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Grand finale for dueling duo...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto Sawadee.com Regatta 13th May 2011: Two regattas in quick succession did nothing towards determining this seasons overall winner and saw five new skippers and four yachts score late points in the 2010-11 Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. After the TOTGR, Ray Roberts Evolution Racing lead has been reduced to two points by Neil Pryde's Hi Fi, with one regatta remaining. Roberts admitted that "Their performance was perhaps the worse ever at any Asian regatta he has entered and hopes to turn the tide at Koh Samui". Despite loosing in the protest room, Neil Pryde's crew were jubilant on their three race winning haul and Hi Fi's light weather boatspeed going into the final event. Hannes Waimer's winning TP52 Team Premier showed that the dueling duo can be beaten at their own game, especially by a well prepared boat and racing crew in top form. Along with Team Premier, Kevin Whitcraft's GP42 Wan Marang and John Mahoney Humphrey's 42 Zanzibar enter the pointscore for the first time. They are all looking forward to their next clash at the Sawadee.com Regatta (May 30th - June 4th) and welcome the Hong Kong boats back for a ding dong grande finale showdown to end the season.

Meanwhile at the Commodore's Cup in the Philippines, Judes Echauz's aging Sydney 46 Subic Centennial showed that under the IRC rating rule, a well sailed 12 year old boat can still win regattas. After a close battle they triumphed over Sam Chan's latest regatta winning TP52 Ffreefire. Frank Pong becomes the first skipper to score 3rd and 4th places at the same event after the mast on his JK52 Mui-Mui came tumbling down and finished the regatta on his Reichel Pugh 75 Boracay that was on standby in Subic marina.

Under the recently introduced "Six regatta's to count - scoring system" for Neil Pryde and Hi Fi to have a chance at winning the 2010-11 AYGP Championship they will have to win the regatta and Ray Roberts will have to finish in fourth or worse to secure the title. No good if they tie on points as on countback Ray Roberts four regatta wins would still see them crowned the champions. Because of this situation and as we know anything can happen during the regatta, we have had two plaques made up for the new Evolution Sails sponsored take home trophy (See Photo) that was carefully sculpted by retired Swiss craftsman Jacques Rey in Port Dickson, Malaysia.

Changes being considered for next season
We are always looking for ways to improve the Asian regatta scene and recently put our AYGP up for discussion at Bill Gasson's Regatta Forum (See Sail-World Asia report) after the TOTGR. Eighteen delegates representing regatta organisations, IRC measurement, Race Officers, sponsorship and the media came together to discuss
forward planning, synchronization of the classes, handicap bands, coordinating race management and how to make the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards more inclusive of other classes. Round table discussions proved fruitful and beneficial for some delegates meeting for the first time.

A scoring system put forward that would suit an expanded AYGP next season, is where each event is attributed a certain weighting. Competitors in the Racing, Premier Cruisers, IRC 2 and Multihull classes will be awarded a number of points based on the number of entrants in their class minus their final position in the rankings plus one for entering the event. So in other words, in a race with fifteen boats registered, the winner receives 15 points, the boat that finishes second 14 points and so on. We will still rank the six best regatta scores for the overall Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards and are looking for some feedback before implementing and ask readers to email info@asianyachting.com with their opinions and what they think on the proposed changes?

For nine years the annual AYGP has exclusively engaged the Racing Class and by opening it up to other classes, still holds onto the original values and aims to fairly grade competing Boat owners and Skippers ability to successfully run full-on racing campaigns throughout Asian waters over the 2010-11 Season. Points are awarded each sailing season based on the Skippers and Yachts performance over Ten x 5-Star Yachting Events that make up the AY Grand Prix Championship (Malaysia 2, Hong Kong 2, Thailand 4 plus Singapore and the Philippines each with 1 a piece). Every year the events come under close scrutiny and must reflect the high standards expected by boat owners and a fair turnout of top level Racing Teams to compete at the event.

Whilst broadening the scope of the AYGP and keeping the scoring to the "best of six events", next up on the list is addressing which boats are likely to compete at which events. This has resulted in a core of events broken into Eastern and Western circuits. Some Hong Kong and Philippine boat owners prefer to race in their own waters and don't venture over to Sing, Mas and Phuket and vise versa were few boats go from here over there. So the China Coast Regatta, biannual Vietnam or China Sea Race, Boracay Cup (new for 2012) and Commodore's Cup, will make up the Eastern qualifying circuit. Phuket Raceweek, Raja Muda, King's Cup, Royal Langkawi, Sing Straits, make up the Western circuit. Depending on how well skippers have scored throughout the season, they may then choose to go on and contest the TOTG and Ko Samui which are common to both circuits as the season ending finals. Of course its not compulsory for boats to stick to their region and as the racing program is spread out between the monsoon seasons, boat owners are free to choose which events will make up their campaign. This process is a "Work in Progress" and open to discussion and while we are making wholesome changes we welcome further expansion ideas and suggestions.

Goto Asian Racing CalendarCheck out the Asian Racing Calendar for the all year round racing season, held at some of the finest tropical island resorts in Asia. Those interested in Fly In, Charter a boat and Fly Out holidays or seeking crewing positions should Pick a suitable Event and scour their website for relevant information.

More on the AsianYachting Grand Prix Championship
Evolution Sails have come onboard as trophy sponsor for the 2010-11 AYGP Championship to be known as the Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards.

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