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2016-17 AYGP Events
HK to San Fernando Race
Start 12 April
Commodore's Cup
April 19th - 23rd
Top of the Gulf
May 4th - 8th
Samui Regatta
May 20th - 27th

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Goto 1998-99 Race Reports1. EDITORIAL - Times are a changing...

Rapid advances in ICT connectivity, over the past few years and multiple choices on how to receive your daily news fix, has resulted in discontinuing the monthly AY News & Views and free up some time in the twilight years.

When we started 19+ years ago, (Goto 1998-99 Race Reports and the first Sept 2000 News & Views) the main aim was to let people know, there were sailing events in Asia, they could compete in and keep local sailors informed on International events and the current state of yachting affairs.

Goto Capt Marty on FacebookNow everyone has mobile devices, with app's for almost everything, to chat, search, photo and watch live videos. As most major yachting events and many sailors are our friends on Social Media, we are now posting daily news updates, we come across, on our AY MultiMedia sites Facebook - Marty Rijkuris - AsianYachting Grand Prix - Asian Yachting Group - LinkedIn and Twitter, that would normally appear in the World Speed Records, "Unluckiest sailors of the month", International and Austral Asian News sections. Come and join in the discussion and add some smart comments, for all to enjoy!

Goto AsianYachting Grand Prix This will allow us to concentrate on the AsianYachting Grand Prix (AYGP) News and generating daily media coverage, at major racing events in Asia. We will still be updating the Asian Calendar, Yachts for Sale, Photo Library, online Asian Yachtmasters Syllabus and emailing daily AY Race Reports plus the monthly AYGP News to the current circulation list. Time to check your Subscription and If you want to keep your sailing companions, family and friends updated, while your away, get them to Subscribe Online to the fully automated AY Circulation List Click Here...

Goto AY Advertising PackagesWe also would like to take this opportunity to thank all the advertisers for their support over the years and be advised, the Rates for the two AY Advertising Packages on offer, remain the same. For as little as US$100 per month, can feature prominently on the AsianYachting website Rotating Banners. For US$150 per month, regattas seeking publicity and companies can display their, company logos and products, on all AYGP Newsletters and daily AY Race Reports at major events. Come negotiate for a 12 month advertising package, we are presently open to all offers.

Goto AY News & Views ArchiveThe complete AY News & Views Archive has been compiled and can be found Here... While your there, for a bit of fun, if your sailing feats, may have been mentioned over the last 20 years, Enter your Name, Regatta, Yacht Club, Boat etc and Search the entire AY Website.

Goto AsianYachtingStay with us, as we're in the process of improving the service, to suit the times and I'm told the best years are yet to come.

Wishing you enjoyable sailing and stay safe, where ever you may roam...
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