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Daily Race Reports
By RHKYC Media

2016/17 AY Grand Prix Event

Overall victory goes to Black Baza...
By RHKYC Media
5th November 1400hrs: After the arrival of Scallywag at 12:51:52 yesterday and their record breaking sail and Line Honours win of 23h 31m 52s, the next boat to arrive was Sam Chan’s TP52 FreeFire. She sailed across the line at 20:19:54 cementing her position as 1st in IRC Racer 0 and 2nd in IRC Racer Overall.

Owner Sam Chan commented on the race “The race was fast…. well, not as fast as last time but still fast. We had lighter wind to begin with but very good wind offshore. We were sailing a VMG around 12 to 13kts and a much bigger boat speed. We ended up jibing around four or five times. My top boat speed was 23.2kts but another crew member got 23.8 knots. I think the top wind speed we saw was close to 3kts. Yes it was a good race and I enjoyed it!”

After FreeFire and ahead of the other TP52 last night was Anthony Roots’ Ker Custom 42 Black Baza finishing at 23:09:54; giving her the win in IRC Racer Overall and the win her division IRC Racer 1. Black Baza has added this to her previous wins in IRC overall in the 2016 Rolex China Sea Race and the 2015 Hong Kong to Vietnam Race!

Anthony Root commented on the highs and lows of the race, “I think the lows of the race were easy, we had some troubles with various types of gear on the boat that we had to overcome, there was a point that we couldn’t get our spinnaker down. The highs; it’s terrific to rush to sail down the waves and be out there in the open water! The biggest high was when we arrived as we had not realized we had won! Top boat speed was around 23 knots.”

The last boat in the IRC Racer 0 division to arrive was TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial at 00:23:23. Owner Ernesto ‘Judes’ Echauz said “It was a very good race although we got caught in some fishing nets at 1823hrs on the first evening out. Getting the nets off was a big challenge as we had to pull the net up on a halyard with people on the grinders and then try to cut it off. There were many fishing nets where we got caught it took us quite a while to find our way out; we had to go north then we had to go west. It was a good thing we had the Yellow Brick tracker so people knew what we were doing. Besides the nets it was fantastic sailing; the wind was very strong downwind and consistent and I have never experienced this type of sailing before."

After the arrival of Standard Insurance Centennial the race management team were able to get a bit of shut eye before the arrival of Fred Kinmonth’s and Nick Burns’ Sydney GTS 42 Mandrake III at 9:14:31 this morning. Mandrake III went further offshore then any of the other boats in the fleet and was able to stay great breeze right until Luhuitou Jiao point where it turned into a bit of a drifter for about three hours before they finished.

Fred Kinmonth spoke about the race “overall it was great race, really windy and we had a lovely time. Everything went absolutely fine although we blew up three spinnakers but apart from that we had great ride down absolutely no trouble at all. There was great rapport amongst the crew; most of us have sailed together for about 14 years.”

With the breeze changing direction Mark Whitehead and Andy Lam’s Mills 40 Straight Up came into Sanya Harbour with the kite up only changing to the headsail right before the finish as the breeze shifted. Straight Up crossed the line at 13:11:43 giving them 3rd in IRC Racer 1.

The final two boats still racing in the Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race are Outlaw and Ymir who are estimated to arrive tonight around 1800hrs and 2300hrs.

A location prizegiving will be held at Serenity Marina 1t 1700hrs on Sunday 6 November followed by an official prizegiving back at RHKYC’s Kellett Island Clubhouse at 1900hrs on 23 November.

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Scallywag bags new race record...
By RHKYC Media
4th November 1400hrs: At 12:51:52hrs Hong Kong time today, Seng Huang Lee's 100ft Super Maxi Scallywag averaged over 18 knots and sliced 2h 22m 41s off the 432nm Hong Kong to Hainan Race record. The previous race record of 25h 54m 33s was set in 2014 by Karl Kwok’s TP52 Beau Geste. The new Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan race record now stands at an impressive 23h 31m 52s!

This is the second record of the season for Scallywag who recently broke the monohull record for the New Caledonia Race. From Sanya Scallywag will continue to Australia to take part in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starting on 26 December.

Scallywag’s owner Seng Huang Lee commented on the race “We are extremely happy with the result. It was very rough out there last night, we are happy to have made it to Sanya safe and sound. We had sunshine, we had darkness we had rough seas and strong winds. It was a great race. We are now really looking forward to heading to the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race now!”

With the rest of fleet having now gybed back towards the rhumb line, the next boat expected to arrive in Sanya is Sam Chan’s TP52 FreeFire. FreeFire is currently tracking along the south-east coast of Hainan with 60nm to go. They are in currently in contention for the win in IRC Overall and the IRC 0, however only 40nm behind is Anthony Root’s Custom Ker 42 Black Baza who is coming in with more breeze from offshore. Standard Insurance Centennial continues to make up ground after they got caught in some fishing nets last night, which can be a common occurrence in the South China Sea.

At the back of the fleet Ymir continues to bring pressure down with them to the finish, with around 220nm to go to the finish.

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Image credits to RHKYC / Guy Nowell

And they're off!
By RHKYC Media
3rd November 1800hrs: It was clear blue skies and a 6-7kt north-easterly breeze for the start of the 390nm Category 1 offshore Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race which started today at 1320hrs. Race Officer Simon Boyde set a committee boat start line to the north of the RHKYC main clubhouse at Kellett Island with the warning signal sounding at 1310hrs. Most boats seemed to favour the pin end of the line. It was only the 100ft super maxi Scallywag that favoured the committee boat end; possibly to make sure to keep clear of the other boats.

With all boats getting away cleanly at the start, they tacked their way through Victoria Harbour. Scallywag was the first to make it through the Lei Yue Mun Gap, followed by the TP52s Standard Insurance Centennial and FreeFire. Next through the gap was the Ker Custom 42 Black Baza with Jo Aleh on board. Jo won a Gold and Silver at the London and Rio Olympics for New Zealand. Surprisingly this will be Jo’s first offshore race and she quotes “I am looking forward to sending her downwind, hopefully the forecast stays in so we get to Sanya quickly!”

The last boat to make it through the gap was the Sun Fast 3600 Ymir which is the smallest boat in the fleet, crew member Darren Catterall said “We may be the smallest boat in the fleet but the boat is built for downwind, hopefully we arrive in Sanya in one piece before the beer runs out”.

Once through Lei Yue Mun Gap, the fleet headed south-east towards Waglan Island then bore away towards the north-east tip of the Dangan Liedo Island rounding it to starboard with the rest of the Lema Islands. Once past the Lema Islands the fleet head will head south-west to Sanya on the southern tip of Hainan Island in China.

The current race record for the Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race is 25h 54m 33s set in 2014 by Karl Kwok's Beau Geste. Everyone, including FreeFire’s owner Sam Chan are looking to Scallywag to break the record. Says Chan, “If we can do it in 24 hours, they can do it in 12… and definitely under 18”.

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Image credits to RHKYC / Guy Nowell

Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race starts 3 November
Goto Race ReportsBy RHKYC Media
27th October: The Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race is a classic 390nm downwind passage to Sanya, on the island of Hainan in southern China. It is the only Category 1 offshore race to finish in the PRC. The start line will be in front of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) Kellett Island Clubhouse with the warning signal at 1310hrs.

The race is organised by RHKYC in cooperation with the Bureau of Culture, Broadcast & TV, Publication and Sports of the Sanya Municipal Government, with the finish hosted by Serenity Marina in Sanya, Hainan.

Held biennially, the current race record of 25h 54m 33s was set in the 2014 when a fantastic force 5-6 north easterly blew throughout the race enabling Karl Kwok's Beau Geste to smash the previous record by 2h 49m and 21s.

Seng Huang Lee, owner of 100ft super maxi Scallywag which will be on the start line on 3 November says “I am looking forward to Scallywag having the opportunity to break the record; there is a strong chance but of course we’ll have to see what the weather brings”. After the Race, Scallywag will head to Australia to compete in the Rolex Sydney Hobart.

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Image credits to RHKYC / Guy Nowell

Provisional Entry List

Sail No. Boat Name Owner / Person in Charge Type TCC
IRC Racer 0
HKG 2283 Free Fire Sam Chan TP52 1.368
HKG 2276 Scallywag Seng Huang Lee / David Witt 100ft Super Maxi 1.934
PHI 2286 Standard Insurance Centennial Ernesto Echauz / Stephen Tan TP52 1.352

IRC Racer 1
HKG 2296 Black Baza Anthony Root Ker Custom 42 1.232
HKG 2163 Mandrake III Fred Kinmonth / Nick Burns Sydney GTS 42 1.188
HKG 2282 Straight Up Mark Whitehead Mills 40 1.150

IRC Racer 2
HKG 2275 Outlaw Adrian Bell Azuree 46 1.139
HKG 2207 Ymir Kjartan Furset Sun Fast 3600 1.041

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