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2014 - 2015 AY Race Reports - News and Views & Event Coverge

AYGP Roundup - Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady 6 crew, rule the Asian waves...
Goto June 2014-15 AYGP Round Up & News By AY MultiMedia
 June 11th: After 12 Events, where 251 Skippers and 245 Yachts, contested 75 Inshore & 3 Offshore races, run over 11 months and across 6 countries, Bill Bremner and his talented Foxy Lady 6 crew, are the 1st team to retain the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title, in the open era. Paul Winkelmann's Island Fling led the rankings, since the China Coast Regatta last year, but eventually was over hauled by Bremner's top contender, at the season ending two regattas (Top of the Gulf and Samui Regatta's). Goto June 2014-15 AYGP Round Up & News

Replay Volvo Ocean Race Leg 8 start from Lisbon to Lorient. Enjoy!

Replay Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Race Lisbon. Enjoy!

And the winners are Windsikher II, Jessandra II and El Coyote
Bill Bremner & Foxy Lady 6 crowned AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year

By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummaryMay 30th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Once again, the race committee had to contend with light, variable wind and glassy patches before they could safely lay the course and get racing underway. To keep themselves amused, some crews tried wake boarding behind the boat or swinging around from the main halyard before taking a dip. Eventually the Easterly strengthened to a steady 5 knots and everyone swung into action before it faded for the final showdown. The likelihood that there would only be one race, was on everyone's mind and the top contenders were ready and willing to give their best shot at the title. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4Samui Regatta - Serious racing leaves classes open for the taking
By AY MultiMedia
May 29th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Although there is only 16 yachts at the regatta, you can take it for granted, that they are all taking the racing seriously and the crews have strived for perfection every day. The top boats have produced extremely close racing, traded podium places and consequently some class honours are still open for the taking, with one day to go. Unfortunately mother nature did not cooperate today, as the first race had to be blown away when the wind direction moved 25 degrees and never rose above 8 knots when the race resumed. It then faded away and PRO Ross Chisholm had no other alternative, than to call it a day. The changing weather produced different results and further reduced the pointscore, to a last day shootout, to decide the winners. Goto AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3Good days & bad days, fill the mid-regatta report...
By AY MultiMedia
May 27th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Don't the skippers love it, when the crew are in sync and the maneuvers around the course are executed with precision. As opposed to a few mistimed decisions and fumbles, that result in the yacht struggling down the order. Good example, is the training on Sarab Singh's newly acquired Windsikher II opening with 2nd and 1st to lead on Day 1. Unfavourable conditions and a couple little errors sneaking in, saw them finish with 3rd and 2nd on Day 2 and almost loosing the lead. A slow start for Peter Ahern's syndicated TP52 Oi! possibly due to not racing since Langkawi in January, saw them languishing back in last place, but 2 wins yesterday, lifted them to second in the overall standings and smiles all round. Similarly in IRC 1, Bill Bremner's defending champion Foxy Lady 6 started slowly but leapt into the lead on Day 2 and continues to improve as the days go by. Goto AY Race Report 3

Samui Regatta - Moving day for the top contenders...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2May 26th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Racing got away, under gray sky and a fresh South Westerly breeze. PRO Ross Chisholm moved the courses to the north east side of the island and sent the cruisers on a single passage race, into the channel between Ko Samui and Ko Phangan. IRC 1 & 2 started with a two lap windward/leeward race, before joining the others on the passage race. Just before the start Michael Hough radioed the race committee, that his Spirit 65 Chloe Giselle has sail problems and became the first casualty of the regatta. The breeze fluctuated on the first race but as they entered the Northern channel it increased substantially, which helped battle the strong tidal current and short chop whipped up as a consequence. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Samui Regatta - They're up ,up & away in fresh conditions...
By AY MultiMedia
May 25th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Three no shows and one new entry, has forced organisers Regattas Asia to combine the Premier Cruisers with IRC 2 and rearrange some of the class entries. The cruisers will also score separately under Performance Handicap System or NRC. Blessed with a moderate to fresh South Westerly trade wind, PRO Ross Chisholm elected to send the cruisers on a single passage race to the south and IRC 1 & 2 on a two lap windward/leeward race, before joining the others on the passage race. Changes in boat ownership and crew line up, make it difficult to predict the outcome and as the results came in, a new order seems to be establishing, although it's still early days. Goto AY Race Report 1

Samui Regatta - Final showdown looming for 2014-15 season....
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportMay 24th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Despite a dip in entries at recent regattas, it never fails to amaze, how top skippers on the Asian Circuit, eagerly make their way to Koh Samui, for the final showdown of the 2014-15 Season. This can be put down, to the popularity of this tropical regatta, set in one of Thailand's top tourism destinations, renown for crowning the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year. The IRC Class 0 is back to strength with 3 x 52 footers and Frank Pong's Jelik topping the scales. Six very close "Flying 40's" are battling it out for the IRC 1 title, where two boat owners are also vying for the AYGP Title. Michael Hough's high-tech, wooden, classic Spirit 65 Chloe Giselle is gracing the Premier Cruising Class and rising Thai professional sailor Patinyakorn 'Ging' Buranrom's Windstar is amongst the local yachts, fighting over the IRC 2 class honours. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

AYGP going down to the wire, again...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto May AYGP News... May 12th:
Every season there is an exciting ending, and the tradition continues, with a unique twist. As work commitments, prevented Bill Bremner from skippering Foxy Lady 6 at the Top of the Gulf Regatta, he handed the reigns over to trusted Aussie tactician, Steve McConaghy to do the honours. Thus Foxy Lady 6 scored 14 points for the win and is now top of the Yacht of the Year Rankings with 73 points. For the first time Steve McConaghy enters the Skipper Rankings and once again Bill Bremner, will have to perform exceptionally well, at the season ending Samui Regatta, to join his Foxy Lady 6 at the top of the AYGP Rankings. First he will have to outscore Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth and Paul Winkelmann's above him, to become the first to defend the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title, in the all inclusive class era. Goto May AYGP News...

TOTGR - Difficult conditions require patience to succeed...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
4th May 2015: ThGoto AY Race Report 4 & Summarye conditions over four days of racing, contained many highs and lows, which required patience and persistence to succeed. Today was no different and after waiting for the breeze to increase, racing got underway on a whim and prayer, that the direction and wind speed would last. The crews that consistently scored well, have their heads out of the boat, looking for wind shifts and choosing the right way to go. After a successful windward/leeward race, the IRC Racers and Multihull's joined the Cruising Class on a short passage race, to finish up the program. Aussie Scott Duncanson and Kingdom Properties captured their sixth victory and won the 20th Coronation Cup with one race to go, plus become the first team to defend the title in the process. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary & AY Photo Gallery

TOTGR - Once again wind gods play havoc with racing...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 33rd May 2015: Although the first race was held in relatively stable 6 to 8 knot SW'ly breeze, just as PRO Denis Thompson went into sequence for the second race, it faded and changed direction. Fortunately just in time to cancel the scheduled passage race and replace it with another windward/leeward race, that ultimately had to be shortened for some classes. Overnight the results were retabulated to make way for the International jury decisions, which included a disqualification and adding penalty points for some incidents yesterday. These changes rearranged the podium places in some classes and were accepted with mixed feelings. The dinghy racing wrapped up today, and a new Thai Optimist Champion Suthon Yampinid was crowned at the prize giving ceremony this evening. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2TOTGR - Sailors delight as conditions improve...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
2nd May 2015: Racing got underway in 5 to 8 knot South East breeze and steadily increased to 12 to 14 throughout the day. Although some directional changes came earlier on, there was no storm activity to spoil the day. Once again PRO Denis Thompson and the race team were on top of it, busy relaying the windward mark and notifying the competitors. The Multihull and Cruising Classes were sent on a passage race, while the IRC Racing classes embarked on a windward/leeward race before setting off on a passage race. The One-design Platu class continued on with three more windward/leeward courses and by the end of the day have completed six races. Goto AY Race Report 2

TOTGR - Light and tricky breeze then nothing...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
1st May 2015: The day started ok, but half way through the class starting sequence, an inland passing storm interrupted play and swung what little breeze there was, 90 degrees to the left and turned the original course into a soldiers course. Quick thinking by PRO Denis Thompson and action by the race committee to lay alternate marks, saved the race but a few boats caught out on a limb when the breeze completely faded, had to surrender to the conditions. A lengthy wait with patience and persistence eventually paid off and another race for the keelboats and multihull's, plus two more races for the one-design Platu Class be it in light air, has kept the race program on schedule. Goto AY Race Report 1

TOTGR - Anything goes at Asia's largest multi-class regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report 1st May 2014: Anything from Optimist dinghy's, wind surfers, off the beach catamarans, one design Platu 25's, to keelboats and multihull's are ready for battle at Ocean Marina Yacht Club on Jomtien Beach, South Pattaya. The organisers have achieved their aim of building an International standard regatta, that top sailors from around the world can take part in. This is the only regatta in Thailand conducted from a marina and as it is Southeast Asia’s largest marina, it provides an ideal in-water and onshore base for the regatta. With over 200 boats and 700 sailors, from more than 30 countries descending on Jomtien, to take part in the award-winning event, we can expect another successful regatta and multi-million baht boost to Greater Pattaya’s tourism earnings. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Nature has her way, on the AYGP Rankings
By AY MultiMedia
Goto April AYGP News...April 21st:
The decision to re-route the San Fernando Race, also resulted in low entries at the Commodores' Cup. (Goto AY Photo Gallery) Super Typhoon Maysak bearing down on the East Asian region, deprived several Hong Kong and Philippine, Skippers and Yachts from scoring big in the 2014-15 AYGP Rankings. Some racing classes were down to two and three yachts, and under the AYGP Scoring System, receive reduced Overall and Bonus points, commensurate with the number of entries in their class. Victory on the re-routed San Fernando Race earned Ray Roberts TP52 OneSails Racing 11.25 points and after winning five out of six races at the Commodores' Cup, Ernesto Echauz's TP 52 Standard Insurance Centennial III scored 10.50 points, out of a possible 15, if there was five entries in their class. Goto April AYGP News...

Replay Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 - LIVE Start Leg 6 to Itajai, BRA to Newport RI

Replay Itajai In Port Race - Come back for Leg 6 start Volvo Ocean Race (Starts on Monday 0045 East Asian Time)

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryCommodore's Cup - Victory for Centennial III, Selma Star & Alexa
By AY MultiMedia
11th April 2015 Subic Bay, Philippines: The gusty Easterly has been blowing all week and although a little lighter today, it did not disappoint and successfully rounded off the regatta. Two windward/leeward races for the IRC classes and another passage race for the Cruising Class, was their last chance to improve their standings and decide which step on the podium to stand on. Once again the spirited pre-start maneuvering provided the entertainment on the start boat and ultimately the race result and overall placings. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and 2015 Photo Gallery

Commodore's Cup - Keep on, keeping on...
Goto AY Race Report 3By AY MultiMedia
10th April 2015 Subic Bay, Philippines: Day 3 and one passage race for all classes, made it imperative that the leading contenders keep the pressure on, if they expect to finish on top of the podium. Watching the spirited pre-starts and covering tactics between the dueling class leaders, has become the highlight of the day on the start boat. Defying all weather forecasts, the gusty Easterly has consistently built up each morning and lasted throughout the day. Enabling PRO Jerry Rollin to complete the races early and have crews back onshore by 1500hrs, to enjoy the Philippine hospitality they are famous for. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Commodore's Cup - A game of snakes and ladders...
By AY MultiMedia
9th April 2015 Subic Bay, Philippines: With the wind direction shifting between 50 and 110 degrees and speed varying between 5 and 20 knots, it produced big gains and losses around the course. Frank Pong pointed out that being the leader in these circumstances is not an advantage. As invariably they would show the chasing boats where not to go and then opt for an alternative route that would benefit them. These conditions also kept PRO Jerry Rollin busy setting the start line and windward mark but by choosing a mean average, resulted in back to back windward/leeward races for the IRC 1 and 2 classes and a point to point race for the Cruising Class. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Commodore's Cup - Up, up and away they go...
By AY MultiMedia
8th April 2015 Subic Bay, Philippines: A gusty 15 to 20 knot Easterly greeted the sailors on the opening round today, which made them buckle down and make crucial sail selection decisions to suit the conditions. PRO Jerry Rollin selected the 27nm Course 16, for the IRC 1 racers, which crisscrossed the wide expanse of Subic Bay and included all wind angles. IRC 2 and Cruising Class had slightly shorter courses in similar circumstances, which immediately tested the crews sail handling skills. Closer to shore in front of the Lighthouse Resort, the dinghy's rattled off 4 windward /leeward races in succession. Didn't think it was possible, but an Optimist managed to nose dive the blunt bow section and turned turtle, in front of the full media glare. Despite the low number of entries, the boats that made it here thoroughly enjoyed the first day of racing and are looking forward to the rest of the week. Goto AY Race Report 1

Commodore's Cup - And the show must go on...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report7th April 2015: In the wake of Super Typhoon Maysak, a very reduced fleet are contesting the Cup this year, but local sailors have rallied together to keep the event alive, with three keelboat classes. Also in conjunction with the Philippine Sailing Association, the Flying Fifteen, Streaker and Optimist classes will begin their assault for individual glory, together with the main bout. This is also the 10th regatta on the AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) and a chance for Philippine and Hong Kong skippers to improve their standing in the 2014-15 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year. After the rerouted San Fernando Race. the 2014-15 AYGP Rankings, has been updated and can be viewed by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta - Race Dates and Scoring System. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

San Fernando Race - Overall IRC honours goes to OneSails Racing
By RHKYC PR & Media
Goto RHKYC Press ReleasesApril 4th: With three boats left on the water, Ray Roberts OneSails Racing is confirmed as the IRC Overall winner of the rerouted San Fernando Race 2015 after a 330nm challenge which Roberts described as “pleasant conditions but tactically very difficult because of the challenging weather”. The TP52 was just 21 minutes away from ‘doing the double’ and claiming line honours, but had to cede that title to Geoff Hill's Antipodes. The remaining boats in the fleet still had their own divisional honours to contest, with Ambush claiming IRC Racer 1 and Whiskey Jack annihilating the opposition in IRC Racer 2, winning on the water and with nearly 6 hours to spare on corrected time. Xena performed the same feat in IRC Premier, beating Sea Monkey into second place by over eight hours on corrected time. Goto RHKYC Press Releases

Round Hainan Regatta underway...
By RHNR Media
Goto Round Hainan Regatta websiteThe RHNR is now unanimously considered as one of China's major international sailing events and the 2015 edition will further consolidate the island's successful project to become China's sailing capital. This year 45 entries are divided into three groups, IRC 1/2, IRC 3/5 and the Fareast 18R class. The biggest boat on the starting grid is the Nautor Swan 82' Ubox. Amongst the new boats, is the RHN Dubois 50 footer, especially designed for this race by renowned UK naval architect Ed Dubois, that promises to be a serious contender for line honours. Another rookie class is the attractive one-design sports boat Fareast 18R, with seven crews registered for an inshore series in Sanya. IRC 1 & 2 have a combination of in-port races and offshore racing around the island, from Sanya to Haikou then back to Sanya. While the other IRC classes have in-port races and their offshore portion is to race along the east coast, between Sanya and Wanning, with a stop at Lingshui. The two fleets will then converge back in Sanya on March 28th for the closing act and final prize-giving ceremony. For daily Press Releases, photos, videos and results Click Here...


Goto March AYGP NewsClosing in on the AYGP end game...
By AY MultiMedia
January 28th:
Mick Tilden's syndicated Beneteau 44.7 Fujin, scored big at the Neptune Regatta and Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth's Sydney GTS43 EFG Bank Mandrake, clean sweep in the IRC 2 class, at the combined Subic Boracay Race and Boracay Cup has catapulted them up the 2014-15 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year rankings. Goto March AYGP News and AY Photo Library The complete 2014-15 AYGP Rankings, can be viewed by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta - Race Dates and Scoring System


Replay Volvo Ocean Race Leg 5 Auckland re-start...

Replay Final Day Extreme Sailing Series - Oman Now!

Replay Volvo Ocean Race - Auckland In-Port Race Enjoy!

Goto AY Race Report 6 & SummaryJelik & Mandrake win Boracay Cup & Centennial lll the combined trophy
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

06:03:2015 Boracay, Philippines: With the overall stakes hanging in the balance, the final day of racing turned into a feisty affair. Sunny, blue sky and 20 to 24 knot North Easterly blowing, the stage was set for some close racing and the competitors did not disappoint. As the big boats crammed in at the boat end of the start line, Geoff Hill's Custom Smith 72 Antipodes, made a daring lunge in front of Ernesto Echauz's TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial III and nearly ended up in the back of the start boat. To leeward Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik was holding the lay line as Antipodes barged in above them and the situation ended with all boats, including Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa at the pin end, over the line as the horn sounded. Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary and the AY Photo Gallery

Boracay Cup - Pressure rising as the end is in sight...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 505:03:2015 Boracay, Philippines: On the penultimate day, the challengers for this years titles, were still determined that their best was yet to come and make inroads on the leaders. Overnight repairs could only be carried out on Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa and three other yachts declared terminal damage and gracefully retired from the event. The North Easterly increased into the low 20's and PRO Jerry Rollin decided the 28nm figure of eight course, weaving its way around Carabao and Boracay for IRC 1 and an 18nm course to the Carabao mark and back, through the Boracay Passage to the finish for the IRC 2 class. Right from the very start, it was evident that the pressure was on, as IRC 1 rushed at the line and two IRC 2 yachts recalled for being over the line at the starting signal. Goto AY Race Report 5

Goto AY Race Report 4Conditions taking its toll at Boracay Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

04:03:2015 Boracay, Philippines: Despite an overcast sky and scattered showers, normal NE wind service in the high teens, enabled PRO Jerry Rollin to resume play and complete two blistering windward/leeward races in quick succession. Several retirements came in before the starting horn sounded. Troy Yaw's TP52 Ulumulu still reinforcing the mast step, Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa having hydraulic problems and reoccurring boom trouble on Chui Shing Kin's H-Trip severely reduced the fleet size. After completing the first race, Syd Fischer's Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90 also joined the retirement list, leaving the IRC 2 class with three boats. Crews are making hurried repairs and aim to be back on the water tomorrow. Goto AY Race Report 4

Windy Boracay Cup lives up to its reputation
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 303:03:2015 Boracay, Philippines: The race started with Syd Fischer's heavily reefed Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90 skippered by David Witt, pulling off a daring port tack start, in front of the assembled IRC 1 fleet and scampered off into the distance. In hot pursuit, Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik were determined not to let them get away and clung on to their skirt tails. By the time they reached the North West shore of Boracay, the fleet was stretched out in order of speed and a close tussle ensued between Ernesto Echauz's TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial III and Geoff Hill's Custom Smith 72 Antipodes. PRO Jerry Rollin chose to open proceedings with IRC 1 doing a 28nm course to neighboring Tablas and IRC 2 on a 19nm course to Carabao and back. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Ragamuffin 90 shatters Subic to Boracay Race Record
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

02:02:2015 Boracay, Philippines: Taking only 14hrs 23mins 17secs, Syd Fischer's Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90 skippered by David Witt, crossed the finish line at 04:23:17, early Sunday morning, on the 220 nautical mile race. This shaves a whopping 4hrs 29mins 15secs from the previous record set by Frank Pong's Custom Dibley 75 Jelik back in 2013. Fifteen yachts set off at noon on Saturday from Subic Bay in fantastic downwind conditions. Ragamuffin 90 with its crew of 14, led the fleet out of Subic Bay, where they dropped their spinnakers, turned left and enjoyed fast reaching conditions down through the Verde Island Passage. Then a fast 20 knot run for the last 70 miles to the Boracay finish line. Frank Pong's Jelik finished at 06:14:01 bettering the record time they set in 2013. All the regular competitors have recorded their fastest race times to Boracay. Goto AY Race Report 2

Full speed ahead for Boracay...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 128:02:2015 Subic Bay, Philippines: As the high noon starting signal sounded, Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa expertly driven by Steve Benjamin, nailed the downwind start with speed, at the boat end of the line. Aided along by North Easterly gusts in the 20 knot range, Jun Avecilla's Beneteau First 36.7 Selma Star, followed close behind. The flurry of activity to launch spinnakers and time the lead in, produced a colorful spectacle on Subic Bay. Frank Pong's RP 75 Jelik, led the big boats away, with Troy Yaw's all Malaysian team on Ulumulu skippered by Jeremy Koo, in hot pursuit, riding their wake almost overtaking them. Within minutes they reached Zanbales and exited Subic Bay in a cloud of spray and well and truly on their way to Boracay. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBattle for Subic to Boracay Race line honours
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

27:02:2015 Subic Bay, Philippines: When the high noon starting signal sounds on Saturday, a formidable lineup of maxi yachts, Frank Pong's RP 75 Jelik, Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Custom Antipodes and Syd Fischer's Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90 will be fighting over line honours on the 200nm, Subic Bay to Boracay Race. If weather conditions are suitable, they will also be trying to break Jelik's record (20 hrs, 52 mins, 32 secs) set back in 2011. In all, 14 yachts divided into 3 classes will brace themselves for a challenging and tactical race. First up, is getting out of Subic Bay, through the Verde Island Passage, round the  tricky Dumali Point and then a downwind sleigh ride all the way to Boracay. Renown for its windy conditions, top Asian racing yachts enjoy testing the crew skills, in pursuit of an elusive victory. The tropical destination of Boracay is also the lure for sailors, where action on and off the water is guaranteed. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

King Neptune can rest in peace for another year
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Reports 5, 6 & Summary21:02:2015
A fresh North Easterly returned for the final leg from Karas Besar back to Nongsa Point Marina on Batam Island. Close hauled all the way, with a couple of tacks across the Riau Strait, before freeing off to round the Northern tip of Batam leading to the finish line. The racing classes made quick work of the leg and were safely berthed in the marina by mid afternoon and ready for the final presentation party and dinner. Class winners are Fujin - Racing, Kaze 3 - Multihull Racing, Nirvana 8 - Multihull Cruising, Windancer - Cruising, Alfa Nero - Motor Yacht and Ratu Henry Neptune award. Goto AY Photo Gallery and
Race Reports 5, 6 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3 & 4 Neptune five and we're still alive...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

18:02:2015 On a bright and sunny day, with an 8 to 10 knot North Easterly blowing, all classes set off on the Race to Zero, where uninitiated crew had a meeting with King Neptune and transformed from Slimy Pollywogs to Trusty Shellback's. Although this is the novelty part of the regatta, the sailors still seriously treat it as any other yacht race. Times are taken when they cross the equator finish line and crews can perform the ritual before restarting on the return journey to Neptune Island. The times are combined and the results calculated for each class. Everything was going fine on the return leg, until a radio call came through from Greg Goodall's Grainger 30 RAW, that they had broken the mast, when a gust from a passing storm cell struck and they were flying along. No one was injured and the damaged mast, sails and boom were retrieved back on deck. Its one of those events where if your feeling bored, just wait a while and something is bound to happen. Goto AY Race Report 3 & 4

Neptune Regatta - Off to a flying start
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 1 & 216:02:2015 A 10 to 12 knot North Easterly greeted the fleet at the start line and a favourable current carried them swiftly down the Riau Strait. This year a change of plan and the entire fleet stopped over at Pulau Riau (Fishhead Island) before continuing onto Neptune Island. As they reached across the bottom of Bintan Island, bullet gusts were recorded at 30 knots and the fleet enjoyed fantastic speeds in the narrow approaches to Fishhead Island. Alan Hodges Grainger 30 Kaze 3 led from the start and by the first gate established a 25 minute lead over sister ship RAW in the hands of Greg Goodall. Individual battles developed down the order between Jerry Chase's chartered Beneteau F 52.5 Baby Tonga and Mick Tilden's Beneteau 44.7 Fujin in the Premier Cruising Class plus Gary & Karen Matthews Lagoon 46 Katrianne and Matt Lutter's Dean 440 Vectis in the Cruising Multihull Class. Goto AY Race Report 1 & 2

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportWho dares enter King Neptune's domain?
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

15:02:2015 The big news item on the 5th Neptune Regatta is that there is actually a 5th Neptune Regatta taking place. The ‘new’ Indonesian Temporary Vessel Import Licence (PIB) and troubles some boat owners have experienced in the last year, has simply scared them away from taking their boats to Indonesia. The newly elected Indonesian government is aiming to boost the yachting tourism sector, by easing regulations for entry of foreign yachts and cancel visa on arrival for some countries. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto AY Race Report 6 & SummaryIan Williams WMRT & Monsoon Cup Champion
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Danga Bay, Johor (Feb 14th): On a light and patchy race course, Ian Williams and his GAC Pindar crew, Gerry Mitchell (mainsheet), Mal Parker (trimmer), Chris Main (pit and tactics) and Graeme Spence (bowman), held on for a nail biting downwind finish, to win the third and final race of their Monsoon Cup Semi Final against Eric Monnin (Team SailBox). In doing so, they wrapped up the 2014-15 World Match Racing Tour championship, for a record breaking 5th time. "Feels fantastic and the crew must be thanked for their great effort" said Williams during the onboard interview just after crossing the finish line.Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 5Monsoon Cup - Nerves of steel & accurate execution wins the day...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Danga Bay, Johor (Feb 13th): While Ian Williams, Taylor Canfield and Eric Monnin dispatched David Gilmour, Pierre-Antoine Morvan and Phil Robertson in three races, the clash between Keith Swinton and Mathieu Richard went the full distance, with five seat of the pants races. After exchanging blows and penalties, Mathieu Richard prevailed on the second upwind playing the right hand side gusts to perfection and came from behind to snatch victory and a place in the Semi Finals. In the earlier races, the victors out sailed the opposition and we're still on track for a Williams / Canfield showdown in the final. Goto AY Race Report 5

Monsoon Cup Quarter Finalists decided & the beat goes on...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 4Danga Bay, Johor (Feb 12th): Every race starts with a head to head battle and continues until one team emerges triumphant. Five more flights were conducted before the 8 quarter finalists could be determined. First cab of the rank today was the highly anticipated clash between Taylor Canfield US One (ISV) and Ian Williams GAC Pindar (GBR) presently holding top spots on the MC scoreboard and vying for the 2014 AWMRT title. Canfield avoided the usual dial up dance at the start and Williams took the windward berth off the start line. They exchanged the lead with every cross upwind, until Williams lifted on a private gust to lead around the top mark. From then on Canfield played catch up but didn't make any impression as Williams crossed the finish line 45 seconds in front. Goto AY Race Report 4

Make or break day at Monsoon Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3Danga Bay, Johor (Feb 11th): The top teams are hell bent on winning as many races as possible, to fill the quarter final berths. While the local teams are determined to claim at least one scalp during the round robin stage. This thrust to succeed comes with dare devil, risk taking and as a result many penalties were awarded today. The morning session kicked off with Taylor Canfield US One (ISV) up against Pierre Antoine Morvan Vannes Agglo Sailing Team (FRA) and during a very spirited pre-start, Morvan received two penalties and consequently lost the race before it started. The next match saw Eric Monnin Swiss Match Race Team (SWI) over the line as the starting horn sounded and gave clear passage for Phil Robertson WAkA Racing (NZL) to claim victory. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Monsoon Cup off to a solid start
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Danga Bay, Johor (Feb 10th): Clear sky, 15 to 18 knot North Easterly and flat water, greeted the sailors on Day 1 of racing. You could feel the tension in the air at the marina, as crews busily prepared the boats for the 10am showdown. Opening proceedings, were Pierre Antoine Morvan Vannes Agglo Sailing Team (FRA) and local favourite Jeremy Koo's Sime Darby Foundation/1Malaysia Match Racing Team (MAS). Despite all the coaching and training Koo has received recently, he gets caught offside and receives a penalty in the pre-start, to go one down. Observing from the start boat, unexplainably the left hand side was paying dividends, as the skippers that chose the right hand side usually slipped behind. Goto AY Race Report 2

Monsoon Cup officially underway & new trophy unveiled
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Danga Bay, Johor (Feb 9th): The Sultan of Johor and his son YAM Tunku Abdul Jalil, who is Chairman of Innovatige Sdn Bhd, rights holder of the Monsoon Cup, officially got proceedings underway when they unveiled the new Tunku Laksamana Johor Trophy and welcomed all the competing crews, at the Opening Ceremony held on the beach in front of Country Garden, Johor Baru, Malaysia. Earlier in the afternoon, at the press conference, Minister of Youth & Sports (KBS) YB Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, said that "KBS supports the organisation of the Monsoon Cup Malaysia in Johor and that the move will create more awareness about the sport as well as a catalyst for the development of sailing in the country". Goto AY Race Report 1

Monsoon Cup - Skippers all fired up and ready to go...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...Danga Bay, Johor (Feb 8th): While all eyes will be on the clash of the titans, between Ian Williams GAC Pindar (GB) and Taylor Canfield USOne (USA), fighting over being crowned the 2014/15 World Match Racing Tour champion. The other 10 competing teams are determined to ruin the party and reign on their Monsoon Cup parade. It’s rumored that Williams is hell bent on “revenge” aiming for a fifth world title and up against Canfield again, who edged him out of the title last year. “We’ve had great rivalry over the last two years, he just piped us last year by five points which is the closest-ever finish. If there’s some revenge for us. It would be fantastic to get that fifth title." Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Replay final day Extreme Sailing Series - Singapore

Replay - Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 4 start NOW!

Goto Feb AY News & ViewsAsian battlefield for worlds top sailors...
Presently we have the Volvo Ocean Race sailing through Asian waters and this week (Feb 5 -8) the Extreme Sailing Series kick off the 2015 Season in Singapore. While over the causeway at Danga Bay, Johor Baru, Malaysia, the final event on the World Match Racing Tour, the long awaited clash of the titans takes place at Monsoon Cup (February 10th - 14th) The Neptune Regatta (Feb 14th - 21st) is a unique 'Race to the Equator' held over Chinese New Year, is next up on the 2014-15 AYGP Pointscore, followed by the notoriously windy Subic Boracay Race & Boracay Cup (Feb 27th - March 6th). More on Asian events goto Feb AY News & Views...

Half way mark in the 2014-15 AYGP Season...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto Jan AYGP Naws January 28th:
The completion of the Royal Langkawi Int Regatta (Goto Photo Gallery) brings us to the half way point of the 2014-15 AYGP Season and although many skippers have already laid down their mark, there is still a long way to go. Paul Winkelmann's HH42 Island Fling, has competed on all six events this season and leads the race for the 2014-15 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. Defending champion, Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 is rapidly closing in on them and after the RLIR is within 10 points of the leader. Having only contested four events, Bremner's Foxy Lady 6 has room for improvement, while under the "Best 6 Results to Count" system, Island Fling can only increase by increments that are better than the present regatta results on the AYGP Pointscore. Goto Jan AYGP News...

First Victory for Dongfeng & Chinese Sailors Receive Hero Welcome Home
Goto Volvo Ocean Race. SANYA, China, January 27 – Dongfeng Race Team claimed a key landmark in the 41-year history of the Volvo Ocean Race on Tuesday when they emphatically won Leg 3 in their home port of Sanya to take the overall lead with six stages to go.

Goto Volvo Ocean Race.No Chinese team has ever won a leg in the race before despite two previous entries – Green Dragon in 2008-09 and Team Sanya in 2011-12 – but Charles Caudrelier’s (FRA) put that right in grand style. “It’s the most stressful leg I’ve ever done in my life,” said a mightily relieved Caudrelier, minutes after crossing the line. “But the result is fantastic!” After finishing narrow runners-up to Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Ian Walker/GBR) and Team Brunel (Bouwe Bekking/NED) respectively in Legs 1 and 2, Dongfeng took a firm grip of the 4,670-nautical mile stage from Abu Dhabi to China, leading the fleet from a day after the start on January 3 till the end over 23 days latter on Jan 37. For photos, videos, race tracking and press releases goto Volvo Ocean Race...

Goto AY Race Report 5RLIR - Clean sweep for Oi!, Foxy Lady 6 & Mata Hari
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

17:01:2015 Langkawi, Malaysia: Although the North Easterly eased off to 10-15 knots, the race committee took the opportunity to complete the 10 race schedule for the IRC, Sportsboat and Multihull classes. Two more races for the Club Cruiser and Ocean Rover classes, rounded off their series with 8 passage races. Despite having some clear class winners, everyone was back out on the water, to contest the final races and there was no let up in getting one over the leader before the regatta ended. Once again Bass Harbour turned on all its splendor to finish up in spectacular style. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

RLIR - Class leaders dominate proceedings...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 416:01:2015 Langkawi, Malaysia: As the North Easterly trade wind is still favourable, the IRC Classes completed a quick windward/leeward race in Bass Harbour before setting off on a passage race along the West coast of Langkawi. The newly revamped Cruising Classes headed downwind to Rebak Island and back, while the Multihulls caught up on their program and the Sportsboats continued with two more races in Bass Harbour. Each class has a clear leader that has dominated proceedings so far and today they either extended their lead or conservatively protected their advantage. This doesn't mean the competitors have rolled over and accepted their position, as there is still some very close racing going on with mere seconds separating the podium places in the balance. Goto AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3Oi! gets the gong but no record...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

15:01:2015 Langkawi, Malaysia: Despite hitting downwind speeds in excess of 20 knots, the Ahern/Wilmer & Bailey's TP52 Oi! claimed the daily double by the proverbial mile but fell short of the Round the Island record by 15 minutes, set by Frank Pong's RP75 Jelik last year. The fleet set off in brisk conditions with gusts up to 25 knots and made quick work of the East and South coast. Everyone experienced a short lull of varying degrees, in the lee of the island, before the long windward beat up Bass Harbour to the finish. The 28 nautical mile course encompassed all points of sailing, has been described as very enjoyable and a good break from the windward/leeward courses that tend to dominate regattas these days. In lieu of the recent spate of damage the Sportsboats continued with three inshore races in Bass Harbour. Goto AY Race Report 3

RLIR - Winds up and carnage continues...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 214:01:2015 Langkawi, Malaysia: All night the wind whistled past the hotel windows and by morning a lumpy sea swell had built up on the outside coastal course area, setting the stage for an interesting day of racing. Before the scheduled start time, a Platu mast snapped off below the first spreader and another reported main halyard damage and returned to the marina for repairs. Overnight repairs were hastily made and this time crews were prepared for the conditions and apart from a few spinnakers being trawled and uncontrollably flown out from the masthead, no further damage was reported. Judging by the results it seems the rich are getting richer and extending their overall lead, while the fresh conditions last. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Rip roaring start to Royal Langkawi Regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

13:01:2015 Langkawi, Malaysia: With a 15 to 20 knot North Easterly, gusting to 25, blasting down Bass Harbour the crews had their hands full controlling their boats. The extra tension on running rigging, sails and equipment reached breaking point and forced many skippers to retire from racing and head back to shore for repairs. Some of the top crews just finished the Hobart Race and are prepared for racing in these conditions, strapped down the spinnakers and sailed with purpose, which resulted in victory or podium places. Others are repairing the damage and preparing to regroup for tomorrow. Goto AY Race Report 1

RLIR - Let the New Year sailing celebrations begin...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report12:01:2015 Langkawi, Malaysia: Last year this regatta was the windiest regatta on the Asian circuit, with 25 to 30 knots blasting down the center of Bass Harbour, providing skippers, crew and media with some memorable moments and sensational images. This year the North East Monsoon has arrived early and is again forecast to provide excellent sailing conditions. Into its 13th year, the organisers have a reputation of ringing in the sailing new year in grand style. Since its inception, the underlying aim has always been to provide competitive and enjoyable racing for all crews, irrespective of the design or vintage of yacht. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

New Year action in Jan AY News & Views
Goto Jan AY News & ViewsFirst cab of the rank is the Royal Langkawi Int Regatta (Jan 12th -17th) and an excellent opportunity to begin the New Year sailing celebrations in grand style. The race for the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards, resumes with gusto and is followed by the Neptune Regatta (Feb 14th - 21st) strategically placed over the Chinese New Year break. In between these events, the revitalised 21st Singapore Straits Regatta (Jan 27th - 31st) will feature big boat racing, both in Indonesia and Singapore. Over the causeway in Johor Baru, the final event on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour takes place on February 10th - 14th and the 2014 champion will be crowned. Plus we are looking forward to the 2015 Extreme Sailing Series recommencing in Singapore on the 5th February. All this and more International news, World records and Unluckiest Sailors of the Month Here...

Wild Oats XI claims line honours & Wild Rose Handicap victory
Goto Rolex Sydney Hobart 2014Wild Oats XI has claimed a historic eighth line honours win at the 2014 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. After a dramatic start, the leading yachts powered their way out of Sydney Harbour. As they turned South into a building headwind with reefed mainsails and small headsails, the battle between Comanche and Wild Oats XI continued in earnest. The next morning a ridge crossed the fleet and Wild Oats took advantage of the light breeze to open up a 40nm lead. Despite clawing their way back to within 10 miles, Wild Oats XI finished in 2d 2h 3m 26s, leaving Comanche 49 minutes 18 seconds adrift in second place and ruing their light wind performance. Meanwhile the small boats at the back of the fleet were staging their own battle in favourable conditions for the handicap honours. Despite broaching and an almighty chinese gybe in 30 knots which broke the steering cables and repaired in a rolling seaway (See video), Roger Hickman and his crew on the 29-year-old Farr 43 Wild Rose went on to claim the IRC handicap honours in the 2014 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Full coverage, photos, videos, results and more on CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2014 website.

Goto Rolex Sydney Hobart 2014Follow the 70th Sydney Hobart Race...
A fleet comprising 117 yachts to match the occasion, including several international entrants, five 100-ft Maxis (See comparison drawings), seven former winners and the current race record holder, is arguably the strongest in recent Rolex Sydney Hobart history.
Asia's biggest hope lays with regular competitor in Asian waters, Ray Roberts latest Farr 55 One Sails, is making a return to the Aussie racing scene, and more than ever determined to win the race, that has left them in second place a couple of times. The start at 1pm AEST (10:00am East Asia) on Boxing Day, 26th Dec. Check out the start line action from 12:30pm AEST (09:30am East Asia) through its online affiliate Yahoo!7 Goto live tracking throughout the race at the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2014 website.

Goto AY Seasons Greetings & Sydney Hobart Preview.Seasons Greetings from AsianYachting
From AsianYachting MultiMedia

19 Dec 2014:
We would like to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas plus a safe and prosperous New Year for 2015. Also take this opportunity to thank all our faithful subscribers, regatta organisers and advertising sponsors for coming aboard with us, plus safe boating where ever your travels may take you over the holiday season. Goto Seasons Greetings and Rolex Sydney Hobart Preview...

FREE Image Christmas Presents
AY Regatta Photo LibraryHurry for your last minute Christmas presents. All you have to do is check out the extensive AY Regatta Photo Library over the last 11 years and if you find a photo you like, email the details under the image and which gallery it came from. If for personnel use only, we will send you "Absolutely free" the highest quality resolution image that we have on file. It's that easy! So what are you waiting for? Start Clicking the mouse and send your photo requests to: info@asianyachting.com
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New records set, in AYGP title race...
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Goto December AYGP News...December 12th: While Paul Winkelmann’s JV42, Island Fling is off to a flying start, in the race for the 2014-15 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards, this has not deterred fellow competitors, from making a run at the title and setting some new records in the process. Although Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6, nine regatta AYGP winning streak, came to an end at the King's Cup, this is a very unique record in itself. No racing team has ever won so many regattas in a row, and will be firmly etched into the record books for all to see. Despite only contesting three events, compared to Island Fling's five regattas, Bremner's FL6 holds onto second place, only 18 points of the pace and are setting their sights on successfully defending the 2014-15 AYGP title. Goto December AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 6 & SummaryKing's Cup - Viva la Phuket King's Cup...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
06 Dec 2014: Although the winner in most classes was already decided, the battle continued with the remaining podium places in the balance and the all important 'Bragging Rights' for the rest of the year. Despite the heavy storm last night and dark clouds forming over the island, there was wind coming from the South East and after it stabilised, the PRO"s on both courses released the fleet on its merry way. Like cream always rising to the top, the leaders quickly established their supremacy and the others desperately wanting to knock them back a notch or two, before closing time. Most classes had two races to settle the score, before preparing for the Royal Awards Ceremony and prize presentation at the Kata Beach Resort & Spa and home of the Phuket King's Cup Regatta, for the last 16 years. Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

King's Cup - Happy 87th birthday HM, and so say all of us...
Goto AY Race Report 5By AsianYachting MultiMedia
05 Dec 2014: The days proceedings started with a sail past the Royal Thai Navy vessel HTMS Sriracha, to honour HM the King of Thailand's 87th birthday. Crews lined up on their yachts chanting three cheers, doffing their caps and some even singing Happy Birthday in Thai. A parade of sail is an appropriate way for International sailors to pay homage to Thailand's royal sailing family, that have supported yachting events all these years. Right on cue at 9am, Thai Navy 1 & 2 started the procession, which finished with the Toppers and Optimists also getting in on the act. Goto AY Race Report 5

King's Cup - Sailors welcome back North East tradewind
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 44th Dec 2014: After canceling IRC and Multihull racing yesterday, it was decided to use the lay day, to make up valuable lost time and get the race schedule for all classes back on track. A welcome relief, was the return of the North East tradewind and variations of the scenic island courses were selected. Racing got away on time and a parade of sails then weaved their way through the islands, which not only pleased the sailors but also the photographers, capturing green islands and rocky outcrops in the background. As we approach the serious part of the regatta, so to does the intensity increase amongst the top runners, to either make their move or consolidate their score to determine the class podium positions. Goto AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3King's Cup - Wind out of breath and gives up the ghost...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
3rd Dec 2014: After tracking small zephyrs of breeze, swinging anywhere from Nor Nor West to South West for 3 hours, PRO Ross Chisholm on the racing class courses, decided to end the 'Hurry Up and Wait' scenario by raising AP over A pennants at midday and sounding the horn to cancel racing for the day. On the Cruising courses, PRO Tracy Heritage was more patient, and as in most postponement cases, the wind picked up to 5 knots an hour latter, and she was into the starting sequence. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2King's Cup - Where is the wind?
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
2nd Dec 2014: As the yachts made their way out to the early morning start, a few patches of breeze on an otherwise flat calm sea could be seen. With a limp postponement pennant, PRO Ross Chisholm searched the horizon in vain for any sign of breeze. What little did appear, proved to be unstable in direction and faded away as quickly as it arrived. After a couple false alarms, a light but stable breeze sprung up from the South East and after waiting for 2 hours 45 minutes the starting sequence finally got underway. The IRC and Multihull classes completed two short windward/leeward races, while the Cruising classes, had a little longer to wait for the breeze to reach them and set off on around the cans race. The strong outgoing current came into play and those that used it to maximise their cause, came through with flying colours. A quick look through the results and a similar pattern as yesterday seems to be emerging. Goto AY Race Report 2

King's Cup racing underway in light variable conditions
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1 01st Dec 2014: Although the outlook on WindGuru looked bleak, there was enough wind for both start lines to get racing underway on time. The cruising classes headed off, on around the islands courses and the IRC and Multihull classes completed three short windward/leeward races in quick succession, which proved to be a solid start to the regatta. Throughout the day, the breeze picked up as it switched to the North, and produced a mixed bag of results and crews vowing to do better tomorrow. Although the cruising courses had to be shortened, it was great to see a parade of sails once again adorning the Andaman Sea and crews feeling privileged to take part in the "Jewel in the Crown" of Asian Regattas. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportAsia's premier regatta rolls out the red carpet...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
30th Nov 2014: Despite Thailand being under martial law, yachts from all over the world have arrived in Phuket, to contest Asia's premier regatta and looking forward to a week of fast and furious sailing action. The crews are full of anticipation on how the racing will unfold. The layday has been reinstated after dropping it last year and the highlight will be the sailpast and 21 Gun Salute on King Bhumibol Adulyadej 87th birthday (Friday 5th) off Cape Prom Thep, which also coincides with the auspicious Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the world's longest reigning monarch. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

2014-15 AYGP title race taking shape...
Goto November AYGP NewsBy AY MultiMedia
November 27th: After four events, the 2014-15 AYGP Pointscore is taking shape, as serious contenders for the 2014-15 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards are making their mark. Paul Winkelmann’s JV42, Island Fling has competed on all four events this season and has held the lead since the Audi China Coast Regatta and overall victory on the Hong Kong to Hainan Race. Although Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 has only contested two events, they have won both and accumulated enough points to hold second place and working on successfully defending the title. Bremner's Foxy Lady 6, exemplary performance puts them on a nine Asian regatta winning streak since 2012 and with the Phuket King's Cup looming next week, could make it 10 on the trot. Goto November AYGP News

RMSIR ends in a storm and some carnage...
Goto AY Race Report 6 & SummaryBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
22nd Nov 2014: The day started with a mild North Easterly blowing down the harbour and ended when a storm cell ascended from the South, and swung the breeze around, then increased to 20 plus knots and pelted down with rain. On the racing course, Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi lost valuable time when they became entangled with the windward mark anchor line and low and behold, Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth's new Sydney GTS43 EFG Bank Mandrake did the same on the second round. Those unprepared when the storm hit, ended with shredded spinnakers flying horizontally from the masthead and/or trawling in the water with embarrassing red faced crew. Others that were prepared, hankered down and experienced very fast two sail reaching and invariably won their respective classes. Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary  Goto AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 5RMSIR - Langkawi Harbour races turn into a casino...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
22nd Nov 2014: What started off in relatively fresh conditions, quickly turned light and variable, with a minefield of parking lots to navigate through. The top mark on the racing class course was laid under the hilly bluff and as the breeze veered to the right, it produced a wind shadow effect, that made some results resemble a lottery. Only one race was held for all classes and the islands course was shortened for the slower cruising classes. As the seabreeze filled in, the yachts progressed back up the harbour and with every puff, it looked like the roll of the dice in a casino. Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi managed to whip around the racing course and avoid the pitfalls to take the daily double in the IRC 1 class and regain some composure on the score sheet. Goto AY Race Report 5

RMSIR - Classic North Easterly brings fast passage to Langkawi
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 421st Nov 2014: After a short 'Follow Me' exercise, while the Easterly breeze built to a steady 6 knots, the start line was set and PRO Jerry Rollin released the fleet on the 53nm Pinang to Langkawi race. The reaching start saw multi coloured spinnakers being hoisted, as skippers jostled for position and clear air. As the breeze increased it began clocking around to the North, turning the course into a fine reach, which called for several headsail changes, more akin to switching gears in a car. The further they got along the track, the North Easterly gained strength to 25-28 knots and quickly whipped up a lumpy 1.5m sea swell, thus turning the course into a one tack drag race. The huge code zero that Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Antipodes carried in the early stages gave them the lead and despite pressure from behind, held on for overall line honours by 2 minutes and 12 seconds from Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi. Goto AY Race Report 4

RMSIR - Harbour races even up the scores...
Goto AY Race Report 3By AsianYachting MultiMedia
19th Nov 2014: Despite a lengthy wait for the sea breeze to arrive and strengthen, the IRC classes managed to complete two windward/leeward races and the Cruising Classes one harbour race. After the slowest race in history from Pangkor, everyone was keen to get going again and improve their overall standings. The Multihull class officially start their series here in Pinang and are expected to put Danny Moore's 3Itch to the test. A huge windshift progressively moved down the course on the first downwind leg, which hampered the leaders and gave the trailing boats an advantage. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2RMSIR - Bright & sunny to seaward, dark & stormy overland...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
18th Nov 2014: Although the transition from morning land breeze to afternoon sea breeze began early, by the 1300hrs start time, there was just enough for PRO Jerry Rollin to call the start sequence. As the yachts gingerly tacked their way around the Southern tip of Pangkor Laut, they were greeted by some seriously dark storm clouds building up along the coast, while out in open water bright sunshine and a light sea breeze looked welcoming. Choosing which way to go, posed the first problem of the day. The favoured tack would take the leading yachts headlong into the storm or are the dark clouds moving toward them faster, than they can escape to seaward. By the time they were clawing their way along the West coast of Pulau Pangkor the usual suspects, Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Antipodes, Andrew Cocks back on form Simonis Voogd 56 Starlight and Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi were playing the wind shifts and trying to outrun each other at the front of the 40 strong fleet. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 2

RMSIR - Resounding sendoff for 25th anniversary...
Goto AY Race Report 1By AsianYachting MultiMedia
16th Nov 2014: At the Welcome Dinner, it was only appropriate that the RMSIR Regatta Chairman, Martin Axe to proudly ring the starting bell for the 25th running of the event, that he has taken part in and been the driving force from the very beginning. Back in 1991, it was also Martin that arrived in Darwin, Australia on Hijas Kasturi's Kembara and invited Jon Wardill to bring Australian Maid to Malaysia and participate on the 2nd Raja Muda Int. Regatta - the rest is history. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then and once again, it is good to see sailors from all over the world, come together for some friendly competition, on yachts of all shapes and sizes. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportRMSIR - Stalwarts ready to celebrate silver anniversary...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
15th Nov 2014: Its that time of the year again, when lovers of overnight passage racing, congregate at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club in Port Klang, to contest this unique island hopping event, along Malaysia's west coast. This year is a special occasion, as its the 25th running and several past winners are returning to celebrate the auspicious silver anniversary. Notably Jon Wardill's Cassidy 55 Australian Maid will be competing for the 22nd time and Neil Pryde returns with his Welbourn 52 Hi Fi and gunning to make it their seventh win on the RMSIR honor board. Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth have a new Sydney GTS43 EFG Bank Mandrake 3 and Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 are aiming to defend the title. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report and check out the RMSIR Archive Photo Gallery

China Cup - Three-way gunfight to determine winners
Goto: AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBy AsianYachting MultiMedia - CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
Monday, 27th October, Shenzhen, China: With Vatti Sailing (2012 winner) and Vanke Longcheer (2013 winner) tied on 11 points at the top of the leaderboard, and Beijing Sailing Center (2011 winner) just a point behind in third place, all eyes were on the crucial start sequence today. Vanke Longcheer chose the favoured pin end, with Vatti Sailing mid-line and Beijing Sailing Center, held up in the second row. As they made their way along the course, Vanke Longcheer seemed to be heading for a light patch, while Vatti Sailing were forced to tack away and dip the boat behind, while Beijing Sailing Center struggled in bad air from the yachts in front. The passage course took them out to nearby islands and back, which would ultimately determine the winner in this hotly contested class. Goto:
AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

China Cup - Three-way match race to decide 40.7 victory
Goto AY Race Report 3By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
Sunday, 26th October, Shenzhen, China: The Beneteau 40.7 fleet is perfectly poised for a three-way gunfight going into the final day of the China Cup International Regatta. The winners of the past three editions go into Monday virtually neck and neck, with Vatti Sailing (2012 winner) and Vanke Longcheer (2013 winner) tied at the top, and Beijing Sailing Center (2011 winner) just a point behind in third place. After scoring inside the top three in every race up to today, Jono Rankine’s Vatti Sailing slipped up with a 4,7 and have given away any advantage on the leaderboard. Goto
AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2China Cup - Combining business with sport...
By AY MultiMedia
25th October: One may wonder, why would you hold a Sailing Forum when all the sailors are out on the water racing. In China, educating the masses, plays a big part when introducing something new and important to the community. Pleasure boating pursuits are activities that successful businessmen and upwardly mobile people in the community, are likely to undertake as a sport or leisure activity. Therefore a variety of specialist speakers were invited to the 6th Asia Sailing Culture Development Forum to present their case, to a mixed audience, mainly students from the Tourism University undertaking a study in this field. There were also some big future plans announced by CEO David Zhong on the way forward for the China Cup. Goto
AY Race Report 2

China Cup - Brisk pace on the opening race...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia - CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence

Goto AY Race Report 124th October: Fifty five yachts in six classes set off on the 20nm close hauled Simpson Marine Passage Race from Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong to Daya Bay, China. The 14 to 16 knot EN Easterly sent them briskly on their way and the big boats made quick work of the course. Frank Pong's Custom 75 Jelik claimed line honours by the preverbial mile and the IRC A handicap honours. The rivaly in the Beneteau First 40.7 one design class, between 2012 Champion Jono Rankine's Team Vatti and defending champion Haitao Zang's Vanke Longcheer has started again with Rankine's Team Vatti taking the upper hand by a mere 44 seconds this time around, with the 2011 champion Rick Pointons' Beijing Sailing Center slipping into third place. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...8th China Cup ready to blast off...
By AY MultiMedia - CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
22nd October: After successfully delivering a keynote AsianYachting Grand Prix
(AYGP) presentation at the 5th Asia Sailing Culture Development Forum and generating International media coverage for the China Cup last year, its no surprise then, that they have invited AY back especially to cover the forum, and work with other media to promote the racing side of the regatta to an International audience. This time we want to get down to the nitty gritty and find out how the Chinese go about organising sailing events and if the present growth of the pleasure boat industry can be sustained. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Hong Kong Teams making waves in 2014-15 AYGP title race...
By AY MultiMedia - RHKYC Media
Goto End of October AYGP News October 20th: Although Karl Kwok’s all-conquering TP52 Team Beau Geste suffered their first loss in ages, at the Audi China Coast Regatta, they rebounded by taking out Line Honours, winning the IRC Racer 0 Class and smashed the previous Hong Kong to Hainan Race Record by 2h 49m 21s, setting a new benchmark time, 25h 54m 33s in the process. Boat Captain Cameron Ward was delighted, and when asked how the race had been for Team Beau Geste, he answered in a word – “Wet!”. Ward went on to elaborate: “The boat is designed for inshore racing, but we thought we’d try her out on the 380nm downwind offshore race. It was tough – none of us slept for the whole night – we just kept working, as it was the only way to stay in front of the other boats.” Summing up the race, Ward continued “a great race – fun, warm and downwind slide, so it was fantastic.” Goto End of October AYGP News

Goto Race ReportsIsland Fling claims Overall Handicap Honours...
By RHKYC Media
17 October 1810hrs: Island fling has finished at 18:20:18, giving her half an hour to spare in her bid to win IRC Overall from Team Beau Geste. EFG Bank Mandrake will be the next boat home, expected at around 0100hrs, followed by Krampus, Tipsy Easy, Sell Side Dream and Surfdude, who is now closing on on Tipsy Easy and Sell Side Dream - if she can catch them, it will be quite a performance from the Millenium 45.
Team Beau Geste takes line honours, IRC Racer 0 & smashes race record
It took just under 26 hours for Team Beau Geste to finish the 380nm Audi Hong Kong to Hainan Race, smashing FreeFire’s 2012 record for a shorter route by 2h 49m and 21s and setting a new benchmark of 25h 54m 33s. Given the fantastic force 5-6 north easterly which blew throughout the race, it may be some time before this time is bettered. Goto Race Reports

Goto Race ReportsLine Honours for Beau Geste - The wait begins for handicap honours...
By RHKYC Media
17 October 1515hrs: Team Beau Geste has just finished at 15:14:33, claiming line honours and setting a new all-comers record for the race of 25h 14m 33s. Karl Kwok must now wait to see where the next three boats finish to see if he can do the triple and claim the IRC Overall title and IRC Racer 0 titles as well.
17 October 1610hrs:
FreeFire finished at 16:07:09 in an elapsed time of 26h 47m 09s, also smashing her 2012 record which was over the shorter Hainan course which left the Lemas to port but could not beat Beau Geste in the handicap stakes..
Goto Race Reports

Goto Race ReportsHainan Race - Gybe Ho! and rush to the finish line
By RHKYC Media
17 October 1100hrs: Both Team Beau Geste and FreeFire have gybed towards the finish with Team Beau Geste still making 13kts VMG and forecast to finish around the 26 hour mark at 1530hrs-ish this afternoon. Island Fling may be the last boat to finish today, with EFG Bank Mandrake and Krampus due in the small hours and Sell Side Dream, Tipsy Frenz and Surfdude finishing midday-ish tomorrow. The battle for IRC Overall is still very much in the balance, with Island Fling currently projected to do well - it will all depend on what happens to the breeze as the boats approach Sanya. Goto Race Reports

Hong Kong to Hainan Race - Off to a flying start...
By RHKYC Media

Goto Race Reports16-October-2014: The warning signal for the 2014 Audi Hong Kong to Hainan Race sounded on schedule today and with 15kts of easterly breeze available throughout the harbour, Race Officer Simon Boyde had no qualms about setting a Club start. The start was relatively sedate – with 380nm to their destination, a few seconds here or there was not going to win the race, but in 18-20kts of breeze the TP52’s set off like scalded cats, making it through traditional pinch point, Lei Yue Mun Gap without slowing down. Once round Waglan Island, their VMG increased to around 18kts and, given the forecast, it is entirely possible that they might make it to Hainan in less than 24hrs. Goto Race Reports Here...

Game on, for the 2014-15 AYGP title race...
Goto October AYGP NewsBy AY MultiMedia
October 14th: When Karl Kwok’s all-conquering TP52 Team Beau Geste arrived in Hong Kong and announced they were planning an assault on the 2014-15 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP), competing crews predicted Trend Fashion could start making the navy blue blazer in advance. After almost a year absence from the Asian circuit, Ray Roberts TP52 OneSails Racing had a few cobwebs to iron out on the first couple of races at the Audi China Coast Regatta, (Second AYGP point scoring event) but came good with four wins and second place to seal their third title win. Goto October AYGP News Here...

Goto Daily Race ReportsAudi China Coast Regatta - Final Day 3
By RHKYC Media

12 October 2014: The wind gods resumed normal service this morning with a 10-12kt north easterly across the Lamma patch, allowing RO Inge Strompf-Jepsen to set a three lap 1.3nm windward leeward for the Racer 0 boats and a two lap 1nm course for all other divisions. After an extremely close race, using both sides of the course, the first boat to cross the line was Signal 8, only five seconds ahead of Island Fling, however it was Elektra which corrected out to first in Racer 1. In Racer 2, Mojito took the gun with Whiskey Jack taking the IRC honours, and Jelik took another bullet for Racer 0, but had to settle for third on IRC behind OneSails Racing and Team Beau Geste. The next race the committee boat could only watch as Jelik stalled and then slowly picked up speed to finish with a bullet, followed closely by Team Beau Geste and OneSails Racing. Ray Roberts sealed his third China Coast Regatta title with another win on handicap. Goto Daily Race Reports Here...

Masyuri triumphs in PD, Koo is overall Liga Layar Malaysia champion
Goto Daily Race ReportsPort Dickson (October 12): Mohd Masyuri Rahmat, skipper of RMNMRT/151(ONESAILS) Racing Team had emerged victorious at the sixth edition of Liga Layar Malaysia (LLM) here today, finally beating close rival Jeremy Koo of Sime Darby Foundation – Koo Racing Team. “Finally we managed to beat Jeremy, I was really happy with the way my team performed today,” said Masyuri after the races ended. However, Koo and his team emerged as the overall LLM champions with a total of 46 points, pipping Masyuri by five points for the title. As overall champions, Koo received a medal, a car sponsored by KIA as well as a trophy. He was also announced as the skipper of the 1Malaysia Match Racing Team A which will represent the country at the Monsoon Cup. Along with a second team – 1Malaysia Match Racing Team B – Koo and his crew will be trained by Graeme Spence, the newly-appointed coach for match racing. Goto Daily Race Reports & 1Malaysia Match Racing Team announcement Here...

Audi China Coast Regatta - Day 2
By RHKYC Media

Goto Daily Race Reports11 October 2014: It was a long and trying day for the Race Officer at today’s Audi China Coast Regatta, with a dearth of breeze in the Lamma patch forcing Inge Strompf-Jepsen to seek out a course in Tai Tam Bay, where 8-10kts of northerly was on offer. With a limited race area available, Strompf-Jepsen set a geometric course with a windward mark at 1nm for Racer 0 and IRC Premier and 0.7nm for Racer 1 and 2, IRC Cruiser and HKPN. Not many boats have ever beaten Karl Kwok's TP52 Beau Geste! Ray Roberts TP52 One Sails Racing did just that and took 2 races off them today with a 1,2,1 scoreline and sit 1 point behind them in the overall stakes. Goto Daily Race Reports Here... & Results Here...

Goto Daily Race Reports LLM - Top match racers continue battle in Port Dickson
Port Dickson (October 11): The second day of the sixth edition of Liga Layar Malaysia 2014 saw the top teams continue their battle for the top spot in Port Dickson. Good wind condition in the morning helped teams to finish the first stage of round-robin races before lunch time. Races resumed in the afternoon and teams battled in the second stage of qualifiers where four out of the seven flights scheduled were completed. Hazwan Hazim Dermawan, skipper of Perak Match Racing Team, ended the first round on top with six wins out of seven races. Nik Ashraf Qaedi Nik Azizan and his KFC/MYA Racing Team was second and Jeremy Koo of Sime Darby Foundation – Koo Racing Team was third in the first round of qualifiers. Goto Daily Race Reports Here...

Goto Race Report Liga Layar Malaysia - Hazwan Hazim blazing through round-robin
By Innovatige Sdn Bhd

Port Dickson (October 10): Hazwan Hazim Dermawan marked his comeback as skipper in the local match racing circuit with the most wins from the round-robin races today. Helming the Perak Match Racing Team, Hazim notched five consecutive wins before losing to Jeremy Koo of Sime Darby Foundation – Koo Racing Team in the last race of the day. “Our teamwork quality was quite superb, we managed to minimise our mistakes and stuck to our tactical plan throughout the races,” Hazim commented on his performance. Koo meanwhile started his campaign in Port Dickson with a couple of changes in his team lineup and but managed to adapt and won all three races he had for the day. Goto Race Report Here...

Audi China Coast Regatta - Day 1
By RHKYC Media

Goto RHKYC Race Reports10 October 2014: Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen was out on the water early this morning to check out conditions for the first day of Audi China Coast Regatta. With the IRC Racer divisions looking forward to a windward/ leeward course followed by an islands course and IRC Premier, Cruising and HKPN scheduled to venture around a long islands course, Strompf-Jepsen elected to get racing underway on schedule, starting the Premier, Cruiser and HKPN fleets ahead of the racers to avoid any late afternoon softening of the wind. Meanwhile, the IRC Racers completed their first windward/leeward of the competition with IRC 0 completing three laps of a 1.2nm course and the other divisions completing two laps of a shorter 0.9nm course. In Racer 0, Team Beau Geste took the gun just half a minute ahead of FreeFire, with Sam Chan’s boat taking first on corrected time, while in Racer 1, Island Fling took the bullet and first on corrected time ahead of Electra. In Racer 2, Mojito took the gun, only for Talking Head to take first on IRC. Goto RHKYC Race Reports Here...

October AY News & Views Online Now!
Check out the Asian Games SEA Medal Haul, Olympic Qualifiers, Winning formula for Volvo Ocean Race, Plotting course to victory in AC 35 and an exotic array of Unluckiest Sailors of the Month... Click Here...

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummarySevere test on final races at Western Circuit
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August 23rd: Dark storm clouds, wind shear half way up the course causing first race to be blown off, heavy rain and constant changes in wind direction and speed, kept the Race Officers on their toes and competitors playing snakes and ladders. Combined with some premature starters, crowded mark rounding's, late spinnaker drops in 15 knot gusts and the drop race coming into play for the IRC classes, saw some big gains and losses on the overall rankings. By persevering with the conditions, a full bout of races were completed and another Western Circuit comes to a successful conclusion, Goto Race Results, AY Photo Gallery and Race Report 4 & Summary

Form guide to remaining Western Circuit races
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Goto AY Race Report 3 - Form Guide
August 21st: With the IRC and PY Classes having completed four races and the One-Design and Multihull classes, a massive eight races last weekend, a full bout of racing is scheduled for the final day showdown on Saturday at Raffles Marina, Singapore. Some classes maybe a forgone conclusion for the leaders, but there is still a lot of sting in the tail of the chasing pack, to settle podium places and bragging rights at stake for winning the final races. The weather conditions and navigating strong tidal currents in confined waterways, will determine the outcome and ultimately all crews will be celebrating long into the night at the gala presentation dinner in the Raffles Marina ballroom. But before we get to carried away, lets look at the current standings and make some bold predictions based on performance and expectations into a Form Guide. Goto Race Results - AY Race Report 3 and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 2Western Circuit chipping away at a steady beat...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 18th: Although gray sky and a muggy horizon greeted sailors in the morning, the South Westerly arrived early and by start time, 10 knots sent all the classes away on time and looked very promising for the rest of the day. The combined IRC A and B classes set off on a 20nm passage race, through the Western ship anchorage and the overall winner presented with the prestigious SMU President’s Cup. Meanwhile back at Raffles Marina the SB 20's continued with vigor for the SMU International Cup (A regatta within a regatta) and the IOM remote-controlled boats and Access 2.3's for disabled sailors wrapped up their series. The One Design and Multihull classes continued with four more races and along with the IRC classes, will carry over to next weekend for the final showdown. Like cream rising to the top, the best sailors have distinguished themselves which shows in the progressive overall results. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Gods are smiling on Day 1 of Western Circuit
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 16th: After a week of stormy weather, the gods produced blue sky, sunshine and 6 to 12 knot South Westerly breeze, for the race committee to conduct 3 races for the IRC Classes and 4 for the one-design and Multihull classes. A strong incoming tidal current, saw some boats starting well back from the line and several boats hooking up the top mark, which lacked enough chain to keep the rope down at suitable depth. The 20 strong SB20 class were keen to get away and two general recalls plus crowded mark rounding's, didn't blight their enthusiasm and are a sight to behold with multiple spinnaker colours on the downwind. Tired crews assembled in the restaurant for the presentation party to celebrate the spoils, discuss the days activities or drown their sorrows with nightly down downs for their troubles. Goto Results and AY Race Report 1

Western Circuit ready for action...
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Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportAugust 15th: A formidable line-up of local and International sailors are contesting the 17th SMU-RM Western Circuit, over the next two weekends (Aug 16, 17 & 23) at Raffles Marina in Singapore. This event is Singapore's premier sailing event, where anything goes from large keelboats, multihull's, to beach catamarans, SB20's, Access 2.3's for disabled sailors, right down to the IOM remote-controlled boats. The youthful enthusiasm and vigor of the Singapore Management University (SMU) students, combined with the full on facilities at Raffles Marina, is like a marriage made in heaven. Both on and off the water, the Western Circuit has developed a reputation for lively fleet racing plus fun filled post race parties. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

2014-15 AsianYachting Grand Prix off to a solid start...
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Go to July AYGP News
23rd July 2014: A lot of discussion at the season opening Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek (Goto AY Photo Gallery), revolved around further participation at the twelve events, that make up the 2014-15 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP). Quite a few of the top racing yacht owners and skippers, are planning their movements based on competing in at least six events during the season, to put themselves in the running for the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. Although Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady 6, won the IRC Racing Class title in fine style and kicked off their assault on the 2014-15 AYGP title, it's Roland Dane's Corby 36 Jessandra II, with five wins in a row and a run away victory in the IRC 2 Class, that opens at the top of the AYGP leaderboard. All the class winners and podium places followed suite in the 2014-15 Rankings, which can be viewed by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta - Race Dates and Scoring System. Goto July AYGP News...

CPHPR - Barmy tropics interrupts racing but persistence pays off
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryJuly 20th: After a two days of superb sailing conditions, the South Westerly flow deserted us yesterday and racing was completely abandoned. It didn't look any better this morning and after another lengthy wait, miraculously a light South Easterly appeared on the horizon, which was just enough for PRO Simon James to get racing underway. The Multihull, Cruiser and Classics started first and were dispatched to seaward on a two island passage race. Then the IRC Racers on a short windward/ leeward course. No racing yesterday, virtually ensured the run away class leaders overall victory. It didn't have the excitement of a final race showdown but none the less everyone was keen to get going again and make the most of the last day of racing. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 3CPHPR - South Westerly gives up the ghost and racing abandoned
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 19th: After a couple days of superb sailing conditions the inevitable happened. The South Westerly that has served us well, for the last two weeks, failed to arrive. After 3 and half hours waiting, PRO Simon James finally called it a day and officially abandoned racing for the entire fleet. Crews had time for a swim, take lunch and observe mother natures creation of a halo around the sun, while waiting for the wind to increase. All in vain and hopefully live to fight on the final day tomorrow. The standings and results from yesterday will carry over to tomorrow. Go directly to results at: http://phuketraceweek.com/results/ Racing concludes tomorrow and the final prize presentation and gala dinner held at the Cape Panwa Hotel in the evening. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2CPHPR - Another challenging day in paradise
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 18th: Although the South Westerly has dropped a little to 8-12 knots, the sun is out, the sky is blue and the fleet completed up to two races by 1500hrs and back at the Cape Panwa Hotel beach bar, for refreshing cold drinks, to finish another challenging day in paradise. PRO Simon James, chose a quick windward/leeward race for the racing classes and a single passage race around the islands for the Bareboat/Charter and Classic Classes. Then it was the racers turn for an islands passage race and the number of islands is determined by the average boat speed in the class. Goto AY Race Report 2

CPHPR - Picture perfect conditions to start off with
Goto AY Race Report 1By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 17th: All speculation about the weather conditions over the last couple of days, were put to rest, when 12 to 14 knot South Westerly and clear blue sky, graced the course for the opening races. The fleet were eager to get away and the smart racers were checking out the windward beat and spinnaker handling techniques before the start. On paper the IRC Racing Class seemed a bit lopsided, with four forty footers taking on the might of Ahern/ Wilmer & Bailey's TP 52 Oi!, but when Race 1 results were broadcast, it was Bill Bremner's AYGP award winning Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 in the box seat and Oi! down in 4th place, Goto AY Race Report 1

CPHPR - Ready to blast off amongst the islands
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportJuly 16th: After the wind swept Multihull Solutions Regatta last week, everyone is getting ready and looking forward to more of the same. Although it has been raining in Phuket the last few days, Windguru predicts that the SW flow will increase by the start of the regatta. The races usually start and finish, amongst the islands off the SE coast of Phuket, where last week 2 to 3 meter swells were rolling through. The Cape Panwa Hotel staff have been busy preparing the race village for four nights of entertainment and along with free-flow of Mount Gay Rum Golden Mojito's and Mont Clair wines, are aiming for a regatta party worth remembering. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto AY Race Report 3 & SummaryMSR - Final day showdown did not disappoint
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 13th: In stark contrast to the last two days, the South Westerly moderated to 15-18 knots, with a clear sky and boat damage limited to minor breakages. In all three classes the podium places were open for the taking and most the fleet completed hurried repairs and were back out on the water, to fight on the final day. For the first race, PRO Simon James decided to send the fleet out of Chalong Bay, to the Phuket Harbour clear water mark and back, followed by a windward/leeward race to finish with. There was still plenty of excitement as the boats rotated and changed places on each leg of the course. Goto AY Race Report 3 & Summary and action packed Photo Gallery

More carnage reshuffles the overall order
Goto AY Race Report 2By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 12th: The old cliche "One day a rooster, the next day a feather duster" applies today. Some yachts that came through with relative little damage and looking good on the score sheets yesterday, suffered damage and their overall order reshuffled today. Despite the public holidays, the camaraderie amongst the crews have miraculously conducted repairs overnight and most boats were back out to fight another day. Just as the starting sequence was completed, the dark clouds building up over Rawai, swept across the course and gave the crews a thorough dousing. The South Westerly topped out at 40 knots as the storm descended on the fleet, then dramatically dropped during the rain, but as soon as the storm passed over, returned with a vengeance. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 Strong wind, severely tests the Multihull's
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 11th: Under an overcast sky and the watchful eyes of the big Buddha statue, racing got underway in 15 to 25 knots from the South West. Yesterday John Newnham's Twin Sharks nose dived and capsized during practice, sending a message to other skippers to beware. A pressure system in the Bay of Bengal has generated a strong South Westerly flow for the last week and is predicted to increase for the weekend. As the crews made their way out to the start line, the mainsails were being reefed and all precautions were being taken. The radio crackled and Henry Kaye's Seacart 26 Sweet Chariot became the first casualty when the rotating mast unstepped itself and the spreader speared through the mainsail. Goto AY Race Report 1

Multihull's getting ready to fly...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportJuly 10th: During the 2011 Multihull Championship, we wisely predicted that "Multihull's are the flavour of the decade" and haven't been proved wrong yet. With boat designers, builders and composite experts, relocating to Phuket and surrounding SE Asian countries, the growth has been phenomenal and some very functional and sleek racing machines have emerged. For the Ao Chalong Yacht Club this is the 7th running of the 'Multihull Only' event and since Multihull Solutions have opened branches in Asia, sponsoring the regatta is a natural move and immediately raised the profile of the event to its former glory days. With WindGuru predicting South Westerlies in the stormy high teens and building to over 20 knots by the weekend, rest assured there will be plenty of action, in and around the islands on Phuket's South East Coast, for the next 3 days. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Frenz Emperor News - Round Tioman Challenge is born...
Go to July 2014 News.By AsianYachting MultiMedia

04 July 2014: After covering the inaugural Besar Regatta and while amongst the Malaysian East Coast Islands, it would be a shame not to pay a visit to Abdul Ghafar (Afai's) family, who are building the Frenz Emperor Resort & Spa on Pulau Tioman. A quick speedboat ride to Mersing on the mainland, then all aboard for the Fast Ferry to Genteng on Pulau Tioman, 25nm out into the South China Sea. Connecting with resort pickup and short speedboat ride to secluded Pasir Cina, tucked away on the South West Coast of Tioman and your firmly planted at the gateway to Frenz Emperor - Tioman Go to July 2014 News.and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryInaugural Besar Regatta ends on high note
By AY MultiMedia
June 26th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: The day dawned seemingly unaware that the final day racing was about to take place at the Besar Regatta. No wind and glassy sea, set all the crews wondering if racing would take place. Thankfully a few zephyrs appeared to revive some faith and by the 11:00 start time, the Southerly had filled in and the fleet were away on a 22 nm passage race. South around Besar, across to Pulau Rawa to stage a sail past for the Sultan of Johore and round Harimau before returning via Tengah and Hujong to the Besar finish line. After the short windward beat the pecking order had been established and on the long run to Harimau, boat speed and gybing angles played a major role in determining the outcome. Even the heavy displacement yachts fared well under spinnakers that have not seen daylight for many years. The final leg was a fine reach and for the first time the Multihull's took line honours. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Besar Regatta - Fantastic racing in tropical paradise
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3
June 25th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: Although the fresh Westerly had moderated and backed into a Southerly by start time, turning what was supposed to be a short reaching race into a windward/leeward course, all yachts finished within an hour and half. Then it was on for a long passage race, that would take them South of Besar and over to Pulau Rawa, then return via Tengah and Hujong Islands. The top yachts in each class continue to dominate proceedings with the occasional error juggling the placing's. Several sailors have been in touch with friends in Australia and New Zealand who are full of envy of them sailing in t-shirt, shorts and downing copious quantities of cold beer. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Another historic race around Pulau Besar
By AY MultiMedia
June 24th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: Once again history was being made when the starting horn sounded for the anticlockwise circumnavigation of Pulau Besar, Tengah and Hujong Islands. The morning saw the welcome return of the South Westerly and by the midday start time, 6 to 8 knots sent the fleet on its way. The 18nm course comprised of a short windward beat to the South of Besar, followed by a long spinnaker run on the back strait and returning on a windward beat to the finish. Goto AY Race Report 2

All's well on the inaugural Singapore to Besar Race
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1June 23rd, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: A light Southerly was enough to start the twelve entrants, in front of Changi Sailing Club on the inaugural Singapore to Pulau Besar Race. Initially close hauled, until freeing up as they rounded the Johor coast and spinnaker run all the way North to Besar. Although the breeze never got above eight knots, the yachts raced through the night, with a tactical twist of picking the right path through the tidal currents, that would eventually determine the winner. Also for some the last few miles to the Aseania Beach Resort finish line was a bit tricky as the wind turned back to close hauled as crews struggled in the light air. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary BIYC - Victory for Uranus
By AY MultiMedia
June 21st, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: Despite Troy Yaw's TP52 Team Ulumulu, being very determined to improve their round the cans performance and clinch the cup, the Malaysian Armed Forces DK47 Uranus skippered by Norhafisam Bin Ahmed stayed on the pace to win both races today and claimed overall victory in front of their home crowd. A start line incident rattled Team Ulumulu in the first race and a tactical error on the second race deprived them from advancing beyond second overall. On the provisional results, Lt Mohd Hani"s Runnalls 8 Miri Magic 2 leap frogged Leonard Chin's Custom 46 Ulumulu (Team Sabah) into third place but a start line barging protest has over turned the result and awarded the third podium place to Chin's Ulumulu. Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

History being made at Pulau Besar
By AY MultiMedia
June 20th, Pulau Besar, Malaysia: On Saturday 21st June, twelve yachts will start on the inaugural Singapore to Palau Besar Race and Regatta. Jointly organised by Changi Sailing Club and Aseania Beach Resort on Pulau Besar, the CSC@Besar Regatta from June 21 - 27, is the newest regatta on the block. It starts with an 100nm passage race from CSC to Pulau Besar on the East coast of West Malaysia. Customs and Immigration will be at Pulau Besar upon arrival and departure. One day to rest, then three days from 24th - 27th June for Inshore Windward/ Leeward races and a Passage races, round neighbouring Johor Islands before returning to Singapore on 28th June. Goto Entry List & AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto AY Race Report 5BIYC - Team Ulumulu back on the pace to KK
By AY MultiMedia
June 20th, Labuan, Malaysia: With the wind pitching in at 12 to 18 knots and a spinnaker run all the way, Troy Yaw's TP52 Team Ulumulu, averaged slightly over 12 knots for the 86 mile Labuan to Kota Kinabalu Passage Race. In doing so, they scored the daily double, but it took half the race before they could shake off the Malaysian Armed Forces DK47 Uranus skippered by Norhafisam Bin Ahmed from their tail. In the end, it was a little over 8 minutes that separated them on corrected time and Team Ulumulu is rapidly closing in on the pointscore, but Uranus still holds the overall lead. Goto AY Race Report 5

BIYC - Vanishing breeze hampers Labuan Harbour Race
Goto AY Race Report 4By AY MultiMedia
June 18th, Labuan, Malaysia: A late start due to the flag off by YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, meant the yachts arrived an hour late at the starting area, just as the morning breeze started to wane. No cruising boats bothered to race which left the four racing class yachts and two of the eight Multihull's preparing to go through the motions. As the race progressed it turned into a drift-a-thon and after one and a half laps the racing class were shortened and as the two multihull's were showing all zero's on the dials they retired back to the marina. Goto AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3BIYC - Team Ulumulu breaks Miri to Labuan record
By AY MultiMedia
June 17th, Labuan, Malaysia: Despite persistent trouble with the spinnaker tack, Troy Yaw's TP52 Team Ulumulu skippered by Jeremy Koo, averaged 10 knots over the 105 nautical mile course, to finish in 10 hours 10 minutes and slash 4 hours off the previous fastest time between the two ports, set by Ray Roberts on the old Ulumulu in 2005. Clocking up to 15 knots boat speed from the Miri start to the Brunei border, then 2 sail reaching with a consistent 10 to 15 knot North Easterly, gave them the perfect conditions to set the fastest elapsed time. One and half hours latter the Malaysian Armed Forces DK47 Uranus skippered by Norhafisam Bin Ahmed, crossed the finish line and were forced to settle on second place. A further one hour and forty two minutes passed before Leonard Chin's Custom 46 Ulumulu (Team Sabah) breasted the line to claim third place. Goto AY Race Report 3

BIYC - SW monsoon sends yachts quickly to Labuan
Goto AY Race Report 2By AY MultiMedia
June 16th, Miri, Sarawak: Heavy rain overnight, spurred on by a strong South Westerly flow, produced a two meter swell and some concern amongst the cruising skippers, to go or not to go. By start time conditions had moderated leaving an uncomfortable seaway, with 8 to 10 knots tending to veer to the East. Undeterred, PRO Prakash Reddy and the race committee set the start line and went into sequence, as the sky cleared it was on in earnest - Labuan or bust. The four IRC racers carefully hoisted spinnakers with varying degrees of success and never looked back. The cruisers held back and we weren't sure whether the starters were late for Class A or early for Class B. Finally the Multihull's turn and another subdued approach, as most boats are sailing two handed and the two meter swell making it difficult to set sails and stay onboard. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 Slow start to Borneo Int. Yachting Challenge
By AY MultiMedia
June 15th, Miri, Sarawak: After a short delay for the wind to reach five knots, PRO Prakash Reddy fired off the starting sequence to get the 2014 regatta underway. The four racing class yachts, were joined by another 8m Miri Magic 1, skippered by measurer Dave Richards for the Miri Bay Race. They went on to win the only race held today, in front of the bigger yachts. While there was enough wind for the racers, the cruisers and multihull's struggled and most retired to the comfort of the marina to fight another day. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBIYC - Promotes yachting tourism in East Malaysia
By AY MultiMedia
June 14th, Miri, Sarawak: First held in 2003 to promote regional marine and sporting tourism in the East Malaysian states and open up the South China Sea as a cruising destination, the Borneo International Yachting Challenge has grown in stature and fostered the growth of marinas to serve these communities. Twenty six yachts have gathered at Miri Marina in Sarawak and after harbour races in Miri, will race to duty-free Labuan and then onto Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This year the start coincides with Sail Malaysia - Passage to the East Rally, so the bulk of the entries are cruising yachts joining for some friendly racing. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

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