rd place overall and discarded the DNS.

Christine Caufman's Rastegaisse with Rowdy on the helm scored 3 wins in a row to lift the Club Class trophy on their first try. Matt McGrath's 2nd place on Gator today was enough to keep him in 2nd spot overall.

After gracefully withdrawing from yesterdays race for not rounding the top mark (went around the wing mark instead) Mark Trupp's Maddalena 3rd place today relegated them from the top of the order to 3rd place overall.

In the Racing Multihull class Henry Kaye's Charro recaptured the lead with a fine display of boatspeed and crew work to beat Olaf Riese's brand new 28ft Mark Pescott designed and skippered Voodoo Child, who are using this event to iron out a few teething problems that come with a new boat. Sue and Michel Arnulphy's Cyrene that unfortunately capsized yesterday still managed to score 3rd place overall despite only completing 3 races.

All the Performance Cruising Multihulls were back out on the water today despite experiencing difficulties yesterday. Wolfgang's Mozart was awarded redress for helping the capsized Cyrene to score 1st place in race 4 and with a 2nd place today is enough to win the title and take the trophy home.

Although Bob Mott's Cameleon won the final race today his two retirements from the windy race 4 and 5 held him back from securing an overall victory. Chris Sieber's Kilo was mistakenly reported to have won race 5 yesterday but after late corrections by the race committee finally finished up in 3rd place overall.

Full set of PRW 05 results can be found at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com/results.htm

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Evason Phuket Race Week 2005

AY Race Report 3

30 July 2005: Too much wind for some...
The 18 to 20 knot SW Monsoon presently pumping in from the Andaman Sea proved to be a little to much for some sailors today. First signs of a feisty day to come was Olaf Riese announcing the retirement of his brand new 28ft (Not 26ft as reported yesterday) Mark Pescott designed and skippered Voodoo Child with technical difficulties.

On the first downwind leg some heavily reefed yachts chose to goose wing the genoa instead of flying spinnakers. The 1 to 1 1/2 meter swell had the gamer crews with spinnakers up experiencing some fantastic rides with the occasional uncontrollable broach seen.

David Lindhal's Swan 46 La Samudra reported torn sails and heading in for repairs as Mark Horward's crew on Image-Asia Attitude 8 were performing one of their enormous knock downs which destroyed the rudder this time.

Just as the cameras were focusing on Josh Lee's Vino by Watermark taking off on a wave, out of the corner of my eye, the shock of all horrors, I noticed what looked like upturned catamaran hulls with the dagger boards sticking up.

Quick action taken by the media boats yet again had the slightly battered crew of Sue and Michel Arnulphy's Cyrene safely onboard and taken to shore, although a little shocked as it all happened very fast. (See Guy Nowell's photos)

Fellow cat sailors Bob Mott on Cameleon and Wolfgang's Mozart were on the scene shortly after and stood by to help in favor of completing the race. As we write a salvage attempt is being under taken.

Another change on the leaderboard in IRC 1 sees John Vause's Ruby Tuesday catapulted to a insurmountable points lead by scoring 2 bullets or 1st places today. Scott Duncanson's Securicor Somtam Express climbed back to 2nd place overall after scoring two 2nd places and his crew managing to keep the Phuket 8 flying around at the front of the fleet.

After racing into contention with 2 wins yesterday David Lindhal's retirement and 4th place today on La Samudra has cost him the title. While others were having difficulties around the course the Andy Stephens skippered RPM Switchblade scored two 3rd places and climbed into 4th spot overall.

In IRC 2 the silverware was shared evenly between Mick Kealy's Minx and Paul Kendall's Simba with a 1, 2 each, to give Mick Kealy's team a unbeatable lead coming into tomorrows final race.

Stuart Crows's Cinders fell of the pace to score two 4ths but still maintains 3rd spot overall. Mike Bean's Lee Marine Suk San claimed two 3rd places today but trails in the points by placing poorly in earlier races.

The Club Class only had one race today which saw Mark Trupp's Maddalena extend their overall lead with another victory.

Christine Caufman's 2nd place on Rastegaisse allowed them to climb the rankings above Matt Mcgrath's Gator who could only manage a 3rd placing. All racers in Club Class happily finished the passage race set for them.

Henry Kaye's Charro won the first race despite running over the spinnaker and a ripped jib which forced them to retire from the 2nd race.

After Cyrene's capsize most of the multihull fleet either retired to assist them or were experiencing difficulties of their own. Chris Sieber's Kilo in the Performance Cruising Multihull class was the only competitor to complete both races today which takes them to the top of the class leaderboard.

Full set of PRW 05 results can be found at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com/results.htm

Evason Phuket Race Week 2005
AY Race Report 2

29 July 2005: Champagne racing conditions...
It does not get much better than this. Twelve to 16 knots of wind, blue sky and brilliant sunshine, what more do you want? The 29 yachts taking part in the 2nd Evason Phuket Race Week could not have asked for more, during the 2 windward / leeward or triangle courses, scheduled on day 2 of racing.

What a great day to debut a locally built and designed high tech racing catamaran. Olaf Riese's brand new 26ft Firefly design Voodoo Child, this time skippered by Phuket based Aussie cat designer Mark Pescott blitzed the Racing Multihull fleet in sheer boat speed around the entire course to score 2 first and fastest's and relegate day 1 winner Henry Kaye on Charro down to 2nd place. Sue and Michel Arnulphy's Cyrene kept them honest by scoring 2 third places and themselves in the running.

In IRC 1 David Lindhal's Swan 46 La Samudra jumped into the lead after scoring 2 wins today over John Vause on Ruby Tuesday with 2 second places. This result leapfrogged them above day 1 winner Scott Duncanson's Phuket Sports 8 Securicor Somtam Express that could only manage 2 third places on day 2.

The close battle between Mick Kealy's Minx and Stuart Crows's Cinders in IRC 2 continued with mixed results. Minx scored a 1st and 3rd and Cinders a 2nd and 1st to keep Mick Kealy's team in 1st overall for the time being. Paul Kendall's Simba rebounded with a 2nd in race 3 to maintain their 3rd spot overall.

Mark Trupp's Maddalena came to the fore today in Club Class by scoring 1st and 2nd places to edge Matt Mcgrath's Gator with 2nd and 3rd places into 2nd spot overall. Christine Caufman's Rastegaisse recovered from a bad 5th place in race 2 with a 1st place in race 3 to have a grip on 3rd spot overall.

In the Premier Multihull class Bob Mott's Cameleon scored a 2nd and 1st place to hold the lead over Wolfgang's Mozart with a 4th and 2nd place. They will have to keep a weather eye on Chris Sieber's Kilo who scored a 1st place in race 2 but dropped back to 4th in race 3 to edge himself within 1 point of Wolfgang's Mozart in the overall standings.

Full set of PRW 05 results can be found at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com/results.htm

Evason Phuket Race Week 2005

AY Race Report 1

28 July 2005: They are off and racing...
This morning twenty nine yachts went under the starters orders (Simon James) to get Phuket's 'Green Season' regatta underway. Officially opened last night by the Provincial Governor Udomsak Aussavarangura, who welcomed participants to the second running of Phuket Race Week and elaborated on future expansion plans by the Yachting Tourism industry to turn the kingdom into a world-class marine tourism destination.

The SW monsoon which has been very active in the last week took a little breather today and allow competitors to settle into a rhythm before it is expected to increase again over the coming days.

Course 5, a Passage Race around Ko Bon, Ko Hi, Ko Aeo and Ko Lon was chosen for the majority of the fleet and racing got underway in 8 to 10 knots of breeze. One unlucky competitor was Dutchman Joost Van Der Post who bumped the rocks off Ko Bon on his chartered Ava, that cracked the hull and started to uncontrollably take in water. A quick decision was made to beach the vessel on Ko Bon and the sailors taken off safely. Retrieval efforts are expected to swing into action latter today.

Scott Duncanson took the opportunity to steer his Phuket Sports 8 Securicor Somtam Express into a commanding position to lead the fleet around the course and eventually pull of the daily double of Line and handicap honours in the IRC 1 class. John Vause's Ruby Tuesday initially stayed up with Somtam and finished not far behind to fill 2nd place. David Lindhal's La Samudra took 3rd and is always on the prowl for podium places at regattas they enter.

In IRC 2 class the battle between Mick Kealy's Minx and Stuart Crows's Cinders was renewed with Minx getting the better of them in this opening round. Paul kendall's Simba from Singapore filled 3rd place and with the expected increase in breeze they will be one to watch over the next few days.

Matt Mcgrath's Gator got the better of Mark Trupp's Maddalena and Christine Caufman's Rastegaisse in Club Class which sees a very diverse range of small cruising boats in their midst.

The Multihull Class has been divided into Racing and Premier divisions which is based on the yachts performance. Long time competitor on the Asian racing scene Henry Kaye, this time on Charro come to the fore yet again in the racing class to eclipse Sue & Michel Arnulphy's Cyrene who took out Line Honours. A Youth Team on Ceberus sailed into 3rd spot and expect to pick up the pace in the next few races.

Continuing on his winning ways since the BMW RLIR 05, Bob Mott also pulled of the daily double on Cameleon in the Premier Multihull class. Wolfgang on Mozart could not close the gap on Cameleon to finish 2nd with Frank Cusack's Chakra trailing in their wake to end up in 3rd spot.

Full set of PRW 05 results can be found at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com/results.htm

Evason Phuket Race Week 2005

AY Pre Regatta Report

Being billed by organizers Image Asia Events as Asia's most exciting new regatta, the 2nd Evason Phuket Race Week is shaping up to be a regatta to remember. Held in the middle of the SW monsoon season for sailors to experience racing in stronger wind and rougher conditions than usual, which did not materialize at last years inaugural event (See PRW 04) but as the South Westerly breeze is presently pumping in at around 18 - 20 knots and the west coast beaches are having 1 to 1 1/2m surfable waves, this year for the 30+ yachts taking part will definitely be a year, to behold!

"Running a new regatta in post-tsunami Phuket has given us more than a few headaches", said Grenville Fordham, Director of Race Week organizers, Image Asia Events. "Getting sponsors interested this year has been a major challenge" added Fordham. "It's a new event and island businesses are suffering badly from the huge downturn in tourism that has followed in the wake of last December's tsunami".

Among the sponsor line-up for 2005 are the islands three marinas: Royal Phuket Marina, Yacht Haven and Boat Lagoon plus a number of marine businesses and the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta (Asia’s biggest yachting event) have pledged sponsorship support in a move that augurs well for future co-operation between yachting events in Thailand.

“This year Phuket King's Cup Regatta will mark the full recovery of Phuket province and the Andaman Coast from the Tsunami damage last year, as well as demonstrate the growing yachting industry of Thailand,” said King’s Cup President Santi Kanchanabandhu, adding that "Yacht racing in Thailand has developed from pure sport into a series of annual lifestyle events which attract attention from a much broader audience than before, including an increasing number of Thai sailors".

Demonstrating that they too see the synergy of bringing together the various regattas, as well as recognizing the lifestyle aspects of yachting, King’s Cup sponsor, top property developer Raimon Land, is also sponsoring Evason Phuket Raceweek, while Evason Phuket Resort, itself a former King’s Cup sponsor, has offered itself as the home of Phuket’s latest yachting event.

This atmosphere of mutual support sits well as one of the Royal Thai Government’s major tourism platforms. Both the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority of Thailand are currently working on a combination of marketing and regulatory measures designed to substantially increase Yachting Tourism and turn Thailand’s coastline into a world-class marine tourism destination.

Yachting News Service
Evason Phuket Race Week 2005

Hi please find a Evason Phuket Race Week press release (below). AY is on a journey north to Tsunami savaged Phuket and aims to get some media coverage going a little earlier than most events. While there, I hope to get a good look around and see how the islanders are coping with earning a living in the worlds newest tsunami prone region, that relies heavily on tourism.

Event organisors, Grenville Fordham and Andy Dowden, Directors of Image Asia Events, provide an interesting insight into life on Phuket during the low season and staging a racing event in the middle of the SW Monsoons as life just keeps rolling along, despite a down turn in Marine Tourism pursuits.

PRESS RELEASE - Image Asia Events

Evason Phuket Race Week 2005

"Running a new regatta in post-tsunami Phuket has given us more than a few headaches", said Grenville Fordham of Evason Phuket Raceweek organizers, Image Asia Events. According to participants, the inaugural Race Week, held in July 2004, was a great success.

Evason Phuket Raceweek's main event will be held from 28-31 July this year, back to back with the Naga Cup (Phuket 8 one-design races) on 23 and 24 July, and some Skiff Asia Dinghy racing on 27 July (registeration day).

"Getting sponsors interested this year has been a major challenge", said Fordham. "It's a new event and island businesses are suffering badly from the huge downturn in tourism that has followed in the wake of last December's tsunami, while off-island potential sponsors seem to be  turning their backs on Phuket this year", he said, adding that a major, high profile title sponsor pulled out two months ago, just before signing contracts.

However, in the final run-up to the regatta, things are looking good. Evason Phuket Resort, the host sponsor last year, have come on board in a bigger way in 2005 as title sponsor, while major property developers, Raimon Land, who in the past year have become Thailand's strongest yacht racing supporters, are sponsoring Phuket's only major low-season event. "Raimon Land will make a huge difference", said Fordham.

Also among the sponsor line-up for 2005 are the islands three marinas: Royal Phuket Marina, Yacht Haven and Boat Lagoon, while the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and a number of island marine businesses are also supporting the event.

"We're effectively promoting Phuket lifestyle, demonstrating that a good time can be had in Phuket all year round, not just in the high season," said Fordham.

Also good news is the number of entries. "We got caught out on numbers last year," said Andy Dowden, ex-King's Cup President and a director of Image Asia. "We made assumptions that turned out to be over-optimistic," he added.

This year, after being in direct contact with all potential entries, Dowden is confident of over 30 boats. "These numbers are as solid as we can get at this stage; each one has been confirmed individually with the boat owners," he said.

If the organizers make these numbers it will be a real achievement. This year saw both Phang Nga Bay Regatta and Samui Regatta set sail with lower numbers than previous years. At the same time, another new yacht race in Thailand, the Top of the Gulf Regatta, was launched earlier this year giving sailors even more choice of when and where to compete.

Evason Phuket Raceweek will be staged in five classes: Racing/Sports Boats (4 confirmed); IRC (13 confirmed); Club Class (5 confirmed); Ocean Sports Multihull (6 confirmed) and Ocean Performance Multihull (5 confirmed).

Race officials are being flown in from overseas for the second year running to ensure the highest standards of race management. Evason Phuket Raceweek is run under the auspices of Ao Chalong Yacht Club.

For more information visit www.phuketraceweek.com or email raceweek@image-asia.com

Evason Phuket Raceweek sponsors are: Evason Phuket Resort & Six Senses Spa, Raimon Land, Royal Phuket Marina, Phuket International Hospital, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sunsail, Latitude 8 Yachts, Thai Marine Leisure, Sea-phuket.com, Perfection Spa, Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket Inter Woodwork, Electrical Marine, SIMRAD, Yacht Haven Marina, Emergency Asia, Boat Lagoon Marina


04:07:05 July AY News and Views - Web Edition Go Here
3.3 Its all go for Phuket Race Week

The 2005/06 SEA Season officially kicks off with the 2nd Phuket Race Week. The two-day NAGA Cup for one-design Phuket Sports 8 class will be held prior to the main event over the weekend 23-24th July. Also a day of Skiff Asia - Byte, 29er and 59er dinghy racing on the 27th (Registration day).

Race Week has been shortened to 4 action packed days beginning on 28th and ending with a gala prize giving party at the 5-star Evason Phuket Resort and Spa on the 31st July. Organizers also advise that Sunsail have a number of charter yachts available as " Fly in, Have fun in Paradise, Fly out" parties are becoming very popular especially during the southern hemispheres winter and a crewing section can be found at: http://www.phuketraceweek.com or make contact directly at: raceweek@image-asia.com.


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