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Sept AYGP News - On Sponsorship drive, let the good times roll...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto Sept AYGP NewsSept 12th 2018: Despite AsianYachting awarding the prestigious AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles for the last 16 years, we haven't managed to attract any major sponsors and told by marketing experts, that the AYGP needs more exposure throughout the 11 month season. Several ideas are being brandished around, ranging from extended media coverage and introducing the "Highest AYGP Scorer Award" at the 12 selected regattas, plus a small prize presentation during the regatta prize giving. For more go to Sept AYGP News...

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Asian Games 2018 medals handed out...
Goto ASAF Daily Updates and Overall  ScoresBy ASAF News Editor
The final day of the 2018 Asian Games Sailing Competition dawned with a bright sunshine and the 12 Kts of wind in the Jakarta Bay greeted the 144 sailors who were hoping to close out this event on a positive note. For some the medals were almost guaranteed bar exceptional circumstances and some hung finely balanced and getting the final race today would be the last opportunity for certain sailors. Goto ASAF Daily Updates and Overall Points table Here...

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryWestern Circuit - Fun and games to finish up with...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 18th: Although the morning started with scattered showers, by the midday start time, a 10 knot SSW'ly greeted the sailors. Heavy displacement yacht skippers that prayed for stronger breeze during the week, were answered with a solid 15 knots, half way through the first race. Must be careful what you wish for, as the breeze backed to the South and came across the Johor Strait and turned into a soldiers course, with a one tack drag race upwind and follow the leader downwind. Several collisions, late spinnaker drops turned into wide mark rounding's, bad judgment in the strong incoming tide, caused several yachts to hit the top mark and interlocking top masts in the SB20 class, were only some of the incidents witnessed from the media boat. The outstanding protest from last week was dismissed and the claim for redress was also disallowed, so the fleet started the day with the same finishing order, carried over to today's final showdown. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and capture the action in the AY Photo Gallery...

Western Circuit - Final results up in the air...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3August 16th: Although most the class leaders have all but secured the titles, the podium places are still up for grabs. There is also a protest pending for the SMU President's Cup last weekend, that could rearrange the Class A and B order. The forecast is for 10 to 12 knot South Westerly and if this materialises, up to three races could be run for the IRC A & B, PY, SB20, J24 and Multihull classes and will determine the eventual outcome. The drop race also comes into play for IRC A, B and PY classes, could also have some influence. Whatever happens everyone is looking forward to the gala presentation dinner and charity auction on Saturday night, in the Raffles Marina ballroom, to raise funds for Sailability Singapore. Goto AY Race Report 3 and capture the action in the AY Photo Gallery...

Goto AY Race Report 2Western Circuit - SB20 Cup & Windsurfing titles awarded
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 12th: Despite the SW trade wind struggling to reach 10 knots, Jonathan Mahony's Humphries 42R Zanzibar completed the 20nm passage race for the combined A & B classes, in 2 hrs 15 minutes, but the fading breeze and shortening the course, allowed Kurt Metzger's Nelson 10 Waka Tere to provisionally claim the SMU President’s Cup from the IRC B class. A protest has been lodged, so the result is provisional till next weekend. While this was going on, the other classes completed multiple races in front of Raffles Marina. The SB20 International Cup and the Inter-Tertiary Windsurfing Championship (ITWC) came to a natural conclusion and the 2018 titles were awarded at the evening prize giving ceremony. The sailors have been thoroughly entertained by the SMU Samba Band and other acts on a nightly basis and continues to show the extent the SMU goes to organise the event and no doubt very character building for everyone participating. Goto AY Race Report 2 and capture the action in the AY Photo Gallery...

Western Circuit - They're away on the 21st anniversary...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 1 August 11th: On a hazy Saturday afternoon, with cool SE wind in their hair, all the classes started on time and the 21st anniversary got underway in earnest. Although the predicted 15 knots never materialised, multiple back to back races were completed and a mixed bag of results were posted. Construction of new port facilities on the Singapore side and the continuing Forest City development on the Malaysian side, have further restricted the racing area and factoring in the increased tidal current, is paramount to success. This doesn't stop the youthful enthusiasm and it's good to see a lot of ole hands, helping newcomers develop their racing skills. Goto AY Photo Gallery and AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report21st Western Circuit comes alive in Singapore...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
August 10th: Once a year, all the yacht clubs and sailing associations in Singapore, come together at Raffles Marina over two weekends (Aug 11, 12 & 18), to contest Singapore's premier racing event. The 21st edition, organised by the Singapore Management University, has 90 yachts lining up, including keelboats, multihull's, SB20's, PY and J24 classes, plus Access 2.3's for disabled sailors and seven Windsurfing classes, testing their racing abilities. The SMU organising team is brimming full of youthful enthusiasm and combined with Raffles Marina excellent facilities, have built a reputation for lively fleet racing and fun filled post race parties. Up for grabs this weekend is, the SMU President’s Cup, SB20 International Cup and the Inter-Tertiary Windsurfing Championship (ITWC) 2018 titles. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

It's lift-off for the 2018-19 AsianYachting Grand Prix...
By AY MultiMedia
Goto July AYGP NewsJuly 27th 2018: With the SW'ly trade wind in the high teens, Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek, kicked off the 17th edition of the AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) with a bang and in grand style. All 36 Skippers and Yachts buckled down in heavy going conditions, for an eight race program over 4 days and based on their overall class placing's, have scored valuable points in the AYGP Rankings. With a polished crew performance, Ray Roberts TP52 Team Hollywood scored 8 bullets to defend the IRC 1 class title for the third time and send themselves directly to the top the annual AYGP Rankings, for an early lead in the race for the 2018-19 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles. Goto July AYGP News...

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryAll over bar the shouting...
Victory for Team Hollywood, Phoenix, BeauX Esprit, Blade Runner IX,
Twin Sharks & Pixalux Blue

By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 23rd Cape Panwa: As the breeze was still up in the mid teens and everyone eager to go on the final day of racing, PRO Simon James selected courses to suit the classes and complete the 8 race regatta schedule. A quick windward/leeward race for the big boats, followed by a long passage race outside Koh Hae, down to Koh Maton and finish in front of the Cape Panwa Hotel. Although in most classes the outright winners have been decided, the order for podium places were open for the taking and settled in a last day shootout. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and capture the action in the complete AY Photo Gallery

CPHPRW - Sail in the fast lane or go home empty handed...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 3July 21st Cape Panwa: By now if you haven't been driving hard and exceeding the speed limits, you wont be on the podium or taking any trophy's home. Handling the fresh breeze, in the rolling seaway, is a delicate balance between being overpowered or underpowered and requires the sail trimmers to constantly work the sails to suit the pressure and produce speed forward. This is were crew experience matters and working in harmony brings success. Only have to look at the score sheets to see which boat crews are up to speed, with the wind strength and sea conditions. Goto AY Race Report 3 and capture some of the action in the AY Photo Gallery

Goto AY Race Report 2CPHPRW - Blustery wind, rain, sunshine and the show goes on...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 20th Cape Panwa: The outer bands of the Low Pressure system in the Northern reaches of the Bay of Bengal, are still lashing Phuket with a blustery SW trade wind and the occasional storm cell passing through. This caused the AP flag to be raised this morning and holding the sailors onshore until things settled down. By 1000hrs the flag came down and the yachts proceeded out onto the race course, to be met with 2m rolling seaway and plenty of wind to boot. Some skippers were a little skeptical, while others took a reef in the mainsail, hoisted small jibs and got on with the job. While IRC 1 raced on the outside courses, the rest of the classes started outside, then went into Ao Chalong for calmer water, and came back out to finish. Goto AY Race Report 2 and capture some of the action in the AY Photo Gallery

CPHPRW - Riding along on the crest of a wave...
Goto AY Race Report 1 By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 19th Cape Panwa: Although there was some apprehension and concern about the weather forecast at the Opening Party last night, apart from a short delay with strong wind against tide at the start line, racing got away in the high teens and in a rolly one meter swell. Two windward /leeward races on the outer course area for the IRC and Multihull Racing classes and two races for the Firefly and Pulse one-design classes in the confines of Ao Chalong. As the day wore on the breeze decreased, and ended up bathed in glorious sunshine, without a rain cloud in sight. So much for the forecast... Goto AY Photo Gallery & AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportHeadlong into 15th Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
July 20th Cape Panwa: Taking the lead set by World Sailing and the UN Environment’s Clean Seas initiative, Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek is reducing the event's carbon footprint and have worked with Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas program since 2014. To run environmentally responsible events, with 'best practice' operations and become the first certified Clean Regatta in South East Asia. Encouraging people to reduce or eliminate single use plastic, host venue, Cape Panwa Hotel, have altered the event's supply chain to further reduce plastic waste and recycle the plastics used, plus encourage other regattas and yacht clubs to follow this world wide trend. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

Rolling out the 17th AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year Awards
11 Months, 12 Events, Over 330 Skippers & Yachts, Across 7 Countries
By AY MultiMedia
Goto July 2018 AYGP NewsThe main aim of the AYGP pointscore system, is to annually rank Skippers and Yachts competing at 12 selected five star AYGP point scoring events, held in East and South East Asian waters, during the 2018-19 Season. For the 17th year, the winning Skipper and Yacht will be crowned with the prestigious AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles. Donning the Trend Fashions navy blue blazer, presented with the Perpetual AYGP Cup filled with champagne, hand crafted take home trophy at the gala Samui Regatta season ending prize presentation party. Celebrating one of the proudest moments of their racing careers, as their name is added to the “Hardest sports trophy to win in Asia”, is the highlight of the AYGP season. Goto July 2018 AYGP News...

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