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Gotcha's sweet success year 1999. The Rahim brothers displayed some superb sailing abilities on their yacht 'Gotcha' to claim overall victory, for the first time at the 6th Singapore Straits Regatta and Malaysia's own 10th Anniversary Raja Muda International Regatta. The past years devoted by skipper Amir Zohri and crew to developing the confidence and the skills to compete have paid off and signal a new era of Malaysian competitiveness on the International yachting scene. Click here to view article

Malaysian Yacht Racing Team 99 Despite Datuk Azhar Mansor taking the yachting limelight and sponsorship in Malaysia during his recent circumnavigation, a group of local yachtsman and dedicated yachting expats at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club have been working steadily over the current sailing season to put together a formidable yacht racing team to represent Malaysia. Click here to view article and MYRT 99

New Straits Times artickle Sat 14th August 1999
RECOGNITlON... Azhar (left) receiving his Offshore Yachtmaster Certificate from Asian Yachtmaster Scheme

JG Logo.JPG (6251 bytes)PRESS RELEASE Jalur Gemilang Challenge 99

2. SEA Tales & Scuttlebutt by Capt. Marty Rijkuris
One of the last individual freedoms remaining in the world today is the privilege of taking a pleasure yacht to sea without meeting cumbersome legal requirements to prove your yachting ability or the vessels seaworthiness.

1. SEA Tales & Yachting Scuttlebutt by Capt. Marty Rijkuris
Ever since Azhar Mansor officially started on his quest for the Holy Grail of single-handed yachting at 1630hrs on Tuesday Feb 2nd 1999 yachting in Malaysia has received a tremendous boost onto the International media stage.

1998 Raja Muda International Regatta - Summary by Captain Marty Rijkuris
Reflecting back over the 1998 Raja Muda International Regatta brings back some happy memories of competing against an International star studded lineup of yachts on Malaysian waters.

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