10th Asia Superyacht Rendezvous 2010

10th Asia Superyacht Rendezvous 2010

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By AsianYachting Multimedia
December 18th: An orchestrated sailpast, saw seven magnificent Power and Sailing Superyachts line up in front of The Surin, Phuket for an aerial photo shoot, which heralded the end of "on the water' activities and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous. Although the sky was overcast and some light drizzle was being experienced, this did not deter the owners, skippers, crew and VIP guests from bringing this auspicious occasion to a wonderful conclusion. Captain Charley Dwyer drew the media's attention to "This is the only Superyacht event in the world where the motor vessels get involved. We welcome their participation and like them to share in the experience". Gordon Fernandes, General Manager of Asia Pacific Superyachts added that "Next year we have already come up with a few new ideas that will further enhance their involvement".

To the average person in the street, owning one of these sensational superyachts or even going aboard for a visit would be a 'Dream come true'. In Asia, this rich and famous culture is just starting to be addressed, as opposed to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean which have long been the playground for the lucrative European and American markets. In fact, a complete industry has been built around Superyachts which includes designing, building, launching, maintenance, repairs, insurance, financing, charter, manning, handling, parking, refitting, sales and marketing just to name a few aspects that come immediately to mind. Victoria Lister from Boat International Media explained how the world's leading media group was set up to exclusively service the Superyacht industry. This year they joined the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous as a media partner and through their network, expect to establish the event on the world map of Superyacht rendezvous and as Thailand is now regarded as being among the world's best cruising grounds, help take the event to new levels.

Coming into the event for the first time, your humble scribe did not know what to expect, so joined the merry go round of cocktail parties and swaning around in luxury, onboard some of the finest yachts in the world and see what I could come up with. Having dabbled in the industry for a few years in Greece back in the early 80's brought back old memories. Talking to Koos Zitman, Director of Feadship and Principal Sponsor for the 10th year, how the company came together way back in 1949 and grown a fine pedigree of good design principles and high quality construction techniques on over 200 yachts, can spin the unwary mind into overdrive, wondering how anyone could possibly afford such luxury items. Zitman added 'Owning a Superyacht is the ultimate toy on the wealthy persons shopping list'. There support has never dwindled for the event, as they are convinced that there is great potential for yachting in the South East Asian region and in particular Phuket developing into an excellent service hub.

Keeping in line with superyacht expectations we cannot finish without stressing the important role the sponsoring host hotel, The Surin, Phuket has played in all this. As the bar is set very high, only a five/six star resort with fine food, beverage and exceptional service is good enough to cater for the high income guests every need. Fortunately for Phuket there are numerous resorts that line the shore that will readily accept visitors from the sea and their fantastic beach facilities blend in with the all important 'human side' of the Superyacht scene, that is making new friends, having fun and an incredible amount of social and business networking to keep everybody in touch.

Competing Superyachts included: the 50M SY Perseus built by Perini Navi in 2001 that graced the Premier Cruising Class at the King's Cup last week; the 36.7 Maverick II, built by Sterling in 1988 that performed start boat duties; the stylish 40.3M MY Lady Arraya built by Oceanfast in 1990 and now based for charter in Thailand; the 36.07M Vie Sans Soucis built by Kings Yachts in Taiwan; the very quick 74M Silver Zwei built in 2009; the 53M Noble House built in 2005 by Sensations Yacht; the 38M Ananta built in 2000; and 27.2M Major Affair built in 2007 by Sunseeker, Britain.

Other new sponsors this year include Merle Wood & Associates, from Fort Lauderdale, USA and Rolling Stock S.A, from Spain that hosted the final rollicking “Crew Party” BBQ & Beach Party.

For further information visit http://www.asia-superyacht-rendezvous.com

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