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As reported in the AsianYachting Mid-Month Bulletin
March 2009

Warm climate retirement homes going cheap
As Port Dickson, Malaysia has not yet recovered from the early nineties building boom and subsequent 1997 Asian financial collapse, there is an excess supply of condominium apartments in housing estates and marina's, going incredibly cheap. Anywhere around Malaysian Ringgit MR 70k to 150k (US$ 19k to 40k) will get you a two or three bedroom apartment or house lot. More and more foreigners enjoy living in a warm climate all year round have taken to basing themselves in sunny PD. These places would suite retired couples looking for somewhere quiet to get them through the present economic crises. Benefits include being centrally located on the Kra Peninsula (KL International Airport only 1 hours drive) making it easy to visit other tropical hotspots in neighboring SE Asian nations, all the while maintaining a quieter and much cheaper lifestyle in PD.


PD World Marina Apartments (See Google Map)

This air conditioned, 2 bedroom apartment (pictured below) with all the furniture could be yours for RM90,000 (around Euro 20k)? The first person that genuinely places an offer and enters a sales agreement will receive the title and can take up residence soon after that. Our AY Sales Team are ready and waiting for your call. For more details and inventory Tel: 6 06 6477701 or Email:

Marina view from balcony

Lounge room

Asian Kitchen

Common toilet/shower

AY Sales Team ready to serve

Guest room

Main bedroom

On suite toilet/shower

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