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2016/17 AY Grand Prix Event

Day 7- Its over, the winners are Kaze, Grand Lux & Lady Bubbly
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
04:02:2017 Batam, Indonesia: An early start for the 50nm leg from Pulau Benan back to Nongsa Point Marina on Batam Island. After exiting the narrows, a rolling start was executed for the multihull class and a little further on for the combined monohull classes. After last nights rain storm, the breeze returned to the North West, at around 10 knots and initially the yachts made good time towards the Karas Besar timing gate. In this region the breeze is known to take a siesta at midday, so the race committee decided to shorten the course at the Loban gate and get everyone back in time for the final dinner and prize presentation party. The Multihull and Cruising classes were already decided and the Premier Cruisers had one last strike out for the title. All the action goto AY Photo Gallery

Adding onto yesterdays victory Victor Nurcombe Bavaria 56 Sakkara crossed the finish line for the daily double but as the drop race comes into play and despite Robert Lamoureux's Beneteau Sense 55 Grand Lux not finishing today, the remaining points are shared and is enough for Grand Lux to retain the top spot in the Premier Cruising Class. Out of time at the shortened finish line, Fintan McKiernan Beneteau 50 Sea Monster also scores average points and ends up in third overall.

It finally happened, Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray Dash 750 Kaze was beaten by Graham Horn's Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too in the final race. Five wins in a row and Kaze successfully defends the Multihull title with a day to spare. After taking most the line honours, Guy Scott's Stealth 11.8 Afterburner finally converts it into second place and finishes in fourth overall on their first outing in anger. The win today keeps Horn's Jaza Too in second overall and by not finishing within the time limit, Alice Lim's Dash 750 DebDash is relegated to third overall.

After a dip in form yesterday and ruin their clean sheet, Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly rebounded with a win and overall victory in the Cruising Class with five wins. Second place for Patrick Lim's Oceanis 37 Windhover keeps them in second overall. Third place for Clive Haswell's 45ft Calon Lân secures third overall, after a dip in form midway through the regatta.

This regatta is purely for the outdoor adventure seekers. Don't expect any luxury unless you bring a fully fitted yacht with the comforts of home. The organisers and supporters must be commended for keeping this event alive and providing a thoroughly entertaining outing for boat owners and crew over Chinese New Year. Singaporean sailors must be thankful for having thousands of Indonesian islands and a great cruising area on their doorstep. The recent changes to the entry system, make it so accessible and they should readily take up the challenge. Fun loving, rum totting sailors, should mark down Chinese New Year into the 2018 sailing diary.

Day 6 - Onto new pastures at Pulau Benan
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
03:02:2017 Benan Island, Indonesia: It's a lonely sight as we depart Neptune Island for the 7th time but the memories will last forever. Onto newer pastures for the 35nm leg, North through the Knuckles and a short island chicane, to finish at Benan village. The North Westerly resumed in strength, making it a beat between the islands and a bumpy long stretch to the Knuckles. An adverse tidal current in the Kebat narrows bought the boats to a standstill and only the lightweight multihull's could make it through, while the big Premier Cruisers took the long route around the island. It became even more difficult as the wind faded and the strong current spat Lady Bubbly out and after four attempts, gave up and went around. While Lady Bubbly showed how to sail backwards with the spinnaker up, the girls on Anna Fourie's Beneteau Oceanis 41 Ma Ja Belle engaged forward gear and went through with the help of the engine. Sailing between the islands is big on scenery and many isolated beaches can be found, on densely foliated islands.

On this occasion Victor Nurcombe Bavaria 56 Sakkara made the most of it and by posting another win, even up the score with Robert Lamoureux's Beneteau Sense 55 Grand Lux at the top of the Premier Cruising Class. All will depend on the final race shootout for the overall title. Third place for Fintan McKiernan Beneteau 50 Sea Monster guarantees them third overall.

Another win for Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray Dash 750 Kaze makes it five in a row and they successfully defend the Multihull title with a day to spare. Second place for Alice Lim's Dash 750 DebDash is a return to form but retirement yesterday keeps them in third overall, until the drop race comes into play. Third place for Graham Horn's Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too means they will be fighting it out with DebDash for the remaining podium positions.

It finally happened and the sailing purists on Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly had to start the engine, to battle the strong current and break their string of victories with 3rd place, but still hold the overall Cruising Class lead. After a string of third places Patrick Lim's Oceanis 37 Windhover filled the void, with a well deserved win to confirm second overall. Second place for Clive Haswell's 45ft Calon Lân secures third overall but can't afford any slip ups in the final race, as Graeme Hespe CS36 Jens Jaunt is still within striking distance.

Day 5 - Change in the weather
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
02:02:2017 Neptune Island, Indonesia: Overnight storms building to the South West put everyone on anchor watch and ready to take any emergency action. Fortunately it didn't come to much, other than stir up a rolly seaway and turn the wind into an unfamiliar South Westerly direction. Two different island courses were chosen for the three classes and they started from West to East in front of Neptune Island, in 8 to 10 knots. As the yachts rounded to the lee of the island, the breeze faded and became very patchy. Staying in the breeze lines became the order of the day and the crew that persisted have come out on top. Others that used the iron spinnaker managed to finish, while most the multihull's withdrew as the crew swimming were faster than the boat.

The only yachts to finish in the Multihull Class, Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray Dash 750 Kaze continued on their winning way and 2nd place for Graham Horn Corsair Dash Mk II Jaza Too elevates them into second overall and relegates Alice Lim's Dash 750 DebDash to third overall.

In the Premier Cruising Class Robert Lamoureux Beneteau Sense 55 Grand Lux returned to form to break the tie and retake the overall lead. Second place for Victor Nurcombe Bavaria 56 Sakkara slips to second overall and looking for more breeze. As Prof David Stringer and Dr Irene Lim Beneteau 54 Kayhana have returned to Singapore, Fintan McKiernan Beneteau 50 Sea Monster takes over third place and third overall.

Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly have finished every race under sail and consequently make it four wins in a row and will score big on the AYGP pointscore after this event. Second place for Clive Haswell's 45ft Calon Lân improves their overall standing, while Patrick Lim's Oceanis 37 Windhover has scored four 3rd places to secure second overall. Slipping to 5th place Graeme Hespe CS36 Jens Jaunt charge up the table temporarily comes to a halt.

Day 4 - Spending time with village people
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
01:02:2017 Pulau Blanding, Indonesia: After three days of racing and nights of partying, its time for a lay day to re-energize, then press on for the rest of the week. A tour of the local fishing village on Pulau Blanding, that have helped organise facilities at Neptune Island and some local sampan racing, to keep everyone amused. One foreign crew member, with the local skipper steering the boat. Fourteen year old Sasha Hill that normally helms the family sailed Dash 750 Cicak won the final race and were presented with prizes for their efforts.

Guy Scott' from the Stealth 11.8 Afterburner made a speech in Bahasa Indonesian and on behalf of his wife Henni presented the local school with two new laptop computers for educational purposes. An exciting afternoon was had by all, in front of the whole village, turning out in their finery.

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