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2016 - 2017 AY Race Reports - News and Views & Event Coverge

to Capt Marty's Facebook site35th America's Cup - AY Media Coverage
Kept up with the action packed 35th America's Cup? Replay live commentary, videos, photos and join in the conversation, by going to Capt Marty's Facebook site Here... With every thing to play for, Emirates Team New Zealand came out on fire to whip the defenders Oracle Team USA into submission 7 - 1. Even the 5 day break could not stop the bleeding, as OTUSA expected to stage another almighty come back, but the Kiwis were adamant not to repeat the 34th AC result and wrapped up the title, with ease and take the Cup back home. Follow our comprehensive coverage here...

Root & Manning's Black Baza, crowned AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year again
By AY MultiMedia
Goto End of May AYGP News Summary
May 31st 2017: Our moment of glory at the Samui Regatta, came at the combined gala prize presentation party, on the magnificent lawn setting in front of Centara Grand Beach Resort on Chaweng Beach. After winning overall and class titles at the 2016 Hong Kong to Hainan Race and the San Fernando Race, plus IRC 2 on the Subic to Boracay Race and Cup during the 2016/17 Asian Yachting Grand Prix season, Steve Manning & Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza, were crowned the 2016-17 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year with the Perpetual AYGP Cup filled with champagne, hand crafted take home trophy and donned the specially tailored Trend Fashions Navy Blue Blazer, which is the “hardest sports trophy to win in Asia” and the highlight of the AYGP season. Goto End of May AYGP News Summary

No let up on final day...
Victory for THA 72, Loco, Lady Bubbly & H30 Multihull Solutions
Black Baza crowned 2016-17 AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year

By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummaryMay 27th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Despite winners for three of the four classes having been decided, the entire fleet were back out on the water, to contest two windward/leeward races and complete the regatta. Overcast sky and 8 to 10 knots from the South West, did not disappoint and yet again defied the bleak weather forecast. Racing in very close quarters, it's impossible to tell the race winners, until the number crunching takes place. Unprecedented it turned out that THA72 and Zannekin corrected out in IRC 0, with exactly the same time on the first race, as did Loco and a much improved Ramrod in IRC 1 on the same race. This sealed the deal on the overall titles and the celebrations started in grand style. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 4Samui Regatta - A day of two halves...
By AY MultiMedia
May 26th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Overnight the South Westerly returned and by start time the fleet headed off with speed, this time on a passage race to the South of Samui. As they approached the furthermost turning mark, the breeze faded away and left them struggling to make headway, in an adverse current. The back markers closed in and when the breeze returned, the race restarted. Good for the low rating yachts, as they all drift at the same speed and more time added to the race, is in their favour. When it all became painfully slow, the wind returned and a lengthy drag race under spinnaker ensued, as the higher rated yachts tried in vain to get their time back by the finish line. This resulted in a change in the winners circle and apart from the IRC 1 class doesn't effect the overall leaders. Goto AY Race Report 4

Samui Regatta - Intensity grows as we reach the half way mark...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3May 24th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Already some ole rivalry's have emerged and bound to intensify, as we reach the half way mark and go into the final days. Nothing more serious than the Mandrake versus Black Baza battle. While Black Baza has won all the blue water offshore classics to claim the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards, for the last two seasons, Mandrake has beaten them in most the multi race regattas, they have contested and are claiming a moral victory. The AYGP point scoring system, is already under review for next season and likely changes are in the wind. Luck was again on PRO Ross Chisholm's side, as the wind spotters found 8 to 12 knots on the North East of Samui and the race makers quickly swung into action and fired off 2 windward / leeward races, before the wind faded away. Seven races have now been completed out of a 10 race program and its the first time ever, that the drop race has been introduced after 2 days of racing. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Samui Regatta - Skippers looking for consistency
By AY MultiMedia
May 23rd, Koh Samui, Thailand: Despite the grim looking weather forecast and the mirror like surface in Chaweng Bay this morning, the early wind scouts found 12 to 15 knot Westerly, blowing down the Strait between Samui and Koh Phangan. The tropical depression formed over the Nicobar Islands to the West of Phuket, is moving slower than expected and producing the Westerly flow we're experiencing. With a smile on the dial, PRO Ross Chisholm fired away one windward / leeward race, then the IRC Racers and Multihull's joined the Cruising Class, on a 26nm Coastal course between the islands. After yesterdays opening rounds, things are getting serious, with crews more than ever determined to please the skippers in their quest for consistency and the elusive silverware, for their trophy cabinets. Goto AY Race Report 2 and Photo Gallery for the latest images.

Goto AY Race Report 1Samui Regatta - Crews searching for speed advantages...
By AY MultiMedia
May 22nd, Koh Samui, Thailand: After a very entertaining Opening Day party, at Zico's Brazilian Bar & Grill, the sailors got down to the serious business of racing, under a magnificent blue sky and a brisk 12 to 14 knot South Westerly. As many of the yachts have come over 1500nm to compete here, the crews were ready to strut their stuff, right from the very start and keen to find some speed advantage over their competitors. With the wind predicted to fade away in the next couple of days, PRO Ross Chisholm fired away three windward / leeward races in quick succession and got the regatta off to a flying start. Goto AY Race Report 1 and Photo Gallery for the latest images.

Big boys back together at 16th Samui Regatta...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportMay 20th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Regatta attendance this season has been up and down, but the lure of some fun, on a tropical Thai island, is hard to resist and continues to attract top level International teams, that over the years have put Samui Island on the map, as a world-class sailing destination. This is also the season ending 2016-17 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) scoring event and although Anthony Root and Steve Manning's Ker Custom 42 Black Baza, have already mathematically defended the title, they will be officially awarded the 2016-17 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards, at the combined Samui Regatta prize presentation. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Breaking News...
Seng Huang Lee's Scallywag retires from San Fernando Race
Root & Manning's Black Baza
, win all 4 Offshore races in 2 years
By AY MultiMedia
Goto Mid May AYGP NewsMay 19th 2017: In the End of April AYGP News, we reported Seng Huang Lee’s 100’ super maxi Scallywag, skippered by David Witt, taking the treble, by winning Division IRC 0, the coveted IRC Overall and set a new race record, at an impressive 34h 27m 17s; slashing an incredible 15h 27m 55s faster than Sam Chan’s 70’ ULDB Sled, FfreeFire, set in 2001. A protest lodged by Judes Echauz’s TP52 Centennial III was dismissed for not being filed properly and the protest committee recommended the RHKYC, to ask them to retire or consider investigating under Rule 69, whether they sailed on the wrong side of TCS 3, and knowingly in the shipping channel, in contravention to the SI's. The decision to retire, undermines all these achievements and awards the IRC Overall title to Anthony Root and Steve Manning's Black Baza from the IRC 1 class and elevates Echauz’s Centennial III to win the IRC 0 class. Goto Mid May AYGP News

Goto May AYGP NewsRoot & Manning's Black Baza, 2016-17 AYGP Champions
Others aiming to finish higher up the AYGP rankings

By AY MultiMedia
May 11th 2017: Although Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly, won four out of five races and the Cruising Class, at the Top of the Gulf Regatta, only having three boats in the class, has resulted in low scoring (10 points) and makes it mathematically impossible to reign in Anthony Root and Steve Manning's Ker Custom 42 Black Baza from winning the 2016-17 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title. After contesting five events, they are very happy to show, how it's possible for a cruising yacht, to win the AYGP and still have a chance of ending up, the 2nd best team in the annual Rankings. Renown for flying a spinnaker, with a girl in a champagne glass, they jokingly say 'In 20 knots she looses the smile and in 30 knots she falls out of the glass'. While the heavily campaigned Root and Manning's Black Baza, will be crowned the 2016-17 AYGP Champion and join an exclusive skippers club that have defended the title, the race is still on for teams to finish higher up the order, at the season ending Samui Regatta (May 20th - 27th). Goto May AYGP News...

TOTGR - Perfect conditions to finish the regatta
Victory for Emagine, El Coyote, Lady Bubbly, Sonic & Team ViewPoint

By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary 8th May 2017: When Aussie PRO Denis Thompson stated that "Some small sheep are appearing in the paddock" meant that "Small white caps were starting to appear on the waves", bought a smile to many sailors from down under. No waiting around for the wind this time, as racing got underway on time and crews were fully wound up for a big performance on the last day. As the day progressed the wind increased and the planning boats, could be released and the heavy displacement yachts hit their full potential. Several classes were open for the taking, and the Platu one-design hinged on the final two races to decide the winner. The media weren't disappointed as four boats in line, under spinnaker, surging towards the finish line to decide the final outcome, was described by Asia's best photographer Guy Nowell as."You don't have to be foiling and doing 50 knots to make things interesting." Goto AY Photo GalleryRace Report 4 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3TOTGR - Challenging day for all concerned...
Panwa Boonnak crowned National Optimist Champion

By AsianYachting MultiMedia
7th May 2017: After almost an hour delay, waiting for the wind to settle, racing got underway and crews were eager to improve their standings before the final day. All the while, dark rain clouds were building overland and as the yachts were completing the first lap, it descended over the course, with huge wind direction changes and speed. As the short 100m windward offset mark turned into a work, one boat managed to overtake five boats and depending where they were on the course, some made big gains and others huge losses. After the storm passed, persistent Aussie PRO Denis Thompson reset the course and sent the big boats on a passage race to Pattaya and back, then continued on with windward/leewards for the Platu one-design class, although the wind slowly faded away. Meanwhile closer to shore the IOM Radio Controlled boats and dinghy classes suffered the same fate and concluded their series with Panwa Boonnak being crowned the 2017 Thai Optimist Champion to a huge round of applause. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 3

TOTGR - Diving headlong into the respective class titles...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto the AY Race Report 26th May 2017: After a short delay for the wind to build and settle in direction, racing got underway in earnest. Although it never reached 10 knots, Aussie PRO Denis Thompson sent the big boat fleet away on windward/leeward races, then a 14nm passage race, out to Ko Rang Kwian and back. The Platu one-design class continued, with three windward/leeward races to keep the quest for the Coronation Cup on track. Twenty IOM Radio Controlled boats joined in the action today, on the seaward side of the breakwater and the dinghy classes were divided into A and B groups, based on yesterdays results, then dived headlong into the serious side of winning their respective class titles. Take a glimpse at the action so far, in the AY Photo Gallery and goto the AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1TOTGR - A day of two extremes, to start the regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
5th May 2017: An early morning thunderstorm whipped up the sea state and the first race underway, in 16 to 18 knot Southerly and sloppy sea. As the fleet circulated, the breeze started to back and Aussie PRO Denis Thompson kept his team busy relaying the windward mark, to suit the conditions. When the last boats finished the breeze continued to back and by the time the next race started, it had swung 250 degrees and mellowed down to a whisper. This didn't stop the skippers urging the crew on and getting the boat up to speed and efficiently around the course. Two races for most the fleet and three races for the competitive Platu one- design fleet, contesting the Coronation Cup. The dinghy's also started their assault on the class titles and had to endure the varied conditions. Goto AY Race Report 1

TOTGR - Top Thai sailors to compete on home waters...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report3rd May 2017: It's that time of the year, when Thailand showcases, the best of the best Thai sailors, competing on home waters, renown for breeding Olympic, World, National and regional champions. The award-winning Top of the Gulf Regatta has always provided top-level International competition for all classes, to become known as the largest multi-class regatta in Asia and boosts Greater Pattaya's multi-million Baht, sport tourism earnings. Anything from Optimist & Laser dinghy's, IOM Radio Controlled boats, one design Platu 25's, to grand prix keelboats and multihull's, are ready for battle at Ocean Marina Yacht Club on Jomtien Beach, South Pattaya. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto End of April AYGP NewsThe AYGP is never over, till its over...
By AY MultiMedia
April 26th 2017: One of the biggest yachting achievements in Asian waters for many years, came during the recent Hong Kong to San Fernando Race. Seng Huang Lee’s 100’ super maxi Scallywag, skippered by David Witt, took the treble, winning Division IRC 0, the coveted IRC Overall and set a new race record, at an impressive 34h 27m 17s; slashing an incredible 15h 27m 55s faster than Sam Chan’s 70’ ULDB Sled, FfreeFire, 16 year old record set in 2001. It wasn't easy or a problem free race, as they cracked the back deck behind the helmsman, pounding into rough seas, coming out of Hong Kong and then surviving an unreported protest, was dismissed for not informing them during the race. If no further action is taken by the RHKYC, (See Protest Committee Reports) this record will stand for many years to come, unless they compete again or some other super maxi, turns up in two years time. Goto End of April AYGP News...

Commodores Cup - Last push on the final day...
Victory for Centennial II, Selma Star & Alexa

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBy AY MultiMedia
23rd April 2017, Subic Bay, Philippines:
The sea breeze arrived early and by start time, 8 to 10 knots sent the yachts briskly on their way and for the fourth day, defied the weather forecast, as if PRO Jerry Rollin had a direct link to the wind gods. The two windward/leeward races were crucial to the overall IRC A class results, so a lot of start line urging and blocking took place under the watchful eye of the International jury. The breeze topped out at 16 knots and faded towards the end of Race 2, which heavily influenced the results. The battle of symmetric verses asymmetric spinnakers on the relatively flat water in Subic Bay, came out in favour of the symmetric spinnakers in both IRC classes, running down the center of the course. For all the action goto
AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3Defying the odds at the Commodores' Cup...
By AY MultiMedia
22nd April 2017, Subic Bay, Philippines:
For the third day in succession. the mirror like water surface, was slowly replaced with wind ripples by the incoming sea breeze and by start time, 5 to 6 knots blessed the fleet. Point to point courses 12, 13 and 14, crisscrossed Subic Bay and as the breeze increased to 16 knots, the three classes made quick time of the courses and were all finished by 1400hrs. Can PRO Jerry Rollin continue to defy the weather forecast and finish the regatta tomorrow, to score four out of four? Some crews found out the hard way, when tuning up for the day, not to stray to far from the start line in light air, as a consequence they maybe late for the start. Goto AY Photo Gallery and
AY Race Report 3

Commodores' Cup - Change in the order after windward/leeward's
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2 21st April 2017, Subic Bay, Philippines:
As the morning land breeze failed to materialise, the sea breeze came in early and racing got underway on time and in 7 to 9 knots from the SSW. There is no lack of spirited effort at the crowded start line, with skippers taking different approaches and jockeying for position to give themselves a little advantage, is evident in the results. The breeze topped out at 17 knots on the second race and every ounce of speed was needed, as mere seconds separated the class leaders and in some cases resulted in a change of the overall order. Goto
AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 10th Commodores' Cup up and away...
By AY MultiMedia
20th April 2017, Subic Bay, Philippines:
Overnight the class split was adjusted to two IRC Classes and a Cruising Class. This evened up the boats by performance with three yachts in each class. As the morning breeze didn't materialise, an hours wait followed for the sea breeze to settle in and send the yachts on their way. Similar point to point races were selected, that started with a beat for the entire 6nm length of Subic Bay and return under spinnaker. While the racing class did two laps, the other classes did different return legs and finished in front of the Lighthouse Resort. Some confusion reigned in IRC B and is a perfect example of how to go from first to last, if the course is not clearly understood. Goto
AY Race Report 1

Welcome to the Philippine Home of Sailing
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report 19th April 2017, Subic Bay, Philippines:
First it was the Saturday Afternoon Gentlemen Sailors (SAGS) to conduct monthly big boat races in Subic Bay, over 10 years ago and together with the Philippine Sailing Association, went on to create the Commodores' Cup. Eventually morphing into Subic Sailing, the bulk of the competitors usually come by inviting Hong Kong sailors, after the biannual San Fernando and China Sea Races, held last weekend over the Easter break. Further sailing pursuits came by establishing sailing classes, to train crew and encourage local participation on the recently introduced five event Philippine Grand Pix, run throughout the season. While the Hong Kong entries have tapered off, the Commodore's Cup now starts with two days of dinghy racing, followed by 9 locally based yachts divided into 2 classes, thrashing it out, at the Home of Sailing in the Philippines. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto Race Report 6That’s a wrap, final boats arrive in San Fernando!
By RHKYC Media
April 16th 2017: The final boats raced into San Fernando, Philippines on Saturday night and early this morning, including Emocean2, Christopher Allan’s Swan 55 the sole double handed entry, which arrived at 18:42:12hrs. Christopher Allan was accompanied on board by long time offshore sailor Olivier Decamps. Emocean2 received 4th in the Premier Cruising Division. Christopher Allan commented on the racing; “This was our first double handed race. It was a very challenging race to do it double handed in that the South China Sea throws everything at you in three days - calm weather, stormy weather, beautiful sunshine and still air. It was very interesting and we had to be ready for it all
." Goto Race Report 6

San Fernando Race - IRC 1 & Premier Cruising Divisions Decided
By RHKYC Media
Goto Race Report 5April 15th 2017: The fleet has steadily been descending on San Fernando since yesterday, with many boats falling victim to wind holes off the Luzon, Philippine coast. The final boats to arrive in the IRC 0 division, after 100ft super Maxi Scallywag triumphantly arrived on Thursday night, came in 28 minutes apart with Philippines entry Ernesto Echauz’s TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial coming out on top, over Sam Chan’s TP52 FreeFire, arriving on Friday at 22:12:16hrs and taking third place in the IRC 0 division. First in the IRC 1 division to arrive and subsequent winner of the IRC 1 overall trophy and 2nd in IRC Overall was Steve Manning / Anthony Roots’ Custom Ker 42 Black Baza crossing the finish line on Friday at 21:20:24hrs. She was followed later by the Mills 41 Ambush owned by Joachim Isler / Andrew Taylor and the GTS 43 Mandrake III owned by Fred Kinmonth / Nick Burns. Goto Race Report 5

Goto Race Report 4San Fernando Race - Scallywag cleans up the triple...
By RHKYC Media
April 14th 2017: It is now confirmed that Hong Kong’s 100’ super maxi Scallywag owned by Seng Huang Lee has won across the board and raced her way to win three titles in the 40th Anniversary of the San Fernando Race.
Titles include the win in division IRC 0, the coveted IRC Overall win and a new race record of an impressive 34h27m17s; an incredible 15h27m55s faster than the 16 year old record set by Sam Chan’s 70’ ULDB Sled, FfreeFire in 2001. On arrival last night Scallywag’s Skipper David Witt commented on the race “Today's sailing was very nice; flat water, perfect sailing, good sunrise this morning and a nice sunset tonight." Goto Race Report 4

Goto Race Report 3San Fernando Race - Scallywag smashes 2001 record
By RHKYC Media
April 13th 2017: Hong Kong’s 100’ super maxi Scallywag owned by Seng Huang Lee sailed into San Fernando, Philippines at 23:47:17hrs Friday - absolutely smashing the 2001 San Fernando Race record of 49h 55m 12s by an incredible 15 hours, 27 minutes and 55 seconds. The 2001 record was set by Sam Chan’s 70’ ULDB Sled, FfreeFire, Sam Chan is also taking part in this San Fernando race onboard his other FreeFire, a TP52, and is expected to arrive in San Fernando on Saturday evening. The new San Fernando Race record now stands at an imposing 34h, 27m and 17s. Goto Race Report 3

Goto Race Report 2 San Fernando Race - Scallywag on Track to Set New Record
By RHKYC Media
April 13th 2017: After the early retirement of Steve Ho’s Felci 45 Surfdude last night and returned to Hong Kong due to halyard problems, 15 boats are now racing along the rhumb line towards San Fernando, Philippines. Hong Kong’s 100’ super maxi Scallywag owned by Seng Huang Lee has 130nm to go until the finish and with her current boat speed of around 12kts she looks like she will be in contention to break the record as long as she arrives by 15:15:12hrs tomorrow. Goto Race Report 2

Goto Race Report 1San Fernando Race - They're up and away...
By RHKYC Media
April 12th 2017: 16 boats came out for the 40th Anniversary of the San Fernando Race, a 480nm race across the South China Sea from Hong Kong to San Fernando, Philippines. Racing started today slightly east of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Kellett Island Clubhouse due to a work area in the harbour. The warning signal for racing sounded at 1310hrs in 8 to 10kts of due east breeze. The fleet vied for position on the start line in a 10-minute start sequence with all boats getting away cleanly at 1320hrs. Goto Race Report 1

Goto April AYGP NewsTight at the top of the 2016-17 AYGP Rankings...
By AY MultiMedia
April 6th 2017: Next up is the 40th anniversary of the iconic 480nm Hong Kong to San Fernando, Category 1 Offshore race, starting on April 12th. One of the first blue water classics in Asia, 16 boats will contest in 4 divisions, with Seng Huang Lee’s 100ft Scallywag aiming to smash the 2001 monohull record, of 49h 55m 12s set by Sam Chan’s 71’ ULBD Sled, FfreeFire. Chan will be defending his record on his latest TP52 FreeFire. Soon after on April 19th - 23rd, the Commodore's Cup fires up in Subic Bay, with serious contenders for the 2016-17 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title and some adventurous Chinese teams eager to exchange the winter blues, for some Philippine sunshine and warm hospitality, will battle it out for the top honours. Goto April AYGP News...

Last AsianYachting News & Views - Times are a changing...
Goto Last AsianYachting News & ViewsRapid advances in ICT connectivity, over the past few years and multiple choices on how to receive your daily news fix, has resulted in discontinuing the monthly AY News & Views. Now everyone has mobile devices, with app's to chat, search, photo and watch live videos. As most major yachting events and many sailors are our friends on Social Media, we are now posting daily news updates, on our AY MultiMedia sites Facebook - Marty Rijkuris - AsianYachting Grand Prix - Asian Yachting Group - LinkedIn and Twitter. This will allow us to concentrate on the AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) News and generating daily media coverage, at major racing events in Asia. The complete AY News & Views Archive has been compiled and can be found Here... If your sailing feats, may have been mentioned over the last 20 years, Search the entire AY Website. Goto the Last AY News & Views...

Goto March AYGP NewsBlack Baza sets 2016-17 AYGP benchmark...
By AY MultiMedia
March 6th 2017: By convincingly winning the IRC 2 class, at the Subic Bay to Boracay Race and Boracay Cup, Anthony Root and Steve Manning's, Ker Custom 42 downwind flyer, Black Baza has contested six AYGP scoring regattas and lay down 65.5 points as the 2016-17 benchmark, to beat this season. At the same stage last season, they had 71.25 points to their advantage and went on to win the 2015-16 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles. Low scoring and less yachts entering regattas this season, has resulted in 2nd placed Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly and 3rd placed Fred Kinmonth/Nick Burns GTS 43 Mandrake II having the only mathematical chance to topple Black Baza. They both have two full scoring regattas to complete their six regatta tally, from the remaining four point scoring events, HK to San Fernando Race - Commodore's Cup - Top of the Gulf and Samui Regatta. Goto March AYGP News...

Online Now! March AY News & Views - Bring on the future - International News & Unluckiest Sailors of the Month Click Here...

Victory for Centennial III, Black Baza and Bella Uno
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary24:02:2017 Boracay, Philippines: On the final day, the NE wind increased to 26knots and crews experienced extended surfing rides and consequently incurred some damage in the process. The crucial first race, would determine the overall class winners and the second race would settle the podium places. A man overboard picked up by another competitor, a spinnaker wrap so tight that took them completely off the course, some damaged sails and equipment, resulted in a very depleted fleet line up for the second race. This didn't stop the yachts still competing, to give up in any way and by continuing to apply the pressure have gained valuable places. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 5 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 4Boracay Cup - Scenic passage courses favour big boats
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
:02:2017 Boracay, Philippines: PRO Jerry Rollin selected Course 4, a figure of 8 course around Boracay and neighbouring Carabao Islands for the IRC classes and a circumnavigation of Boracay for the Cruisers. The sun was out, sky is blue and the wind still in the 20 knot range. What could possibly go wrong on a day like today? Three clear starts and batten down for a short windward slog, then a long reach to the West of Boracay, through multiple parasail operators, before hardening up to get round the top of Carabao. Goto AY Race Report 4 and Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 3Boracay Cup - Change in order after W/L races
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
:02:2017 Boracay, Philippines: To cool things down a bit, during the hectic rounds of windward/leeward racing, scattered showers blew across the course and on occasions may have helped the mid to rear order, to improve their placing's. It's still blowing 18 to 20 knots from the North East and some crews were keen to get away and were recalled, but by responding quickly didn't loose to much ground. The crews were severely tested, especially with late spinnaker drops and retrieval at the bottom mark, forcing wide rounding's and making it hard to recover from. Goto AY Race Report 3

Boracay never fails to turn it on...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 221
:02:2017 Boracay, Philippines: At the 1030 start time, an 18 to 20 knot North Easterly greeted the sailors, as they tested smaller headsail's and adjusted the rig to suit the conditions. Ever since we have been coming to Boracay, this has been the situation and yachts that thrive in these conditions are likely to prevail. Anticipation grew as start time arrived and then it was on, trimming the sails for a short windward work, before setting off on a 28nm island course, to the neighboring Tablas Mark and then running and reaching back to Boracay for the IRC Racing Classes. The Cruisers embarked on a 19nm race to the Carabao Mark and completed the course in relative quick time. Goto Boracay Cup AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 Line honours for Scallywag but no record...
Overall IRC Victory for Echauz Centennial III
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
:02:2017 Boracay, Philippines: All week the North Easterly has been blowing the 'Birds out of the trees' but come race day, it could barely reach 10 knots. An offer for the editor, to join Seng Huang Lee’s 100ft Scallywag by skipper David Witt, on a record breaking attempt, could not be refused. The downwind start became a crowded affair and a technical glitch occurred when the engine driving the hydraulic winches, kept stalling out and as the huge reaching sail was deployed, could not be sheeted in and brushed the backstay of Peter Sorensen's Farr 40 Ramrod. This required a engine restart, roll the sail back in and perform a 360 degree penalty, not easy on a 100 footer, while the others made a colourful get away. Sorensen's Ramrod was called OCS and under sufferance returned to restart and threatened to protest Scallywag for interference. Goto AY Race Report 1

Ready for the Philippine Blue water classic...
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
17:02:2017 Subic Bay, Philippines: It's that time of the year again, when the top racing teams in Asia, come together for the 220nm Philippine blue water classic, Subic Bay to Boracay Race. When the high noon starting signal sounds on Saturday 18th in Subic Bay, a great lineup of maxi yachts, Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik is back to defend the title and Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Custom Antipodes, will be taking on Seng Huang Lee’s massive 100ft Scallywag, having rushed back, after contesting the Sydney Hobart Race in December. They are aiming to break the race record and add it to the Hainan Race record they smashed last year. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Goto Feb AYGP NewsRank outsider moving up the AYGP Rankings...
By AY MultiMedia
January 25th 2017: After scoring a whooping 15 points at the Neptune Regatta, Chris Mitchell's Naut 40 Lady Bubbly moves from 7th place, up into 2nd place in the AYGP Rankings. They are now only 6 points adrift from the leader, Anthony Root/Steve Manning's Ker Custom 42 Black Baza, with a regatta in hand over them. High scoring at the Raja Muda and Neptune Regatta have shown that it's possible to win the AYGP from the Cruising class, if they are prepared to compete in at least six events during the season. Lady Bubbly will be contesting the Top of the Gulf and season ending Samui Regatta, to for fill their six event compliment. High scoring will put them, well within reach of AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles. Goto February AYGP News...

Neptune Regatta - Its over, the winners are Kaze, Grand Lux & Lady Bubbly
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

AY Race Reports 4, 5, 6, 7 & Summary04:02:2017 Batam, Indonesia: An early start for the 50nm leg from Pulau Benan back to Nongsa Point Marina on Batam Island. After exiting the narrows, a rolling start was executed for the multihull class and a little further on for the combined monohull classes. After last nights rain storm, the breeze returned to the North West, at around 10 knots and initially the yachts made good time towards the Karas Besar timing gate. In this region the breeze is known to take a siesta at midday, so the race committee decided to shorten the course at the Loban gate and get everyone back in time for the final dinner and prize presentation party. The Multihull and Cruising classes were already decided and the Premier Cruisers had one last strike out for the title. Goto AY Race Reports 4, 5, 6, 7 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Day 3 - Who dares enter King Neptune waters?
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Reports 1, 2 & 331:01:2017 Neptune Island, Indonesia: The breeze returned to the North East and 14 to 16 knots propelled all the yachts, on the 7.7nm downwind trip to the equator in record time and into the clutches of King Neptune's domain. The highlight of the regatta is crossing the equator. Each boat appoints their own King Neptune and trusty assistant Davy Jones. The Slimy Pollywogs (Never crossed the equator by boat) are thoroughly denounced for their crimes by Davy Jones and after a suitable penance chosen by King Neptune, are accepted by the court as Trusty Shellback's. After conducting this ceremony and other suitable frivolities, they restarted at the equator and returned to Neptune Island. The crew on Fintan McKiernan's Sea Monster were judged to have the best fancy dress at the equator, with their horny headgear. Goto AY Race Reports 1, 2 & 3

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportAwakening of King Neptune at the equator...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

28:01:2017 Batam, Indonesia: The Neptune experience is very unique, as it's the only race in the world, that takes sailing and power boat crews to the equator, for the expressed purpose of celebrating the crossing. In technical terms - The Slimy Pollywogs (Never crossed the equator by boat) are thoroughly denounced for their crimes by Davy Jones and after a suitable penance chosen by King Neptune, are accepted by the court as Trusty Shellback's. Once again the SE Asian gateway to Indonesia, Nongsa Point Marina & Resort on Batam Island, is the departure port, for the island hopping passage race, through the Riau Islands, to a meeting with King Neptune at the equator. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Half way into the season and it's all change in the AYGP
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Goto January AYGP News.
January 25th 2017: The overall results at the Royal Langkawi Int. Regatta, brings many changes to the AYGP Rankings at the half way mark, in the 2016-17 Season. Defending champion, Anthony Root/Steve Manning's Ker Custom 42 Black Baza returns to the top of the rankings, by nature of competing on five point scoring regattas this season. Trailing by 7.5 points, Fred Kinmonth/Nick Burns GTS 43 Mandrake II have a regatta in hand, over Black Baza and high scoring at remaining events, will put them back on top of the leader board. Goto January AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 3 & SummaryVictory for Discover Sailing Asia & Quarterdeck
By AY MultiMedia
January 21st, Batam, Indonesia: The 15 to 18 knot North Easterly, generated a one meter swell, that provided sailors with lots of fun and games, to finish the regatta. Scattered showers didn't deter them, from surfing their way downwind and leaping forward upwind. Several broaches, broken equipment and a collision were recorded but most were repaired and continued on to complete four races. The dinghy's were at it again and the radio controlled boats completed a series of races from the beach, in front of Nongsa Point Marina & Resort. Also a well attended seminar by government officials, regatta organisers and marina developers 'Developing Yachting Tourism in Asean' was held in conjunction with the regatta in the Sapura Room. Goto AY Race Report 3 & Summary Check out the action in the AY Photo Gallery

Nongsa Regatta - Settling into the rhythm...
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Goto AY Race Report 2January 20th, Batam, Indonesia: Overnight the North Easterly returned and by morning, it looked like blue skies from now on. PRO Choy Yi Chong fired off three races in succession, but by 1600 and half way through the third race, the threatening black clouds to the South, descended over the course, dramatically changing the wind direction and released a heavy deluge, as race three finished, forcing the yachts to return to the marina for shelter. Ten young optimist and five laser sailors started their campaign, racing within the confines of the marina. Much to everyone's surprise, the girls consistently led the boys around the tight courses in both classes. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Nongsa Regatta underway despite wet weather...
By AY MultiMedia
January 20th, Batam, Indonesia: Heavy morning rain, did not deter the sailors and it eased up, as the 1200hrs starting time approached, it was all hands on deck and off to race we go. The SMU youth sailors don't mind being wet and bedraggled, unlike their city slicker counterparts. The forecasted NE'ly never arrived and PRO Choy Yi Chong fired off four races in succession, into a unprecedented 8 to 10 knot Westerly. The nine competing yachts are divided into Class A for everyone and Class B for the yachts with IRC ratings below 1.000. The outstanding performance for the day, belongs to Chong Wei Yong's Ker 32 Discover Sailing Asia - Getaway Ichi reeling off three line and handicap wins, to top Class A, before succumbing to Alexi Lim Zongwei's Platu 25 SMUMAD in the fading breeze on Race 4. Goto AY Race Report 1

Sailing festival at Nongsa Regatta
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportJanuary 19th, Batam, Indonesia: Stifling yacht racing restrictions, now in Singapore, has forced the big boats across the Straits boarder, to race in the open expanse, in front of Nongsa Point Marina & Resort on Batam Island, Indonesia. Following the inaugural Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Regatta in January 2016, held at the peak of the NE monsoon season, is the best time and place, to hold fair sail boat racing in the region. Ten yachts, 30 dinghies (20 Optimist & 10 Lasers) plus 6 radio controlled boats, will be having a three day sailing festival over the weekend. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummaryRLIR - Wind Gods deliver a Happy Ending...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

14:01:2017 Langkawi, Malaysia: As we motored to the coastal course area, you could comb your hair, in the reflection of the mirror like water surface. A wind line appeared to the North East and slowly made its way to the course area. When it increased to 5 knots, the patiently waiting race committee, quickly dropped the marks and got racing underway. As the yachts streamed across the finish line, the North flowing current grew stronger and the breeze faded to barely 3 knots. PRO Simon James decided to call it a day and sent the sailors back to the marina, to pack up their rides and get ready for the final gala dinner and prize presentation party. The regatta has been plagued by light wind, with one full day cancelled due to no wind, but the 'Wind Gods' have blessed the fleet over the last two days. Keeping the party going and delivered a happy ending to all participants, wherever they were placed. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary and catch all the action in the AY Photo Gallery

RLIR - Success on the coastal courses...
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Goto AY Race Report 413:01:2017 Langkawi, Malaysia: With little or nothing happening in Kua Harbour, the race committee decided to move outside and try the coastal area for wind. They found 5 to 7 knots of North Easterly breeze and immediately went about, laying the courses and getting racing underway. Two races for the IRC classes and one for the Cruising classes, is better than sitting onshore waiting for wind and successfully moves the regatta towards a happy ending. Unsurprisingly, the yachts that prefer light conditions are leading the classes and went on to extend their lead today. Goto AY Race Report 4 and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 3RLIR - Racing days 2, no racing 1...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

12:01:2017 Langkawi, Malaysia: Ever since the low pressure system, crossed the coast North of Langkawi on Sunday night, it has left a vacuum in its trail, leaving regatta participants hoping there'll be wind, despite the dismal weather forecasts. For the first 2 days, racing was possible in 4 to 7 knots, but today it failed to arrive, in any strength or direction. Wisely the postponement flag was displayed onshore and the crews had a lengthy breakfast, that turned into lunch and resisted temptation for a cold brew. Listening to the VHF radio, as PRO Simon James received wind readings from the mark boats, scattered around the racing area, was disheartening for the keen racers. At 1330 as we fast approached the 1400 cut off time, the decision was finally made to cancel today's racing. Then came the rush to the bar for a fistful of drinks. Goto AY Race Report 3

RLIR - Wind glorious wind...
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Goto AY Race Report 211:01:2017 Langkawi, Malaysia: Despite all the weather forecasts looking very grim for Langkawi and surrounding areas, a light North Easterly appeared in the morning and increased to 6 knots, allowing racing to get underway in Kua Harbour for all classes. Not ideal conditions but it held on long enough, to complete 2 races for the racing classes and one passage race for the cruising classes. An attempt was made for a third Racing Class race but conditions became unstable and had to be abandoned before it could start. Thanks to the persistence by PRO Simon James and the race team, the regatta is on schedule and everyone concerned are still having fun... Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1RLIR - Red sky at night, sailors delight...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

10:01:2017 Langkawi, Malaysia: A little tweaking in the class breakdown, after some yachts coming from Phuket, experienced difficulties and took shelter from the tropical low pressure system, that crossed their path. After days of overcast sky and heavy rain storms in Langkawi, the sun came out, the sky turned blue and gave the sailors at Charlie's Bar, a spectacular sunset, last night. Ole seafarers would say 'Red sky at night, sailors delight'. Well that's the theory and today there was no sign of the previous days blustery conditions, was replaced by glorious sunshine. Although the breeze struggled to reach 5 knots on the first race and after repositioning the course in fresher breeze at the top of Kua Harbour for the second race, it isn't exactly a sailors delight, but gets the regatta underway and the jaws chomping throughout the night. Goto AY Race Report 1

RLIR - Sailing crowd, to ring in the New Year ...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report9:01:2017 Langkawi, Malaysia: As well as being the first International event on the Malaysian Tourism Calendar, it's the perfect occasion for sailors to come together and ring in the Sailing New Year. Thirty racing teams will be fighting it out, on picturesque Bass Harbour and Coastal courses, to the East of Langkawi. If conditions are favourable, the 'Round the Islands' race will be run and the possibility of breaking Frank Pong's RP75 Jelik race record set in 2014, taking 02:14:53 to complete the 28nm course, could be on the cards. Since the regattas inception, the main aim has always been to provide competitive and enjoyable racing for all crews, irrespective of the design or vintage of yacht. The fleet is split into six classes, ranging from some newbies to regular competitors, returning to fight over the class titles, Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Asian sailing news, photos, results & views

RSHYR Overall Victory goes to Giacomo
Goto AY - RSHYR Updates 28th Dec, 1800 AEST: The River Derwent behaved so well early on, driving Perpetual LOYAL to its record-breaking victory at 2:30 in the morning, Giacomo to club house leadership an hour later and then Scallywag, all well inside Wild Oats XI 2012 race record. Down the river, fast closing in at the mouth of the river, another three boats, Black Jack, Maserati, and Beau Geste were moving along nicely, still with a chance to break the old record themselves. But the rain arrived in Hobart when Scallywag finished and the breeze bid everyone good night. This left the door open, for the yachts still at sea, to come home, while the big boats wallowed in the river. As early finisher, Jim Delegat’s Kiwi VOR 70 Giacomo, nervously watched the clock on the pier and as time ran out, they regained the overall lead in the handicap stakes and will be awarded the race’s most treasured prize; the Tattersall’s Cup and Rolex timepiece, for becoming the overall race winner. Goto AY - RSHYR Updates

Goto AY - RSHYR Updates Line honours record for Perpetual Loyal - Clock starts ticking...
28th Dec, 0250 AEST: Crossing the Hobart finish line at 02:31:20 AM with an Elapsed time of 1 day 13 hours 31 minutes and 20 seconds, Anthony Bell’s 100ft supermaxi Perpetual Loyal claims line honours, the J.H. Illingworth Trophy and smashes Wild Oats XI previous race record by 4 hours 51 minutes and 52 seconds, in this year's 628 nautical mile dash from Sydney to Hobart. Only 17nm behind Jim Delegat’s Kiwi VOR 70 Giacomo was being challenged by Hong Kong's Seng Huang Lee's 100ft Scallywag trying to make up for lost ground in the River Derwent for second place over the line. In terms of overall IRC provisional standings, the clock has started ticking. Matt Allen's JV52 Ichi Ban has just taken the lead from Jim Delegat’s Kiwi VOR 70 Giacomo, in the quest for the race’s most coveted prize, overall victory in the handicap stakes. Goto AY - RSHYR Updates

RSH Race Record in sight, if finish before 0723...
Goto AY - RSHYR Updates 27th Dec, 2000 AEST: Uncharacteristically two low pressure systems are hovering in the Australian Bight, to the West of Tasmania and two high pressure systems in the Tasman Sea, to the East of Tassie, are generating strong NE and Easterly winds and powering the fleet in downwind reaching conditions. It's the first time in many years that this is possible. Barring equipment failure, Anthony Bell’s Perpetual Loyal has 100nm to go and on record pace to finish before 0723hrs (AEDT) tomorrow (Dec 28th), to break Wild Oats XI line honours record. The NE flow is predicted to carry them round Tasman Island, across Storm Bay to the Iron Pot, at the mouth of the River Derwent. Then it could get tricky, in the lee of the land, on the 11 nautical miles, upstream to the finish line in Hobart. Notoriously the wind shuts down at night and over the years, many teams have watched their winning chances, washed away in the current. Goto AY - RSHYR Updates

Goto AY - RSYHR UpdatesWild Oats XI out, 6 yachts still on record pace...
27th Dec, 1200 AEST: Wild Oats XI, the supermaxi that has dominated the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race for the last 11 years, is out of this year’s race after succumbing to the record pace she was setting at the head of the fleet. This morning, approaching the north-east coast of Flinders Island in eastern Bass Strait, she suffered damage to the hydraulic ram that adjusts the angle of the canting keel. The crew were able to manually centre and stabilise the keel, but retired from the race and are heading for Eden.
Overnight an unprecedented 24 boats were sailing on Sydney-Hobart record pace, as they flew down the east coast of Australia in favourable Northerly winds, with eight-time winner and favourite Wild Oats XI in the lead. The leaders had to negotiate a Southerly front and transition period, as they came out the other side. The wind then turned South Easterly, then clocked back to a 15 knot Easterly, to set them on the way again. Goto AY - RSHYR Updates

Southerly front slows record Hobart pace...
Goto AY - RSHYR Updates2400 AEST: Once around the outer harbour mark, the Wild Oats XI crew decided it was time to put their foot down and by late afternoon had hauled in Anthony Bell’s 100ft Perpetual LOYAL, that led the fleet out of Sydney Harbour and streaked off down the NSW coast. Throughout the afternoon and evening the super-maxis have enjoyed 20 to 30 knots of breeze and making good progress, in sight of each other. The bewitching hour came when approaching Eden, as the Southerly front blocked their record breaking passage. Initially down to 3 knots boatspeed and increasing to 6 and 8 as they negotiated their way to windward, through a disturbed system. This is a quick changing system and by morning, the leaders should be reaching along in a building 15 knot Easterly, across Bass Strait and the rest of the race down the Tassie coast and into Hobart. Goto AY - RSHYR Updates

Goto AY - RSHYR UpdatesThey're off on a Sleigh Ride to Hobart...
26th Dec, 1300 AEST: Another spectacular start to the 72nd Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, streamed on all channels, internet and even on YouTube... Anthony Bell’s 100ft Perpetual LOYAL had the distinction of leading the 2016 fleet out of Sydney Harbour on a perfect summer day. Closely followed by Asian favourites Karl Kwok’s 80 foot Beau Geste and Malaysian born Seng Huang Lee’s Scallywag. Follow them on the Live Tracking as they surf downwind, possibly all the way to Hobart, for a change. Goto AY - RSHYR Updates

Goto 2015 Rolex Syd-Hobart RaceReady to blast off into blue yonder...
Catch the Rolex Sydney Hobart 2016 start at 1300 AEST (10:00am East Asia) on Boxing Day, 26th Dec. Check out the start line action from 1230 - 1400 AEST (09:30am East Asia) on the Seven Network Yahoo!7 in Australia and webcast live to a global audience on the RSHR website and promised not be geo-blocked. If that doesn’t work, East Asian viewers can watch live on Australia+ (Astro Channel 521 Malaysia) and FoxSports 2 (Astro 813) from 9:30 to 1100am East Asia Time.
Goto Live Tracking throughout the race and as we're regularly updating during the race, check out our RSHYR Updates...Enjoy!

Seasons Greetings from AsianYachting
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From AsianYachting MultiMedia
21st Dec 2016:
Being ole fashioned, we wish all our readers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We also take this opportunity to thank all our faithful subscribers, regatta organisers, friendly media and advertising sponsors for coming aboard with us and successfully working together for years to come! Also safe boating, where ever your travels may take you, over the holiday season.

Goto AY Photo LibraryFREE Image Christmas gifts...
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Rolex Sydney Hobart Race with an Asian Prospective...
Goto Sydney Hobart 2016 Preview21st Dec 2016: Amongst the ninety teams taking part this year, there are 3 from China, one each from Japan and Korea, plus three that have strong ties to racing in Asian waters. Hong Kong's Seng Huang Lee's first attempt on the 100ft Scallywag skippered by David Witt and Syd Fischer's ex Ragamuffin 100 crew, will be fighting it out for line honours, with race favourite Wild Oats XI, Perpetual Loyal and Ludde Ingvall's re-modeled and re-named CQS. Goto Sydney Hobart 2016 Preview

Goto End of December AYGP NewsSnakes and ladders in the AYGP Rankings
By AY MultiMedia
December 19th 2016: The 30th Phuket King's Cup results, brings changes to the top order of the AYGP Skipper Rankings and improvements across the board. A big performance by Fred Kinmonth/Nick Burns GTS 43 Mandrake II takes them to the top of the rankings and eases Anthony Root/Steve Manning's Ker Custom 42 Black Baza down to second place. By winning all eight Firefly 850 Sports Class races, John Newnham's Twin Sharks leaps up into third place and is a huge achievement, as they have only contested two regattas, as opposed to Mandrake III and Black Baza's four scoring events. This brings them to within 11 points of the leaders and clean sweeping future events could see Twin Sharks overhaul them, by the end of the season. Goto End of December AYGP News

PKCR - The winners go marching home
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
10th December 2016: After two hours waiting for the wind to increase and settle in direction, racing finally got underway in light 5 to 7 knots Northerly. The final race did not produce any thrills and spills, like the first two days but will be remembered for the contrasting spinnaker colours, clear blue sky and sparkling sea back drop, as the yachts circulated on a tight windward / leeward course. Expectations were high as many skippers wanted to make that one last leap for glory but in most cases the conditions prevented it from happening. The strong current also played a part in judging lay lines and produced crowded mark rounding's that interrupted proceedings. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4PKCR - Royal salute to Thailand's new King
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
9th December 2016: The day started with a sail past HTMS KLAENG and other fully dressed Royal Thai Navy vessels stationed off Ko Po. To honour HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkunat accession to the throne. Kevin Whitcraft's TP52 THA 72 led the way, followed by two navy sailing teams and the rest of the fleet including all the dinghy sailors. The Royal salute is a major attraction for the Thai media and a show of respect by sailors in remembering the King's achievements. Then it was out to the race course and the brisk breeze for the sail past, markedly declined at the offshore starting area. One passage race around the islands to the SE of Phuket for all classes, become the order of the day. Goto AY Race Report 4 and AY Photo Gallery

PKCR - Changes in the air...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 37th December 2016: After two fantastic days of racing, we knew there was trouble, when the hotel staff were mopping the floor of the outside breakfast area. Looking out to sea, the mirror surface indicated the predicted change had arrived early. At the start line the postponement flag was limp and the two PRO's Ross Chisholm and Simon James on separate courses, were scanning the horizon for any sign of wind. Little puffs came and went, from all over the shop, until it settled from 060 degrees and increased to 5 to 7 knots. Almost three and a half hours after the scheduled start time, the dueling TP 52's were released and racing began in earnest. This change in pace benefited the lightweight yachts, with tacticians that picked the best side to go and crews extracting every little bit of boat speed from their ride. Consequently changes in the results, reflect these abilities and big improvements for some mid fleet runners. Goto AY Photo Gallery & Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2PKCR - Carnage for some & sleigh ride for others...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
6th December 2016: Despite the weather forecast predicting a slowdown, the prevailing Easterly never dropped below 12 knots and gusts were recorded up to 25 knots. This had a negative effect on some yachts, while others enjoyed a 'fabulous day of racing' according to Nick Burns. The IRC Racers completed a windward / leeward race and then joined the Cruising Classes on an island race, to the SE of Phuket. Wind against tide produced steep waves, that pounded the yachts upwind and provided a sleigh ride on the long downwind ride to the finish. John Newnham increased Twin Sharks speed record to 27.2 knots, then had some hairy moments in the process and survived to tell the story. A couple of collisions kept the International Jury busy and unfortunately ruined the day for some of the leading contenders. Goto AY Race Report 2

Blustery start to Phuket King's Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1 5th December 2016: Regatta organizers, local and international sailors joined in 89 seconds of silence to mourn the passing of HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and honour HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkunat accession to the throne, at the Opening Ceremony last night. Today it was all out on the water and ready to do what sailors do best. A developing low pressure system, to the North of Sumatra, has generated a blustery 12 to 20 knot NE - Easterly flow across Phuket and skippers were warned to take necessary precaution while racing. The first casualty came on the way to the start, when Mick Coleman / John Coffin's Stealth 11.8 Java dismasted and the attrition rate grew rapidly throughout the day. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportHonouring the King of Sailing
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
4th December 2016: Everyone is deeply saddened by the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the beloved King of Thailand and Royal Patron of the Phuket King's Cup. The loss has been felt around the world, as His Majesty dedicated passion and energy into the sport. Although this regatta and prestigious trophy is the last one to be endorsed by Rama 9, the regatta will always honour the legacy of His Majesty and remember his achievements and contributions to sailing. Sailors are asked to respect the current mood and customs while in Thailand by adhering to the recently released Dress Code, at the Opening Ceremony on Sun 4th and Royal Prize Giving Ceremony on Sat 10th. The traditional Sail Pass will be held on Friday 9th. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Forging ahead in the AYGP Rankings
By AY MultiMedia
Goto Dec AYGP NewsDecember 2nd 2016: By winning all eight IRC Class 3 races at the Raja Muda Regatta, David Fuller makes a grand entrance, into 6th place on the AYGP Skipper Rankings and lifts the chartered Beneteau 44.7 Fujin up into 3rd place, in the Yacht Rankings. Six IRC Class 1 race wins, for Sarab Singh's Welbourn 52 Windsikher II launches their 2016-17 racing campaign into 8th overall, after contesting only one event. Second and third places for Fred Kinmonth/Nick Burns GTS 43 Mandrake II and Anthony Root/Steve Manning's Ker Custom 42 Black Baza respectively, brings Mandrake II to within 1.5 points of the present leader Black Baza. Both yachts have contested three regattas and have left the door open for others to score better, at coming events. Goto December AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 6 & SummaryRMSIR - Windsikher II defends Raja Muda Cup
Zuhal first Malaysian team to win Jugra Cup

By AsianYachting MultiMedia
26th Nov 2016: Despite a long week on the water and some classes already decided, everyone was out for the final showdown on Bass Harbour and cast this 27th edition in pewter. Overnight a new set of courses for the cruising classes, were devised by PRO Jerry Rollin, to finish the boats before the wind dies in the afternoon. Anticipation was in the air, as crews went about their pre-start drills and the countdown began. A 10 to 12 knot North Easterly, propelled all classes briskly away and on time. All eyes were on the IRC classes and they did not disappoint, as they circulated on windward/leeward courses. Close encounters between Sarab Singh's Welbourn 52 Windsikher II and Kevin Whitcraft's TP52 THA 72, in front of the tightly packed "Flying 40's", picking wind shifts and coercing their rides along, were the orders of the day. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 6 & Summary

RMSIR - And the beat goes on, Langkawi Harbour races
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 525th Nov 2016: Although the North Easterly arrived yesterday and paved the way for a quick trip from Penang, tired and weary crews were back at it today, for the Langkawi Harbour races. The delayed 1400hrs start time came as the trade wind began to fade and change direction. The Cruising Classes headed off down the harbour, to round some islands and channel markers, while the racing classes had to endure further delays, as the course was moved to suit the wind direction. When they did start, on a course laid in front of the yacht club and ferry terminal, much to the concern of the Harbour Master, the race was held in ghosting conditions and strong tidal currents. As the afternoon wore on, the call to shorten all courses went out, much to the detriment of most the cruisers, that could not finish in the time limit. Goto AY Race Report 5

Goto AY Race Report 4RMSIR - Wind gods shine on the Penang Langkawi race...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
25th Nov 2016: Three quarters of an hour before the scheduled start time, the sea was flat calm and no sign of any wind. A few ruffles appeared from the West, that quickly filled in and by start time the wind gauges were registering 5 to 8 knots. Then it was on, for young and old. An obscure start line for the course, saw a couple of skippers pull off daring port tack starts, that paid handsomely. Half way to Langkawi the breeze faded as storm clouds were building overland and finally delivered over 20 knots from the North East. The IRC Racers came home with speed and judging from the comments at the bar, the race was very tactical, keeping everyone thinking and rewarded the ones that played the right cards. That's why, they keep coming back year after year. Goto AY Race Report 4

RMSIR - Penang Harbour races aroused the players
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 323rd Nov 2016: Just to further complicate matters, Murphy's Law had to play its hand in proceedings. Up and out early, PRO Jerry Rollin and the race makers, set the marks for two courses, based on the land breeze. A few minutes before the start sequence, it was like someone turned off the fan switch and much to everyone's dismay the postponement flag was displayed. Fortunately on the horizon the incoming seabreeze could be seen, while the courses were relayed and back to the starting signal. No complaints with the wind after that, as it built quickly throughout the afternoon. Joining the fleet in Penang is Kevin Whitcraft's all conquering TP52 THA 72 and Robert van Paridon's 12.81m trimaran Tantrum Too but both classes they entered, only have one runner and allowed to start with existing classes but are on their own. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2RMSIR - Slow & steady saves the day
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
22nd Nov 2016: The weather disturbance in the Northern reaches of the Malacca Strait, has ballooned in size and struggled to muster 5 to 8 knots W/NW on the nose. This turned the 65nm Leg 2, from Pangkor to Pinang into a close hauled, tacking duel in light breeze and slight seaway. Most sailors agreed it was painful and the toughest race, they have done in a while. It is the latest the big boats have finished on this Leg 2 and there was no storms or land breeze effect to provide some relief. Especially difficult for Sarab Singh's Welbourn 52 Windsikher II sat becalmed 5nm from the finish line and watched the others close in behind them. They still managed to hold on for line honours and Ray Roberts TP52 Team Hollywood is the only casualty, as they decided to go onto Langkawi, to slip the yacht and inspect the damage from the Pangkor Race. Goto AY Race Report 2

RMSIR - Majestic opening round on Leg 1 to Pulau Pangkor
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 120th Nov 2016: Although the North Easterly trade wind pushed across the peninsula last week, a little tropical disturbance in the Northern reaches of the Malacca Strait, turned the prevailing breeze into an 8 to 10 knot Westerly. The starts got away on time, with a few blatant barging calls to be sorted out. After a short windward beat to the mark, it turned into a fine 2 or 3 sail reaching drag race. As the starting order is reversed on the passage races, the slower boats start first, but it didn't take long for the big boats to knife their way through, as the breeze freshened throughout the afternoon. Just before sunset, is the bewitching hour, when the sea breeze changes to land breeze and depending where the boat is positioned, could have a beneficial or detrimental effect. The big boats made quick work of the 74nm course and despite hitting an unlit sunken barge, along the way, Ray Roberts TP52 Team Hollywood claimed line honours, with an elapsed time of 8hrs 20mins 11seconds. Goto AY Photo Gallery & AY Race Report 1

27th Raja Muda Regatta ready to roll...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
18th Nov 2016: Its again time for the annual island hopping regatta, along the West Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Twenty eight yachts, in six classes have signed up for the 27th edition and looking forward to some close racing and Malaysian hospitality, along the way. Organised by the Royal Selangor Yacht Club in Port Klang, the challenge consists of three overnight passage races, 260 nautical miles in total, plus 3 days of harbour racing in Penang and Langkawi. Making it eight days of racing and five prize giving parties in all. They will have to cope with unpredictable weather, strong tidal currents and be prepared to constantly change their tactics to suite. Anything from top class IRC racers, to classic 100 year old cruisers, remains in the memories of all those who have competed on this unique, character building and challenging event. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Battle for AYGP honours, is seriously underway...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto November AYGP NewsNovember 9th 2016: At the end of the China Coast Regatta, winning skippers on the Eastern and Western Circuits were level pegging, with one regatta apiece on the scoreboard. Distinguished performances by Lowell Chan's Dexter II and Tiffany Koo's Hero Racing Team, posting 5 wins in the IRC 3 and 2 Classes respectively, to be tied on points at the top of the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year pointscore. Ever persistent Fred Kinmonth/Nick Burns GTS 43 EFG Mandrake held onto 3rd place, in front of Alan Carwadine's Stealth 11.8 Asia Catamarans Hurricane and John Newnham's Twin Sharks from the Western Circuit. Goto November AYGP News

Goto RHKYC Race Reports...HK Hainan Race - Overall victory to Black Baza...
By RHKYC Media
5th November 1400hrs: After the arrival of Scallywag at 12:51:52 yesterday and their record breaking sail and Line Honours win of 23h 31m 52s, the next boat to arrive was Sam Chan’s TP52 FreeFire. She sailed across the line at 20:19:54 cementing her position as 1st in IRC Racer 0 and 2nd in IRC Racer Overall. After FreeFire and ahead of the other TP52 last night was Anthony Roots’ Ker Custom 42 Black Baza finishing at 23:09:54; giving her the win in IRC Racer Overall and the win her division IRC Racer 1. Black Baza has added this to her previous wins in IRC overall in the 2016 Rolex China Sea Race and the 2015 Hong Kong to Vietnam Race! Goto RHKYC Race Reports...

Goto Race Reports...HK Hainan Race - Scallywag bags race record...
By RHKYC Media
4th November 1400hrs: At 12:51:52hrs Hong Kong time today, Seng Huang Lee's 100ft Super Maxi Scallywag averaged over 18 knots and sliced 2h 22m 41s off the 432nm Hong Kong to Hainan Race record. The previous race record of 25h 54m 33s was set in 2014 by Karl Kwok’s TP52 Beau Geste. The new Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan race record now stands at an impressive 23h 31m 52s! Goto Race Reports...

Goto RHKYC Race ReportsHong Kong Hainan Race - And they're off!
By RHKYC Media
3rd November 1800hrs: It was clear blue skies and a 6-7kt north-easterly breeze for the start of the 390nm Category 1 offshore Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race which started today at 1320hrs. Race Officer Simon Boyde set a committee boat start line to the north of the RHKYC main clubhouse at Kellett Island with the warning signal sounding at 1310hrs. Most boats seemed to favour the pin end of the line. It was only the 100ft super maxi Scallywag that favoured the committee boat end; possibly to make sure to keep clear of the other boats. Goto RHKYC Race Reports...

China Cup - Wanhang Longcheer crushes it again in China
By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
Sunday 30 October 2016, Shenzhen, China: They said that the level of competition in the Beneteau 40.7 fleet has never been tougher, yet Wanhang Longcheer won the 10th China Cup International Regatta by a country mile. Of the 10 divisions racing in Shenzhen, the 25-strong Beneteau 40.7 attracts the most international entries and is widely considered the most competitive.
Last year Steve McConaghy and his Australian/Chinese crew on Wanghang Longcheer had to match race Emirates Team New Zealand on the final day of competition. This time helmsman Seve Jarvin, multiple world champion in the 18ft skiff, steered the boat to another inch-perfect start off the busy start line and in the light 6 to 7 knot breeze Wanhang sailed away to win the first race of the day. With scores of 2,1,1,1, McConaghy and Co. were able to sit out the final heat and sailed back to the race village for an early pack-up and a well-earned Tsingtao beer. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3China Cup - Koo's crew enjoy big day on Daya Bay
By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
Saturday 29 October 2016, Shenzhen, China: Tiffany Koo tore up the track on day three of the China Cup International Regatta as the Malaysian skipper steered Hero Racing to a commanding lead in the battle of the big boats. Koo ruled the waves last year at the China Cup and, after scores of 1,3,2 in Saturday’s strong breezes and big swell, Hero Racing now holds a four point lead over the TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial Racing skippered by Ernesto Echauz from the Philippines. “We had a good day,” said Koo, “but it was never easy. In the second race we couldn’t get the spinnaker pole to work properly so the crew were having to work as a human pole to keep the sail flying downwind.” Goto AY Race Report 3

8th Sailing Development Forum paves the way forward...
By AY MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 2 28:10:2016 Shenzhen, China: Although the racing was delayed by the lack of wind, it was full steam ahead for the 8th Asia-Pacific Sailing Culture Development (Dapeng) Forum, at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort Hotel. Zhang Heyun (Director of Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Culture, Sports and Tourism) opened proceedings with a welcoming address, then Wang Jingdong (Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shenzhen Dapeng New District) outlined how the development of Shenzhen is influenced by the 250klm coastline and how the China Cup has helped promote the sailing industry in the Shenzhen region. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto China Cup Race Report 1Back Baza outwits bigger boats in slow race to China
By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
27:10:2016 Shenzhen, China: Black Baza won the opening salvo of the 10th China Cup International Regatta after taking line honours in the opening day of this four-day event, the Hong Kong to Shenzhen Passage Race. Anthony Root’s Ker 42 custom footer outsmarted her larger competition in the extremely light and patchy breezes and managed to pick a way through the wind holes to take the winner’s gun ahead of the bigger boats. Goto China Cup Race Report 1

10th China Cup to celebrate in fine style...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report... 25th October: By far the largest big boat regatta held in China each year, the organisers have once again attracted a large international cast of racing teams and garnered significant global sailing influence, in the process. The entry list, has over 130 yachts, from 38 different countries, covering all the continents. Racing Teams from East and South East Asian nations, including Japan, are joined by specialised teams from the UK, Canada, Sweden, France, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Russia. The diverse range of yachts for charter, has attracted several dealer racing teams from all over the world, to come together, for some highly charged one-design racing, in an exotic Asian location. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Goto Daily Race ReportsCCR - Zannekin, Mandrake, Hero Racing & Dexter II are winners
By RHKYC Media
24:10:2016: Day 3 of the Volvo China Coast Regatta kicked off with racing east of Tung Lung Chau. With the north easterly breeze at 6-8 knots, it was decided to send the entire fleet on a windward leeward for the first race of the day. The shorter Q1 course with two laps was chosen to make sure boats had ample time to finish and then continue to an islands race. IRC Racer 0, 1 and IRC Premier Cruiser were sent on a 6.6nm course with 1.65nm mile legs. Race 5 for IRC Racer 0 was the first start at 1030hrs. A moment after the start, the individual recall was signaled. Ker 46 Zannekin, fearing they were marginally over the line, came back at once, but it was actually the TP52 FreeFire who was already a distance away from the start line who was early. Goto Daily Race Reports

Volvo China Coast Regatta - Day 2 Race Report.
By RHKYC Media
Goto Daily Race Reports23:10:2016: With limited breeze in the vicinity of Middle Island, the AP was raised on shore at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Middle Island Clubhouse at 0740hrs. Shortly after, Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen and the race management team went in search of wind. After a few hours of building breeze, the committee was relieved when the wind settled at 6+ knots and the AP was removed on shore at 1131hrs. With the given wind conditions and direction, it was decided that any island course would turn into a reaching race. Therefore race management decided it would be best to hold a windward/leeward race for all classes. The committee boat anchored south-east of Lamma Island, and all divisions were sent on Course Q2 with an axis of 075°. Goto Daily Race Reports

Goto Daily Race ReportsVolvo China Coast Regatta - Day 1
By RHKYC Media
22:10:2016: The Volvo China Coast Regatta got underway on Saturday in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Haima which brought Hong Kong to a standstill just 24 hours before; including the forced cancellation of the Regatta’s Welcome Drinks and Skipper Briefing. It was a great first day of racing with clear skies, a flat sea state and southerly breeze of 6 to 8kts - a complete contrast during yesterday’s typhoon. The first race kicked of at 1030hrs for the five boats in IRC 0 including Seng Huang Lee’s super maxi Scallywag (ex Ragamuffin 100) and Marcel Liedts’ Ker 46, Zannekin. The busiest start line was for IRC Racing 2 and 3 with 16 boats vying for position. Goto Daily Race Reports

Black Baza ready to defend AYGP title...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto October AYGP News...October 18th 2016: The reigning AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title holders, Steve Manning and Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza, have repaired the mast damage from the season ending Samui Regatta and conducted another round of boat optimisation, to be ready to defend the title. Between the two skippers and crew, including an Olympic gold medallist, America’s Cup and Volvo veterans, anticipate entering most the AYGP Point scoring events on the racing calendar, starting with the Volvo China Coast Regatta and Hong Kong to Hainan Race. Root added "We are also aware that talent doesn’t always translate into results, but hard work, determination and team spirit are the main keys to success." Goto October AYGP News...

Eight Bells for the King of Sailing
Our d
eepest condolences go to the Royal Family and to the people of Thailand following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej after a long battle with ill health. To get an insight into the gold medal winning, Thai King's exemplary sailing history and contribution to the sport in Thailand, has been compiled by Duncan Worthington from Marine Scene Asia Here... What a legend and the reason why, HM will sail on in our hearts forever...

Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn (64), will succeed his father, as King Rama X after the mourning period. While the sailing world is waiting for news, on how this will effect the Phuket King's Cup, Royal Patronage and Protocol, scheduled to be held from December 4th to 10th.

Paralympics - Spectacular final in Flamengo Beach thriller
By Richard Aspland - World Sailing
Goto Rio 2016 Paralympic RoundupSeptember 17th 2016: In a finale fitting on the setting, the Rio 2016 Paralympic Sailing Competition came to a spectacular close with the medals decided in front of a sell-out crowd lining the shores of Flamengo Beach. Racing on the Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) race course, onlookers were treated to a thrilling climax in which some medals were settled by just seconds. After 11 races under the backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, the stakes were high for a chosen few sailors who had the opportunity to grab a Paralympic medal. But while some would feel the elation, some would inevitable miss out. The final gold to be decided went to France's Damien Seguin who joined Australia's Two Person and Three Person teams who wrapped up the gold the previous day. Goto Rio 2016 Paralympic Roundup & Photo Gallery

Goto Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing RoundupRio 2016 Sailing - That's a wrap
By World Sailing & Andy Rice
August 18th 2016: Over the past two weeks we've witnessed some of the world's greatest sailors compete in Rio. With full hearts and great pride we congratulate them on their achievements. Creating an Olympic Games highlight moment with impact is the mission of the Medal Race. After a series of 10 to 12 races, the top ten in each event advanced to a double-point, non-discard race. A lifetime of effort is put to the test. Who can stare down pressure and be triumphant, and who would get swallowed whole by the moment? Goto Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Roundup & Photo Gallery...

Western Circuit - Victory for Zanzibar, SMUve, O'Blueyes, Glasgow Kiss & Deb Dash
Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 20th: On the last day of racing sailors were greeted with the clearest day seen in Singapore for some time, blue sky and a 10 knot South Westerly blowing down the West Johor Strait. This enabled the Race Officers on both courses to set true windward/leeward courses and complete three races to wrap up the series. At the morning assembly the sailors were looking forward to a good day of racing, to improve their standings and complete the regatta in fine style. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3Western Circuit - Final day spurred on by watching the Olympics...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 14th: Spurred on by watching the Rio Olympic sailors, duke it out in the medal races, the remaining sailors contesting the IRC A & B, PY, SB20 and Multihull classes, at the 19th SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta, return to action stations for one final day of racing on Saturday. They have already had two full days of racing (Goto AY Photo Gallery) and although some of the classes have run away leaders, they are all retuning for another chance at improving their overall standings. Everyone is also looking forward to the charity auction and gala presentation dinner, in the Raffles Marina ballroom on Saturday night, to raise funds for Sailability Singapore, as part of a global initiative to enrich the lives of people living with physical disabilities. Goto AY Race Report 3

Western Circuit - SW tradewind returns and puts smiles on sailors faces...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2August 14th: Sailors were greeted with a solid SW tradewind and choppy seas, although it fluctuated during the afternoon, the 20nm passage race for the IRC and PY classes, was completed in near record time, while the SB20 and Multihull's, completed four races in the West Johor Strait. The combined IRC classes contested the SMU President’s Cup, while the Access 2.3 class for disabled sailors and the SB20's wrapped up the SB20 International Cup, plus the wind surfers completed the Inter-Tertiary Windsurfing Championship 2016 titles. This does not mean the regatta is over, as next weekend one more day of racing is scheduled for the IRC, PY, Multihull and SB20's to complete the class titles. Goto Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 Sailors off the mark, as Singapore celebrates...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 13th: Just after Singapore swimmer Joseph Schooling won the gold medal at the Rio Olympics, a tropical rain storm descended on the island nation to celebrate this achievement. This lifted the sailors spirits, as they headed out onto the race course, for Day 1 of the 19th SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta. Although the wind never increased above 10 knots, three races were completed for all classes, on two courses. As there are several former champions competing here, it didn't take long before they started to dominate proceedings. The six Windsurfing classes and Access 2.3 class for disabled sailors, also got their series off to a good start and is a tribute to the education system for adopting sailing into their curriculum. Goto AY Race Report 1

Sailors ready for challenging Western Circuit
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportAugust 12th: While the Rio Olympics make all the world headlines, club sailors left at home, are taking on their own challenge, at the 19th SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta. Over the next two weekends (Aug 13, 14 & 20) Raffles Marina comes alive with a line-up of keelboats, multihull's, SB20, PY, Access 2.3's for disabled sailors and six Windsurfing classes. This event is Singapore's premier big boat event, full of youthful enthusiasm from the SMU organising team, combined with Raffles Marina excellent facilities, have built a reputation for lively fleet racing and fun filled post race parties. Up for grabs this weekend is, the SMU President’s Cup, SB20 International Cup and the Inter-Tertiary Windsurfing Championship (ITWC) 2016 titles. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Slow start to 2016-17 AsianYachting Grand Prix season
By AY MultiMedia
Goto August AYGP NewsAugust 4th 2016: Light, variable wind and strong tidal currents, resulted in only four races being completed at the 2016-17 Season opening Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek. As only two TP52's contested the top Racing Class 0, under the AYGP Scoring System, it also reduced the chances of scoring big on their first outing in anger. Consequently the winners of the classes that had five or more entries, now lead the AYGP by small margins. Three race wins for Alan Carwadine's Stealth 11.8 Asia Catamarans Hurricane in the Multihull Class and John Newnham's Twin Sharks in the Firefly 850 One-Design class has them tied on 13 points at the top of the table. Goto August AYGP News

Goto AY Race Report 4CPHPRW - Wind god gives up the ghost...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 24th: Despite three days of fickle weather and lengthy delays, racing still went ahead and a total of four races have been completed. The early morning drizzle and breathless conditions produced a glassy sea state today and despite the race committee searching for wind, nothing that was sailable could be found and the final day of racing had to be cancelled. Everyone thanked PRO Simon James and his team for their tireless work in difficult circumstances and the regatta organisers and friendly Cape Panwa Hotel staff for keeping the party going and producing a positive attitude. This amazing turnaround means yesterdays results will stand as final overall results. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

CPHPRW - What does it take to succeed in sailing?
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3July 23rd: Unbeknown to the general public at large, over 500 sailors have descended on Phuket to ply the ancient trade of sailing on modern racing yachts. They range from novices just learning the ropes, to fully seasoned professionals and everything in between. Some have come from different parts of the world with their racing teams, while a big percentage are foreigners based in Phuket and others are Thai nationals taking up the sport in home waters. Some boats only have two sailors while others have up to 15 crew that have individual tasks to perform and operate as a team during all the maneuvers. Sails have to be hoisted and doused, winches have to grinded for the sails to be set, while others perform the crucial tasks of steering, calling tactics and navigating the yacht in safe waters. Bit like conducting an orchestra with specific roles to play at certain times to produce the music in harmony. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2CPHPRW - Persistence pays off in the end...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 22nd: Unfortunately a small high pressure system has moved up the coast and is covering the whole of Phuket in a breathless zone. Even the South Westerly monsoon that prevails this time of the year, has been deflected away and changed direction towards the North. Leaving the record 47 boat fleet and 500+ sailors stranded at various locations around the racing area. PRO Simon James had the sense to hoist the postponement flag on the jetty and keep the sailors ashore until the breeze materialised. So at 1245 the AP flag came down and a great sigh of relief was heard, as the sailors had an hour to get out on the water with the prospect of racing. Five to six knots at 230/240 degrees was enough to complete two short races for most the classes and only one for the cruisers. Goto AY Race Report 2

CPHPRW - Hurry up and wait, wait, wait...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1July 21st: Early morning rain showers completely dampened any movement in the anemometer. The postponement flag lay limp for up to 3 1/2 hours, before PRO Simon James decided to start the light weight one design classes and see how they go before committing the others. The increasing out going tide, made the return downwind leg a struggle and after some consultation with the class representatives, it was decided to send everyone away on a short 1nm windward/leeward race and try to make a fist of it. A single race for all classes, is all that could be accomplished on the first day and after basking in the hot sunlight everyone was happy to call it a day and return to the Cape Panwa Hotel beach bar or cool off in the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...Bumper year for Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 20th: Almost every available sailor based in Phuket, is fronting up for this years regatta. Three IRC classes, Cruising, Multihull, and three One Design Classes - Platu, Firefly and Corsair have bolstered the numbers to 45 yachts and over the next four days are prepared for some high-octane racing on Phuket’s South East coast. It's also the first of 12 five star events, that make up the 2016-17 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) and an excellent opportunity for SE Asian based teams, to rack up some AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year points, early in the season. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Launching into the 2016-17 AYGP - "Hardest sports trophy to win in Asia"
12 Events, 251 Skippers, 245 Yachts, 75 Inshore & 3 Offshore Races, across 6 Countries
Starts with Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek & finish with Samui Regatta

By AY MultiMedia
Goto AYGP News & Calendar of EventsThe main aim of the AYGP pointscore system, is to rank Boat Owners and Skippers, ability in running racing campaigns, through Asian waters during the 2016-17 Season. Ultimately the winning Skipper and Yacht will be crowned with the 2015-16 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year. All skippers and yachts competing at any of the 12 selected five star AYGP point scoring events, have a chance of winning the prestigious AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. Donning the Trend Fashions navy blue blazer, presented with the Perpetual AYGP Cup filled with champagne, hand crafted take home trophy at the gala Samui Regatta season ending prize presentation party, is the highlight of the AYGP season. And a new name is added to the “hardest sports trophy to win in Asia”. Goto 2016-17 AYGP Calendar of Events...

AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBesar Regatta - Victory for Kaze & Shardana defends the title.
By AY MultiMedia
June 16th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: After an hours delay waiting for the wind, the final race got underway around Pulau Besar, Tengah and Hujong to finish the three race series. The Monohull title was still undecided with Joe Lombardo's Dufour 34 Shardana and James & Hanna Sharpe's Moody 376 Southern Light tied on 4 points. While two wins for Damien Geoffray's Corsair Dash 750 Kaze earned them the Multihull title, with a day to spare. The Southerly breeze provided a short tacking duel, to the Southern tip of Besar and the favourites were in no mood to make any mistakes. The Multihull's led the way and despite the wind turning to the East on the leeward side, spinnakers were set and it was a matter of boat speed on the back straight and a lengthy slog to the windward finish line, that ultimately would determine the overall finishing order. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Besar Regatta - Westerly arrives and makes our day...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3June 15th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: By the revised 1100hrs start time, a steady 10knot Westerly had sprung up and looked very promising to last a while. All hands on deck for a downwind start, that would require reaching sails or spinnakers to the Southern end of Pulau Besar. Then it was a spirited 9nm shy reaching leg up to Pulau Harimau, that sorted the men from the boys. On the homeward bound leg the inevitable happened, the wind shifted from windward beating to spinnaker flying and produced a final twist in the tale, to bring the mid field home with speed and claim the handicap stakes. Goto AY Photo Gallery & Race Report 3

Besar Regatta - Not what's printed in the travel brochure...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2June 14th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: The morning breeze had all but faded, by the high noon start time. Ghosting around with just enough wind to move as the horn sounded, found Alex Koo's Suilynn over the line and an anxious 10 minutes to restart, would normally reduce any chance in the race. But as the fleet had only progressed a few hundred meters, and a little zephyr came from behind, helped them catch up and even overtake a few boats. Course 4 was chosen, which took the fleet North passing Tengah and Hujong to Starboard, then across to Rawa and return to the South of Besar and finish where they started at the Besar jetty. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 Stormy start to record breaking Singapore Besar Race
By AY MultiMedia
June 12th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: As final preparations took place at the Changi Sailing Club, an approaching storm cloud turned the sky gray and as the start time coincided with the height of the tropical deluge, there was little to no visibility but there was some wind, so they started anyway. The only racing class yacht in the Monohull fleet, were the Zanziboys on Jonathan Mahony's Humphreys 42 Zanzibar, won the start and led the fleet out of Singapore. They were on a mission to beat 14hrs 14mins 19secs over the 90nm course to improve on the inaugural line honours record, they set two years ago. Although the race started in damp conditions, by late afternoon the boats were approaching or through the Lima Channel, with clear sky and 10 to 12 knot SSW breeze and set off downwind on a star gazers delight for the islands. All crews were looking forward to the warm welcome as they arrive at the tropical Aseania Beach Resort on Pulau Besar, despite what hour they finish. Goto AY Race Report 1

Headlong into the Singapore to Besar Race...
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AY MultiMedia
June 10th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: For the third successive year, the Aseania Beach Resort on Pulau Besar, have combined with the Changi Sailing Club, to present the Singapore to Besar Race and Regatta. The intention has always been to take skippers, crew and their friends, away from the restrictive shipping lanes in Singapore and welcome them to the peace and quiet of the Johor Islands, for some fun filled, blue water racing experiences. First up is the 90nm overnight passage race, clearing out from Singapore on Saturday 11th, racing around the Johor peninsula and up along the East coast of Malaysia, winding their way through some of the Johore Islands and finishing up in front of the Pulau Besar jetty. Customs and Immigration will be at Pulau Besar upon arrival and departure. Nine yachts have signed on the Monohull (7) and Multihull (2) classes, for a new experience and a few are making return appearances. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

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