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2015 - 2016 AY Race Reports - News and Views & Event Coverge

Steve Manning & Anthony Root crowned AYGP Skippers of the Year
By AY MultiMedia
Goto June AYGP News Roundup
June 1st 2016: New names, Steve Manning/Anthony Root Ker 42 Black Baza have been added to the “hardest sports trophy to win in Asia” and proudly appears on racing crews CV's, these days. Despite their disastrous outing at the season ending Samui Regatta, they won outright all the blue water classics - Hong Kong to Vietnam Race, Rolex China Sea Race, and the Subic Bay to Boracay Race and Cup, in the same season. Second places at the China Coast Regatta on their racing debut and the Commodore's Cup in the Philippines plus fourth place at Malaysian Raja Muda Regatta, has scored them enough points to be crowned the 2015-16 AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year. Goto June AYGP News Roundup

Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummarySamui Regatta victory for THA 72, Jessandra II & El Coyote
By AY MultiMedia
May 28th, Koh Samui, Thailand: An early morning passing storm, to the South of Samui, generated an 18 - 22 knot South Westerly, which produced a tough slog to windward and fast surfing conditions downwind, to bring the regatta to an exciting conclusion. Kevin Whitcraft's TP52 THA 72 made it nine wins in a row before calling it quits and Roland Dane's Corby 36 Jessandra II scored seven wins to successfully defend the IRC 1 title. Both boats always hit the start line with speed, when the horn sounded, leaving the rest of the fleet to play catch up. It's the first regatta in some time to have favourable wind for the whole event and kept crews on their toes during crucial maneuvers. One little mistake like a fouled spinnaker drop or equipment breakage and the yacht would go from first to last. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4Samui Regatta - Race is on for the podium places
By AY MultiMedia
May 27th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Both Kevin Whitcraft's TP52 THA 72 and Roland Dane's Corby 36 Jessandra II are run away leaders in the respective IRC 0 and 1 classes. This leaves the rest of the fleet fighting over 2nd and 3rd places on the podium. There is still plenty of wind coming from the South West flow created earlier in the week and as the rain has stopped, the sky is clearing and providing perfect racing conditions. PRO Ross Chisholm released the racers on a windward/leeward race, then joined the Cruising Class on a coastal race to the South of Samui, that turned into a lengthy downwind slide back to the finish line. Although several breakages and a collision put an end to some boats chances, there are others that will grasp the opportunity to fill their positions. View the action so far in the AY Photo Gallery and goto AY Race Report 4

Normal service resumed at Samui Regatta
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3May 25th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Overnight the blustery, stormy weather mellowed down and by the morning assembly, a gentle 8 to 10 knot South Westerly greeted the sailors. This enabled PRO Ross Chisholm to venture around to the North of Samui and include the popular island courses into the days program. IRC 0 & 1 started with a windward/leeward race, then joined the Cruisers on a passage race to Ko Phangan and around marks in the Strait between the islands, before returning to the Samui finish line. Although the sky remained overcast, the breeze picked up and turned into a photographers delight, as the yachts jumped off the waves, with the rocky island in the backdrop. After hurried repairs, all the yachts were back on the race course and ready to fight another day. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Samui Regatta - Racing between the storm cells
By AY MultiMedia
May 24th, Koh Samui, Thailand: For most of the time the threatening South Westerly forecast averages between 12 to 15 knots and the sky is heavily overcast. It's when the dark clouds build up over the hills and storm cells descend over the course, that anything up to 30knots and the sea state is quickly whipped up into a frenzy, that boat breaking conditions, can be experienced. The fleet were held ashore under postponement as the storm passed over, then made their way out to the race course. PRO Ross Chisholm timed the races between the storms and continued with two windward/leeward races, for safety reasons to keep everyone in the same vicinity. Some sails were rushed to Pattaya and Hong Kong for overnight repairs, while Team Ulumulu were repairing the boom, Black Baza and Moon Shadow remained on their moorings and did not compete. Goto AY Race Report 2

Samui Regatta - Testing conditions as they measure up the opponents...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1
May 23th, Koh Samui, Thailand: The morning outlook was patchy like any other day at Samui. As the forecast is expected to dramatically increase in the next few days, PRO Ross Chisholm chose to run windward/leeward races to post some early results, in case it turns sour when the storms come through. The South Westerly settled in and racing got away on time and as it increased during the afternoon it clocked around to the West, requiring several mark changes. Then the sky turned black as the storm rolled through gusting to 40kts during the third race and with visibility reduced to zero, the race was abandoned and boats headed back to the beach. Quite a lot of damage was noticed, ranging from shredded spinnakers, broken boom, man overboard, broaching and Chinese gybes to test the crews and created a rush for overnight repairs. It was a good opportunity for skippers to compare their boat speed and get the measure of the new boats and others they haven't raced against before. Goto AY Race Report 1

Classy fleet coming together at Samui Regatta...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportMay 20th, Koh Samui, Thailand: The classiest racing fleet to assemble in Asian waters for many years, will be going under starters orders, when the Samui Regatta showdown gets underway, off Chaweng Beach on Monday. A mixture of five TP and IRC optimised 52 footers, are taking on Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik in the Racing Class. Six evenly matched "Flying 40's" will be battling it out, with Roland Dane's slightly smaller Corby 36 Jessandra II and on recent performances, fully intends to defend the IRC 1 title. Although Steve Manning & Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza have already won the 2015-16 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles, their ongoing racing campaign includes another level of optimisation, to move up the ladder on round the cans races and focused on boat performance to help finesse the modifications, for next season. Five yachts in the Cruising class, range from Cedric Rimaud's restored 90-year old classic 6-metre Selma, taking on local expat teams from Pattaya and Samui, that enjoy nothing better than a good sailing bash, both on and off the water. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Black Baza wins AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year titles...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto May AYGP NewsMay 10th 2016: Coming into the Top of the Gulf Regatta, Mick Tilden's syndicated Beneteau 44.7 Fujin and Ray Roberts TP52 Millenium Racing, had a chance to improve their ranking and come within striking distance or even draw level with run away leader, Steve Manning/Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza. Both boats were out sailed, scoring only one race win and settled in the bridesmaid role, making it a very low scoring event, that has effectively ruled them, out of contention for the 2015-16 AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year titles. Even if they score big at the season ending Samui Regatta showdown, coming up in 10 days time. However this will not diminish their eagerness to compete in the classiest fleet lineup in Asia, as they still have a chance of finishing the season, higher up the rankings. Goto May AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummaryTOTGR - Grand slam accomplished in all classes
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
04th May 2016: Amazing, in 17 years of covering yacht racing, we have never experienced a situation where all the class winners have wrapped up the series, with one day to spare. Consistent SW wind in the high teens all week, meant the crew work had to be spot on with the procedures, as one little mistake could loose several places and never be recovered. Also some crews are not suited to the breeze strength in body weight or experience. If you looked at the entry list and class break down before the regatta began, one most probably would have predicted the eventual winners to be on the podium, but not all. The winners are all top racing teams campaigning in the Asian region and firing off a warning signal to the teams fronting up at the season ending Samui Regatta in a couple weeks time. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 5 & Summary

TOTGR - The rich are getting richer
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 403rd May 2016: Consistent SW wind in the high teens, is producing a degree of predictability for the front runners, that enjoy pushing the boat to the limit. One windward/leeward race, followed by a passage race and the top boats have extended their lead and in some cases making them uncatchable, with a day to spare. After all the excitement of the youth sailors contesting the dinghy championships, it has quieted down somewhat at Ocean Marina to a more sedate level. To spice things up a bit a protest was lodged about the rounding mark on the passage race and some boats were initially disqualified, then in fairness were reinstated as it didn't make any difference to the in the distance traveled, as a result of the race committees intentions. Goto AY Race Report 4

TOTGR - Optimist, Windsurf and Dinghy champions crowned in solid breeze
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3 02nd May 2016: No complaints about the wind, as the South Westerly arrived early and built up to 18 knots during the afternoon. This allowed the top sailors to make solid gains and established a pecking order amongst their opponents. Several teams have bulls eye targets on their backs, as others try desperately to overtake them in their quest for glory. Two lengthy windward/leeward races for most the classes and three races for the one-design Platu 25 class contesting the Coronation Cup, sorted the grain from the chaff. Similar story in the Optimist, wind surfer and dinghy classes, as their series came to an end, Chanokchon Wangsuk crowned Thailand Optimist National Champion, Keerati Bualong winner of the Laser fleet and Indonesia's I Nyoman Suartana, the 2016 RS:One Men's Asian Champion. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2TOTGR - Keelboats and Multihull's join in the fun and games
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
01st May 2016: It was the keelboats and multihull's turn to join in the action today, while the dinghy's continued on with the second day of their three day series. The SW breeze arrived early and built up during the afternoon, allowing four separate race committees to catch up on the schedule, as the big boats completed a windward/leeward race followed by a passage race around nearby islands. The one-design Platu 25 fleet were eager to get away and were general recalled, then individually recalled, which had a strong bearing on the race results. Kevin Whitcraft's TP52 THA72 made their first appearance in anger in Asia and won the race but the backstay runner parted company on the second race, forcing them to withdraw and handed the victory to Ray Roberts TP52 Millinium Racing on a plate. Goto AY Race Report 2

Dinghy fleet opens proceedings at TOTGR
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 130th April 2016: Today the Laser Standard, Radial, 4.7, 420, IOM radio controlled class, RS:One Asian Championship and the Thailand Optimist National Championships all started their quest for glory, while the grand prix Keelboats and Multihull's completed the entry procedure and ran a practice race, to make sure all the crew are fired up and the equipment is in working order. From early morning, 10 to 15 knot southerly breeze bought the sailors delight, that continued through the afternoon, until the grey clouds building up overland descended over the course and put an end to play. Between one and three races were completed on the dinghy courses before the powerboats went into recovery mode to bring the 137 Optimists safely home. Goto AY Race Report 1

TOTGR - Ready for Asia's largest multi-class regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report 29th April 2016: Providing top-level International competition for all classes, is high on the priority list at this regatta, timed to commemorate the Coronation of His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej of Thailand. Anything from Optimist dinghy's, wind surfers, one design Platu 25's, to grand prix keelboats and multihull's, are ready for battle at Ocean Marina Yacht Club on Jomtien Beach, South Pattaya. With over 200 boats and 700 sailors, from more than 30 countries taking part in the award-winning event, we can expect another successful regatta and multi-million baht boost to Greater Pattaya’s tourism earnings. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

AYGP the hardest sports trophy to win in Asia...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto April AYGP NewsApril 7th 2016: If you intend on mounting a serious challenge on the annual AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year titles, better bring a quick racing yacht, that can sail up to her IRC rating, meld together a very talented crew from all over the world, win at least 3 regattas on the Asian Circuit and stand on the podium at 3 other events, before even having a chance to take the coveted trophy home. It will take boat owners, a considerable amount of organisational expertise and personal expense, to run a successful racing campaign, through Asian waters. There is about 20 serious racing teams, that could win the title each season, depending on how many regattas they compete on and the extent of the campaign, they're running that year. As we approach the final two AYGP scoring regattas, Top of the Gulf Regatta (April 30th - May 4th) and Samui Regatta (May 21st - 28th) the excitement moves into the Gulf of Thailand. The first yacht to win both the Hong Kong to Vietnam Race and Rolex China Sea blue water classic in the same season, Steve Manning/Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza have built up what seems like an insurmountable lead in the AYGP Skipper & Yacht Rankings, but like we've seen in past years "Its not over, till its over'. Goto April AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryCommodore's Cup - Victory for EFG Mandrake and Selma Star
By AY MultiMedia
1st April 2016, Subic Bay, Philippines:
It might be April Fools day, but on Subic Bay the serious business of wrapping up the Commodore's Cup was on everyone's mind. The starts were fiercely contested, as the final race results, would determine the overall winner. The early start, to stay in the NE'ly trade wind, worked well and although the wind strength hovered around 8 to 10 knots, two windward/leeward races were completed for the Racing Class and one short Point to Point race for the Cruising Class. By 1300, everyone was back onshore and packing up the boat. Not only has it been an up and down week wind wise, but close racing, a contentious protest, getting caught in the wind shadow of bigger boats, only seconds separating the finishers and lady luck has juggled the placing's, to rely on these final races to crown the overall winner. Goto
AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Commodore's Cup - Tiptoeing through the minefield...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3.31st March 2016, Subic Bay, Philippines:
Both classes set off on Point to Point races, spanning the entire length of Subic Bay, from Barretto to the entrance of the bay and finishing back at the Marina. The Racing Class had to do two laps, while the Cruising Class completed one. The 28nm race started in a 10 to 12 knot NE'ly but as the forecast predicted lightening off, everyone was wary of the possible changes and sailed courses that would benefit them if the changes came. Having the pleasure of racing on Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Custom Antipodes with David Witt on the wheel, Guilty calling nav/tactics, Geoff Hill keeping a close eye on what's going on and also guest appearance by the world famous Chas from Tas, (now author) assisting on the runners, witnessed what went down onboard the yacht and reproduced an account in this
AY Race Report 3.

Goto AY Race Report 2Commodore's Cup - It all comes down to boat speed...
By AY MultiMedia
30th March 2016, Subic Bay, Philippines:
Although the big breeze yesterday has moderated, there was still enough for PRO Medy Fidel, to run 2 x 2nm windward/leeward races for the Racing Class and a single 19nm Point to Point race for the Cruising Class. The Racing Class jostled for position in the starting box and were eager to get clear air and hit their target speeds. No room to dip below the line, forced
Steve Manning/Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza over the line, when the starting horn sounded and had to return to restart. Once again the battle for line honours between Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Custom Antipodes and Ernesto Echauz's TP 52 Standard Insurance Centennial III broke out in close quarters and was sorted on the downwind leg, when Standard Insurance Centennial III has a slight speed edge, only for Antipodes to come back on the windward legs. Goto AY Race Report 2

Commodore's Cup - Subic Bay turns on a real treat...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 129th March 2016, Subic Bay, Philippines:
The North Easterly arrived with a vengeance, bringing gusts above 20 knots, on a relatively flat sea and produced a real treat, especially on the long reaching legs. PRO Medy Fidel, selected the 26nm Point to Point course for the Racing Class and a shorter 17nm course for the Cruising Class. This took them around and across the bay twice and kept the enjoyment level on high. Two more no shows, has whittled the fleet down to eight yachts but does not diminish the quality nor the desire to compete. The Streaker and Optimist classes also began their quest to conquer the elements and several nose dives and over powered situations, produced a day to treasure. Goto
AY Race Report 1

Commodore's Cup kicks off in Philippine Home of Sailing
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report28th March 2016, Subic Bay, Philippines: Coming off the back of a bruising Rolex China Sea Race, Subic Sailing have invited competitors to join in the action at the Commodore's Cup this week. Local racing teams preformed with distinction at the Subic to Boracay Race and Cup earlier this month and enjoy pitting their skills against the visiting teams. Subic Bay is quickly becoming known as the Home of Sailing in the Philippines, as two keelboat classes swing into action, in conjunction with the Philippine Sailing Association, Streaker and Optimist classes, begin their assault for individual glory, sharing the same waters as the main bout. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto March AYGP News SummaryBlack Baza spirals to top the AYGP Rankings
By AY MultiMedia
March 27th 2016 Subic Bay, Philippines: Scoring maximum points for Overall IRC and Class victories on the Rolex China Sea Race, sending Steve Manning/Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza spiraling to the top of the AYGP rankings. After contesting six events this season they have maxed out on 71.25 points and like a 'Drop Race', can only improve at future regattas in increments better than their lowest scoring event. On top of claiming Line honours and breaking the race record, Philip Turner’s Reichel-Pugh 66 Alive climbs up into second place and only 11.25 points adrift from Black Baza, with one full scoring regatta, to complete the six best regatta pointscore system. Although Mick Tilden's syndicated Beneteau 44.7 Fujinis relegated from the top of the leaderboard to third place, they also have another regatta in hand to make up the deficit and reclaim the top spot. Goto March AYGP News Summary

RCSR Report 6 - Black Baza comes flying home...
AsianYachting Final Report
Goto RCSR Report 62200 - 26th March 2016: Overnight the fleet came marching home in the Rolex China Sea Race. As the small pressure system that caused a disturbance to the leading runners yesterday, moved further East, it generated a favourable North Westerly flow, down the Luzon coast for the mid fleet runners to sail a direct course to Subic Bay with speed. Anthony Root / Steve Manning's Ker 42 Black Baza has set a cracking pace during the crossing and by finishing at 01:50, win the China Sea Race Trophy in the overall IRC stakes and the IRC 1 Class title. By taking the outside track and avoiding the wind hole, Philip Turner / Duncan Hine's Reichel/Pugh 66 Alive claimed line honours and set a new race record in the process, to hold onto 2nd place overall and win the IRC 0 Class title. Goto RCSR Report 6

Goto RCSR Report 5RCSR Report 5 - Alive sets new race record
AsianYachting Evening Report
2000 - 25th March 2016: After a roller coaster race, the Aussie team on Philip Turner / Duncan Hine's Reichel/Pugh 66 Alive Yachting finished at 13:11:08 and written themselves into the record books. Setting a new race record of 47h 31m 08s. This is 11 minutes and 59 seconds inside Beau Geste's record from 2000. Until last night they did not expect to take line honours, against Raphael Blot's much faster Banuls 60ft racing catamaran MACH2, but a big effort by Turner's crew, to skirt the dead air near the coastal mountains, paid off and are proud to move from 30nm behind to 20nm in front and take line honours in the process. Goto RCSR Report 5

RCSR Report 4 - Line honours for Alive, with a twist at the end...
AsianYachting Midday Report
Goto RCSR Report 41400 - 25th March 2016: Overnight Raphael Blot's Banuls 60 Catamaran MACH2 fell into the clutches of the Luzon wind shadow, thereby loosing a 26nm lead and handed over line honours to Philip Turner / Duncan Hine's Reichel/Pugh 66 Alive Yachting with an elapsed time of 1d 23h 31m 8s, to set the clock ticking. They stayed below the rhumb line and carried what little breeze there was, into the Subic Bay finish line. Several hours on the wind, at an antagonizing 2.5 knots boat speed, urging the boat along, while the land breeze played havoc to eventually determine line honours and ultimately the handicap stakes. Goto RCSR Report 4

Goto RCSR Report 3RCSR Report 3 - Records May Fall
By RHKYC media
24 March 2016: The 28th edition of the China Sea Race has the potential to rewrite the record books for not just one, but two records, as the progress of both Turner's RP66 Alive and Banuls 60 Catamaran MACH2 suggest that both monohull and multihull records set in 2000 are under serious threat. After 24 hours of racing, both boats had covered in excess of half the course and, averaging 12kts VMG, have a current estimated elapsed time of around the 44 hour mark. The current outright record is 47h 43m 07s, while the multihull record stands at 48h 01m 47s. Goto RCSR Report 3

RCSR Report 2 - Records May Fall...
By RHKYC media
Goto RCSR Report 224 March 2016: The uninspiring conditions of the Rolex China Sea Race start have given way to the strong monsoon forecast by Hong Kong Observatory at Tuesday’s Skippers’ Briefing; offering the front runners 28kts of north easterly breeze on a lumpy sea. Doing 12-14kts on a beam reach under overcast skies, crew on Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Antipodes are delighted with the improvement, noting that “It’s amazing how fast the frustrations of yesterday’s first few hours disappear when it all comes good. We have overcast skies, and breaking waves that show off a stripe of turquoise and sapphire along the top as they start to tumble.” Goto RCSR Report 2

Goto RCSR Report 1RCSR Report 1- And, they’re off – finally!
By RHKYC media
23 March 2016: In line with Hong Kong Observatory predictions, the 2016 Rolex China Sea Race started today with more of a whimper than a bang, with thick fog, rain and barely any breeze in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. After a significant proportion of the fleet was swept over the line by the tide, Race Officer Sofia Mascia AP’d proceedings with a minute to go, finally getting the race underway 20 minutes later than scheduled. Goto RCSR Report 1

It's Make or Break Time in the AYGP Rankings
By AY MultiMedia
Goto March AYGP NewsMarch 9th: Subic Sailing has embraced being part of the Asian Yachting Grand Prix (AYGP) by projecting the Subic to Boracay Race & Cup, plus the up, coming Commodore's Cup onto video and promoting their biggest events as the Philippine Sailing Grand Prix. Being partially responsible for the increase in top quality International racing teams, coming to the Philippines for these events, and ready to take on the Philippine stalwarts, has over a few short years, significantly improved the local level of racing skills and elevated race management to world class standards. Recently adding Multihull and Flying Fifteen divisions plus introducing dinghy training to Subic Bay, is fast becoming "The Home of Philippine Sailing" for bringing youth sailors into the fold and an encouraging sign to producing future champions. Goto March AYGP News and Subic to Boracay Race & Cup - AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBoracay Cup - Centennial III survives protest and wins on count back
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

04:03:2016 Boracay, Philippines: After three days of racing, it all came down to a two race shootout on the final day. When we left off yesterday, Ernesto Echauz's TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial III held a slender one point lead over Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa and Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire was on a comeback, after being disqualified the day before. The two TP52's have been going head to head, while Karakoa consistently picked up podium places from the back of the fleet. The stage was set for a final day showdown and although the prevailing North Easterly breeze, mellowed down in the mid teens, the sun was out and shades of blue filled the camera lens. Some jockeying around for the first start but "All Clear" came over the radio waves and it was on. Being the fifth race of the series the "Drop Race" came into play and further narrowed in the overall score line. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Boracay Cup - Dream ride on Ragamuffin 90
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 303:03:2016 Boracay, Philippines: When crew boss David Witt invited the humble narrator to come aboard Ragamuffin 90 for a day, it took all of one second to accept. Syd Fischer's Team Ragamuffin racing program has been going since 1968 and it's an honour to be aboard the Aussie sailing legends yacht, on its penultimate race, before the program comes to an end. It takes 17 crew and a hydraulic engine to get the boat around the course successfully. Quite a daunting task approaching the start line and you know your getting close, when you can see the whites of the race assistants eyes, as they step back from the stern of the start boat. Fortunately a gap opened as the yachts to leeward bore away and Witty released the hand brake and slotted into the windward berth, as the starting horn sounded. One by one the yachts to leeward tacked away, to avoid the huge wind shadow as Ragamuffin 90 powers upwind. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Dramatic start to Day 2 of Boracay Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

02:03:2016 Boracay, Philippines: As the Racing Class 1 yachts were on the final approach to the start line, a huge bang resonated from Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik, as the running back stay parted company and put an end to the leading contenders racing day. Having trouble with the jib halyard, forced Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa to sail bare headed and Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire seemed to be stuck in first gear. A passing rain shower changed the bias of the line, which allowed Syd Fischer's Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90 skippered by David Witt, to pull off a daring Port tack start, crossing clearly in front of the right of way Starboard tack yachts. The Racing Class 2 yachts were also up for the challenge, with another close start on the first race and both Steve Manning / Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza and Fred Kinmonth / Nick Burns Sydney GTS 43 EFG Mandrake, judged to be over the line in the second race and returned to restart, loosing valuable time in the process. Goto AY Race Report 2

Boracay Cup never fails to deliver favourable wind...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 1 01:03:2016 Boracay, Philippines: After a well earned rest day, to recover from the Subic to Boracay Race, most of the fleet were back on the water, ready to contest the Boracay Cup. Twenty knot North Easterly, whistling down the Boracay Strait at start time, is what crews have grown to expect and never seems to disappoint. Small headsail's, extended crew hiking on the rail and some reefed mainsails, were the order of the day. Anticipation grew as start time arrived and then it was on, trimming the sails for a short windward work, before setting off on a 28nm island course, to the neighbouring Tablas Mark and then running and reaching back to Boracay for the Racing Classes. The Cruisers embarked on a 13nm circumnavigation of Boracay and completed the course in relative quick time. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Race Report 2 Jelik claims overall IRC stakes in Subic to Boracay Race
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

29:02:2016 Boracay, Philippines: After winning the start by a bow length, Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik, navigated through the transitional zones to leeward of Mount Mariveles and Palay with care and cleared the notoriously tricky Verde Island Passage relatively unobstructed, to claim the handicap honours by over two hours, from Ernesto Echauz's defending champion TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial III. The race turned into a go/stop affair and the yachts taking the inshore line benefited, while the yachts offshore found their own parking lots and lost valuable time in the process. Last years record setting, Syd Fischer's Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90 skippered by David Witt, saw their chances of repeating the exercise disappear, as they sat motionless and most the fleet overtook them. From then on, they played catch up, in time to claim line honours but well outside the record time and conceded several handicap places to finish fifth overall. Goto AY Race Report 2

They're at it again, on the Subic to Boracay Race
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 1 27:02:2016 Subic Bay, Philippines: Twenty five knot NE wind gusts, crews ready, yachts milling around, testing the start line angle and downwind sail combinations, adrenalin pumping as the seconds tick by, then the high noon starting horn sounds and 18 grand prix yachts are away on another challenging Philippine blue water classic. Sighting down the line, Race Officer Medy Fidel called it "All Clear" just as Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik nails it at the pin end, by a nose from Peter Cremers Warwick 60 Shahtoosh and Steve Manning / Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza midline. At last nights skippers briefing and welcome party, there was confidence in the air, as the crew banter started with, over 20 knots predicted on the 220nm ride down to Boracay. Goto AY Race Report 1

Line honours up for grabs on Subic Bay to Boracay Race
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AsianYachting MultiMedia

26:02:2016 Subic Bay, Philippines: Once again, the best racing campaigns in Asia, are lining up for the 220nm Philippine blue water classic, Subic Bay to Boracay Race. When the high noon starting signal sounds on Saturday 27th, a formidable lineup of maxi yachts, Frank Pong's RP 75 Jelik, Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Custom Antipodes and Syd Fischer's Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90, will be fighting over line honours. In all, 18 grand prix yachts, divided into 3 classes are ready for a challenging and tactical race. The top racing yachts in Asia, enjoy putting their crew skills to the test, in pursuit of an elusive victory and improving their AYGP Rankings, as the 2015-16 Season comes to an end. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto Feb AYGP News... Fujin extends the lead, in AYGP Rankings
By AY MultiMedia
February 16th: Although the Neptune Regatta turned into a low scoring event, for the top contenders in the 2015-16 AYGP Rankings, Mick Tilden and the Sydney Hobart veterans on his Beneteau 44.7 Fujin have extended their lead, in the ultimate race for the AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year titles. They become the only yacht to have contested five regattas this season. Victory for Sarab Singh's Welbourn 52 Windsikher II adds 10 points to their tally and take over 5th place in the rankings. They are now within 17.5 points of the leader and have only contested 3 events. If they carry on in this vein and compete in two more regattas this season, they could topple the leaders by the season ending Samui Regatta (May 21 - 28). Goto Feb AYGP News...

Neptune Regatta - Victory for Windsikher II and Kaze in final shootout...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 6, 7 & Summary13:02:2016 Nongsa Marina, Batam, Indonesia: With only one point separating first and second places in the IRC Racing Class, the final windward/leeward races in Batam would determine the overall winner. A similar situation existed in the Multihull Racing Class were Graham Horn's Jaza Too and Xavier Glenard / Damien Geoffray's Kaze, have traded first and second places and all hinged on the final return race from Karas Besar. An early start and good reaching conditions up the Bintan Strait, saw them all home and packing up by mid afternoon. Two windward/leeward races for the IRC Racers in 13 to 16 knots and a lumpy seaway, sealed the deal for Sarab Singh's Welbourn 52 Windsikher II, to make it four regatta wins in a row, on the new ride. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 6, 7 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 2From Slimy Pollywogs to Trusty Shellback's
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

09:02:2016 Neptune Island, Indonesia: The highlight of the regatta is crossing the equator. Starting at Neptune Island, the 7.7nm course takes the fleet directly South to the equator finish line. Each boat appoints their own King Neptune and trusty assistant Davy Jones. The Slimy Pollywogs (Never crossed the equator by boat) are thoroughly denounced for their crimes by Davy Jones and after a suitable penance chosen by King Neptune, are accepted by the court as Trusty Shellback's. Some very novel fancy dress costumes replaced the usual sailing attire (Shorts and T-Shirt) and the frivolities were in full swing. Still plenty of wind to propel the fleet and the overcast conditions kept the racers cool. Then restart at the equator and finish back at Neptune Island. The elapsed times are combined and the class results make up a single race. Goto AY Race Report 2

Neptune unleashes its fury on the fleet...
Goto AY Race Report 1 & 2By AsianYachting MultiMedia

07:02:2016 Fishead Island, Indonesia: As the sailors faced thirty knots gusting to 35, with up to 2m swells and tumultuous rain squalls, the start was delayed and the program reorganised. Eventually the conditions had to be dealt with and the journey to Fishead Island went ahead. With respect to the weather conditions, the race committee decided that the course around Bintan would be scrapped in favour of the traditional route down the Riau Strait between Batam and Bintan for the IRC and Multihull Racing classes. The Multihull and Cruising Classes would make their way down to Pulau Loban and a start would be set up there. Goto AY Race Report 1 & 2

King Neptune awaits the fleet at the equator...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report06:02:2016 Nongsa Marina, Batam: Despite the Indonesian authorities taking over a year to draft and implement new CIQP procedures, the 6th Neptune Regatta enters a new era, without the Greenbook or CAIT Sailing Permits. This should boost cruising throughout the 18k island archipelago in years to come. The Neptune experience is unique as it takes crews to the equator for the expressed purpose of celebrating the crossing. In technical terms - The Slimy Pollywogs (Never crossed the equator by boat) are thoroughly denounced for their crimes by Davy Jones and after a suitable penance chosen by King Neptune, are accepted by the court as Trusty Shellback's. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummaryDouble victory for Ian Williams and GAC Pindar
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Puteri Harbour, Johor (Jan 30th): Taylor Canfield (ISV) US One and Ian Williams (GBR) GAC Pindar have dominated this edition of the Monsoon Cup, and by winning the semi finals, have clearly shown why they are world champions. For the organisers this is a dream pairing for the finals and the winner takes all - Monsoon Cup and crowned the 2015-16 World Match Racing Tour champion, in one swoop. This is an appropriate way to finish off the monohull era, as the tour moves onto M32 catamarans come March in Perth, Australia. Apart from staring each other off, over lunch, it was time to hit the water and replace the banter and side swipes, with walk the walk. They were both up for the challenge and everything was in place for an exciting showdown. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 5 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 4Weather plays havoc with Monsoon Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Puteri Harbour, Johor (Jan 29th): A short delay waiting for the wind, then at the slightest flutter of the flags, six teams ventured out to complete the remaining two flights of the qualifying Round Robin. After 22 flights, 66 races for 12 teams, 14 boat change over's and numerous course adjustments latter, four teams bow out of the competition and eight teams carry on into the sudden death quarter finals. With 3rd to 8th places, still open for the taking, all eyes were on the live coverage and see how the rankings would pan out. As the weather took a turn for the worse, also a tough day for Tour Director Craig Michell to step in and cancel the quarter finals in their tracks. The policy for many years has been for the top four teams, to advance into the Semi Finals. Goto AY Photo Gallery & AY Race Report 4

Monsoon Cup - It isn't over, till it's over...
Goto AY Race Report 3By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Puteri Harbour, Johor (Jan 28th): As the morning session was sunny and the North Easterly was already present, PRO Dave Tallis and his Malaysian race makers, moved along at a fair clip and were aiming to finish the qualifying Round Robin today and move onto the Quarter Finals tomorrow. They continually adjusted to numerous wind and tidal current changes, with only a few short pauses and half way through the afternoon session, the clouds opened up, dousing everyone in a tropical downpour. Despite returning to the race course to try and complete the last two flights, it wasn't to be and we have to wait till tomorrow for the final outcome. Goto AY Race Report 3

Monsoon Cup - What a difference a day makes
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2Puteri Harbour, Johor (Jan 27th): After yesterdays stormy conditions, limiting racing to three flights, today the sun is out, the sky is blue and an average 8 knot North Easterly, has allowed Dave Tallis and his Malaysian race team, to push on with 10 flights and catch up with the schedule. The teams responded with very aggressive starting action and intense racing tactics, to keep the umpires busy awarding several penalties, that had a direct influence on the results. Nearly every tactical maneuver was executed today, including both boats sailing backwards, around the committee boat, before engaging forward gear and catching the rival offside. The top three contenders for the WMRT title, came out swinging and after surviving several penalty calls and dodging numerous wind holes, Taylor Canfield, US One (ISV) came from behind on a few occasions, to take top spot on the leader board with an 8-0 score line. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1HazOne Racing team off to a flying start...
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Puteri Harbour, Johor (Jan 26th): Hazwan Dermawan, hazOne Racing Team (MAS) finally broke through and won a Monsoon Cup race against Keith Swinton, Black Swan Racing (AUS) and in doing so, broke a 10 year drought for a Malaysian team. Not since 2006 when Tiffany Koo's (MAS) Selangor Gapurna won a race on her birthday, has this been achieved. It's something that Khairy Jamaluddin, and the Youth and Sports Ministry have been striving for, with the Liga Layar Malaysia (LLM) program. Hazwan hopes to repeat the exercise, at least one more time and at this afternoon's press conference, jokingly picked Johnie Berntsson as their next target. His team achieved this, by a overtaking Swinton on the first downwind and survived a fouled spinnaker hoist on the next run, to hold on for victory. Much to the enjoyment of the local media, they become the toast of Johor tonight by his supporters. Goto AY Race Report 1

Monsoon Cup - Ready for the final showdown in Malaysia
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report Puteri Harbour, Johor (Jan 25th): Now in its eleventh year, the Monsoon Cup concludes the 2015/16 edition of the World Match Racing Tour, where over the years many champions have been crowned and considered the most formidable leg of the WMRT. Twelve teams will be battling for this prestigious event title, including five times world champion and defending champion Ian Williams, GAC Pindar (GBR), 2013 WMRT champion Taylor Canfield, US One (ISV) and Monsoon Cup 2013 Champion, Phil Robertson, WAKA Racing (NZL). It will be a final opportunity for the keelboat experts to make the most of their skills in Malaysia, before the transition to M32 multihull's begins next season on March 2nd-7th in Fremantle, Australia. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto January 2016 AYGP News Fujin takes the lead, in the AYGP rankings
By AY MultiMedia
January 22nd: Convincingly winning the IRC 1 class at the Royal Langkawi Int Regatta, (See AY Photo Gallery) has sent Mick Tilden's syndicated Beneteau 44.7 Fujin, hurtling up the 2015-16 AYGP Rankings and takes over the long standing lead, held by Steve Manning and Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza, by six points. Victory for Philip Turner’s Reichel-Pugh 66 Alive in the IRC Racing class, also elevates them into second place, three points behind Fujin. Second place for Ray Roberts TP52 Millenium Racing, slots them into third place, only 3 points of the pace in the rankings. All the leading Skippers have contested four regattas, of the six regattas held this season and as 12 points separate the top six contenders, the AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year title, is still open for the taking. Goto January 2016 AYGP News

RLIR - No wind puts an end to the regatta at the bar...
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Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary16:01:2016 Langkawi, Malaysia: I knew there was trouble as soon as the alarm clock rang and it was still dark. It may have been set to early, until I realised it was raining and heavily overcast. We couldn't work out why the weather forecast was so dismal yesterday, as it didn't mention heavily laden rain clouds and now we know why. Wisely PRO Simon James hoisted the postponement flag and kept the fleet ashore, while the race committee scouted around looking for wind. Two to three knots one minute, then changing direction and speed at the next radio call. The bar opened and quenched the crews thirst, as they waited and waited and waited... Eventually the call came at 1300 hrs that there will be no racing today and the previous days results will stand as the final result. An anticlimax for the classes, where only one point separated the winners and podium places, as they were waiting for at least one more chance to fight it out, but alas it was not meant to be... Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 5 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 4RLIR - Changes in the wind...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

15:01:2016 Langkawi, Malaysia: An almighty thunderstorm descended on Langkawi at sunset yesterday, heralding an end to the North Easterly trade wind, that sailors have enjoyed for the past three days. The start area this morning was like a mirror and crews huddled under boom awnings, to protect from direct sunrays. After two hours a light Easterly breeze appeared at the Northern end of Bass Harbour and the Police committee boat repositioned and hurriedly set a short W/L course, then went into sequence. Two races for the IRC classes and Sportsboats, one for the Multihull's and none for the three cruising classes. As the breeze struggled to reach 5 knots, boats that are optimised for light weather and crews that could adapt quickly, came to the fore and filled the podium places for a change. Goto AY Race Report 4

RLIR - Moving day on the high seas...
Goto AY Race Report 3By AsianYachting MultiMedia

14:01:2016 Langkawi, Malaysia: As we cross the half way mark of the regatta, if you haven't won a race by now, it isn't likely that you will be taking the class title home. Some very determined efforts were made and a few broke through to stop the domination that the leaders have built up. Racing was held in the open waters, to the East of Langkawi in 15 knots, with a choppy seaway did not disappoint and favoured some boats over the others. Two races for the IRC classes, Multihull and Sportsboats, while the cruisers enjoyed one race in a trapezoid configuration, which sorted the serious competitors from the rest. Everyone makes mistakes and several spinnaker hoists, turned in wine glasses and the drops flying out from the mast and even running over them in the water. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2RLIR - Regaining some composure and the beat goes on...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

13:01:2016 Langkawi, Malaysia: As the low tide in the morning, prevented the deep draft boats from using the Eastern entrance, it was decided to use Bass Harbour for the racing again. Despite the weather forecast, the North Easterly arrived on time and built up to 14 knots before fading away and by early afternoon, put an end to racing. Most classes had two races and the changing conditions saw a change in results, especially in the premier racing class. The pecking order seems to have been established in the other classes and the leaders are now identified and being targeted by the competitors. Goto AY Race Report 2

RLIR - And they're away on another exciting challenge...
Goto AY Race Report 1By AsianYachting MultiMedia

12:01:2016 Langkawi, Malaysia: The day started with blue sky and light wind but rapidly got better as the day wore on. Two races for all classes was the call and instead of having a doubtful third race in the dying conditions, PRO Simon James decided to send everyone back to the comfort of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. A degree of seriousness was detected at the skippers briefing which extended onto the water and as start time approached everyone was ready to rock and roll. Seasoned teams leapt to the front, while others suffering from the holiday excesses lagged behind. Goto AY Race Report 1

RLIR - Quality fleet ready to blast into sailing New Year...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report11:01:2016 Langkawi, Malaysia: Three maxi yachts Jelik, Alive and Trader will be taking on 3 x TP52's Ulumulu, Oi! and Millenium Racing in the IRC Racing Class this week. This lineup is every organisers dream at Asian regattas. There is also an even split in the other 7 classes and almost everyone is back to defend the titles. Since its inception, the underlying aim has always been to provide competitive and enjoyable racing for all crews, irrespective of the design or vintage of yacht. For the past two years, this regatta was the windiest regatta on the Asian circuit and sailors enjoyed, 25 to 30 knots, pressing them to the limit, within the 99 island archipelago. Earlier this month the North East Monsoon arrived with a vengeance for the ISAF Youth Worlds. Although the current forecast has moderated some what, we can still expect some tactical racing of the highest order, from this classy fleet and blast into the sailing new year in grand style. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Youth World Champs in Langkawi
Latest news, results, photos, video, race trackingIf dinghy racing is more to your liking - The opening rounds of the 45th Youth Sailing World Championships, were full on with big breeze and plenty of waves, greeting the sailors. A record number of 425 sailors from 76 nations started in 20 knots and everyone tried to get off to a flyer, for a tilt at the gold medal, reserved for the few who like stronger wind, that Langkawi had on offer. Check out the Entry Lists Here World Sailing will be releasing daily press releases after racing throughout the duration of the Youth Worlds. All the latest news, results, photos, video, race tracking and race reports are available Here Also on Facebook and YouTube

Goto 2015 Rolex Syd-Hobart RaceBalance claims Tattersall’s Cup in tough race...
31st December 0600hrs: After a long day and half wait, Paul Clitheroe’s TP52 Balance was declared the overall winner of the 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Clitheroe’s major rival for the Tattersall’s Cup, Quikpoint Azzurro glided over the finish line at 07.37.59 hours, couple of hours outside the time required to win and ended in third overall.
A belated birthday present for Clitheroe, who turned 60 in July, this is the first time he has won the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s 628 nautical mile race. Clitheroe’s other crew are: Nick Scott Perry, David Keddie, David Taylor, Jason Dock, Matthew Craig, Max de Montgolfier, Tom Brewer, Michael Slinn, Andrew Cribb and Clinton Evans, who becomes the first Norfolk Islander to win the race. Goto photos, video and latest news at http://rolexsydneyhobart.com

Goto 2015 Rolex Syd-Hobart RaceComing home to roost in Hobart
29th December 2200hrs: As the celebrations by the Comanche crew continued into the night, Rambler 88 and Ragamuffin 100 were released from their parking lot behind Tasman Island and match raced through the morning to the finish. A last minute tactical move, enabled 88 year-old Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin 100 to take second place and restore some faith in the Aussie big boats. As the breeze along the East coast freshened, Rupert Henry's Chinese Whisper and Matt Allen's Ichi Ban have been joined at the hip all race and took advantage, to become the first finishing boats to correct out in front of Comanche in the handicap stakes. Next to finish is Paul Clitheroe's Balance and the first of many TP 52's in the race. They will take the overall lead from the finished boats and still have to wait another day before the smaller boats, including last years winner Wild Rose, to finish before the overall winner is declared. Goto live tracking, photos, video and latest news at http://rolexsydneyhobart.com

Weather provides another strange twist of fate...
Goto 2015 Rolex Syd-Hobart Race28th December 2200hrs: All afternoon the predictions have been changing by the minute. Sailing in the remnants of the South Westerly flow, Comanche reached Storm Bay less than 40nm from the finish, doing 12.7 knots and was looking good for the daily double. Falling off the back of the system, into confused weather, in the lee of Tasmania, closest rival Rambler was only doing 2.7 knots with more than 70nm to go. Then another twist, Comanche slowed to walking pace in the tricky Derwent River, and gave back time to the trailing boats, that picked up favourable downwind conditions, on the East coast. After an anxious wait, Comanche crossed the finish line at 2158hrs for line honours, taking 2 days 8 hours 58 minutes 30 seconds, and the clock started ticking for the handicap honours. As the bulk of the small boats are caught up in a confused weather system, half way across Bass Straight, they can watch their handicap chances rapidly diminish. Unless like the 50 footers, they can break away from the pack in favourable conditions and come back into contention. Time will tell... Goto live tracking, photos, video and latest news at http://rolexsydneyhobart.com

Goto 2015 Rolex Syd-Hobart RaceNew dilemma for Sydney Hobart fleet...
28th December 1400hrs: In stark comparison to pounding upwind in 35-40 knots, the fleet are now contending with light variable winds, that changed overnight. A small light pressure system formed in Bass Strait and is now moving out to the North East of Tasmania, right into the path of the bulk of the fleet.
Clipper Garmin Skipper Ash Skett, described the fleet’s new dilemma: “We are now faced with winds that will continue to decrease, so the race from here is going to present all kinds of challenges, not least how the fleet manages the currents off the coast of Tasmania". The smallest yacht in the fleet Quikpoint Azzurro has raced into contention for the overall win, although that result will not be known for days. Today’s finish is a lesson in never giving up, as the damaged Comanche, Rambler 88 and Ragamuffin 100 are vying for line honours, that will be won or lost in the River Derwent tonight... Goto live tracking, photos, video and latest news at http://rolexsydneyhobart.com

Goto 2015 Rolex Syd-Hobart RaceSoutherly buster cripples Sydney Hobart fleet...
27th December 2300hrs: The southerly and its aftermath has taken its toll, producing 29 retirees, on some 27% of the fleet. Those that made it through the height of the incoming front, were not spared, as the pounding seaway caused hull damage and striking underwater objects at high speed, has inflicted damage on the front-runners Comanche and Rambler 88. They're limping towards Hobart and although the weather is abating overnight, it stays on the nose at every corner and if their temporary repairs hold, they are expected to finish late tomorrow. In the handicap stakes Frenchman Gery Trentesaux Valer / JPK 10.80 Courrier Leon, presently sit in the box seat and like to add the Tattersall’s Cup to the Rolex Fastnet trophy, they won earlier this year. Goto live tracking, photos, video and latest news at http://rolexsydneyhobart.com

Boat breaking Sydney Hobart Race claims its toll...
Goto 2015 Rolex Syd-Hobart Race 27th December 1200hrs: The southerly buster hit the 109 strong fleet before midnight and crews faced 25-30 knots, gusting to 40, against a south flowing current, on a pitch black night. 20 plus retirements ranging from broken mast, rudder, sails, hull, bones and reputations, have crept safely back to Sydney. If the downwind sleigh ride didn't put enough pressure on the crew, when the Southerly arrived it became a severe test of battening down and surviving the onslaught. The shock retirement of Wild Oats and Perpetual Loyal has left the race in the hands of American challengers, Comanche recovering from rudder damage and retaking the overnight lead from Rambler. Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin 100 and the Italian Volvo 70 Maserati are hanging onto the leaders and the battle for handicap rages in their wake. Goto live tracking, photos, video and latest news at http://rolexsydneyhobart.com

Keep an eye on the Sydney Hobart Race...
Sat 26th
Goto RHYR website 1800hrs: 108 yachts from 28 nations started the 71st edition of the 628nm Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, on Saturday, 26 December in Sydney Harbour. One of the epic bluewater races in the world, is a true test of skill, stamina and seamanship, will put all crews to the ultimate test. Already several retirements have been recorded. After the action packed start, cross tacking in the harbour, they sped off down the coast, on a spinnaker sleigh ride. But tonight will hit the brick wall Southerly and will have to survive 40+knots on the nose, in slamming seaway to get through to the other side. Goto live tracking throughout the race at the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2015 website. Also on Twitter and Facebook Enjoy!

Seasons Greetings from AsianYachting
From AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto Seasons Greetings, Sydney Hobart Preview, World Youth Champs & FREE Photo Giveaway22 Dec 2015: This year we have double birthday celebrations, Christians with the birth of Jesus at Christmas and Muslims the birth of beloved Prophet Muhammed, on this holy month of Rabi'-UI-Awwal. Together with fellow worshipers of Santa Claus, we send out Season Greetings to all and hope everyone can come together to produce a peaceful New Year in 2016. We also take this opportunity to thank all our faithful subscribers, regatta organisers, friendly media and advertising sponsors for coming aboard with us, and continue working together for years to come! Also safe boating, where ever your travels may take you, over the holiday season. Goto Seasons Greetings, Sydney Hobart Race Preview, World Youth Champs & FREE Photo Giveaway Here...

Goto December AYGP SummaryClosing in on the AYGP rankings
By AY MultiMedia
December 18th: As the Phuket King's Cup, was the third AYGP event on the Western Circuit this season, it was an excellent opportunity for skippers and yachts based in SE Asia, to add valuable points and improve on their rankings. After contesting four events this season, Steve Manning and Anthony Root's new Ker 42 Black Baza, still lead the way, in the 2015-16 AYGP Rankings, but other skippers have scored more points and competed at less regattas, to come within striking distance of the leaders. As the season unfolds and more regattas are completed, we can expect a change in the lead and more skippers to come into contention for the elusive AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year title. Goto December AYGP News Summary

Everyone is a winner at Phuket King's Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary12th December 2015: It was all aboard and head out to the start line, for the final rounds of this years regatta. Luckily the weather prediction was wrong and a light North Easterly covered both courses and built up to 12 knots, for racing to start on time and the full schedule of races completed. Several classes had run away winners, but all eyes were on the IRC Racing classes for the final show down to decide the podium places. Some skippers were a bit nervous at the start line, but when the horn sounded, they quickly forgot about it and became serious about tactics and concentrated on the wind instruments. Two races were held in most classes, until the race officers called it a day and returned to Kata Beach, to prepare for the Royal Awards Ceremony and celebrate a great week of sailing. Goto action packed images posted in the AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 5 & Summary

King's Cup - Light wind determines the end game
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
11th December 2015: Refreshed after the lay day, crews were keen to get back on the water with renewed vigor and finish the regatta in grand style. Unfortunately the predicted light wind, has turned into reality. The race officers searched for patches of wind and after an hour and half delay, the IRC Racers on the Southern course were away in six knots. While to the North, the Cruisers had to wait a lot longer, for the light sea breeze to arrive. Some were to anxious to get going, and a general recall for the Firefly catamarans, three of the four Premier Cruisers over the line and individual recalls in the Multihull Racing and Firefly restart, changed the race outcome and possibly their chances at overall victory. The light weather, also gave cruisers, that perform better in drifting conditions, an opportunity to improve their standings, going into the final day. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 4

King's Cup - Classic conditions return for Andaman Sea Race
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 39th December 2015: While heavy rain last night caused some flooding in Phuket, it reinvigorated the North Easterly flow and produced classic conditions, that the King's Cup is famous for, on the 34nm Andaman Sea Race. It also bought photographers out in numbers, trying to capture the best shot of boats leaping over waves and engulfed in sea spray. Being the third day of racing and midway through the regatta, it is also moving day in the standings, before taking a well earned break on the lay day tomorrow. Fully powered up, the big boats quickly disappeared over the horizon and revel on the two sail reaching legs, plus frighteningly fast on the downwind spinnaker run through the islands. This is why the sailors come here and will remain embedded in their memory for years to come. Goto AY Race Report 3

King's Cup - Wind moderates but the 'Show must go on'...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2 8th December 2015: In stark contrast to yesterdays windy conditions, overnight it moderated to light and variable but the sunshine and blue sky, remains ominously present. Despite this the race officers set a variety of windward/leeward, trapezoid and short passage races off the west coast, keeping the yachts in close vicinity, in case it peters out altogether. Only one race for some cruising classes, while others played the waiting game and completed two races in shifty conditions. As there was more wind on the IRC racing courses they persisted and completed three races to keep the schedule on track. Not the ideal environment to settle the score at an important event like the King's Cup but as they say in the classics 'The show must go on'. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Perfect day to celebrate King's birthday & fire opening rounds
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
7th December 2015: The day started with an early morning sail pass, between the Royal Thai Navy vessels HTMS Klaeng and PGM 991, to honour HM Bhumibol Adulyadej 88th birthday. Crews lined up on their yachts chanting three cheers, doffing their caps and even singing Happy Birthday. A parade of sail is an appropriate way for International sailors to pay homage to Thailand's royal sailing family, for supporting yachting events all these years. Then it was onto the serious business of racing. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportClash of the titans at Phuket King's Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
6th December 2015: Its that time of the year when International crews hone in on Phuket, to contest Asia's premier regatta and expect a week of fast and furious sailing action, in the Andaman Sea. Judging by the activity on Kata Beach this morning, they are full of anticipation and wild speculation on how the racing will unfold. One of the highlights, will be the sail pass to celebrate King Bhumibol Adulyadej 88th birthday, held on Monday 7th, the first day of racing at Cape Prom Thep and show our appreciation to the world's longest reigning monarch, for his never ending support of sailing. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto December AYGP News...Dec AYGP News - Sharpe movements in the AYGP rankings
By AY MultiMedia
December 3rd: Although Steve Manning and Anthony Root's new Ker 42 Black Baza, low scored at the Raja Muda Regatta, after their big win on the Hong Kong Vietnam Race and contesting three events this season, they still lead the way, in the 2015-16 AYGP pointscore. A worthy second place for Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth's Sydney GTS 43 EFG Mandrake, moves them up a notch to second overall in the rankings. By winning five IRC 3 races at the Raja Muda, Gordon Ketelbey's syndicated Beneteau 44.7 Fujin, jumps up into third pace, despite only competing on two events. Goto December AYGP News...

RMSIR - New name on Raja Muda Cup - Sarab Singh Windsikher II
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 628th Nov 2015: Overnight the North Easterly realigned itself along the harbour, with 12 to 14 knots and blue sky, to bring a picture perfect conclusion to the regatta. One passage race for the Multihull and Cruising classes and two windward/leeward races for the IRC racers, for the final showdown. Several classes already had an outright winner, while others the possibility of toppling the leader and settling the podium places existed. Despite a solid week of racing and crews feeling the stress and strain, they were all back out on the water and ready to race. As the high noon starting horn sounded, it was on in earnest and the best day of racing on picturesque Bass Harbour was left to last. Goto AY Race Report 6 and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 5RMSIR - Langkawi turns on the breeze to consolidate standings
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
27th Nov 2015: Despite an early morning finish for some classes and the rescue of the dismasted Royal Malaysian Navy Contesa 32 Marikh skippered by Masyuri Rahamat, everyone who could, were back out on the race course, for some inshore racing. First off were the cruisers on a harbour course, then the IRC classes on two windward/leeward courses in Bass Harbour. As we enter the final stage of the regatta, its time to consolidate the score and improve the standings. The North Easterly has turned into an Easterly, making it difficult to set the racing course across the harbour. With some shuffling of the start line, everyone was catered for and racing completed in time. The International Jury have been busy with a few protests and numerous request for redress, for going to the assistance of the dismasted Marikh. All will be resolved and the results adjusted to suit. Goto AY Race Report 5 and the AY Photo Gallery for some images of the action so far.

RMSIR - Classic conditions return for Pinang to Langkawi Race
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 427th Nov 2015: When Aussie Maid did her first RMSIR in 1991, the members of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club warned the crew that the Pinang to Langkawi leg would be very windy, if the North East Monsoon arrived. They were right and the Maid went on to set a new benchmark time, to the Pelangi Beach Resort finish line, that was never bettered. The day started with PRO Jerry Rollin, signaling 'Follow Me' out of Pinang Harbour, till he found some steady wind speed and direction. By the entrance marker, the sea breeze had arrived and the race team swung into action, 40 minutes after the scheduled start time. As we reach the mid way stage of racing, it is make or break time for all the teams. Many were keen to get going and the first starting recalls of the regatta were recorded. Goto AY Race Report 4 and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 3RMSIR - Spice of life on Pinang Harbour race
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
25th Nov 2015: Heavy rain in the morning, made way for an unusual South Easterly breeze to start with. Racing was slightly delayed and as the afternoon wore on, the threatening dark clouds cleared away but at the same time, the breeze faded to a whisper. The racing classes struggled to finish the first race and as there was no improvement in conditions, PRO Jerry Rollin called it a day and sent them back to the marina. A man overboard accident on Philip Turner’s Alive caused a Philippine crew member to be evacuated to shore for medical treatment. The cruising classes were sent on a harbour race and despite shortening the course, it lasted late into the afternoon, for those determined to finish. Three Multihull's are back, joining from Pinang onwards. Goto AY Race Report 3

RMSIR - Luck of the draw on Leg 2 to Pinang
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 224th Nov 2015: Five knots of wind and three knots of adverse current in the starting area, so PRO Jerry Rollin sent the Royal Malaysian Police rib, to check the conditions around the corner of Pangkor Laut and ended up moving back to the old start line, in the passage between the two islands. As the smaller boats were slowed by the current, the start order was changed to IRC 1 and Premier Cruising, before reverting back to the reverse order. Then it started again, judging time and distance to the downwind starting line, as crews struggled with spinnaker hoists and boat speed in the adverse current. Most boats were well back from the line, when the starting horn sounded, except for Ray Roberts TP52 Millenium Racing and Troy Yaw's all Malaysian crew on TP52 Ulumulu nailing it at the committee boat end and Ulumulu charging through, fully powered up to take the lead. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 Favourable conditions propel yachts along the coast
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
22nd Nov 2015: Despite heavy rain all night, blue sky and a building Westerly breeze greeted the sailors and sent them merrily on their way. At the RSYC welcome party, Selangor State Exco Elizabeth Wong, Commodore Tan It Beng and Regatta Chairman Jeff Harris rang the starting bell for the 26th edition, which marked the beginning of festivities. PRO Jerry Rollin signaled clear start as the race committee worked their way through the starting sequence in reverse order. All eyes were on the IRC Racing class as they jockeyed for position on the line. Steve Manning's Ker 42 Black Baza, nailed it at the committee boat end, just in front of the Royal Malaysian Navy DK 47 Uranus skippered by Norhafisam Ahmad and it was on for young and old. Goto AY Race Report 1

Competitive lineup for 26th Raja Muda Regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report20th Nov 2015: A competitive fleet of thirty one yachts, spread evenly across seven classes are preparing to take on the challenging, island hopping event, along the West Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Organised by the Royal Selangor Yacht Club in Port Klang, the challenge consists of three overnight passage races, 260 miles in total, plus 3 days of harbour racing in Penang and Langkawi. Making it a total of eight days of racing and six prize giving social events, along the way. Anything from top class IRC racers to classic 100 year old cruisers, all of whom will have to cope with unpredictable weather, strong tidal currents and be prepared to constantly change their tactics to suite. After celebrating the silver anniversary last year, the regatta has stood the test of time and will always remain strong in the memories of all those who have competed on this unique and challenging event. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto November AYGP NewsTop ranked AYGP skippers racing on Raja Muda Regatta
By AY MultiMedia
November 12th: Scattered across the IRC Racing, Premier Cruising and Multihull classes on the Raja Muda Selangor Int Regatta (RMSIR), are six of the ten top ranked skippers and yachts, in the 2015-16 AYGP pointscore. Topping the list is Steve Manning and Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza, that have carefully planned their campaign, around competing on their favourite events and aiming to secure the elusive AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year title, this season. They will have to bring their best game, as they're taking on Aussie's Ray Roberts TP52 Millenium Racing and Philip Turner’s much bigger Reichel-Pugh 66 Alive, that excels in light variable conditions, expected during the regatta. Goto November AYGP News


Goto AY Race Report 4Wanhang Longcheer match races to victory over Emirates Team New Zealand
By AY MultiMedia - CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
Monday 2 November 2015, Shenzhen, China:
Wanhang Longcheer kept a close eye on Emirates Team New Zealand to secure victory in the Beneteau 40.7 fleet at the China Cup International Regatta. Aussie skipper of Longcheer Steve McConaghy was understandably delighted to have won in the 25-boat fleet, arguably the toughest competition among all nine divisions at China’s premier yachting regatta. Goto AY Photo Gallery and
AY Race Report 4

Started the day with a Sailing Forum
By AY MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 3Sunday 1st November, Shenzhen, China: While the third day of racing went on in earnest on Daya Bay, the 7th Asia-Pacific Sailing Culture Development (Dapeng) Forum titled: China Embraces The Worlds Sailing was held in the Sheraton Hotel Dameisha ballroom. A good mix of Chinese and International guest speakers included Zhang Heyun - Director of Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Wang Jingdong - Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shenzhen Dapeng New District. Winthrop Scott Perry - ISAF Vice President and John Doerr - Chief Umpire/IJ for America's Cup presented sailing as 'The Most Challenging Sport' and a 'Sport For Life' respectively. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Kelly's young heroes take first blood in FarEast 28 fleet
By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
Saturday 31 October, Shenzhen, China: A young Kiwi team led by 17-year-old Matt Kelly enjoyed a dominant first day’s inshore competition at the China Cup International Regatta. The Youth Training Programme team, sent to Shenzhen by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, notched up two bullets and a second place in the 20-boat fleet. “We’re pleasantly surprised,” said Kelly. “We haven’t raced in these boats before against these competitors, but the FarEast 28 is similar to what we race back home in New Zealand. It’s good competition out there, it’s fun getting to grips with the boat and learning what makes it tick.” Goto
AY Race Report 2

Emirates Team New Zealand wins shifty Passage Race
By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence

Goto AY Race Report 1Friday 30 October 2015, Shenzhen, China: Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) confirmed its status as one of the favourites for victory at the 9th edition of the China Cup International Regatta after winning the opening day of this four-day event, the 30-mile Hong Kong to Shenzhen Passage Race. After a shaky start, world top-ten ranked match racer Chris Steele managed to steer the Kiwis through to the front of the 25-boat one-design Beneteau 40.7 fleet after making the most of a big wind shift to the right, sailing around the early leaders. Coincidentally, the next two finishers in the Beneteau 40.7 were also being helmed by two other highly accomplished match racers from New Zealand, respectively in 2nd and 3rd, Adam Minoprio and Phil Robertson. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report9th China Cup reaching for the sky
By AY MultiMedia - CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
28th October: In only nine years, the CCR has transformed itself into the largest China-initiated sailing regatta, attracting a large international cast of racing teams, has garnered organisers significant global sailing influence in the process. The entry list, has over 100 yachts from 30 different countries and all the continents. Racing Teams from most the East and South East Asian nations including Japan are joined by teams from Canada, Sweden, France, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Russia and even as far away as Uruguay. The popular Beneteau range of yachts has attracted several dealer teams and owners from all over the world, to come together for some one-design racing in an exotic location. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Black Baza takes commanding lead in 2015-16 AYGP
By AY MultiMedia
Goto October AYGP News Summary...October 22nd: A resounding overall victory on the Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam Race from the IRC Racer 1 Class, plus second place at the China Coast Regatta, elevates Steve Manning and Anthony Root's, recently launched Ker 42 Black Baza, to the top of the AsianYachting Grand Prix with a 10 point lead over 2nd place. This is a remarkable effort for the yacht and talented crew, straight out of the box, against some very stiff competition. Anthony Root is no stranger to the AYGP, during the 13-14 AYGP, his Red Kite II was fighting it out at the season ending Samui Regatta, with Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady 6 for the title and narrowly missed out on the last race by half a point. Anthony vowed then, to return with a special IRC optimized yacht and teamed up with Steve Manning, to build the custom Jason Ker designed 42ft Black Baza, at McConaghy's yard in China and have launched a full on racing campaign, with an aim to secure the elusive AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year title, this season. Goto October AYGP News Summary...

Goto daily AY & RHKYC Press Releases...Black Baza claims handicap honours on first offshore race
By AY MultiMedia & RHKYC Media

19th O
ctober 0800hrs: Although Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin 100 roared down the course and broke their own race record, when the spray has settled, it is Steve Manning and Anthony Root's new Ker 42 Black Baza, that has came out on top in the handicap stakes. winning both the Overall IRC and IRC Racer 1 Class. Having been launched only a couple of weeks ago, the highly optimised racer has won its first offshore race and lived up to all the earlier hype during construction. The owners are extremely proud of the achievement of both the boat and talented crew. On their first outing in Asian waters, Aussie Philip Turner’s Reichel-Pugh 66 Alive skippered by Duncan Hine, slotted into 2nd overall and won IRC Racer 0 on the downwind sleigh ride, in the 20-25 knot North Easterly. Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire clocks into 3rd overall, only ten minutes behind Alive after 57 hours of racing. Goto daily AY & RHKYC Press Releases...

Alive finishes 2nd, good prospect for IRC Overall
Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases... By RHKYC Media
17th October 0800hrs: RP66 Alive finished at 15:16:21, recording an elapsed time of 49:56:21, in second place on the water and in a commanding position in the IRC overall stakes, although still open to a challenge from FreeFire or Black Baza if today’s healthy breeze continues to blow.
The conditions saved the best until last, with owner Philip Turner saying “today’s racing was probably the most exciting ... getting 20 to 25kts, meaning a lot of sail changes – busy-busy!” The 673nm Category 1 race has a reputation for being tough on boats as well as crew so it was no surprise when Turner added “we had a couple of dramas, a big broach and we did some damage to the spinnakers ..” Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases...

Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases... Line honours & race record for Ragamuffin 100
By RHKYC Media

17th October 0800hrs: Nip & tuck right till the end and congratulations goes to Syd Fischer's team Ragamuffin 100 for breaking their own record! New provisional record is 42h 17m 24s, having finished at 07:37:24 HKT and bettering the previous record by 23 minutes and 56 seconds. A hearty Vietnamese welcome party greeted the sailors as they completed CIQ procedures and ready to celebrate. Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases...


Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases... Ragamuffin 100 within striking distance of race record
By RHKYC Media

After an exciting windward beat out of Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour, the boats have settled down to a thrilling fast ride south towards Vietnam. The favoured line honours boat, Syd Fisher’s Ragamuffin 100 is leading the 12 boat fleet in the 673nm race to Nha Trang on the eastern coast of Vietnam. Alive, the 66ft Reichel Pugh is now 70nm behind Ragamuffin after a neck to neck battle in the harbour making most people wonder if it was going to be like that all the way to Vietnam. Winds are currently 20 to 25kts as predicted and all the yachts are planing along between 9 and 18kts boatspeed. Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases...

Fleet set sail to Vietnam, as Northerly arrives on time
By RHKYC Media

Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases15th Oct 1800hrs: At 1320hrs today, after weeks of intense preparation and safety scrutineering, 12 boats crossed the start line for the seventh edition of this 673nm Category 1 offshore race from Hong Kong to Nha Trang, Vietnam, which started in 1996. Alive made an almost perfect start and, along with Syd Fischer’s Team Ragamuffin, was first through the gap. At 1700hrs HKT, Rags was averaging nearly 15kts VMG and had built up the expected lead on the water, 6nm ahead of RP66 Alive and 10nm ahead of TP52 FreeFire. The battle for IRC Overall is a lot more difficult to call, with Alive currently showing at the top of the list, but with Black Baza, FreeFire and Ambush very much on her transom. Goto daily RHKYC Press Releases

Goto October AYGP News...Ray Roberts leads 2015-16 AYGP rankings
By AY MultiMedia
October 14th: After competing on a selected few events over the last few years, Ray Roberts TP52 Millenium Racing lifted his third consecutive China Coast Regatta trophy, with a picket fence of five wins and shares the top rung of the AsianYachting Grand Prix pointscore with Alan Carwadine's Stealth 11.8 Asia Catamarans Hurricane. What a great start to their 2015-16 racing campaign, in front of a multi talented six yacht lineup in the IRC Racer 0 Division. Marcel Liedts brand new Ker 46 Zannekin also started strong in the IRC Racer 1 Division, posting three wins before being overhauled by Steve Manning / Anthony Root's straight out of the box, Ker 43 Black Baza and Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth's Sydney GTS 43 EFG Mandrake sharing the wins on the last two races. Goto October AYGP News...

Audi China Coast Regatta - Day 3
By RHKYC Media
Goto RHKYC daily press releasesAfter an islands course in a 20-25k Northerly, taking in Waglan, Sung Kong, Steep, Ninepins and Basalt, Ray Roberts on Millenium Racing lifted his third consecutive China Coast Regatta trophy with a picket fence of five wins and goes dirctly to the top of the AsianYachting Grand Prix pointscore, plus a great start to their 2015-16 racing campaign. Sam Chan’s Freefire and Frank Pong's Jelik ended 2nd & 3rd respectively. In Racer 1, Marcel Liedts’ Zannekin held off Steve Manning and Anthony Roots brand new Black Baza while in Racer 2, William Liu’s Seawolf pipped Lowell Chang’s Dexter II by two points and Rob Berkley and Gaston Chan’s Calamansi claimed Racer 3 ahead of Lady Butterfly, helmed by J.C. Broyelle. Goto RHKYC daily press releases Here...

Goto RHKYC daily press releasesAudi China Coast Regatta - Day 2
By RHKYC Media
Ray Roberts’ Millennium Racing took their 4th win to go into the final day of the regatta, leading the IRC Racer 0 class with four bullets, ahead of Sam Chan’s FreeFire and Frank Pong's Jelik holding onto 3rd overall. While in IRC Racer 1, Marcel Liedts Ker 46 Zannekin dropped its guard and let Steve Manning / Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza through to claim the win on the last race and reclaim 2nd overall. In IRC Racer 2, A40RC Seawolf is leading A35, Dexter II. Beneteau First 34.7 Calamansi is sitting pretty in IRC Racer 3, while Kiasu, Darling and DEA II are separated by only two points in HKPN Division Goto RHKYC daily press releases Here...

Audi China Coast Regatta - Day 1 - UK Sailmakers Day
Goto RHKYC Media roundupBy AY
MultiMedia & RHKYC Media

9th October 2015: Ray Roberts Millennium Racing makes it 2 wins in a row as does Marcel Liedts Zannekin. Frank Pong's Jelik and Sam Chan's FreeFire traded 2nd & 3rd places to be tied on 5 points. Steve Manning / Anthony Root's newly launched Black Baza stepped up a notch into 2nd place in IRC 1 as the Nick Burns / Fred Kinmonth's EFG Mandrake dipped to 3rd in front of a hungry chasing pack. Goto RHKYC Media roundup, results & photos Here...

2015-16 AYGP - Old rivals & new stars step up to the mark...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto September AYGP NewsSeptember 9th: Although Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek opened the 2015-16 AYGP Season in July, we have to wait over 2 months for the China Coast Regatta (October 9 - 11) and the Hong Kong to Vietnam Race starting on October 15th, to get the regatta season truly underway. This gives boat owners time to relocate their yacht, complete the new build or optimise the old rating and familiarise the crew before the serious side of the campaign gets started. Syd Fischer rushed his maxi Ragamuffin 100 across the Pacific Ocean after tackling the Transpac Race, and Wilson Lee's all Chinese TP52 team on Ark323, representing the Noah Sailing Club in Shanghai are lining up for these events before delivering to Australia for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, in December. For an insight into the new and ole competitor lineup goto September AYGP News...

Western Circuit - Leaders extend advantage to claim the title...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary
August 22nd: Morning dawned with a threatening dark sky and very little wind, which turned into an increasing South South Westerly by start time and enabled the two race committees, to complete three and four races for the remaining classes and cap the regatta off with complete success. It also made for longer courses diagonally across the Johor Strait and the bigger boats able to stretch their legs and pack the spinnaker on the windward beat before rehoisting. The strong incoming current, made mark rounding difficult to judge and several SB20's got caught up on the top mark and saw their chances disappear down the gurgle. The push was on for improving individual standings and as only seconds separated the top competitors on corrected time, most the leaders have extended their advantage and gone on to claim the class title. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Western Circuit - Podium Places still open for the taking...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3August 20th: Last weekend the SMU Presidents Cup and SMU SB20 International Cup (Goto AY Photo Gallery) were held as an individual race and series within a series. This weekend the IRC, PY, SB20, J24 and Multihull classes, continue with another round of races on Saturday, to finish the regatta. While some of the classes have a clear leader, others have a chance of toppling the leader and depending on the number of races held, are likely to reshuffle the podium places. With Typhoon GONI (INENG) presently traversing the East China Sea, the South West flow could increase in Singapore and produce an exciting final day of racing at Raffles Marina. Goto AY Race Report 3

Western Circuit - Small boats clinch the SMU Presidents Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2August 16th: Right on cue, at the start of the combined IRC 1 & 2 classes, a rain shower descended across the course, as they set sail on the 20nm SMU Presidents Cup. Until then, the breeze was blowing across the course making it a two sail reaching start but veered around and faded into a beat, all the way to the outer most mark. The spinnaker run back through the anchored ships was shortened for fear of the back markers running out of time. All this worked in favour of the small boats and after nailing the start line in front of the favoured big boats, Clement Lim's Platu 25 SMUmad emerged as the overall winner from the IRC 2 class. The SMU SB20 International Cup was awarded to Anthony Kiong's SSF 8 and the Access 2.3's for disabled sailors plus the Inter-Tertiary Windsurfing Championships came to a conclusion today. Goto AY Race Report 2 and AY Photo Gallery

Western Circuit - On your marks, get set, ready, go...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1August 15th: Uncharacteristically a light puffy South Easterly breeze greeted the sailors on Day 1, which forced the race committees to set short windward/ leeward courses across the Johor Strait for the three IRC Classes, SB20's and J24's. The Windsurfers and Access 2.3's also had to contend with gusty conditions, as it filtered between the industrial buildings along the Jurong shoreline. Undeterred the four separate race committees continued on and as the breeze picked up during the afternoon, moved the courses to suit the wind direction and completed four races, much to the enjoyment of the highly competitive sailors, in the 100 boat fleet. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportWestern Circuit comes alive this weekend
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 13th: In conjunction with Singapore's 50th year of independence and Singapore Management University (SMU) 15th anniversary, sailors will be celebrating at the 18th SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta, starting this weekend. Over the next two weekends (Aug 15, 16 & 22) Raffles Marina comes alive with a formidable line-up of keelboats, multihull's, SB20's, Access 2.3's for disabled sailors, a variety of Windsurfers, right down to the IOM remote-controlled boats. This event has turned into Singapore's premier sailing event, full of youthful enthusiasm from the SMU students and combined with excellent facilities at Raffles Marina, has built a reputation for lively fleet racing and fun filled post race parties. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Normal service resumed to finish Raceweek on high note...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryJuly 19th: Overnight the SW trade wind returned and much to everyone's delight, the last day of racing started on time and two races were held to complete the series. What looked very bleak at the start of the regatta, turn the fan up a notch or two and all is forgotten. Warming up to the occasion, the two TP52's have staged a close battle and Ben Copely is pleased with the Kodo crew, after winning the last race from Peter Ahern's syndicated Oi! by thirty seconds, on their first outing in anger. Some leaders in other classes have extended their lead, while others have juggled the places and fought over the podium places. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 3CPHPRW - Wind glorious wind, resuscitates the regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 18th: After two days sitting in the hot sun waiting for wind, the race committee had enough sense to hoist the postponement flag ashore and keep the sailors waiting in the shade of the beach bar, until there was enough wind to race. Never seen the beach chairs and Cape Panwa Hotel's all-new Bamboo Bar so busy. Two hours went by before news came in, that there was a steady 5 knots from the SW and a delighted regatta organiser, Byron Jones blew the whistle and lowered the postponement flag. PRO Simon James waited patiently at the start line and went into sequence as soon as the yachts arrived and much to everyone's satisfaction, fired off two races in succession and not only saved the day, but the entire regatta. Goto AY Race Report 3

CPHPRW - Weather going from bad to worse...
Goto AY Race Report 2By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 17th: Unfortunately for the skippers, crew and regatta organisers, the wind did not turn up and left the yachts waiting around for four hours, before the decision to abandon racing for the day, except for the two TP52's in IRC Racing 1. PRO Simon James kept everyone informed of his intentions by radio throughout the day and continually sent the mark laying boats to check the wind and current at other locations. The final straw was to test, the clear water mark into Phuket Harbour, on the way back to the Cape Panwa Hotel mooring area. Four knots of wind and 1 1/2 knots of current and after consultation with the class representatives, everyone except the two TP52's were happy enough to call it a day and try again tomorrow. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Change of pace at CPHP Raceweek
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 16th: Although last nights Windguru weather report still had a glimmer of hope, the early morning rain put an end to the blustery conditions that have blasted Phuket for the last three weeks. Heavily overcast, no wind and a lumpy one meter swell, left over from yesterday, greeted the sailors on the race course. PRO Simon James delayed the start for an hour and a half, until a five knot breeze filled in from the South East and steadied in direction and speed, before going into the starting sequence. As the breeze faded towards the end of the first race and did not look like it was going to return, he had no other option than to call an end to proceedings and hope for something better tomorrow. It has been a slow start but one race is better than no race and gives the crews something to talk about at the evening party. Goto AY Race Report 1

CPHP Raceweek starts the 2015-16 AYGP Season
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportJuly 15th: Its been blowing the birds out of the trees, for the last couple of weeks in Phuket but all good things must come to an end. The Windguru forecast for the next few days is subsiding and easing the sailors into racing mode for the first two days, then the South Westerly returns with a vengeance on Saturday and Sunday. Two TP 52's are going head to head in the IRC Racing 1 class and eight evenly matched yachts make up the IRC Racing II class. This regatta is renown for the grand waterside parties and fantastic Cape Panwa Hotel hospitality, plus competitive and enjoyable racing for all crews, irrespective of the design or vintage of the yacht. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Multihull Solutions Regatta - Victory for Hurricane, Twin Sharks & Star Fruit
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3 & SummaryJuly 12th: The Easterly breeze moderated to the low teens and everyone that could, ventured out for the final showdown. All eyes were on the battle between Alan Carwardine's Stealth 11.8m Asia Catamarans Hurricane and Mick Coleman's sister ship Java, for the Racing Multi's (OMR) title. With four wins on the board, John Newnham's Twin Sharks skippered by Brent Gribble had all but wrapped up the Firefly 850 Sports title and eager to get on with the job. A couple Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran's continued with there exhibition event and Tatiana Bogatyzova's Lagoon 380 Star Fruit continued to rotate as the sole entrant in the Open Multihull Class. Goto AY Race Report 3 & Summary & AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 2Multihull Regatta - Blustery wind is taking its toll
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 11th: Consistent 18 to 20 knot Westerly breeze greeted the sailors on Day 2, causing some equipment failure before the off. Broken halyards on two Firefly cats, steering linkage failure and a snapped dagger board forced two Stealth catamarans to retire from the second race. Despite all this, it was warm and sunny until the inevitable storm passed over during the latter stage of proceedings. It is believed the uncharacteristic breeze is being sucked across the peninsula by Typhoon CHAN-HOM (FALCON) that is due to make landfall over China today. The resilient crews have remained undeterred and instigated running repairs to get them through the day and stay in the running for the title. Goto AY Race Report 2

Multihull Regatta - One minute dark & stormy, next minute sunny & fine
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1 July 10th: The strong wind warning has dropped to a consistent 12 - 14 knots, with rain storms randomly sweeping across the course and gusts increasing to the high teens. Crews proceeded with caution, reefing the mainsails and as they got used to the conditions, shaking out the reef and powering around the course. Overnight Hans Rahmann's Firefly 850 Voodoo, parted company with the mooring and ended up high and dry, on the other side of Chalong Bay, to become the first casualty of the regatta. Two of the new Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran's suffered structural damage, leaving only one to circulate and reducing the fleet to twelve yachts. This did not diminish the serious contenders from pushing the pedal to the metal and extracting the best performance from both the crew and boats, which shows on the Result Sheets. Goto AY Race Report 1

Multihull's brace themselves for a windy regatta...
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 10th: Serious excitement reigns, in the lead up to the Multihull Solutions Regatta, as a strong wind warning was issued last Sunday and the Easterly flow is expected to continue over the weekend. This regatta is a natural fit for Phuket, as many foreign boat designers and composite experts, have moved to Phuket and neighbouring SE Asian countries. As the industry growth has been phenomenal, Multihull Solutions have opened dedicated brokerages in Asia and sold some sleek racing machines, that have raised the profile of the event. Last year the regatta also experienced strong wind, that caused some mayhem and produced exceptionally close racing, encouraging all class winners to line up again this year. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Frenz Emperor News - Keep the cement mixers going...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto June 2015 - Frenz Emperor News18 June 2015: On the annual flying visit to Pulau Tioman and checking out the progress, Abdul Ghafar (Afai's) family, have made building the Frenz Emperor Resort & Spa. When we left in July last year, form work had begun on a 2-story pier head building and shore side, huge foundations for a 2-story octagon restaurant with private suites on the top floor, were underway. Nine luxurious chalets, each with its own panoramic sea view, were undergoing a make over, with swimming pool and spas being added, were nearing completion. This year, the intricate concrete stairways and walkways, linking all the chalets with the beach, have been tiled with slate and three new chalets are in the building process, making the line-up, 12 hand crafted chalets in total by opening day. Goto June 2015 - Frenz Emperor News and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBesar Regatta - And the winners are Shardana & Cicak
By AY MultiMedia
June 25th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: Despite a heavy overnight downpour, the South West'ly returned stronger than ever. The decision to reverse yesterdays course, meant a tricky downwind start was required. It was also a great opportunity to photograph the yachts with spinnakers flying, in front of the Aseania Beach Resort. Everyone made quick work of the downwind leg to Pulau Hujun and the two sail reach across to Pulau Rawa. Then harden up the sheets and slog into a rolling one meter swell, all the way back to the Southern tip of Besar and a short spinnaker run to the Besar jetty finish line. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary & AY Photo Gallery

Blue water, tropical islands & wind, what more is needed?
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3. June 24th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: Being blessed with all of the above, plus friendly service by the host Aseania Beach Resort, makes a regatta memorable to sailors, their family and friends. Despite the low entries, everyone is enjoying the break from the big city, with a daily yacht race thrown in, to explore the other islands. Today the 15nm Course 3, took the yachts South around Besar, across to Pulau Rawa, then round Pulau Hujun and Tengah, before finishing back at the Besar jetty. The sea state has turned into a one meter rolling swell, picking up the occasional surf, on the run across to Rawa was quite exciting. All points of sailing were experienced, two sail reaching to Hujun and a slog to windward on the return leg to Besar. A few mistakes have crept in on the leading boats, opening the door for others to take advantage. Goto AY Race Report 3.

Besar Regatta - Wind is up, lets go racing...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2June 23rd, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: A steady 12 to 16 knot South Westerly, has been blowing for days, so the race committee selected, the 20 nautical mile, Course 7, for the opening round of the Besar Regatta. As the high noon starting horn sounded, 4 monohulls and 2 multihull's, jockeyed for the favourable position and clear air. In his haste, Freddy Fam's M23 Phoenix was luffed up and hit the pin end, therefore had to return and restart, loosing valuable time. A short windward beat to the South of Besar, then free off as they round the tip, which turned into a exhilarating 10nm downwind ride, in one meter following seas. Unfortunately what goes down, must come up, and nine miles of windward beating followed, to the finish line, off the Besar Jetty. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 Sing to Besar Race - Perfect conditions for a race to paradise...
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June 22nd, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: After a tacking duel, out of the Changi Sailing Club and through the Eastern anchorage, the prevailing South-Westerly trade wind provided enough grunt, for everyone to round the Southern tip of Johor by sunset and enjoy an overnight spinnaker run up, the East Coast of Malaysia. Joe Lombardo's Dufour 34 Shardana was first to finish at the Aseania Resort, Besar Island at 0709 with Freddy Fam's M23 trimaran Phoenix, 25 minutes further adrift. A late rash of withdrawals reduced the fleet to 6, for the stand-alone race to Besar, and a couple extra yachts are joining the 3-day regatta starting on Tuesday. Goto AY Race Report 1

Singapore to Besar Race, ready to roll again...
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Goto 2nd CSC@Besar Regatta
June 19th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: After a resounding success last year, the Aseania Beach Resort have once again combined with the Changi Sailing Club, to present the second running of the Singapore to Palau Besar Race and Regatta. Designed to take skippers and crew, away from the busy shipping lanes in Singapore and introduce them to the peace and quiet of the Johor Islands, for a blue water cruising experience. Only 80nm away, over 20 Islands have been declared a marine national park, named Kepulauan Iskandar, in honour of the Sultan of Johor, for his ongoing island preservation and personally overseeing, successful development procedures. All the tropical islands, have resorts that are popular with holiday makers on weekends, only 2 hours drive from the causeway and appear in every travel guide, as popular dive sites and other water sports activities. On Saturday 20th June, nine yachts have registered for a new experience and a few are making a return appearance. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

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