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The AsianYachting Grand Prix is coming of age...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto Final June AYGP News...
5th June 2014: A lot has been said about the pride and glory of winning the 2013-14 AsianYachting Grand Prix - AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards, so we showcase in this season ending AYGP Newsletter, just what it takes to be a top contender and ultimately win the title against some very stiff competition. As shown this season, nothing is guaranteed, Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady Racing team achieved the impossible, by winning eight out of nine IRC 1 races and the last race by a mere 2 seconds, to earn them the 2013-14 AYGP Title, by half a point from Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II. This is the closest and most exciting ending we have ever experienced in 12 years the AYGP has been running. Coming into the final showdown, Anthony Root's Red Kite II had built up a formidable 18 point lead and Bremner's Foxy Lady 6 was their only threat, but had to win the IRC 1 Class and 8 races at the season ending Samui Regatta, before donning the Trend Fashion navy blue blazer at the awards ceremony. Goto Final June AYGP News...

Samui Regatta - Foxy Lady win by 2 seconds, couldn't write a better script...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummaryMay 31st, Koh Samui, Thailand: Wow! What a fantastic ending to the Samui Regatta and the 2013-14 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP). The regatta started with 2 days of weather interrupted racing, then the North Easterly flow arrived and got the regatta back on track, plus the race committee was game enough to run passage races and finish up in grand style. It's amazing how it all comes down to the last race at the last regatta. All the crews were out early and full of anticipation for the final showdown. While IRC 0 was still open for the taking, Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 wrapped up IRC 1 yesterday, with 7 wins in a row and gunning for their 8th win to claim the 2013-14 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title from Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II, that has held the box seat for most of the season. PRO Ross Chisholm decided on trapezoid shape courses, to even out the difference between flying symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary and Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4All hands back on deck at Samui Regatta
By AY MultiMedia
May 30th, Koh Samui, Thailand: After the lay day to relax and regroup, all the crews were back out on the water for the penultimate day of racing. As the North Westerly breeze is still hanging in, PRO Ross Chisholm decided on a short windward/leeward race for crews to reacclimatize themselves, before embarking on a 32nm passage race, across to Ko Phangan, then around Ko Tae Nok before returning through the Samui Strait and back to the finish line. The boats that enjoy long asymmetric spinnaker rides finally got enough wind to answer their prayers. They certainly aren't here to play games or make up the numbers, its serious business out there, with 20 teams including four highly fancied 52 footers that every regatta would like to have competing plus eight evenly matched "Flying 40's" battling it out around the course. Today is make or break day and the leading contenders want to drive home their advantage. AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3Samui Regatta - Improved conditions return on Day 3
By AY MultiMedia
May 28th, Koh Samui, Thailand: The sun is out, the sky is blue and a steady 10 knot North Westerly breeze, allowed PRO Ross Chisholm and his race team, to fire off three races in quick succession and catch up with the race schedule before the lay day. Quite a lot of aggression was being directed at the race organisers at yesterdays beach party but with the improved conditions and by returning to a level playing field, most crew will forget the stormy and unpredictable start to the regatta. An orderly pecking order based on size and performance has replaced the lottery like results, as normal service is resumed on the race course for all to enjoy. Goto AY Race Report 3

Samui Regatta - Steady as she goes on Day 2
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 2May 27th, Koh Samui, Thailand: Although the wind produced from a passing storm cell to seaward of the race course was enough to get the fleet away, it soon dissipated and turned the race into a drifting match. The big decision after the start was either to go right or left, which could easily turn the crews into hero's or zero's. As the boats clawed their way into the adverse current, with crews huddled together on the leeward side, it was like watching slow motion in real time. With fresh breeze the right hand side paid huge dividends, as they closed in on the top mark, the yachts on the left disappeared down the gurgle. The IRC 2 race was blown off as they failed to make headway and the course was shortened at the bottom mark for IRC 0 and 1. Then the long wait and as no improvement was in sight, PRO Ross Chisholm had no alternative, other than to call it a day and return to the comforts onshore. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Samui Regatta - A game of snakes and ladders on Day 1
By AY MultiMedia
May 26th, Koh Samui, Thailand: The day started with dead flat calm conditions but the saving grace came in the form of passing rain storms overland and at sea, that produced enough wind for PRO Ross Chisholm to complete two windward/leeward races for the three classes. As the breeze changed direction and fluctuated in strength, the windward mark was constantly changed and eventually Class 1 had to be shortened on the second upwind leg and call an end to the days proceedings. Bill Bremner and crew on his Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 came out on fire, to pick every wind shift and seemed to be in the right place at the right time to notch up two wins. Only six more wins and they will be crowned the 2013-14 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year. It's a big ask but there have been many surprises over the years in "Amazing Thailand". Goto AY Race Report 1

Samui Regatta - And the show must go on...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportMay 25th, Koh Samui: Despite military intervention and the Thai economy reaching an all time low, some of the top skippers competing on the Asian circuit have made their way to Samui for the final showdown. To cap it all off, the runaway leader in the 2013-14 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II (See Campaign Video) had a change of heart and sent the boat on a 3000nm round trip from Hong Kong, as he feels strongly, that if your inline for the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title, its only fitting to make an appearance at the season ending regatta. Although Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 is the only boat that can threaten Red Kite II, they are pitted in the same class and expecting the showdown to go down to the wire. While these skippers fight over the IRC 1 title, four 52-footers will be lining up with reigning champion Frank Pong's Dibley custom 76 Jelik showing the way in IRC 0. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Goto May AYGP NewsLast hurrah, for AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year awards
By AY MultiMedia
13th May 2014: Although Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II has built up a formidable lead in the 2013-14 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP), there is still one competitor that can wrestle the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year award away, at the season ending Samui Regatta from May 24th - 31st. Victory for Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 at the Top of the Gulf Regatta kept their chances alive in the race for the AYGP Title. But they will have to win the highly competitive "Flying 40 Class" and 8 races in the process. This makes their task very difficult but last year there was 10 races held in Samui, and we must remember that Bremner's Foxy Lady Racing Team are on a six regatta winning streak, so anything is possible. As we go down to the wire, two plaques have been manufactured and ready to be added to the trophy. Search the AYGP pointscore by Skipper - Yacht and goto the May AYGP News

TOTGR - Last day perseverance pays dividends
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
5th May 2014: The final day dawned with blue sky and a building seabreeze, that soon put to bed the disappointment of yesterdays abandoned racing. PRO Denis Thompson was keen to get racing away while the sun was shining. All classes got away on time and a huge sigh of relief was heard when the first boats crossed the finish line. All the time dark clouds were brewing over Pattaya and half way through the second race descended over the race course. The race was shortened after one lap and everyone bar the Platu fleet, that were under general recall completed the second race. A lengthy wait through the storm and due to sheer persistence by the race committee a third race got underway. As the seventh race of the scheduled Coronation Cup program was completed, the drop race could be introduced that constitutes a series and successfully brings an end to racing this year. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary

TOTGR - Down came the rain and spoiled all the fun...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
4th May 2014: As the yachts waited in the starting area for some wind to appear, a storm cell descended over the race course and sent the sailors scurrying for shelter. When the sky cleared, there was just enough wind to send the Multihull and Cruising Classes on a passage race, up to Pattaya and out to some nearby islands. The rest of the IRC racing classes had to endure another lengthy wait, as the breeze oscillated and struggled to reach three knots. When it seemed to settle, PRO Denis Thompson bravely called the starting sequence and sent the fleet on a short windward/leeward course. After the first round, the breeze once again played havoc and faded away. Leaving no option, other than abandon the race, as it no longer was a level playing field. It wasn't much better on the dinghy, catamaran and windsurf classes on the inshore courses. Goto AY Race Report 3

Top of the Gulf Regatta - Mixed fortunes on Day 2
Goto AY Race Report 2 By AsianYachting MultiMedia
3rd May 2014: At breakfast the sea was like a sheet of glass and thankfully patches of wind from the South appeared as the 11:00 start time approached. PRO Denis Thompson decided on a long passage race for the Multihull's and IRC racers. The one design Platu 25's contesting the Coronation Cup, would continue with windward/leeward races. A storm cell developed overland and eventually influenced the coastal stretch which extended onto the race course. The second Platu race turned into a lottery and the big boats returning to finish the passage race had to contend with 180 degree windshifts which turned into a drift-a-thon. This had a dramatic effect on the results but its amazing how the top sailors always manage to overcome these difficulties. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Top of Gulf Regatta - Slow & tricky start on Day 1
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
2nd May 2014: The promising breeze from an early morning offshore storm, petered out as the start time approached. There was enough wind for PRO Dennis Thompson to get the fleet away on a windward/leeward race, but faded as the race went on and swung to the right, turning it into a soldiers course. Yachts that were slow to get away, could not make up lost ground and forced to play follow the leader. Although heavily overcast the seabreeze arrived, so the Multihull's and Cruisers were sent on a passage race and the IRC Racers another windward/leeward race. The Platu one design class completed two more races. After the first race lottery, the fleet settled down and the usual suspects regained composure and made their presence known at the top of the score sheets. Goto AY Race Report 1

10th Top of the Gulf Regatta ready for action...
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
1st May 2014: Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Bill Gasson and the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, organising committee have achieved their aim of building an International standard regatta, that top sailors from around the world can take part in. The Top of the Gulf Regatta is the only regatta in Thailand conducted from a marina and Ocean Marina on Jomtien Beach, is Southeast Asia’s largest marina and provides an ideal in-water and onshore base for the regatta. With over 250 boats and 600 sailors taking part from more than 30 countries, in 12 Classes, organisers have planed for one of the biggest and best regattas yet – a fitting tribute for the 10th year... No wonder, this multi-class regatta has been labeled "One of the most diverse regattas in the region". Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Commodore's Cup - Top teams take advantage on final day...
By AY MultiMedia
26 April 2014: Heavy rain overnight produced overcast conditions in the morning, but the seabreeze still managed to arrive on time, although very light and slow to build at the beginning. Once again this helped PRO Jerry Rollin get the IRC Racers away on the first of two windward/leeward races and the Cruising and Multihull classes on their fourth passage race in as many days. The atmosphere was tense as these races would determine the overall champions in three classes. Consequently some starting line anti barging tactics were employed, which caught a few boats offside. After each race the calculators worked overtime to produce the results and relay them to the competitors. Two boats came out with exactly the same corrected time and countbacks were required to determine the final results. All in all, a wonderful conclusion to a great regatta. Goto AY Photo Gallery & AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3Commodore's Cup - Closing in on the class titles
By AY MultiMedia
25 April 2014: As Easter arrived in late April this year, the usual NE tradewind is no where to be found. Thankfully the seabreeze has appeared like clockwork and quickly increased to the mid-teens, for PRO Jerry Rollin and the race committee to successfully conduct three days of racing. The Racing Class embarked on a 27nm course that started with two six mile windward/leeward legs, then some long reaching legs across the enormous bay. Giving the big boats an opportunity to stretch their legs and the smaller boats a chance to take the handicap honours. It took Frank Pong's custom Dibley 76 Jelik less than three hours to whip around the course and claim line honours. Goto AY Race Report 3

Commodore's Cup - Change in the order after windward/leeward races
By AY MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 224 April 2014: Another lengthy wait for the seabreeze to settle down, then it was on for young and old. Two windward/leeward races for the IRC classes and a passage race for the Cruising and Multihull classes. As Ernesto Echauz's TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial and Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire closed in on the bottom mark on different gybes, a loud bang could be heard on the start boat and the subsequent protest hearing has ruled that Freefire was in the wrong and disqualified them. In the IRC Cruiser Racer A class, Marcel Liedts Sydney GTS 43 Elektra and Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II were over the start line and recalled, which left the door open for the other boats to capitalise on their mistake. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Commodore's Cup - Vagaries of the wind determines race results...
By AY MultiMedia
23 April 2014: As the yachts approached the starting area the entire bay was like a millpond. After an hours wait, small wind patches appeared and within 15 minutes, the seabreeze established itself and 14 to 17 knots sent the yachts away on a flying start. Everyone was keen to get going and several close encounters were noticed on the approaches to the startline. One long passage race for all classes, that crisscrossed the bay and timed so all classes would finish about the same time. That was the plan, but as the afternoon wore on the breeze faded, leaving the back markers struggling to finish. Consequently the big boats in all classes claimed the daily double of line and handicap honours. Goto AY Race Report 1

Commodore's Cup - It's on again tonight in dear ole Subic Bay...
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AY MultiMedia
22 April 2014: As Asia’s blue-water classic, the Rolex China Sea Race whines down, the next big AYGP Pointscoring event comes alive, on Subic Bay’s magnificent sun-drenched harbour. This year, for the first time, the 7th Commodore’s Cup program has already kicked off with Flying Fifteen, Optimist, Mirror and Streaker's racing on the bay. The crew training program started by the Saturday Afternoon Gentleman’s Sailing (SAGS) Club of Subic Bay, is beginning to produce young sailors prepared to battle it out and get in amongst the strong Hong Kong contingent. The Keelboat and Ocean Multihull classes have attracted 19 entries and after a few years in decline has produced a good flow on effect for Hong Kong crews, wisely stringing out the Easter holidays, in favour of some good racing amongst an International cast of sailing legends and enjoying the superb Philippine hospitality, instead of hurrying home. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Goto RCSR Day 5 Race ReportsRCSR Day 5 Race Reports - PRYDE AND JOY FOR HI FI
By regattanews.com

20th April 1800hrs: For the second time in four years, Neil Pryde’s Welbourne 52 Hi Fi from Hong Kong has won the Rolex China Sea Race, Asia’s principal offshore event. After this resounding victory,
Neil Pryde returns to form on hs Welbourn 52 Hi Fi and sailing team eager to show they still have what it takes to win regattas. With only three regattas left in the 2013-14 AYGP Season the stakes are getting higher in the race for the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title. Neil Pryde's RCSR victory lifts them up to 7th best racing team in Asia for the time being. Goto Day 5 Race Reports & photos

RCSR Day 5 Race Reports - Juggling the handicap placing's
Goto Day 5 Race ReportsBy RHKYC Media
20th April 0800hrs: Racer 1 - with EFG Bank Mandrake finishing at 7:30:41 and Zanzibar at 7:38:46, provisional results show Signal 8 taking third, behind Ramrod and KuKuKERchu, all three boats taking part in the race for the first time. Kuku also leaps up into 2nd place in the AYGP Pointscore, 0.75 in front off Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady 6 coming into the final rounds. Only Orient Express and Surfdude to go to complete the division. Krampus is first on the water in Racer 2 at 7:39:02, with 16 boats still to finish in all. Goto Day 5 Race Reports

Goto Day 4 Race ReportsRCSR Day 4 Race Reports - Pryde's Hi Fi is IRC Overall champion all over again
By RHKYC Media
19th April 1900hrs:
The second major prize of the 2014 Rolex China Sea Race was decided in Subic Bay this morning, as Hi Fi held Bryon Ehrhart’s TP52 Lucky to a two minute lead on the water to ensure that Neil Pryde’s Welbourne 52 collects the coveted IRC Overall title for the second time in four years. Unaware of his triumph, as there were boats still racing which could have potentially beaten his handicap corrected time, Pryde was delighted with their race, saying that it was a “fantastic race, probably the best we’ve ever had. We were in pressure most of the way apart from a couple of very light hours this morning, other than that, we kept moving all the time.” Goto Day 4 Race Reports

RCSR Day 4 Race Reports - Close finish puts Neil Pryde's Hi Fi in the box seat
Goto RCSR Day 4 Race ReportsBy RHKYC media
19th April 1200hrs: What a close finish on the water for the Racer 0 Class - Lucky finished at 11:05:22 in the company of dolphins, under 2 minutes ahead of Hi Fi, so losing out to Hi Fi on handicap. Antipodes came in 8 minutes later, with FreeFire that has led the TP52 trio for most the race bringing up the rear at 11:17:25. Hi Fi is the boat to beat on IRC Overall .. but KuKuKERchu, Signal 8 and Explorer that have 70nm to go are still very much in the hunt for the China Sea Race Trophy. Goto RCSR Day 4 Race Reports

Goto RCSR Day 3 Race ReportsRCSR Day 3 Race Reports - RAGAMUFFIN 90 SEALS LINE HONOURS
By regattanews.com
April 18th 2300:
Ragamuffin 90 has sealed line honours at the 2014 Rolex China Sea Race having led the entire 565-nm race from the start in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong to the finish in Subic Bay, The Philippines. Syd Fischer’s 90-ft Maxi finished the race at 22:51.18 local time, completing the course in 57 hours, 31 minutes and 18 seconds. The course record remains the 47 hours, 43 minutes and 7 seconds set by Karl Kwok and Beau Geste in 2000. With line honours having been decided the focus is now on who can beat the corrected time set by Ragamuffin 90 in the quest to win overall. The next arrivals in Subic Bay are expected early on Saturday morning. TP52 Freefire is currently second on the water some 99-nm from the finish, closely followed by Neil Pryde's Welbourne 52 Hi-Fi. Goto Day 3 Race Reports

RCSR Day 3 Race ReportsRCSR Day 3 Race Reports - Fischer's Ragamuffin 90 on course for line honours...
By RHKYC media
18th April 1700hrs: The 27th edition of this Category 1 blue water classic looks certain to feature yachting legend Syd Fischer on the silverware, with Ragamuffin 90 sailing consistently to extend an unassailable lead on the water over her closest rivals and expected to finish just before midnight tonight.
At 1500hrs HKT, after 49 hours of racing the Maxi was over 100nm ahead of nearest rival, Freefire who is locked in her own battle with Hi Fi, Antipodes and fellow TP52, Lucky. Philippine entry, Standard Insurance Centennial, is nearly 30nm behind that group, having gambled by going far below the rhumb line in an attempt to catch better breeze, however this race is renowned for a tricky finish and with the projected IRC leaderboard changing constantly, nothing is certain in the battle for IRC supremacy until the boats have crossed the line at Subic Bay. Goto Day 3 Race Reports

RCSR Day 3 Race Reports - Advantage Ragamuffin 90
By regattanews.com
Syd Fischer’s 90-ft Maxi Ragamuffin has a commanding lead some 42 hours into the 27th edition of the Rolex China Sea Race. At 09:30 local time, Fischer’s Ragamuffin 90 was 134-nm from the finish line in Subic Bay, The Philippines and closing in on line honours. Ragamuffin 90 has averaged a steady 10 knots since the start of the race, steadily increasing her lead over the chasing pack. She is expected to complete the 565-nm race in the early hours of Saturday morning. A clutch of 52-ft boats are enjoying an intriguing battle some 100-nm behind Ragamuffin 90. TP52 Freefire (HKG) is currently second on the water followed closely by Neil Pryde’s Welbourne 52 Hi Fi (HKG) and Brian Ehrhart’s Lucky (USA), another TP52. The third TP52 - Ernesto Echauz’s Standard Insurance Centennial, the only Philippines entry - opted for a different tactical approach, sailing much further south of the rhumb line, a strategic manoeuvre yet to pay off. Geoff Hill’s 72-ft Antipodes (GBR) is fifth on the water. Goto Day 3 Race Reports

Got Day 2 Race ReportRCSR Day 2 Race Reports - The Luzon wind shadow is looming...
By RHKYC Media / Koko Mueller
17th April 2014, 2000hrs:
After over 30 hours of racing, Ragamuffin has averaged just over 10kts VMG since the start of the race and, having suffered a slower patch as she reached the latitude of the Philippines, she's now achieving over 9kts again. Standard Insurance Centennial has moved back towards the rhumb line to join the other 52 footers and Antipodes, with Lucky, Hi Fi and FreeFire sticking very close together. The predictions for IRC Overall make interesting viewing, with FreeFire slightly ahead if calculated from the start - Hi Fi if calculated on the last five Yellowbrick reports. Lucky is still in the mix though, with both methods showing her lying second. Goto Day 2 Race Report

Goto RCSR Race Report 2RCSR - Slow progress as leading yachts close in on Luzon
By RHKYC media
17th April 2014: With almost 24 hours under their belts, the race fleet are making the best of the 9 to 10kts of generally easterly breeze to make good progress down the track. As expected, Ragamuffin 90 has gradually extended her lead over the chasing pack, but all eyes will be focused on her progress as she leads the fleet into the forecasted band of light and variable winds off the cost of Luzon. We can expect to see boat speeds dropping and for the fleet top concertina as the breeze fades from the South. Goto Race Report 2

Ragamuffin 90 leads off the Hong Kong start line
Goto RCSR Race Report 1By RHKYC media
16th April 2014: At 1320hrs (HKT) the 2014 edition of the Rolex China Sea Race started in Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour, in front of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Kellett Island clubhouse. With a consistent 7kts from the start line through the harbour and Lei Yue Mun, Race Officer Simon Boyde felt there was no choice, the 34-strong fleet requiring a line which stretched northwards from in front of the Club, almost to Kowloon. On an offshore start line for the first time, Sea Wolf was perhaps a tad aggressive, pushing Ramrod over early, and taking herself half a boat length over in the process. Both Ragamuffin90 and Antipodes chose to stay out of trouble at the pin end and, as expected, it was ‘Rags which quickly put distance between herself and the rest of the fleet. Goto Race Report 1

Goto April AYGP NewsAYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year going down to the wire...
By AY MultiMedia
8th April 2014: The hand crafted AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) trophy is receiving the finishing touches, champagne has been acquired but the Skipper and Yacht to be engraved on the trophy and size of the Trend Fashion navy blue blazer, are yet to be determined. Over the next three weeks, the Rolex China Sea Race starts on Wednesday 16th April, followed by the Commodore's Cup in Subic Bay from April 22nd - 26th and the Top of the Gulf Regatta (May 1st - 5th) will run consecutively. All of the top skippers stand a chance of clinching the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards, depending on which regattas they contest from here on in. Search the 2013-14 AYGP Pointscore by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta Results - Scoring System or Goto the full preview in the April AYGP News...

Frank Pong & Jelik aim to defend the AYGP title
By AY MultiMedia
Goto March AYGP News27th March 2014: As reported in the Boracay AY Race Reports, Frank Pong's, Dibley customised Reichel/Pugh 76 Jelik, becomes the big mover and shaker in the 2013-14 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) rankings. By scoring a massive 15 points at Royal Langkawi, moved them into joint 8th place and another 15 points for winning the combined Subic to Boracay Race & Cup, elevates Pong's Jelik to 4th place in the overall stakes and only 6.5 points behind the present leader, Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II. This rapid rise up the order and finding form with only four regattas to go this season, they could become the first team to win the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards in consecutive years. Despite another dismal performance in Boracay and only contesting three events this season, Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire has scored enough points to make an appearance on the front page in 19th place. Goto March AYGP News and check out the AYGP standings by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta

Boracay Cup - Victory for Jelik, Selma Star and Liannet
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary07:03:2014 Boracay, Philippines: Two more races today and its a wrap for another year. Frank Pong showed no remorse as he guided the Reichel/Pugh 76 Jelik across the finish line for another win and in doing so claimed the combined Subic to Boracay Race and Boracay Cup in one foul swoop. There were high fives and celebrations onboard before the last race started. Despite being recalled at the start, Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa managed to recover quickly and with a 3, 2 scoreline ends up in second overall. After churning up the waves all week, Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Antipodes finally came good in the handicap stakes on the last race to cling onto third overall. Cranking Troy Yaw's TP52 Ulumulu up to 18knots on the downwind legs earned them second and third places for fourth overall and win the Malaysian verses Philippine battle with Ernesto Echauz's TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial. Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary or check out the AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 5Classic conditions return at Boracay Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

06:03:2014 Boracay, Philippines: Although the North Easterly arrived yesterday, its taken till today to build in strength. A clear blue sky and 14 to 18 knots whipping up the seaway, are the classic conditions that everyone comes here for have returned. We left off yesterday with the crew on Ray Ordoveza's Karakoa franticly looking to replace their broken backstay. In a gracious act of sportsmanship, Frank Pong offered up a spare 12mm spectra halyard carried onboard his mother ship and the technicians amongst the crews worked late into the night to fabricate a replacement backstay and get them back on the water today. Goto AY Race Report 5

Down to serious business at Boracay Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 405:03:2014 Boracay, Philippines: After yesterdays passage race it was down to the all important windward/leeward races today, for crews to notch up good scores, that can be carried through to the end of the regatta. Once the heavy cloud cover passed overhead, the North Easterly breeze increased in strength, allowing PRO Jerry Rollin to run two races for the IRC Classes and one passage race for the PY Cruisers. The results would also be a good indication of who could be in the running at the end of the day. After winning yesterday and claiming second place in the first race today, Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa became the first casualty when the backstay parted company. Desperate measures are being taken so they can continue in the regatta but as replacement parts will have to come from abroad, it is highly unlikely that they will arrive in time. Goto AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3NE tradewind returns for Boracay Cup
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

04:03:2014 Boracay, Philippines: As crews made their way to the beach this morning, a huge sigh of relief was heard as the North East tradewind has returned and was already gracing the race course. PRO Jerry Rollin decided on passage races to suite the classes became the order of the day. All 12 boats were out early to familiarize with the conditions and by start time they were ready go. All clear for the Racing Class but Martin Tanco's Sydney 46 Centennial II was called over the line in the Cruiser/Racer Class. Troy Yaw's TP52 Ulumulu was denied the chance to change mainsail, as all skippers had to agree and remains an issue the committee will have to look into next year. Goto AY Race Report 3

Subic Boracay Race - Pong's Jelik takes out the treble...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 203:03:2014 Subic Bay, Philippines: Unusually light wind produced the slowest times in the four years the race has been run. After nailing the start line, Frank Pong's Reichel/Pugh 76 Jelik reached all the crucial points at the right time and extended their lead to take line honours at 1309hrs yesterday, with an elapsed time of 25:09:57, four hours outside the record time they set last year. The three TP52's Ernesto Echauz Standard Insurance Centennial skippered by Ridgely Allan Balladares, Troy Yaw's newly acquired Ulumulu skippered by Jeremy Koo and Sam Chan's Freefire skippered on this occasion by sailing master Russ Parker, were always within sight of each other and after several lead changes finished within 40 minutes of each other. At breakfast this morning, skippers and crew complained about the parking lots they found and claimed they were robbed of the downwind sleigh ride they usually endure. Goto AY Race Report 2

Subic Boracay Race - And there off like a drovers dog...
Goto AY Race Report 1 By AsianYachting MultiMedia

01:03:2014 Subic Bay, Philippines: As the last gust of the morning land breeze descended on Subic Bay, PRO Jerry Rollin sounded the high noon starting horn and 12 yachts crossed the line bound for Boracay. Frank Pong's Reichel/Pugh 76 Jelik nailed it near the committee boat and was followed closely by Ernesto Echauz's TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial up at the pin end. They didn't have to go far before being greeted by the incoming seabreeze to get them on their way. Although the gaggle of boats starting at the pin end, were initially disadvantaged by the fading land breeze, when the seabreeze arrived, they quickly recovered to hold the windward advantage and made their way towards the entrance to Subic Bay. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-ReportQuality verses Quantity in Subic Boracay Race
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

28:02:2014 Subic Bay, Philippines: When the high noon starting signal sounds for the 200 nautical mile, Subic Bay to Boracay Race, 14 yachts in 3 classes will brace themselves for a challenging and tactical race, out of Subic Bay, through the Verde Island Passage, round the notorious tricky Dumali Point and then a downwind sleigh ride all the way to Boracay. Renown for the windy conditions, most the dedicated top Asian racing yachts have come together and enjoy testing the crew skills, in pursuit of an elusive victory. This also has its downside where a lot of racer/cruisers would rather sit this one out for fear of major breakages. Never the less the tropical destination of Boracay remains the lure for sailors where action on and off the water is guaranteed. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Alinghi wins action-packed EX40 opening round in Singapore
Goto Final Race Report23 Feb 2014: The opening Act of the Extreme Sailing Series more than lived up to all the pre-season hype and expectation, where the new teams got stuck in on the Singapore stadium racecourse – but couldn’t quite topple the old order – with three returning teams from 2013 taking honours. An estimated 30,000 spectators watched over four days, as Ernesto Bertarelli’s Swiss team Alinghi sailed a near perfect regatta, with Morgan Larson, Stuart Pollard, Pierre Yves Jorand, Nils Frei and Yves Detrey, finishing more than 50% of the 29 races in the top three. The team had the Act wrapped up before the final double-points race – a feat rarely seen on the circuit. “We couldn’t have dreamed for a better start,” commented an ecstatic Larson after racing. “It was challenging here and with the level of competition a couple of notches higher this season, I think we just carried on from last year and we’re the only team that hasn’t changed any of our crew. We will try and build on from last year and enjoy this victory!” Goto Final Race Report with photo sequence of 3rd day collision Here...

Goto February AYGP NewsMid-order AYGP contenders make solid gains...
By AY MultiMedia
20th February 2014: Although the leading contenders in the AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP), did not contest the Neptune Regatta, there's been some significant moves in the rankings by the mid-order runners. Victory for David Ross' Ker 40 KukuKERchu lifts them from 17th up to 6th place in the overall standings. As they intend contesting at least two more regattas and complete the six regatta quota, this result firmly places them in the running for the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. Goto February AYGP News or search the 2013-14 pointscore by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta Results - Scoring System

Everyone's a winner at Neptune Regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary08:02:2014 Crews were feverishly getting ready for the final showdown as several overall results lay in the balance. The Cruising Classes had an early start from Karas Besar back to Batam, while the Racing Classes prepared for two more windward/leewards at Nongsa Point Marina. The jury decided that David Ross' Ker 40 KukuKERchu would receive average points for the missed races due to the irreparable damage incurred and Simon Piff's Ker 32 Rekering Dream would receive 25% penalty for not carrying sufficient anchoring equipment. In effect this handed the Racing Class title to Ross' KukuKERchu for the third year in a row, but didn't deter the others from going out and fighting over the remaining podium places. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4Checked out of Neptune Island but memories remain...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

08:02:2014 The lay day was spent relaxing and an afternoon tour of the local fishing village on Pulau Blanding that have helped organise facilities at the Neptune Island camp site. Unfortunately last night's dinner was interrupted when Simon Piff's Ker 32 Rekering Dream went walkabout in the anchorage and rubbed up against David Ross' Ker 40 KukuKERchu, causing irreparable side stay damage to KukuKERchu, that's forced them to withdraw from any further racing. Goto AY Race Report 4

Who dares enter King Neptune's domain...
Goto AY Race Report 2 & 3 By AsianYachting MultiMedia

05:02:2014 All classes set off together for a meeting with King Neptune on the Garmin Race to Zero. Clear blue sky, 12 knot North Easterly gusting to 16, made a prefect scenario for meeting with HM King Neptune. David Ross Ker 40 Kukuerchu crossed the equator first, closely followed by Peter Cremers Warwick 75 Shahtoosh. Each yacht was greeted with resounding applause and King Neptune mysteriously appeared and began ceremoniously transforming uninitiated crew from Slimy Pollywogs to Trusty Shellback's. Goto AY Race Report 2 & 3

Severe test for crews before entering Neptune's realm..
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 103:02:2014 Although light North Easterly wind and a strong adverse current hampered the early Cruising boat starts, they all managed to head down the Riau Straits and arrived at the Karas Besar stopover before 1600hrs. Three hours latter the wind picked up into the mid-teens, as the racing classes started the first of two windward/leeward races in front of Turi Beach Resort. The crews had to quickly adapt or face getting into trouble. Late spinnaker drops were the first sign of boats out of control at the bottom mark and Clive van Onselen's Corsair Dash 750 Dash Boot became the first casualty retiring from the race. After a cracking start and leading the Multihull fleet around the first lap, a loud bang on Stewart McLaren's Corsair F31 Tri to Fly saw the mast come tumbling down and put an end to their regatta. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportKing Neptune comes calling again...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

02:02:2014 With the Chinese New Year festivities in full swing, the expat sailing community are extending the holiday to participate on the Neptune Regatta. An entertaining Mount Gay Rum Launch Party was held on Friday night at Lime House, a newly opened Caribbean Bar in Singapore, set the crews in the right mood for an island hopping adventure to the equator and ceremonially inducted into King Neptune's Court. Once again a tremendous effort has gone into bringing all the logistics together to make the regatta happen. Due to ill health, Tudor John the Regatta Architect and driving force behind the event, is in the process of handing over the reigns to his trusted generals. This year, 24 sailing yachts in five classes (IRC Racing, PY Cruising, Premier Cruising, Racing and Cruising Multihull) and one Motor Yacht participating in the Rally with four official support craft. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Pressure mounts on leading AYGP contenders...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto January AYGP News.27th January 2014: After the Royal Langkawi Int Regatta, and 6th point scoring event on the AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP), we now turn the corner into the second half, of what's already been a thrilling 2013-14 Season. By extending to a five regatta winning streak, Bill Bremner's Mills King 40 Foxy Lady 6 becomes the big mover and shaker in the AYGP pointscore. Although Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II put up a good fight and still holds the overall lead, Bremner and Foxy Lady 6 have closed to within 2.5 points behind them and have only competed in 3 regattas as opposed to Root's four. The Sorensen/Ketelbey/Brown Beneteau 44.7 Fujin have dropped to third place in the rankings and Ahern/Wilmer & Bailey's TP 52 Oi! big performance in Langkawi has them level pegging with Ray Roberts TP52 One Sails Racing for fourth place in the rankings. Search the 2013-14 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year pointscore by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta Results - Scoring System or read all about it in the January AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 5 & SummaryRLIR - And the winner is Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

18:01:2014 Langkawi, Malaysia: Once again mother nature provided more wind than most crews and their boats could handle. Gusting to 30 knots, the casualty rate soared on the spinnaker run which resembled a demolition derby. Even seasoned professionals struggled to keep control of their yachts and as the retirement list rolled in, it included some big names on the Asian circuit. Second place on the first race today, for Ahern/Wilmer & Bailey's TP 52 Oi! was enough to seal the deal in the Racing Class and hold aloft the Prime Minister's Challenge Trophy for a fourth time. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary & Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 4RLIR - White caps on Bass Harbour test crews to the limit
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

17:01:2014 Langkawi, Malaysia: No let up from mother nature, as uncharacteristically the 20 knot North Easterly tradewind whipped up white caps, on top of the waves in Bass Harbour. This created all sorts of carnage, as it overpowered some boats into huge broaches, stretched the rigging to breaking point, shredded some sails and caused minor injuries to unsuspecting crew members. This must consistently be the windiest regatta in the 12 years it has been running. To stem the monotony of windward/leeward courses, PRO Simon James sent the IRC classes on a passage race with long reaching legs to the South of Langkawi, nearby Telaga Harbour and back. Goto AY Race Report 4

RLIR - Jelik breaks the Round the Island Race record
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 316:01:2014 Langkawi, Malaysia: After missing last year due to light weather, the Round the Island Race returned with a vengeance today. The strong North Easterly gusting to 20 knots made a perfect setting and the yachts made quick work of it, to be back at the marina by one o'clock in time for lunch. All crews enjoyed a long exhilarating spinnaker ride down the East coast, with Frank Pong's 75ft Jelik reaching over 20 knots across the southern section. "We never stopped even in the light patches in the lee of the island" said Pong afterwards. His previous time of 02:41:19 set in 2012, to complete the 28 nautical mile course, compared to today's 02:14:53, takes a whopping 27 minutes and 26 seconds of the record with an average speed of 12.47 knots. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2RLIR - Offshore conditions produce mixed results
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

15:01:2014 Langkawi, Malaysia: As the brisk North Easterly was holding up, PRO Simon James made the decision for the entire fleet to venture out and race on the offshore courses. Hurried repairs were conducted overnight on damaged sails and everyone returned to fight another day. The IRC Classes completed one windward/leeward race, then joined the cruising classes on a passage race around the cans, set to the East of Langkawi. The choppy sea and long reaching legs gave the big boats an opportunity to stretch their legs and produced a mixed bag of results. Goto AY Race Report 2.

RLIR - Day 1 - Perfect start to the regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

14:01:2014 Langkawi, Malaysia: Around here sailors usually like to ease their way into the first regatta after the christmas festivities but mother nature had other plans for them today. Fourteen to sixteen knots from the North East barrelling down Bass Harbour, was enough for PRO Simon James to fire off three windward/leeward races in succession for the IRC Classes and two passage races for the Cruising Classes. A few boats experienced equipment failure, while misfiring crew work let some others down and forced them to retire to conduct repairs. All in all, a great start to the regatta which has gone through the doldrums for the last couple of years. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportRLIR - Ringing in the New Year
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

13:01:2014 Langkawi, Malaysia: Into its 12th year, this regatta has the pleasure of ringing in the sailing new year in grand style. Since its inception, the underlying aim has always been to provide competitive and enjoyable racing for all crews, irrespective of the design or vintage of yacht. Many top racing crews have arrived early and been out training and conducting new sail measurements as part of their ongoing optimisation program plus shaking off the excesses of the festive season. Forty four boats divided into seven classes continue the tradition of attracting sailors from all over the world, will go under the starters orders tomorrow. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Happy New Year and a stunning 2014
he race for the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards, resumes with the Royal Langkawi Int Regatta (Jan 13th -18th) always kicks off the New Year celebrations in fine style and the Neptune Regatta (Feb 3nd - 8th) strategically placed over the Chinese New Year break, will bring the SE Asian Circuit to a natural conclusion. Full roundup of the Hobart Race, Up & Coming regatta previews, the rapid rise in Chinese sailing pursuits, ISAF Rule Changes, Interviews with Russell Coutts on AC34 and AC35, Bouwe Bekking & Brunel back in Volvo Race plus the usual array of World Record breakers and a variety of 'Unluckiest Sailors of the Month' can be found in the New Year Jan AY News & Views. Enjoy!

2013 Rolex Syd-Hobart RaceRolex Sydney Hobart Race Reporting...
From start to finish, Capt Marty has covered the race on AsianYachting
Facebook sites. There is a great Photo Gallery, Onboard Video, Skipper Interviews, several interesting side stories and any other material shared on the web. The 94 yacht fleet made their way down the NSW coast in light variable wind, then conditions took a turn for the worse. Wild Oats XI won the Line Honours battle for a 7th time. Overall IRC Victory went to Darryl Hodgkinson's Cookson built/ Farr 50 Victoire on their first attempt. Also featuring local Asian sailing identies and our very own Jonno & the Zanzibar boys celebrating at the finish. So what ya waiting for? Full coverage is only a Click Away - While it lasts...

Seasons Greetings from AsianYachting

We also like to take this opportunity to thank all our faithful subscribers, regatta organisers and advertising sponsors for coming aboard with us, plus safe boating where ever your travels may take you over the holiday season. Cheers!

Goto AY Photo LibraryFREE Image Christmas Presents
Hurry for your last minute Christmas presents. All you have to do is check out the extensive AY Regatta Photo Library over the last 10 years and if you find a photo you like, email us the details under the image and which gallery it came from. If for personnel use only, we will then send you "Absolutely free" the highest quality resolution image that we have on file. It's that easy! So what are you waiting for? Start Clicking the mouse and send your photo requests to: info@asianyachting.com
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Once again the Longtail sets sail...
By Patrick Cusick in 1995 & reproduced in Dec 13 SEA Yachting
Goto full story Here...What started as a dream in 1995 become a reality on Phuket. The traditional wooden 'rueua hang yao', or longtail boat, was restored to sail in southern Thailand. After years of mostly idle talk by the local yachting fraternity, an Australian sailing stalwart, Captain Marty Rijkuris has proved, probably for the first time since World War II, that the hang yao can cruise with speed under sail. It has been Captain Marty's long ambition to experiment with traditional sailing craft and building techniques in Asian waters. His love for Thailand and fascination with the country's boating history, inspired him to take a closer look at restoring the sturdy longtail, the workhorse of the Andaman to the glorious days of sail. Under a hot February sun in 1995, the former captain of both the famous Darwin speedster Australian Maid and New Zealand's Wave Nine, decided to interview the hang yao drivers on Patong Beach. 'A good idea, but it can't be done' was the reply to my question of whether the longtail would take sail, says Marty. But I asked myself, why not? Goto full story Here...

AYGP standings reshuffled after King's Cup
By AY MultiMedia
Goto December AYGP News...
09th December 2013: After five AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) point scoring events, Anthony Root's Archambault 35 Red Kite II retakes the lead, 2.5 points in front of the Sorensen/Ketelbey/Brown Beneteau 44.7 Fujin that were outgunned by Japan's Yasuo Nanamori Karasu at the King's Cup. Could this be the year when a Class 1, 2 or Multihull skipper wins the 2013-14 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards? Not if Ray Roberts TP52 OneSails Racing has anything to do with it, as he trails the leader by 3.75 points and has excelled since returning to the circuit. The battle is heating up and the skippers going on to compete at the Royal Langkawi Int Regatta and Neptune Regatta's have a chance to improve their standings before the SE Asian Circuit comes to a natural conclusion. Search the 2013-14 AYGP Pointscore by Skipper - Yacht - Regatta Results - Scoring System Goto December AYGP News...

Classic King's Cup conditions to finish up with...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary05 Dec 2013: The sun was out, parts of the sky were blue, a 12 to 15 knot North Easterly blowing and the sea returned to a darker shade of blue, are conditions we have grown to expect at the Phuket King's Cup in early December. After experiencing heavy overcast skies and scattered showers for most of the week, it was great to get rid of the many shades of gray and bring back some natural colours into the picture frame. The racing classes lined up for two windward/leeward races and the cruisers point to point races to finish of the series. A little nervousness amongst the class leaders was noticed on the beach but by the time they reached the racing area, with the fresh prevailing conditions, they were ready to pounce and put the series to bed as soon as possible. In most classes the results from the first race would determine the winner and leave it to the second race for the overall finishing order to be calculated. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 4King's Cup - Happy 86th birthday HM, and so say all of us...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
05 Dec 2013: The days proceedings started with a sail past the Royal Thai Navy vessels from the Third Naval Area Command at Cape Promthep, to honour HM the King of Thailand's 86th birthday. Crews lined up on their yachts chanting three cheers, doffing their caps and some even singing Happy Birthday. A parade of sail is an appropriate way for International sailors to pay homage to Thailand's royal sailing family, that have supported yachting events all these years. Right on cue at 10am as Thai Navy 1 started the procession, it began raining and drizzled on and off throughout the day. After the sail past the boats continued out to sea to begin Race Day 4. Despite the overcast sky and drizzle, a 10 to 12 knot East North Easterly enabled the race officers to send the Cruisers on an island course and the racing classes got stuck into windward/leeward races. Goto AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3King's Cup - Time to consolidate the scores...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
04 Dec 2013: As the regatta passes the half way mark, the race committee decided to run as many windward /leeward races as possible for the IRC classes. It was time to either make an upward move and consolidate on the score already posted to date. The overcast gray sky doesn't do much for the photography but at least there was wind and the predicted rain held off for another day. Picking the wind shifts and choosing the correct side of the course has paid dividends all week in the tricky conditions. Ray Roberts outlined in the press conference that "His recent success can be attributed to the new Onesails technology and consistency in the crew and boats performance has produced top results". Goto AY Race Report 3

King's Cup - Andaman Sea Race returns to the race program
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
03 Dec 2013: After a few years in the wilderness the classic Andaman Sea Race made a comeback today. All classes set off on variations to a course that featured a gate laid at Ko Racha Yai, approximately 12 nm to the South of Phuket and back. With a 10 to 15 knot North Easterly they made quick work of the short windward beat, then set spinnakers for the close reach along the coast to Gate 1 near Ko Kaeo Noi. While the hardened racers had an extra windward beat around Ko Hi thrown in to make their course length 31 miles, the Cruisers and Classics carried on straight to the island with a beam reach and returned on a fine reach, which turned into a drag race for the quickest boats. With all sails flying, the two classic schooners fully powered up is a sight to behold and make good photography despite the hazy gray sky as a backdrop. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 King's Cup - Up and running with mixed results
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
02 Dec 2013: Although a heavy downpour put a dampener on the opening party last night, all 105 crews were out early this morning for last minute rig tuning and checking out the respective racing areas. The light North Easterly gradually picked up through the morning but fluctuated in direction causing delays on the racing courses. Eventually they got away and completed two windward/leewards before calling it a day. The cruising classes completed a short passage race that took them up towards Patong Bay and were on the beach and sinking cold Singha's by the middle of the afternoon. A slow but steady start to the regatta is good for new crews getting familiar with Phuket conditions and ready for the stronger breeze predicted for the end of the week. Goto AY Race Report 1

King's Cup - Ready for action at Asia's Premier Regatta
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
01 Dec 2013: After months of extensive planning, Asia's premier regatta comes alive for another week of fast and furious sailing action. Yachts from all over the world have been converging on Phuket and dropping anchor off Kata Beach Resort, with crews full of anticipation on how the racing will unfold. Windguru predicts the wind to be in the mid to high teens during the week as another pressure system descends across the peninsula from the South China Sea. The layday has been dropped making it five exciting racing days in a row and the highlight will be the sailpast and 21 Gun Salute on the King's birthday (Thursday 5th) off Cape Prom Thep, on the South West coast of Phuket will be the place to be. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Vote 1  for Capt Marty photo of the yearVote for Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2013
Seventy of the world's best yacht racing photographers, representing seventeen nations, have submitted a picture for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Award 2013. The public is now invited to vote online which closes on Nov 30th. The best yacht racing picture of the year will be celebrated during the World Yacht Racing Forum, in Gothenburg (SWE), on December 10-11. The goal is to pay tribute to their work, to provide them with a promotional platform and to help promote the sport of sailing to a wider audience. Capt Marty has entered with the “Luffing Duel at Samui Regatta” and urges readers to vote for the AsianYachting image at: http://www.yachtracingimage.com/gallery/contest-2013/marty-rijkuris/

AYGP is in full flight...
Goto Post RM AYGP NewsBy AY MultiMedia
27th November 2013: After four AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) point scoring events, the Sorensen/Ketelbey/Brown owned Beneteau 44.7 rebranded as Fujin have skyrocketed up the charts, to take over the lead in the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year pointscore. Scoring maximum points at Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek and winning IRC Class 3 at the Raja Muda Selangor Int Regatta last week is enough to topple some yachts that have contested three events. Goto Post Raja Muda AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary Bremner's Foxy Lady 6 are the 2013 RMSIR champions
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
23rd Nov 2013: As the tropical disturbance passed by, it unleashed heavy rain squalls and whipped up a confused seaway. By morning scattered storms, variable wind and a two metre swell kept the skippers and race committee guessing if racing was possible. Lets go out and see was the call. While the Cruising Classes had enough wind to start their passage race, the IRC Racing Classes were delayed by the lack of wind and swinging through 60 degrees. PRO Jerry Rollin went in search of wind and eventually found a patch as the sky cleared and the sun shone through. Then it was on for young and old to determine the class winners and secure podium places. Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 5RMSIR - A day in a life of the race officer...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
22nd Nov 2013: What happens when the plans of the race officials are not the same as the Maritim Malaysia crew manning the start/finish and mark boats? Confusion reigns and plans are hastily changed. When the officials arrived at the Cruising Class starting area the boat with the marks, signaling flags and associated equipment had abandoned the post and returned to base for repairs to the air conditioning. Another boat was dispatched to pick up the marks, flags and horn which delayed the start for well over an hour and relied on radio communication for the starting instructions. Meanwhile on the IRC racing course, the starting sequence got away on time but the breeze played havoc, coming from all points of the compass and turned the run into a beat and back again in a matter of minutes. They continued on till the finish with the lottery like conditions but abandoned any attempt to run the second race. Heavy overcast sky with dark storm clouds out to sea, is a strange setting for Langkawi with some fair weather sailors complaining it was the coldest they have ever experienced in tropical SE Asian waters. Goto AY Race Report 5

Goto AY Race Report 4RMSIR - Drag race to Langkawi...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
22nd Nov 2013: The fleet set off in 10 knots which built to 16 knots throughout the afternoon, on one long close hauled starboard tack and occasionally freeing up a little or short tacking for clear air and dodging fishing nets. Fundamentally a drag race and a good test in keeping the average boat speed as high as possible. The big boats revel in these conditions and although Geoff Hill's Smith 72 Antipodes took line honours, Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi with Neil back on the helm, covered the 58 nautical miles the quickest in 7hrs 42min 10secs and set a new record from Pinang to Langkawi. For the first five years of the RMSIR, the finish line was South of Pulau Rebak and Jon Wardill's Cassidy 55 Australian Maid held the record at around 9 hours and its taken all these years to return to the original finish. After that, they came in quick succession and the smaller boats sailed up to their IRC ratings and juggled the handicap results in their favour. Goto AY Race Report 4

RMSIR - Eventful Penang Harbour races
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 320th Nov 2013: The outer rain bands of a tropical disturbance developing in the South China Sea. produced overcast conditions with drizzling rain throughout the day. Despite all this, an 8 to 10 knot North Easterly enabled the race management on two courses to get the fleet away on time. As the course was set across the harbour, adjustments had to be made for the strong cross flowing tidal current. Sarab Singh's Windsikher collected the bottom mark, while several boats were caught in a bottle neck to windward, with Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth's EFG Bank Mandrake sandwiched in between as they all completely misjudged the current. As Windsikher dragged the mark away, some quick thinking resulted in putting a boat on station, which also was dragged away minutes latter, by Peter Wilcox Mojo. For the second race the wind decided to fade, change direction, pick up and change direction again, causing rapid windward mark relaying and shortening course for some classes. All in all, an eventful day which kept the race committee on their toes and competitors unusually clad in wet weather gear. Goto AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2 RMSIR - Light wind makes hard work of Leg 2...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
19th Nov 2013: Leg 2 Pangkor to Pinang started in 5 to 6 knots, right on the nose and a building incoming tide. The early starting Cruising and Classic Classes were under "Follow Me" orders and motored a few miles along the course before finding enough breeze to get the start sequence underway. Meanwhile back at the original start line, the wind filled in and racing got away on schedule. The yachts either short tacked, hugging the coast of Pangkor to stem the current, or chased the breeze lines further out to sea, which made hard work in the light, patchy conditions. Total concentration on boat speed and trimming the sails was required for the next 50+ miles mostly into the wind. Most boats were becalmed in the classic "South of Penang hole" and the big boats that escaped early, went on to win the race, as some back markers clawed back into position ghosting along for over 2.5 hours - much of it with barely 1.2m of water under the keel. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1 24th RMSIR is underway in earnest...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
17th Nov 2013: After being wowed the night before by the belly dancers at the opening party, the sailors woke to find the weather forecast for Race 1 from Port Klang to Pulau Pangkor looking very grim. No sooner had PRO Jerry Rollin and the race makers laid the startline, as if by magic, 6 to 8 knots sprung up from the South South West, producing a close hauled leg to the first mark, then crack away to a fine reach and head for Pangkor. Just as well, because the outgoing current was running at 2 1/2 knots and every ounce of boat speed was needed to stem the flow of the current and keep the yachts behind the startline. The 'i' flag was raised which meant the yachts must stay behind the line and cannot approach the line from the course side. Well seasoned skippers did practice runs to test the angles and timing, then it was on for young and old. Goto AY Race Report 1

New start and finish for 24th running of the RMSIR
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report15th Nov 2013: As next year is the 25th year, the Royal Selangor Yacht Club committee are experimenting with new courses and destinations this year in preparation for the milestone anniversary. International competitors are berthing their yachts at the Pulau Indah Marina, where the RSYC have set up an annex to process the entries and service the hungry crews. The 110nm Leg 1 start will be near the Southern entrance to Port Klang and leaves the Angsa Bank to Starboard, which extends well into the night and for some ends in Palau Pangkor the next day. The final finish in Langkawi has also been changed to South of Pulau Rebak and the yachts will berth for the first time in Telaga Harbour. In between there will be 8 days of racing, including three passage races, up to four inshore races and prize presentations/parties in Pt Klang, Pangkor, Penang and Langkawi. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

AYGP swings over to the progressive SE Asian Circuit...
Goto Nov AYGP News.By AY MultiMedia
07th November 2013: Last month all the racing action was on the East Asian Circuit, with the St. Regis China Coast Regatta and the biennial downhill sleigh-ride on the Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam Race. This month, the action swings over to the South East Asian (SEA) Circuit for the Raja Muda Selangor Int Regatta (Nov 15 - 23) which is quickly followed a week latter by the Phuket King's Cup (Dec 1st - 6th). The Royal Langkawi Int Regatta (Jan 13 - 18) rings in the New Year and making its debut on the AYGP this season, is the Neptune Regatta (Feb 2 - 8) held over Chinese New Year. Regatta organisers have been working hard devising new courses, preparing Notice of Race (NOR), Sailing Instructions (SI), an exciting social program and hunting for sponsors to support these events. All the details including charter boats, crewing positions available and much much more can be found on their website's. We have also been busy promoting the AYGP at the China Cup Int Regatta sailing forum, keeping the AYGP pointscore up to date and making a few changes of our own. Goto Nov AYGP News...

Vanke Longcheer are the 2013 CCIR champions...
Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
October 28th, Shenzhen, China: An eight to twelve knot Southerly presented a new challenge on the final day showdown. Some yachts held a commanding lead while others still had a fight on their hands. A little controversy raised its head in the form of the Zeng Haitao’s leading Beneteau 40.7 Vanke Longcheer using new membrane sails, despite a jury ruling that yachts use the original panel sails. This goes against the wishes of one-design racing plus leaves a sour taste with other competitors and something the organisers have to address next year to maintain the integrity and the spirit of the event. One island race for the big boats followed by a windward/leeward race for the one-design classes, sealed the deal and celebrations were in order at the final presentation at the Sheraton Hotel Dameisha. Goto CCIR Photo Gallery and
AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3Two Bullets propel Vanke Longcheer to a big lead
By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
October 27th, Shenzhen, China:
Day 3 of the China Cup International Regatta saw a clear leader emerge in the competitive 35-boat Beneteau 40.7 fleet, as Zeng Haitao’s Vanke Longcheer won both races in light winds on a very lumpy and bumpy sea. Top Aussie match racing professional Jordan Reece is steering the boat. “In the first race we were over early on the start line but we battled back,” he said. “We’ve had good speed all week, the communications on board is good, and it was great to win that race. The next one we took an early lead and held it from there.” Last year’s winners of the Beneteau 40.7 division, Vatti Sailing skippered by Jono Rankine, certainly have a lot to do if they’re to catch Zeng Haitao’s runaway boat. With Vanke on 6 points and Vatti on 15, the Kiwis really need the Aussies to slip up tomorrow. Goto
AY Race Report 3

China Cup - AYGP on stage at Sailing Forum
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 226th October: Taking a break from the racing activities today, the roving AY Editor, Capt Marty delivered a keynote AsianYachting Grand Prix presentation at the 5th Asia Sailing Culture Development Forum, to an assembled audience of Chinese media and several International yachting organisations. The AYGP promotional video produced by our media partners, MarineScene.Asia woke the audience up before the coffee break and even the Chinese said they understood the translated speech and liked the presentation that covered all the point scoring events on the 2013-14 Calendar.
The Kiwi's are here in strength and the big feature was the signing ceremony between the CCIR Organising Committee and the Auckland Tourism Events & Economic Development. The main thrust seems to be how to develop a sailing culture and the pursuit of excellence by youth in all disciplines of racing. Hopefully the lessons learnt from the developed sailing nations are quickly implemented and fast track the development of sailing in all coastal provinces in China. More news go to AY Race Report 2

China Cup - Off to a flying start...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto AY Race Report 1Up to 20knots from the NNE greeted the sailors at the Clearwater Bay start line and PRO Simon James sent the fleet briskly away on a 20nm close hauled beat up to Daya Bay. Twenty nine Beneteau First 40.7s bearing down on the start boat is a sight to behold and a lot of shouting could be heard as they crowded into the start line. Surprisingly Rick Pointons' Beijing Sailing Center was the only yacht called over the line and promptly returned to restart. The other two starts were very mild by comparison. After a couple of long port tacks and a few hooks to windward, Frank Pong's Custom 75 Jelik crossed the finish line for line honours, leaving the smaller boats trailing in their wake. A close tacking duel between Jono Rankine's Team Vatti and Haitao Zang's Vanke Longcheer, resulted in the defending one design champions Team Vatti taking the honours by a whisker after three hours of racing. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto CCIR Pre-Regatta ReportInternational fleet lining up for 7th China Cup
By CCIR Media - Sailing Intelligence
Some of the world’s most famous and accomplished sailors have flown in from around the world and ready for the start of the 7th edition of the China Cup International Regatta. The four-day regatta starts with a passage race from Hong Kong to Shenzhen on 25 October 2013, and concludes on 28 October after three days of short-course racing. With 100 boats representing 35 different nations and regions, entered across four divisions, the international fleet sees everyone from virtual beginners to Olympic Champions racing alongside each other. Goto CCIR Pre-Regatta Report

Bryon Ehrhart’s TP52 Lucky strikes gold in HK Vietnam Race
Goto complete Race Reports with Photos.By RHKYC Media
19th Oct 1800hrs: The TP52 Lucky which travelled all the way from America to take part in the Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam Race has ensured she leaves with at least one piece of silverware, having won IRC Racing 0 Division on IRC handicap, pushing fellow TP52, OneSails Racing (which finished 1h 12m behind Bryon Ehrhart’s boat) into second place on corrected time.
FreeFire finished just under an hour behind Ray Roberts team, however with a much higher IRC rating has had to settle for third place in Racer 0. This completes the finishes for IRC Racer 0 and as time ticks by, they have ended up in the sme order in the Overall IRC handicap stakes. Goto HKV Race Results and complete Race Reports with Photos...

New record & line honours to Syd Fischer's Ragamuffin 90
Goto Race Reports...By Di Pearson
19th Oct 0900hrs:
Eighty six year-old Syd Fischer and his Team Ragamuffin broke the Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam race record this morning, beating Skandia's (Grant Wharington, AUS) 2004 time of 42h 45m 41s by just over 4 minutes, arriving at the Nha Trang finish line at 08:1120 this morning local time (11:11:20 Sydney time). Revelling in the ideal downwind conditions, the Sydney yachtsman skippered his 90 foot Dubois Ragamuffin 90 to line honours and a new record for the 656 nautical mile race. It is not every day an 86 year-old is out racing at the top level, let alone breaking records. In doing so, he not only beat Skandia’s record, but did so from an eight foot smaller yacht. Goto Race Reports...

HK Vietnam Race - 24 hours in and 13 of 17 boats still racing
By RHKYC Media
18th Oct 1500hrs:
Late yesterday Avant Garde was the first casualty, retiring after three fruitless hours spent trying to fix a steering problem. Then, in the early hours of Friday, the drama surrounding Walawala 2’s lost rudder unfolded, and then in another unrelated incident, EFG Bank Mandrake turned back for Hong Kong with steering problems.Krampus, who retired after responding to Walawala 2’s distress flares and picking up the crew, is also on the way back - both Krampus, an Anteros 36 and EFG Bank Mandrake, a Mills 40 Custom, are making good progress and are expected in Hong Kong tomorrow, Saturday at around 1100hrs local time. Conditions have eased up slightly, with the Hong Kong Observatory predicting force 6 to 7 for the first 500nm to Vietnam, softening to force 5 to 6 for the final stretch into Nha Trang. Ragamuffin 90 has been the first to suffer, dropping from a VMG of 20kts to around 13kts, with just over 60% of the race completed. Goto RHKYC Race Reports

Goto RHKYC Race Reports... HK Vietnam Race - Walawala 2 Crew Abandon Ship – All Safe
By RHKYC Media
18th Oct: At 0135hrs local hours on Friday 18 October, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) Sailing Manager, Alex Johnston, received a distress call via satellite phone from the skipper of Walawala 2, Steven Manning, reporting that the yacht had lost its rudder and was taking on water. Manning also advised that there were no injuries to the 10 crew.
At this time the crew activated the yacht’s EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). RHKYC immediately confirmed the yacht’s position with the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) who activated a rescue plan involving Hong Kong Government Flying Services. Goto RHKYC Race Reports...

HK Vietnam Race - Change of course as they blast out off Hong Kong...
By RHKYC Media
Goto RHKYC Race Reports,,,17 Oct 2013: Weeks of preparation came to a head this morning, as the 17 entrants in the Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam Race carried out their radio checks and made their way to the start line of the longest offshore race in Asia. Race Officer Simon Boyde had been out on the water early and, finding 8 to 10kts at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club start line with stronger breeze through Victoria Harbour to the east, had no hesitation in confirming that the race would start in front of the Club at Kellett Island. At 1330hrs, the start gun was fired by Rita Lee, General Marketing Manager for Audi Hong Kong and the race was underway. Ragamuffin 90 got a great start, along with Lucky and Red Kite II who was closest to the favoured committee boat end of the line. Chivas contrived to be around four minutes late for the start, but quickly clawed back the difference on the way out of the harbour. Ragamuffin 90 led through Lei Yue Mun gap on the north shore, with Chivas breaking a main sheet as she endeavoured to catch them. FreeFire and Lucky stuck to the south shore, seeming to catch more consistent breeze. Goto RHKYC Race Reports,,,

Goto RHKYC - China Coast Regatta Reports...China Coast Regatta – back to its best!
14 Oct: The third and final day of the St. Regis China Coast Regatta was a full on, 20-24kt, two-stugeron day with white horses, tidal swell and everything else that makes this one of the region’s top three-day sailing regattas. All divisions were scheduled to complete a windward/leeward followed by an islands course, and Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen got matters underway bang on schedule with IRC Racer 0 at 1030hrs. In the absence of Ragamuffin90 it was left to Jelik to take line honours, but the battle royal was between the two TP52’s – Ray Roberts’ OneSails Racing (on 6 points going in to today) and Sam Chan’s FreeFire (on 8). Meanwhile in Racer 1, Paul Winkelmann’s new HH42, Island Fling, took the gun 8 seconds ahead of Marcel Liedts’ Elektra, but had to concede first place on IRC and A40 Seawolf took the gun for Racer 2, only to be nudged into second by Red Kite II on corrected time. Goto RHKYC - China Coast Regatta Reports...

China Coast Regatta - It’s only rock’n’roll but we like it!
Goto RHKYC CCR Race Reports13 Oct: Day 2 of the St. Regis China Coast Regatta was scheduled to offer two windward/leeward races and an islands course for the IRC Racers, and one race around the cans followed by an islands course for Premier, Cruiser and HKPN. With a steady 15 knot north easterly from early in the day, Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen decided to set three laps for Racer 0 and two laps for the other divisions, with Racer 1 and Premier also going to the outer windward mark, 1.3nm from the start. With the wind gusting to 20kts and a strong tide running, the fleet was circumspect about their starts, with not one X-flag raised all day. The stonger breeze took its toll, with Ragamuffin 90, Hua An and Avant Garde retiring and Cave Canem heading back in to Middle Island with a broken forestay. The sailmakers will be busy tonight, with several very large shredded spinnakers in evidence in Racer 0, and boatyards will be working an all-nighter with broken steering, damaged hulls and rigging problems. Goto RHKYC CCR Race Reports...

Goto October AYGP News...AYGP is back with a vengeance...
From RHKYC Media & modified by AY MultiMedia
10th October 2013: After a lengthy break since the Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek kicked off the 2013-14 AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) in July, this month the Asian regatta scene returns with a vengeance. The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club fires off their flagship Big Boat regatta, St. Regis China Coast Regatta (Oct 12th - 14th) with 42 competitors in 5 classes, are looking forward to three days of racing in the lumpy Lamma waters to the south of Hong Kong. This is followed straight after by the biennial Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam Race (Oct 17th start) and a formidable lineup is looking forward to the 656nm downwind sleigh ride. Goto October AYGP News...

Everyone's a winner at AC34
Relive the action goto AC34...Despite some skepticism during the Louis Vuitton Cup, the 34th America's Cup lived up to expectations, with close racing between two immensely talented teams, the riveting performance of the AC72, and the phenomenal broadcast and spectator experience. Best described as a regatta of two halves, Emirates Team New Zealand initially ran away with an 8 - 1 advantage and poised on match point, kept TV viewers on the edge of their seats. Oracle Team USA staged the biggest comeback of all time and did what most punters believed impossible – coming back from 1 - 8 down, to a winner-take-all 19th race and lift the Cup in a series that stretched out to become the longest running series in history. At AY we have always thought the AC should be for the fastest boats and top racing crews and finally it has proved worthy of its lofty billing. Despite ETNZ loss, everyone is a winner here, especially sailing as a sport and long may it continue into the future. More in the Oct 2013 AY News & Views

Stepping up the pace @ Frenz Emperor
13 Sept 13: Ever since Tuan Hj. Ismail's offshore piling rig and Sinar Tioman's 350 ton landing barge, laden with jetty piles and 150 tons of construction material arrived at Cina Beach, there has been a significant increase in building activity at Frenz Emperor Resort & Spa. Its the first time Afai has allowed a barge to land on the beach and unload the precious cargo, using a front end loader. Its amazing when working with the tides and at the mercy of the weather, on a remote island out in the South China Sea, how mother nature can take over proceedings. She will determine the progress of the project and its not until the methodology and equipment being used, are all working in harmony, that she will allow the job to flow. Follow Capt Marty's journey to Pulau Tioman in his annual progress report Sept 2013 - Frenz Emperor News

Gone Fishing! @ Frenz Emperor - Pulau Tioman
By AsianYachting MultiMedia

Goto ET Photo Gallery03 Sept 2013: When we last visited Emperor - Tioman in Oct 2012, Abdul Ghafar (Afai) was well on the way to completing his 5-Star boutique resort, on seven acres of prime rainforest, fronting onto Pasir Cina beach on the SW corner of Tioman Island. Since then, he has taken on a new partner, Rashid Maidin (Executive Chairman - WSJ International) and they decided on upgrading to 7-Star and renaming it Frenz Emperor Resort & Spa, without ever opening or serving any guests. The Balinese lalang roof, on 10 carefully hand crafted chalets was being replaced with ceramic tiles, wall panels making way for opening doors, small private swimming pools added to complement the existing double jacuzzi's and massage beds, were being incorporated into the interior makeover. Follow Capt Marty's journey to Pulau Tioman in his annual progress report Sept 2013 - Frenz Emperor News

Western Circuit - Superb conditions to end the regatta
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 24th: By the high noon showdown, the wind had already reached the 10 knot prediction and continued on with puffy gusts throughout the afternoon. On occasions, it swung from South West to South, which kept the race committee busy relaying courses and start lines to suit the changes. This made the course configuration, diagonally across the Johor Strait and the changing tidal current came into play, especially at the crowded SB20 start line. Full of great expectations, most the boats and crews were back out on the water to improve their standings or win the series. The superb conditions allowed the race committee to complete three races for all classes and finish the regatta in grand style. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Western Circuit - The end is in sight...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 23rd: Although the IOM remote-controlled boats and Sailability Singapore Access 2.3's completed their series last weekend, there is still a lot of racing to come at Raffles Marina this weekend. The IRC A & B Classes, Multihull's, Beach Catamarans, J24 One Design and Moth's are yet to complete their series. The SB20's finished their "series within a series" and awarded the SMU SB20 International Cup last week, so the remaining local boats will continue on with as many races the race committee can run this Saturday. Several classes have a clear front runner, while others still have a chance to improve their overall placing and possibly go on and win their class. Goto AY Race Report 3

Western Circuit - Sun is out, sky is blue and fair wind to go...
Goto AY Race Report 2By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 18th: Yesterdays overcast conditions were replaced with blue sky and by the high noon start time, the breeze had switched to the South West and gradually built throughout the afternoon. IRC A & B Classes were duly dispatched on a lengthy 20nm passage race to the West of Singapore, while the rest of the classes continued with windward/leeward courses in the Johore Strait in front of Raffles Marina. While the IOM remote-controlled boats and Sailability Singapore Access 2.3's completed their series, the SB20's finalised their "series within a series" for the inaugural SMU SB20 International Cup and the combined IRC A & B classes were awarded the SMU President’s Cup for the passage race. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Western Circuit - Record fleet sets sail...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 17th: Although the wind struggled to reach 10 knots throughout the day and veered around from SW to South, the race officers on both courses managed to complete 3 races for all classes in variable conditions. Eventually succumbing to a lingering storm which bought an end to play, in time to return to the marina and reflect on individual performances. At the morning briefing Regatta Chairman Ray Parry, welcomed all competitors, especially the strong International presence in the 20 boat SB20 fleet. Some were a little keen to get going and recalled at the start but in general racing etiquette prevailed as the yachts circulated and most sailors agreed it was a good opening day to the regatta. Goto AY Race Report 1

Western Circuit - Sailing festival at Raffles Marina...
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 16th: The 16th SMU-RM Western Circuit gets underway at Raffles Marina this Saturday. Run over two weekends (Aug 17, 18 & 24) this event has grown into Singapore's premier sailing event and more akin to a festival of sail. Anything goes from large keelboats and multihull's, to beach catamarans, Laser SB3's and Access 2.3's for disabled sailors, right down to the IOM remote-controlled boats, The youthful enthusiasm and vigor of the Singapore Management University (SMU) sailing fraternity combined with the splendid facilities at Raffles Marina, is like a marriage made in heaven. Both on and off the water, the Western Circuit has developed a reputation for lively and versatile fleet racing plus thoroughly entertaining and fun filled post race parties. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

CPHP Raceweek - Last rush to secure podium places...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary
July 21st: Despite the sky turning gray, the wind was back in the high teens for the final day showdown. Several class leaders have stringed together a line of wins and can secure victory by completing one more race. However a ding dong battle raged on down the order, as the rest of the podium places were still open for the taking. A quick windward/ leeward race followed by a long passage race, round the furthermost offshore islands and finishing back in front of the Cape Panwa Hotel was the order for the day. Once again the crews familiar with sailing in strong conditions came to the fore. Several yachts that started slowly have progressively worked their way back into podium contention and have left their best till the last races.  Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary... and Photo Gallery

GOto AY Race Report 3CPHP Raceweek - Conditions continue to impress...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 20th: So far, we have been blessed with glorious sunshine, blue sky and wind ranging from 10 to 20 knots, producing a wonderful showcase of tropical sailing at its best. Making PRO Simon James job, that much easier and opening up many options when selecting courses. The IRC Racing Classes and Multihull's started the day with a windward / leeward course and then joined the Cruising Classes on passage races around nearby islands.Today's casualty, was Mike Crisp's Hanse 400 Sail in Asia Venture going aground on the reef at the entrance to Ao Chalong Bay. A quick response by two media boats, saved them from further damage and being beached for the day. While back on the race course, battles raged up and down the order. Some crews trying to extract an extra knot of boat speed, while tacticians placed their boats in favourable positions. One bad gybe or choosing the wrong side of the course could loose valuable time and several placing's. Goto AY Race Report 3...

CPH Phuket Raceweek - And the beat goes on...
Goto AY Race Report 2By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 19th: Although the breeze has moderated to 10-15 knots after yesterdays blast, there was still enough for the Racing Classes to complete two races and the Cruisers a lengthy five island passage race. Some were a little to keen to get going and recalled for being over the start line at the off. Today's casualty, is John Vause's Young 11 Ruby Tuesday when the mainsail parted company and put an end to their chances of defending the IRC 2 class title. The remaining sea swell provided some exciting downwind rides and juggled the placing's for those on a roll. Goto AY Race Report 2...

Goto AY Race Report 1CPH Phuket Raceweek - Up and at it, in 20 knots...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 18th: After another wonderful Mount Gay Rum Opening Party, with a splendid array of Cape Panwa Hotel culinary delights and free-flowing Mojitos, the sailors were up early busily preparing their yachts for the first day of racing. Goto AY Race Report 1Most the conversation centered around the Windguru prediction that the breeze would be in the 15-20 knot range. By the 10:00 start time, most boats carried reefed mainsails and small jibs to counteract the lumpy one meter swell being whipped up the building breeze. Peter Wilcox Gforce 1500 Mojo became the first casualty of the day, when the main halyard snapped, forcing them to sit out the entire days racing, making repairs and possibly put an end to their chances of winning the Multihull class title. The nippy Firefly cats recorded speeds in the high teens and provided the best photos, flying a hull and leaping of the waves. Goto AY Race Report 1

CPH Phuket Raceweek - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportJuly 17th: My how time flies, as it seems like only yesterday we were hailing the introduction of a new regatta during the "Green Season" in Phuket. Over the years competitors have experienced anything from dead flat calms to sailing straight into the blustery teeth of the SW monsoon. Last year Cape Panwa Hotel took over the Title Sponsor role and hosted the entire event from their luxurious premises overlooking the Andaman Sea. The friendly staff have again been busy preparing the waterside race village for five nights of entertainment and along with free-flow of Mount Gay Rum and Mont Clair wines, are aiming to be bigger than last year and make it a regatta party worth remembering. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

2013-14 AYGP - 270 Yachts,12 Regattas across 6 Countries...
Goto 2013-14 AYGP MicrositeBy AY MultiMedia
The main aim of the AYGP pointscore system, is to fairly grade Boat Owners and Skippers ability, in running racing campaigns through Asian waters during the 2013-14 Season. Ultimately the winning Skipper and Yacht will be crowned the 2013-14 Champion. All skippers and yachts competing at any of the 12 selected five star AYGP Championship point scoring events, have a chance of winning the prestigious AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards.and donning the Trend Fashions navy blue blazer at the gala Samui Regatta season ending prize presentation party. Goto 2013-14 AYGP Microsite...

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