SY Wal Rus - Erwin Haag 50

If you're looking for a big boat, that is ready to go anywhere or a solid live aboard with all the luxury onboard, go no further as SY Wal Rus is an Erwin Haag 50 and already a proven World Cruiser… Recently prepared for extensive sailing in the South Pacific, this 15 meter (50ft) steel cutter-rigged, cruising vessel named Wal Rus may be for you… and at a Good Price! US$ 83,000 o.n.o.

This is a vessel that can head off for anywhere in the world. It is a self contained capsule that produces its own electricity by wind, solar and engine, powers itself by sail or engine, has a large inventory of sailing instrumentation, such as depth sounders, speed indicators, wind instruments, navigation computers, radar, radios, GPS’s, a built in water supply, sanitation systems, refrigeration, dinghy and outboard, anchoring systems, and more.

Wal Rus is 15 meters (50 feet) overall (actually 17meters with the dinghy in the davits). A steel, cutter rigged sailboat, having a flush deck and drawing only 1.5 meters. She was designed by the New Zealand Naval Architect, Erwin Haag, and built in Whangerei, NZ, by shipwright Charles Bruni to fulfill his dream of World Ocean Cruising. She was eight years in building and launched in 1990. She is fully insulated. Wal Rus was designed with the idea of sailing the world’s oceans, comfort while at anchor, stability if grounded, as well having the ability to traverse the shallow inland canals and water ways of Europe.

To accomplish these needs she was designed with twin keels for shallow draft, giving her the ability to stand on her own in tidal situations, allow beach groundings for emergency repairs to the hull, rudder, propeller, packing gland or just cleaning, as well as to keep her standing upright if grounded on an uncharted reef, roll dampening while at anchor (Wal Rus is always the most stable mono hulled vessel in an anchorage. The twin keels are a real comfort factor).

She has over 100,000 miles under her keels since launching… a rather practical indication of her sea worthiness, as well as qualifying her as a proven World Cruiser. She has sailed eastward from New Zealand through the South, Mid and North Pacific Ocean to Alaska, down the entire West Coast of North and Central America to Panama, eastward through the Caribbean Sea, eastward across the Atlantic Ocean, into the Mediterranean Sea and back out to the Canaries and back in for a four year circumnavigation of the Med, down the Red Sea into the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean (east to Thailand then west back to Africa and back to SE Asia), Andaman Islands (twice), South China Sea (several voyages), Sulu Sea, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, then follows Phillipines, West coast of Borneo and now resting in Port Dickson, Malaysia. She also has an engine - and carries 900 liters of diesel, enough to give her a cruising range of 1300 miles under power.

SY “WAL RUS” is an Erwin Haag designed, custom built, single displacement hull sailing yacht, of steel construction with bilgekeels fitted.
TYPE Steel Displacement hull with Bilgekeels fitted
REGISTERED Langkawi, Malaysia
LICENSED FOR 6 persons
CLASS Recreational Vessel
BUILT 1990 by Charles Bruni,Whangerei , NewZealand
LOA 50 feet (15.24 metres)
BEAM 13 feet 4 inches (4.06 metres)
DEPTH 8 feet 3 inches (2.5 metres)
SAILING DRAFT 5 feet 0 inches (1.52 metres)
DISPLACEMENT 50,000 lbs. (22.68 metric tonnes)
BALLAST 8,000 lbs. (3,629 kilogrammes)
ENGINE (S) FORD220 Diesel 63 hp, Manufactured by EBRO, Spain.
SPEED ENGINE 6-7 knots @ 1500rpm
Asking Price US$ 83,000 o.n.o.
Extensive full Inventory available on request from

What You Get

Firstly, lets consider comfort while at sea, at anchor or in marinas. ‘YOU’ get a large roomy home, with a spacious, fenced in, covered (when at anchor or in a marina) veranda (deck, actually), that is about as close to being a home as a sailboat can be. Even to closet space… she has 4.5 meters (15 feet) of hanging locker in four closets, plus 46 built in drawers and ten steel mesh drawers. Her interior woodwork is solid, clear grained, oil finished Kaurie, a unique and beautiful New Zealand wood that is no longer available. This is a spacious, classic, dry, livable, well equipped vessel. She sleeps four comfortably in two double berths, has two built in full length berths, a pole berth, and one long and one short couch.

Secondly, her sailing characteristics, which must be pretty good to have gotten her across three of the worlds largest Oceans and a fair number of Seas? Presently she has near new Lee Sails, a fully battened main with Bat Car sliders and three reefing points, and a 120 percent Furling Jib. She is bristling with winches, nine in the cockpit and six at the mast and boom.

Every sheet, line, and halyard has its own dedicated winch, unusual for most sailing boats? Her flush deck is very suitable to go forward on for reefing, other sail handling, anchoring, whatever. Wal Rus is one of the few cruising boats to have successfully sailed eastward across the Caribbean, from Honduras to Bonaire, directly into the Easterlies and the Caribbean’s westward flowing currents.

Like most big boats she is ‘forgiving’ in surprise situations… she enables you to muddle through your mistakes, as well as nature's occasional ‘shocking’ onslaughts…

Other features

Head Room - The head room at its lowest gives clearance for a person of 1.79 meters, 5'.10.5”. That is the point is where you step away from the stairs, going forward into the salon. From there on the flush deck rises steadily to an overhead height of 1.93 meters (6’4”) in the forward head. There is good head clearance at the bottom of the stairs and under each of the hatch openings.

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