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Race Report 2
By RHKYC Media

2019/20 AY Grand Prix Event

SHK Scallywag/FUKU takes Line Honours!
By RHKYC Media
17th Oct 2300hrs:
Hong Kong's
Meitatsu Fukumoto / Seng Huang Lee’s Orma 60 SHK Scallywag/FUKU sailed into Nha Trang, Vietnam on 17 October at 21h 19m 27s (HK time) to take the Multihull Line Honours for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Nha Trang Rally in an elapsed time of 30h 9m 27s. This resounding effort takes a massive 12hrs 7mins 57secs from Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin 100 fastest time set in 2015. Italy's Giovanni Soldini's Multi 70 Maserati exchanged places several times but the last move favoured SHK Scallywag/FUKU to take out the Multihull daily double.

All eyes were on the dueling trimarans; Italian Maserati Multi70 and SHK Scallywag/FUKU. Both trimarans had a wild ride; hurtling down the South China Sea in a nail biting, exhilarating run down to Vietnam.

Before the Rally, Skipper David Witt estimated SHK Scallywag/FUKU would cross the line after 28 hours and said “A smart man once told me, “win the start, stay in the run, win the race”. That advice definitely paid off and Witt was very happy with the win commenting on shore in Nha Trang, “it was very wet, very tiring and hard work but we got the result in the end. I'm getting too old for that I think! It was a really good race with Maserati. We had to make a couple of decisions in the end but we got it right. Everyone is safe and the boat's in one piece. Time to have dinner and a drink.”

Scallywag/FUKU Navigator, Trystan Seal, added “I think luck played on our side for sure but we also played the shift really well. We read what was in front of us really well and we came out on top.”

The first monohull expected to arrive is American entry J/V Maxi 72 Lucky who is chasing after Jinn, the IRC Racer 2 boat which departed 28 hours before them. If all goes to plan, Lucky is well on her way to take both the IRC 0 and IRC Overall win.

Image credits to RHKYC / Guy Nowell

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