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04 July 2014: After covering the inaugural Besar Regatta and while amongst the Malaysian East Coast Islands, it would be a shame not to pay a visit to Abdul Ghafar (Afai's) family, who are building the Frenz Emperor Resort & Spa on Pulau Tioman.

A quick speedboat ride to Mersing on the mainland, then all aboard for the Fast Ferry to Genteng on Pulau Tioman, 25nm out into the South China Sea. Connecting with resort pickup and short speedboat ride to secluded Pasir Cina, tucked away on the South West Coast of Tioman and your firmly planted at the gateway to Frenz Emperor - Tioman Go to AY Photo Gallery

When we last visited in Sept 2013, Tuan Hj. Ismail was just finishing the piling, for the linked bridge and deep water pier head. Whilst, with the inherent difficulties of building on a remote tropical island, Afai's workers were adding swimming pools, double spa's, outside decking, massage beds and performing a complete make over on 10 individually hand crafted and private chalets, nestled on huge sandstone boulders, in between virgin tropical rain forest, to 7-Star status.

Goto July 2014 - AY Photo GalleryEvery time we go there, its awe inspiring to see just how much work has been done and what else is in the process of construction. The massive concrete (Mostly hand mixed) beams that form the all tide pier head, has stairs on both sides for ease of passenger movement and linked bridge to shore have been completed.

Form work construction has begun for a 2-story building, with signature Malaysian rooftop, on the pier head and huge foundations for a 2-story octagon restaurant with private suites on the top floor are underway on the shore side.

Eight luxurious chalets, each with its own panoramic sea view, swimming pool and spa, now have privacy walls to screen the outside decking area from prying eyes.

A new chalet is being built on the lower level and the one furthermost up the hill, that was damaged during clearing undergrowth, are in the process of being built.

Plans are also afoot to convert the chalet midway along the beach into the massage center with fresh water, infinity swimming pool and bar, nestled around the sandstone rock formations. Can't wait till that one opens, will be the first to check it out...

Afai's long term plan is to build the best natural Asian style, island resort in the world, To achieve this, he has set very high standards and constantly inspects the workmanship to see its up to scratch. When the resort opens next year, he is so confident of delivering on his promise, that he intends to invite the last remaining Emperor of Japan (Health permitting) to pay a visit sometime and change the age old cliche "Fit for a King" over to "Worthy of an Emperor" status.


Ask any real estate agent and they'll tell you, the secret to success is location, location, location. After searching for 20 years and finally securing the entire Cina beach site, on One of the 10 Best Islands and Dive Sites in the World, they scored top marks for location. Afai defines success if he can "Blend in harmony with nature and preserve the age old rain forest, beautiful beach and off lying coral reef".

He considers these natural resources as their biggest asset and future survival will depend on their well being. Some of the best coral and marine life can be viewed as you walk along the newly constructed aluminum linked bridge leading to the pier head.

These days, everyone who comes to Cina Beach comes with a purpose. The original contractor and most trusted Chief Abu, is still here and due to exceptionally low rainfall from this years El Nino, the outlying islands are experiencing water shortages. His team have have been dispatched up into the jungle, looking for an alternative water supply, to keep the concrete mixer going, test the swimming pools and spa's, before handing the keys over to the resort management next year.

Meanwhile another cargo boat comes alongside the pier and offloads by hand, 15 to 20 tons of bagged sand, gravel and reinforcing rods for construction to continue. During peak concrete pouring periods, the cargo vessel comes from Mersing three times a week and as the pressure is mounting to complete the resort, up to 40 workers can look forward to spending the next 4 to 5 months, hand mixing cement and pouring the massive foundations for the Fine Dining Restaurant and complete the 2-story building, with signature Malaysian rooftop, on the pier head

Goto Tioman GuideFrenz Emperor Round Tioman Challenge is born

While compiling the July 2014 Frenz Emperor News, we felt like seriously contributing to the cause and dug deep into our treasure trove of yachting knowledge and came up with a pleasure yachting event, that owners, captains and crew, on privately owned Sailing and Motor Yachts, of all shapes and sizes, can enjoy together. And Viola! The 35nm (55klm) Round Tioman Challenge was born...

Pulau Tioman already has a large tourism presence on the internet. The main Tekek Village and Marina (Half way up the West Coast) is good for provisioning and superb diving locations are in Salang on the North West side.

The trek across to Juara on the East Coast is proving very popular for surfing enthusiasts during the NW Monsoon season.

Several superyacht's visit each year and as Singapore is only 110 nautical miles and a long weekend trip away, boat owners that are looking for new horizons to entertain themselves and their quests, are urged to 'Take up the Challenge' to see how they shape up against other participants.

All awhile, aiming to firmly place duty free Tioman, into the pivotal South China Sea destination and as more marine facilities come online, turn the island chain along the Malaysian East Coast, from Johor right up to Terengannu, into the next big cruising playground to open, for the rich and famous to enjoy their toys.

A yellow point of interest marker buoy with strobe light, will be laid 300 meters, South West and inline with the Frenz Emperor pier, that forms the start and finish line for the challenge.

It is anticipated next year, during the Frenz Emperor - Tioman soft opening and after studying seasonal weather patterns, boat owners can apply for start dates to execute their timed run.

AsianYachting officials will be called in to man the start and finish line, and using GPS timing, AIS responders and GPS tracking, the circumnavigation will be broadcast live on the internet during the record attempt.


The holy grail of the Frenz Emperor - Round Tioman Challenge trophy cabinet is the fastest circumnavigation under Sail and Motor. These will be ceremoniously passed on, when the timed run is bettered. Over time sub-categories for different size and design of craft will emerge. Captains can also choose to tackle the course in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

Charter speed boats and possibly helicopter service, will be available for camera crews and media to cover the historic journey.


There are several big boat moorings and ample deep water anchorage, in front of Pasir China. Boat owners, skipper and crew are encouraged to indulge in the splendor of the Frenz Emperor Chalets and Suites while attempting their record attempt.

Coinciding with the soft opening next year, the unofficial King of Tioman, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Chairman of the Berjaya Group or better known as owner of EPL Football Club, Cardiff City, will be invited to set the benchmark time for Superyacht (Over 100ft) and the Sultan of Johore given the opportunity to open up the throttles on his sleek Scarab racing hulls and multi engine support boats.

Sailing boats will be divided into Monohull and Multihull classes and further classification by length, design and age. The Malaysian Armed forces, Police and Maritime Departments can also be included, under government records.

Goto July 2014 - AY Photo GalleryIf this proves to be a success, in a few years time a full blown race held over a long weekend and the class winners will become Race Record holders, as opposed to the Course Record holders for individual timed runs.

Goto July 2014 - AY Photo GalleryIts not hard, to be captured by the constant natural charm and beauty, Tioman has to offer. We found this makes it extremely difficult to take a bad photo. Even construction photos can be taken artistically. The best photos from the July 2014 visit are posted in the AY Photo Gallery for all to enjoy!

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