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2010 - 11 News & Views

001209 - July - Indonesian Rally Season begins
001210 - August
- Satisfying sponsors with media coverage
001211 - September
- Coming International & Asian events
001212 - October - Changes to Asian events & International previews
001213 - November -
Port Dickson like living in the eye of the cyclone...
001214 - December - Asian events popular as northern winter arrives early
001215 - January - Warm welcome to 2011
001216 - February
- Hip Hop into Year of the Rabbit
001217 - March -
Catch up with past and future events
001218 - April - International sailing onto new dizzy heights
001219 - May -
Lifting the Asian scene onto next level
001220 - June - Expanding the AYGP

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2010 - 11 AY Race Reports - News and Views & Event Coverge

2011-12 AYGP Photo GalleryJune AYGP Update - 2010-11 AYGP Photo Gallery online now!
By AY MultiMedia
After nine grueling regattas held at some of the finest tropical resort islands in Asia, Ray Roberts and Evolution Racing went on to win the 2010-11 Skipper and Yacht of the Year title at Koh Samui. For a quick graphic reminder on how the action packed events unfolded and the respective prize presentations, the 2010-11 AYGP Photo Gallery is posted online. After contesting seven regattas and "Under the Six Regattas to count system" Roberts ended up with four wins, second and third places plus a fourth place discard to take overall victory. Any teams looking to contest the newly expanded 2011-12 AYGP (See Changes in the Wind) should sit up and take notice of what will be expected from them. The eventual winner is the Boat owner and Skipper that can successfully run a full-on racing campaign through Asian waters over the 2011-12 Season. This will take an enormous amount of planning, crew recruiting, financial backing and commitment to race in at least six five star events during the season. By no means is winning meant to be easy as being crowned the Skipper and Yacht of the Year is serious business and requires the due respect it deserves. Read all about the latest update Here...

Goto Changes in the windJune AYGP News - Changes in the wind for the 2011-12 AYGP
By AY MultiMedia
Ongoing discussions since the Regatta Forum at the end of the TOTG Regatta and after canvassing boat owners, skippers, crew, supporters and sponsors during the season ending Sawadee.com Regatta at Ko Samui, everyone seems in favour of expanding the AYGP and including other classes into the race for the 2011-12 AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. We have whittled down the suggested pointscoring system, mainly to keep it simple and fairly grade competing Boat owners and Skippers ability to successfully run full-on racing campaigns through Asian waters over the 2011-12 Season. The proposed classes are IRC 1 Racing, IRC 2, IRC 3, Premier Cruisers and Multihull Racing classes, whenever they compete at the 12 events on the 2011-12 Asian Calendar. Co-operation is being sort from Regatta organisers to synchronize rating bands for the IRC classes, nominated skippers/boat owners names on the entry list (If different) and full results after the event is run. Several pointscoring systems have been studied and have come down to the final two preferences. Please email any feedback on the proposed changes and suggestions to info@asianyachting.com before a final decision is reached. Check out the complete Changes in the Wind in the June AYGP News

AY Race Report 5 & Summary10th Sawadee.com Regatta - Neil Pryde wins regatta & Ray Roberts the AYGP
By AY MultiMedia
2010-11 AYGP pointscoreJune 4th: The final day came down to an one passage race shootout, down South to the Mat Sum mark and back for the Racing and IRC 1 classes. The IRC 2 and Multihull classes set off in 10 knots of breeze on a slightly shorter passage race to finish of the event. Only seconds separated the leaders as they went tack for tack, picking the wind shifts on the long windward beat. As the breeze faded the boats began to struggle into the current. Luckily the breeze returned in time for all classes to round the mark and set off downwind. As there was no sign of the seabreeze, PRO Ross Chisholm called it a day at the Hin Ang Wang gate for all classes.
It seemed like each gybe one boat would pull slightly ahead, then the next gybe another boat was looking famous for a while. Until eventually Frank Pong's 76ft Jelik II crossed the shortened finish line taking line honours with the 52 footers hot on his transom. Twenty seven seconds latter Hannes Waimer's TP52 Team Premier breasted the line with Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi only four seconds adrift. A further 22 seconds elapsed and Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire came through with Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing trailing them by forty three seconds. All in all, a little over two minutes elapsed for all the Racing Class boats to finish and the number crunching started. When we left off yesterday Neil Pryde's Hi Fi took over the lead and stayed on the pace to win the last three races and take out the Racing Class title. A couple of bad luck races reduced Hannes Waimer's Team Premier down to second overall and second place today for Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire breaks the tie with Ray Roberts Evolution Racing to end up third and fourth overall respectively.Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary Go to AY Photo Gallery

May 2011 - AYGP Newsletter - Grand finale for dueling duo... Changes being considered for next season
Goto May 2011 - AYGP Newsletter
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
13th May 2011:
Two regattas in quick succession did nothing towards determining this seasons overall winner and saw five new skippers and four yachts score late points in the
2010-11 Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. After the TOTGR, Ray Roberts Evolution Racing lead has been reduced to two points by Neil Pryde's Hi Fi, with one regatta remaining. Roberts admitted that "Their performance was perhaps the worse ever at any Asian regatta he has entered and hopes to turn the tide at Koh Samui". Despite loosing in the protest room, Neil Pryde's crew were jubilant on their three race winning haul and Hi Fi's light weather boatspeed going into the final event. Hannes Waimer's winning TP52 Team Premier showed that the dueling duo can be beaten at their own game, especially by a well prepared boat and racing crew in top form. Along with Team Premier, Kevin Whitcraft's GP42 Wan Marang and John Mahoney Humphrey's 42 Zanzibar enter the pointscore for the first time. They are all looking forward to their next clash at the Sawadee.com Regatta (May 30th - June 4th) and welcome the Hong Kong boats back for a ding dong grande finale showdown to end the season. Check out the Changes being considered for next Season in the May 2011 - AYGP Newsletter

AY Race Report 4 & SummaryTop of The Gulf Regatta - Podium places decided in the protest room...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
3rd May 2011:
Eight to ten knots of breeze provided the perfect conditions for the last day shootout, off Jomtiem beach in the Gulf of Thailand. Several classes were relying on today's results and the drop race to settle the overall series and others the outcome is already decided. A protest lodged by Ray Roberts in Race 3 was initially dismissed and the International jury reopened the case as new evidence was available, that resulted in Neil Pryde being disqualified. Just to complicate things further the case was again reopened and as the scorer tried to tabulate the final results the media eagerly waited for the outcome of the protest to complete the podium order. Another protest in the Platu One-design class was being heard that would also determine the winning places in the protest room. Finally Neil pryde's disqualification stands and despite winning two races today, that would have won them the title, have to settle on second place. Hannes Waimer's TP52 Team Premier has been firing on all cylinders and set the pace throughout the event, to sail away with the Racing Class title on their first attempt. Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi had to settle on second overall after winning three races and carrying the disqualification. Some new modifications on Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing have not been successful, especially in light winds and third place means its back to the drawing board before Koh Samui. Kevin Whitcraft's GP42 Won Ma Rang notched up fourth place and Johnathan Mahoney's newly acquired Humphrey's 42 Zanzibar in fifth place. In the 2010/11 AY Grand Prix Championship Ray Roberts lead has been whittled down to 2 points in front of Neil Pryde with one regatta remaining. Some new ideas are likely to be thrashed out tomorrow at the Regatta Forum organised by Bill Gasson and a full run down will be coming out latter in the week. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary and AY Photo Gallery

Commodore's Cup - Final day 4 settles the arguement...
Goto Race Report 2by Jeremy Simpson
30th April 2011: It was a fine and blustery day out on Subic Bay. High clouds and brilliant sunshine, with the wind seldom less than 12 knots promised another cracking day on the water. Race Officer Jerry Rollins placed the windward mark at two miles almost due East of the start and got IRC Racing class off on time at 1130 for the first of two windward-leewards. Boracay was away first followed by Subic Centennial and Ffreefire. The story was the same for both race 5 and race 6. In the absence of any whoopsies, the disparity in boat sizes gave the inevitable result of Boracay first across the line in front of Ffreefire and the Sydney 46, Subic Centennial. However, the Reichel Pugh 76 had to be a country mile in front to beat the other two boats. In Race 5 the results were first Subic Centennial, second Ffreefire and Boracay third by seven minutes. However, in Race 6, for the first time in the regatta, Boracay pushed Sam Chan's TP52, Ffreefire back to third place on corrected time to take second by 55 seconds, and only 13 seconds behind Subic Centennial. Results overall gave Frank Pong fourth and third place (how often could that happen?) with Mui-Mui and Boracay, Ffreefire second and Judes Echauz' Subic Centennial cleaning up again, with four firsts and a second.
Goto Race Report 4 Check out the Photo Gallery

Goto Race Report 1Subic Bay Yacht Club - Commodore's Cup - Ffreefire on a winning streak...
by Jeremy Simpson
27 April 2011: It was a hot and sultry night at the Welcoming Party hosted by the Lighthouse Marina resort on Wednesday night. No breeze from Mother Nature but much shooting of the breeze by the yachties gathered for the Skippers briefing and cocktails. It didn't bode well for the first race the next day. Wednesday had seen light airs all day and the forecast was not encouraging. Before 9 am the AP flag was hanging from a pole in front of the boathouse. Race Officer Jerry Rollins held everything back until the air began to move and the AP came down at about 1015, giving the boats 45 minutes to get to the start off the Lighthouse. By the time they got there, the wind was filling in from the South West and stayed a very consistent 16 to 18 knots all day, with blazing sunshine, making the racing a blast. The IRC racing class got away at 1130 with Ffreefire leading from Mui-Mui and Subic Centennial. IRC 2 started 5 minutes later followed by the four boats in PY Cruising - all clean starts and no recalls. Goto Race Report 1

Goto March 2011 - AYGP NewsApril 2011 - AYGP Newsletter - Coming into the final 3 rounds...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
24th April 2011: The final three regatta's on the 2010-11 AYGP Championship are upon us - First up Commodore's Cup in picturesque Subic Bay, Philippines, then into the Gulf of Thailand for the Top of the Gulf Regatta at Ocean Marina, South Pattaya plus the fantastic season ending Grand Final Showdown - Sawadee.com Regatta at Koh Samui. Although the first two regattas overlap and the racing class fleet are split between the events, the recently introduced "Six regatta's to count - scoring system" caters for this and moves are in place for regatta organisers to come together and form an Asian league or class championship from the major events. When we left off, after the Singapore Straits Regatta, Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing and Neil Pryde's custom Welbourn 52 Hi Fi, have once again run away at the top of the scoreboard. Thirteen skippers and twelve boats have scored points in the six regattas held so far. Although Ray Roberts and Neil Pryde sit on top of the 2010-11 AYGP Championship, this has not deterred the other competitors from having a go at them. In fact, at the final King's Cup press conference, Ray Roberts admitted that their presence has lifted the standard of racing in the Asian region, which now includes five TP52s, to be as good as anywhere in the world. The final results belie the level of close competition. Often the light and changing conditions produce numerous place changes and the dueling duo do not have it all their own way. The exceptionally close racing usually comes down to the last race and in the overall results just one point difference between Evolution Racing and Hi Fi, that also delivered an unprecedented dead heat in race six at the hotly contested King's Cup. More on this check out the April 2011 - AYGP Newsletter

San Fernando Race ReportsRHKYC - San Fernando Race - FreeFire takes Line Honours & Red Kite II Handicap win
San Fernando Race Reports23 April 2011:
In the early hours of this morning, after nearly 62 hours of racing, Sam Chan’s TP52, FreeFire crossed the finish line in San Fernando to take Line Honours in the 2011 San Fernando Race, organised by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and run under the auspices of RORC. Having faced the full range of South China Sea racing conditions, skipper Ian Walker of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing was happy with the team’s performance; “it was a race of two halves, upwind and very lumpy to start with, which was tough on the crew as I had them on the rail all the time. The second half was sailed in much easier conditions and overall the race was a very productive and useful experience for ADOR.” FreeFire was under constant pressure, giving time to Geoff Hill’s TP52 Strewth, which was never more than 10nm behind. Strewth finished 75 minutes after FreeFire, and 50 minutes adrift on corrected time, with Hill enthusing that “It was classic ‘San Fernando Race’, ideal for the TP52’s apart from parking up for six hours. The first night was very bumpy with confused seas and blowing 20-25 knots, but last night was great offshore sailing, spinnaker reaching under a red moon. The boat performed really well, we’re using this as a qualifier for the ‘Hobart.” As the TP52 crews unwind in San Fernando, the rest of the fleet is making good progress, however only Anthony Root’s Archambault 35, Red Kite II, looks to have a realistic shot of taking IRC Overall from FreeFire’s grasp. As Red Kite II finished well before the 2156hrs cut off time they have repeated their 2009 achievement of 1st IRC Overall. Goto the San Fernando Race Reports

Revival of Perahu Layar Jung
More boat photos on FacebookBy AsianYachting Multimedia

14 April 2011: Sometimes one must take a few steps back into the past, in order to appreciate how we got here in the first place. It also helps to familiarize oneself with some age old boat building techniques and blend them with today's technology to ensure the boat will sail into the future. Good news for readers that are following the progress on Abdul Ghafar's (Afai) 28ft by 5ft 4" solid timber Perahu Layar Jung (See Facebook Photos) in Muar, Malaysia, that he bought from the one remaining traditional boat builder in Tanjung Balai on Karimun Island, Indonesia. (See 29 March AY Diary) We left off with "The mast and sails not included in the purchase and asked our worldly readers for any suggestions, drawings, dimensions or photos of a suitable rig and sails for this fine craft." Shane Granger of Historic Vessel "Vega" fame, suggested the lug rig ketch or look at the Arab latine dhow rig which is similar to other traditional Indonesian sail boats plying the archipelago. We have fast-tracked the program since then, instead of reinventing the wheel the original mast, boom, sails and rigging package was ordered from the boat builder and duly dispatched from Karimun Island across the Malacca Strait to Batu Parhat and onto Muar. All for the pricey sum of 1500 Ringgit or around US$500. Another urgent plea "Come, come we need your help?" from Afai was answered after fellow AY Director Hasslan's wedding in neighbouring Malacca. Full story Here...

Emperor - Tioman  - AY Photo GalleryTioman Island dreaming...
From AsianYachting Diary

More boat photos on Facebook29 Mar 2011: Many people ask Capt Marty where he goes on holidays and what he does between regatta's? Apart from producing the popular monthly AY News & Views and compiling the AYGP Rankings, plus posting regular News Updates and adding new Photo Galleries, he occasionally gets invited by old sailing friends to come and share their dreams. One such occasion arose recently when Abdul Ghafar's (Afai) invitation arrived - To come to Muar, in Johor, Malaysia (25nm south east of Malacca) and cast his eyes over a 28ft by 5ft 4" solid timber Perahu Layar Jung (See Photos), that was built by the only remaining traditional boat builder in Tanjung Balai on Karimun Island, Indonesia. Also to judge whether she will be suitable for taking guests out for a sail at the exclusive Emperor - Tioman resort that Afai is presently building on Pulau Tioman off Malaysia's East coast in the South China Sea. In years gone by, the Jung was often seen plying its trade throughout the Riau archipelago, Singapore Straits and southern part of the Kra Peninsular. These days the intrinsically planked timber hull, often with multi coloured sails and artwork on the hull are taken out for official ceremonies and sailed at water festivals. Nongsa Point Marina used to hold races at Batam and all the Jung's were crewed by local sailors of all ages. As the mast and sails were not included in the package, we are asking our worldly experienced readers for any suggestions, drawings, dimensions or photos of a suitable rig and sails for this fine craft to please email: info@asianyachting.com Goto complete Tioman Island Dreaming story and the impressive AY Photo Gallery to see how the Emperor - Tioman is shaping up in March 2011 can be viewed here...

AY Tsunami Alert 2011AY Earthquake & Tsunami Alert 2011 - Keep Updated
AY Tsunami Alert 201113 Mar 2011: Japan's 8.8 earthquake at 1:46 pm on 11th March, off the east coast of Honshu, released an enormous 4 to 8m Tsunami that completely destroyed coastal regions and low lying areas up to 10k inland. Jaw dropping LIVE TV footage was broadcast on CNN, BBC, CCTV. Tsunami Warnings were issued for coastal areas across the Pacific basin - from Hawaii to Chile - as a result of the waves triggered by the earthquake. As the time limit in the Pacific basin for the initial Tsunami, expired, we ask people in the region to keep an eye on proceedings as there have been over 200 after shocks since the big one. The regions Tsunami warnings included Russia, Mariana Islands, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii and as far away as the US West Coast, South America and New Zealand. Further problems have resulted in three nuclear reactors at Japan's Tohoku Electric Power Company in Onagawa and Tokyo Electric Power Company two nuclear power plants in Fukushima where one has already recorded a big explosion. As these are still early days and the affected area is difficult to access and the survivors still have to be located plus the future economic consequences on the World's 3rd biggest economy will have repercussions around the world for years to come. We will be posting further updates when available in the AY Tsunami Alert 2011

AY Pirate AdvisoryAY Travel Advisory: Pirate infested Arabian Sea & Indian Ocean - Don't go!
AY Travel Advisory In view of the recent escalation in pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, Yemeni and Somali coasts, and the consequent very high risk, the latest advice is not to enter this area. The U.S. Coast Guard strongly advises against all operation of and travel by U.S. yachts and sailing craft, or by U.S. citizens on foreign registered yachts and sailing craft, on the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Somali Basin and the western parts of the Indian Ocean. While some of the US Navy got called away during the recent disturbance in Egypt and now standing off Libya, a U.S. registered sailing vessel was hijacked by pirates in February 2011, off the southern coast of Oman in the northern Arabian Sea and all of its crew were tragically killed. This case is a stark reminder of the grave dangers of operating in these high risk waters, especially by recreational vessels. As per 07 March 2011, 20h30 UTC, at least 49 foreign vessels plus two barges are kept in Somali hands against the will of their owners, while at least 784 hostages or captives - including a South-African yachting couple as well as a Danish yacht-family with children - suffer to be released. But even EU NAVFOR, who mostly only counts high-value, often British insured vessels, admitted now that many dozens of vessels were sea-jacked despite their multi-million Euro efforts to protect shipping. All mariners already in these waters are urged to register with the Maritime Security Centre (Horn of Africa) for up to date advice and guidance on passage round the Horn of Africa. They should also report regularly to the UKMTO (Email: ukmto@eim.ae Tel: +971 50 552 3215), giving location, course and speed, and plan their routing carefully to reduce the risk of an attack. Full advisory and more details on the International Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) and confirmed contacts can be found in the AY Pirate Travel Advisory Here...

Goto AYGP ScoreboardMarch 2011 - AYGP Newsletter - Who is looking down the barrel of success?
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
10th March 2011:
Despite the Afro/Arab world turning up side down and the pirate scourge holding up round the world cruisers in the Indian Ocean, the final three regatta's on the 2010-11 AYGP Championship are coming up in April and May - First up Commodore's Cup in colorful Subic Bay, Philippines, then into the Gulf of Thailand for the Top of the Gulf Regatta at Ocean Marina, South Pattaya plus the fantastic season ending Grand Final Showdown
- Sawadee.com Regatta at Koh Samui. As we are fast approaching the end of the 2010/11 Season, Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing and Neil Pryde's custom Welbourn 52 Hi Fi, that field professional racing teams on the Asian circuit each year, have once again run away at the top of the leaderboard. Although Roberts has won four of the five regatta's they entered and have what looks like a commanding three point lead in the AYGP Championship - Under the recently introduced "Six regatta's to count - scoring system", Neil Pryde mathematically still has a chance, if they win the next two regatta's they both enter and Ray Roberts finishes down the order. It is so close, that we dare not send the New 2010-11 Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year trophy, taking shape in Pt Dickson to the engravers just yet and will leave further judgment till after the Top of the Gulf being their next encounter. More on this check out the March 2011 - AYGP Newsletter

Boracay Cup - No let up even on the final day...
Goto AY Race Report 5By AsianYachting MultiMedia
25:02:2011 This time of the year,
Boracay must be one of the windiest places in the world. All day, all night the breeze rarely drops below 15 knots. Even the shrubbery on the windward side grows with a permanent lean to leeward. Today was no exception. An early morning storm swept through and raised the average wind speed to 25 knots and gusting over 30 knots. Concerns were expressed that the upper wind range for racing yachts was being reached. Despite all this, the remaining yachts left standing proceeded onto the course for the final two windward/leeward races to complete the regatta. Sam Chan's TP 52 Ffreefire had already clinched the racing class title but the remaining two podium places were still open for the taking, as Frank Pong's 75ft Reichel/Pugh Jelik II and Ernesto Echauz's Sydney 46 Centennial were tied on ten points. Proceed with caution became the order of the day. Every start, Ernesto Echauz's Centennial helmed by Allan Balladares has timed their run into the line with perfection and taken the windward berth next to the start boat. This gives them a slight advantage and leaves the others to play catchup on the first part of the windward beat. Frank Pong's Jelik II stretched the lead at every mark and what seemed like a flawless race in the tough conditions crossed the finish line with the smaller Centennial trailing a complete leg behind. Goto AY Race Report 6 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 5Boracay Cup - Another day in paradise...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
24:02:2011 After yesterdays howling gale that reached the top of the boats wind range, the crews have regrouped and sorted out the damaged gear. The conditions have moderated a little, down to 15-18 knots and PRO Jerry Rollin chose Course 4 for the Racing Class and Course 8 for the IRC 1 Class for the long passage race. This would take the yachts across the front of the famous Boracay beach and between Carabao and Boracay Islands, up to Tablas Island and back. After the hard slog upwind between the islands the crews would be rewarded with a long slide downwind and fast reach across the bay to the finish. Most boats were out early for sail selection and fine tuning. Unfortunately Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa hit the reef and suffered some keel damage and Jelik V skippered by Tiffany Koo found further mainsail batten problems during the pre-start which forced them to retire from today's race. This left the three main combatants in the racing class to fight it out. Frank Pong's 75ft Reichel/Pugh Jelik II once again powered around the course to secure line honours. Sam Chan's TP 52 Ffreefire has mounted an impressive challenge throughout the regatta and claimed their fourth win in a row to put themselves in an unbeatable position in the overall standings. The two yachts have locked horns in high-speed action all week and have fought it out to the finish in every race. Goto AY Race Report 5

Boracay Cup - Strong wind taking its toll...
Goto AY Race Report 4By AsianYachting MultiMedia
23:02:2011 The warning signs came early, when Martin Tanco radioed in that his X452 Challenge will not be participating as they noticed some structural damage after running aground yesterday. The wind speed held steady at 22-25 knots and was gusting up to 30 with white horses riding on the waves. The wind seems to funnel down the Caticlan Passage between Boracay and Panay where the windward/leeward courses are laid. Selecting the right combination of sails and crew controlling the spinnaker downwind became of paramount importance. The yachts fully powered up with bow waves at the front and foaming white water in the wake are a magnificent sight to behold. Frank Pong's 75ft Reichel/Pugh Jelik II once again blitzed the course but a few tactical errors left the door open for Sam Chan's TP 52 Ffreefire to slip through and triumph in both races today. Ernesto Echauz's fully wound up Sydney 46 Centennial secured second place in Race 2 but a slow spinnaker take down resulted in them running over the kite and trawling it behind, loosing valuable time but still managed third place in Race 3. Frank Pong's Jelik II ended up with a 3, 2 score line to stay in the running. The Tiffany Koo skippered Jelik V shredded another spinnaker in as many days and retired to pick up the spare one from the Jelik mothership in time to fight for the next race. Goto AY Race Report 4

Goto AY Race Report 3Boracay Cup - Let the fun and games begin...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
22:02:2011 The wind is up, the sun is shining and the inviting blue sea is calling all water sports enthusiasts - What more would the sailors need for the perfect day on the water? Boracay has it all. Five top boats in the Racing Class and three in the IRC 1 Class have signed on for the inaugural Boracay Cup. PRO Jerry Rollin choose Course 3, the 30 nautical mile, figure of 8 track that goes around neighboring Caraboa Island and Boracay on the return leg for both classes. With wind gusts reaching 20 knots Frank Pong's 75ft Reichel/Pugh Jelik II whipped around the course in 2 hours 42 minutes at an average speed over 10 knots. The exciting spinnaker run, gybing down the narrow Caticlan Passage that separates Boracay and Panay was the icing on the cake and produced calls of joy as the yachts crossed the finish line. Despite Frank Pong's fired up 75ft Reichel/Pugh Jelik II claiming line honours, Sam Chan's TP 52 Ffreefire stayed on the pace and by finishing eleven minutes behind, once again snatched the handicap honours from Jelik II for the second race in succession. Although Ernesto Echauz's Sydney 46 Centennial is the smallest boat in the racing class, the all Philippine crew battled on at the back of the pack and were rewarded with second place. This result relegated Pong's Jelik II down into third place and as only 22 seconds separated the Tiffany Koo skippered Jelik V they also nearly overtook the boss. Ray Ordoveza's Excel 53 Karakoa returns to the frey helmed by designer Alan Andrews will have to shake of the cobwebs to improve on fifth place. AY Race Report 3

Goto AY Race Report 2Subic to Boracay Race - 18-20 knots surfing downwind in shorts & T-shirt...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
21:02:2011 Wonderful adrenalin rush was the main consensus of opinion from most the sailors at the trophy presentation. There was a bit of everything, working upwind, becalmed for a while, back markers catching up with the leaders, light wind reaching and finally a fantastic slide downwind all the way to Boracay. While the option was open to go either side of Mindoro Island, all the skippers choose to go on the Eastern route up the Verde Island passage, around Dumali Point before opening up the throttle all the way to Boracay. A real challenge of crew and machine. Although the first part was a bit slow, Frank Pong put the pedal to the metal on his 75ft Reichel/Pugh Jelik II to set the inaugural race record for the 200 nautical mile course at 23 hours, 37 minutes, 58 seconds. A little under an hour latter, Sam Chan's TP 52 Ffreefire, crossed the line to snatch the handicap honours from Jelik II. Over an hour further behind Geoff Hill's TP52 Strewth also leapfrogged Jelik II into second place leaving Frank Pong's Jelik II to settle on third place overall. Jelik V skippered by Tiffany Koo finished in fourth and Ernesto Echauz's Sydney 46 Centennial ended up back in fifth place. Goto AY Race Report 2

Goto AY Race Report 1Subic to Boracay Race - Inaugural race is underway...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
19:02:2011 When the starting signal sounded at 11:00 this morning, 17 local and International yachts, in three classes created history when they set off on the inaugural 200 mile Subic to Boracay offshore race. Depending on the yachts size and speed, they are expected to take between 20 and 48 hours to reach Boracay. The course presents an interesting tactical challenge to navigators, as they can choose to pass either side of the very large Mindoro Island. The Eastern route up the Verde Island passage, is renowned for its wind against tide conditions and the often windless area around Dumali Point. The Western option will avoid these but Mindoro Island has a 2,500m high mountain range and this could provide a large wind shadow behind the island and windward conditions on the last stretch to Boracay. Being the biggest boat in the fleet, Frank Pong's 75ft Reichel/Pugh Jelik II will be leading the charge and expected to set the inaugural race record, which could be under 17 hours if conditions suite. However having the biggest boat does not guarantee victory as three highly fancied TP 52's, Sam Chan's Ffreefire, Geoff Hill's Strewth and Tiffany Koo skippering Pong's Jelik V will be formidable opposition. The overall winner comes after handicaps are applied to the finish times, which gives well sailed smaller boats a chance. Ernesto Echauz's Sydney 46 Centennial knows a thing or two about this situation having come from behind on many occasions to triumph in the face of adversity. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Race Report 4 & SummaryBay Regatta - The final showdown...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
13:02:2011 Overnight the North East trade wind returned, which was a welcome relief for the sailors that have struggled in the light conditions. Courses 11 & 12 were chosen for the final showdown. A short windward beat, then weave their way between Ko Daeng and Ko Samet, slightly offshore from Krabi before heading off on a downwind flyer to the Hin Mu Sang Nua gate/finish line. The leading yachts devoured the 12 and 17 nautical mile courses in under two hours and all of a sudden the competitive side to the regatta was over, bar the shouting. All that was left to do, was return the yachts to their respective marina berths or anchorage grounds and crews make their way to the Ao Chalong Yacht Club for the final presentation and post regatta celebrations. Scott Duncanson's Phuket 8 Quantum Fusion M, was specially designed to race in these conditions and disappeared into the distance to score the daily double and win the overall Racing Class title. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Goto AY Race Report 3Bay Regatta - Colourfully ghosting along through the karsts!
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
12:02:2011 The course today snaked its way through the picturesque limestone karsts and secluded islands on the southeast side of Phang Nga Bay. Specially designed by infamous Aussie photographer John Everingham, whose images have graced many lifestyle and sailing magazine front covers. The fleet got away on time in barely five knots of breeze that carried them down to the Hong Island group. On the approaches it faded and turned into small streaky patches on the water. Staying in the wind lines became paramount in keeping the boat moving. For a time things looked a little disheartening as spinnakers hung limp and the yachts came to a standstill. As light zephyrs appeared the nearest boats would make their way forward and try to avoid going to close to the leeward side of the islands. Eventually the breeze filtered in between the islands and the yachts ghosted their way along as the media boats jockeyed for the best positions. Goto AY Race Report 3

Bay Regatta - Are we having fun yet?
AY Race Report 211:02:2011 Why does this regatta have a reputation for being the 'FUN Regatta', compared to the usual 'gung ho' racing events that we have grown accustomed to? Well you only have to take a look around the moored yachts. There are families with children bonding together, groups of old friends, drinking buddies reacquainting themselves, familiar racing crews and foreign charter guests sharing the experience with some old fashioned camaraderie. If you are going to spend so much money on a boat its good to see the owners fully utilise the vessel for what it is designed to be used for. Instead of racing for a couple hours and going home be prepared to live aboard for four days and use the galley, toilet and inbuilt luxury interior for what its worth. At the same time the crew can develop some seamanship qualities and other boat handling skills not found on the race course. Make no mistake though, whether its a racing or cruising boat, monohull or multihull the racing element is alive and well. When the starting signal sounds its sheet on and go for it. After the racing, its off to the overnight anchorage area and prepare for another prize giving party at some of the finest resorts on offer in Thailand. Then get ready to do it all again the next day. To get through it all, calls for an exercise in endurance and that's why it appeals to the serious, the not-so-serious and the not-at-all-serious 'racing' sailors. Goto AY Race Report 2

AY Race Report 1 Bay Regatta - Off to a slow start...
10:02:2011 The warm welcoming party at The Village Coconut Island, set the leisurely scene for the regatta and at a pace the sailors enjoy. PRO Simon James selected Course 1, a trapezoid type course that would take all classes around Ko Lipi and Ko Sup before heading to rounding marks and onto the finish line. The wind never got above 5-6 knots and all classes fired away on time. Unfortunately half way around the course the breeze started to fade away and become very patchy. The class leaders streaked away into the distance only to become becalmed between the last mark and the finish. Before the Bareboat Charter and Cruising B Class could round the last mark, the course was wisely shortened for them. The afternoon sea breeze arrived early from the South East which the leaders picked up and drove them onto the finish leaving the others wallowing in their wake. Goto AY Race Report 1

AY Pre-Regatta Report Bay Regatta - Some changes but more of the same merriment
09:02:2011 There have been some significant changes this year to the regatta. Firstly the name change to The Bay Regatta from Phang Nga Bay Regatta and the Ao Chalong Yacht Club have taken over the full organisational role and introduced a new racing format. Despite all this the regatta still appeals to the serious, the not-so-serious and the not-at-all-serious 'racing' sailors plus continues to combine the spectacular natural scenery withlively parties and some sail boat racing. The region’s yachting community will visit three of Thailand's most scenic provinces Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi. As this regatta has a reputation for being the 'FUN Regatta' over 30 yachts in five classes have entered with many crews coming from all over the globe just to be here. If four days of racing and five days of partying is not a big enough incentive then being the most scenic regatta on the Asian racing calendar should seal the deal. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Neptune Regatta - One blink of the eyelids and you miss out...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
05:02:2011 All that remained was two crucial windward/leeward races for the IRC Class and the final Passage Race for the PY Class to get them back to Nongsa Point Marina in time for the gala prize and equator certificate presentation. The sun was up early and blue sky greeted the sailors. Along with 10 to 12 knots North Easterly breeze made it one of the most photographic days of the regatta which has been blessed with good wind all week. The three boats left in the PY Class upped anchor from the Karas Besar overnight stop and headed home upwind in the Riau Strait. As the headsail on Chris Schuler's Westsail 32 Mico Verde parted company and forced them to retire the race officer decided to shorten the race and call it a day for the remaining yachts. Simon Piff's Lavranos 10.3 Rainbow Dream made it five wins in a row to take the overall PY Class by storm. At the end of racing yesterday the drop race came into play which left David Ross' Kerr 32 Kukukerchu one solitary point in front of Stewart Mclaren's Archambault 35 Men at Work. The race was on in earnest for the inaugural title. Could Kukukerchu go on and extend the lead as they have done before in other events or could Men at Work pull something out of the bag and surprise everyone as they have done already. Goto AY Race Reports 5 & Summary

AY Race Reports 2, 3 & 4Neptune Regatta - Race Reports 2, 3 & 4 - Who dares enter Neptune's waters?
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
02:02:2011 The IRC Class set off early from Nongsa Point Marina on a long 79nm downwind leg via the Riau Strait and Selat Pengelap to the equator. Simultaneously the PY Class departed the Karas Besar overnight stop and headed downwind for 36nm to the Pulau Buaya finish line and overnight anchorage. The fresh North Easterly wind and following seas saw the yachts catching the occasional wave and make good time despite the adverse swirling current in the narrow passages between the islands. By sunset the PY Class and Motor Yachts were finished and safely anchored in the calm waters behind Pulau Buaya.
AY Race Reports 2, 3 & 4From Slimy Pollywogs to Trusty Shellbacks
03:02:2011 When securely anchored King Neptune (played by none other than the editor) appeared suitably dressed from the El Oro companion way and ably assisted by Davy Jones (Guy Nowell) carrying a bucket of Neptune's bloody concoction, demanded an audience with Capt Simon Blundell and crew for sailing his yacht into equatorial waters. Eight crew members were identified as slimy pollywogs because they have never crossed the equator by ship before.
The long beat back...
The IRC Class faced a 79nm beat to windward all the way back to Nongsa Point Marina. For the PY Class the trip back was broken into two stages and first up the 36nm leg and overnight stopover at Karas Besar. For most the PY yachts the prospect of beating to windward is a very daunting task, so the majority resorted to using the motor and withdrew from the race. Simon Piff's Lavranos 10.3 Rainbow Dream was the only boat to sail all the way and finish within the time limit to extend their overall lead to an unbeatable position with one race remaining.Goto AY Race Reports 2, 3 & 4

Neptune Regatta - Up, Up and away...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
AY Race Report 101:02:2011 Although a bit slow to start the Motor Yachts and PY Class got away on the 34nm Leg 1, down the Riau Strait to overnight at Karas Besar. With a blaring horn sounding, Drew Gardenier's Buehler 71 Hooligan created history as the first yacht to cross the start line on this inaugural race. Daniel Whittington's Ericson 28 WYSIWYG followed suit in the PY Class with Simon Morris classic staysail schooner Sirius 1935 in hot pursuit. The next in sequence were the IRC class that completed two windward/leeward races and returned to Nongsa Point Marina for the night. Tomorrow they will embark on the 79nm leg direct to the equator. After winning the Singapore Straits Regatta last week, Sarab Jeet Singh's Sydney 40MOD Windsikher has regained top spot in the Singapore yacht rankings. Until recently this position has come under threat from David Ross' Kerr 32 Kukukerchu who has won everything before them. Race 1 started in twelve knots from the North East and on in earnest right from the beginning. A change in crew on Windsikher was evident as they struggled with the spinnaker gybes and misjudged the strength of the current at the bottom mark rounding. As a brewing storm descended on the course the wind veered around and increased to 20 knots. The crew on Hellmut Schutte's First 45 Aquavit 5 and Adriaan Smit's X99 Power Partners were a bit rusty which saw them dramatically dropping back from the leading pack. Goto AY Race Report 1

AY Pre-Regatta ReportNeptune Regatta - Something new to somewhere old...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
31:01:2011 The idea of a race to the equator has been floating around for a few years but it took a concentrated effort by John Tudor and his friends to bring it to reality. As the power boats don't have organised events, it was decided to incorporate them into the fold as well. So the inaugural Neptune Regatta was born and the team got excited about organising the World's only sailing regatta and motor yacht rally, that centers around a race to the equator and back. Using various social networks and creating a web site quickly raised a lot of interest in the Singapore boating community, which sees 9 sailing yachts in two classes and 4 power boats of various sizes entering the inaugural event. Several early entries have withdrawn for various reasons. Everything centers around the Nongsa Point Marina Resort in Batam, Indonesia and the event has been endorsed by the Indonesia Sailing Federation with huge support from the Indonesian Navy and other individual vessels for the committees use. A number of reccee's were conducted to determine the accuracy of the charts, check the tidal currents, meet with island communities and choose suitable gates and anchorages in the prevailing weather conditions. The very experienced Jerry Rollin (Principle Race Officer) and Alex “Ferret” Voss (Safety Officer & Naviguessor) were appointed to make a tentative program and conduct the race. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

Singapore Straits Regatta - And the winners are...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
29:01:2011 Going into the final races only one or two points separated the leaders in three of the five classes. Most boats headed out early for some fine tuning and prepare the crew mentally and physically for what needs to be done to win the title. The IRC B class were a little to ambitious and a general recall was signaled by PRO Richard Cai, whose team have done a great job to hold it all together and complete the race schedule in testing conditions. Once again the North East monsoon was pumping in at a steady 16 knots with gusts reaching 24 knots. This was going to be such a challenging day on both crew and machine that the eventual winners would deserve the title. The Racing Class dueling duo, once again went through the pre-start circling motions, that has enthralled onlookers all week, as they jockeyed for the windward berth. Ray Roberts TP 52 Evolution Racing hit the line with speed with Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi to leeward and bow slightly ahead. Difficult to live in that position for long and as Evolution Racing rolled over Hi Fi a taking duel was instigated. Ray Roberts covered Neil Pryde tack for tack up the windward leg and rounded the top mark ahead. This result sees Ray Roberts become the Singapore Straits Regatta champion and win the S.E.A. Perpetual Cup Series to take home the replica of the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy. Four regatta wins and one second place for Ray Roberts almost certainly puts them in the box seat to win the inaugural 2010-11 Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. For class winners goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary

AY Race Report 3Singapore Straits Regatta - Windiest regatta in SE Asia...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
28:01:2011 Once again the North East monsoon continued to blow throughout the night and 15 to 20 knots saw the fleet merrily set sail on a passage race between Batam and Bintan Islands. When the 2 meter swell is harnessed properly it provides wonderful surfing conditions but can also have the opposite effect on unwary crews that haven't strapped down the spinnaker sheets further forward and stop the kite from flailing around and overpowering the boat. No such problems in the racing class as the dueling duo worked their way across the Singapore Straits shipping lanes and came surfing back, at times reaching 20 knots boat speed and the crew urging the skippers on for the extra adrenaline rush. A couple of big wind shifts and decrease in strength as the yachts closed in on the Malaysian coastline saw the advantage swing either way. Eventually swinging back in favour of Ray Roberts TP 52 Evolution Racing giving them the edge rounding Stapa mark first by a healthy margin. "That was the yacht race" said Jamie MacPhail back on the dock. "The rest was fantastic reaching and surfing the waves".Goto AY Race Report 3

Singapore Straits Regatta - 20 Knot demolition derby...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
27:01:2011 Brilliant sunshine and a fresh North East monsoon breeze greeted the sailors on Day 2. Just after the start, a small front came through and the gusts quickly picked up to 20 knots and whipped up the already choppy sea into a frenzy. This provided some fast and furious downwind rides on some yachts, while others more accustomed to lighter winds had to adjust quickly or risk being caught up in chinese gybes, wine glassed spinnakers wrapped around the forestay, gear failure, broken halyards, race retirement and most of all deflated ego's back at the dock. Many skippers went for smaller headsail's while others reefed the mainsail down a slab to avoid being over powered and still maintain control of the boat through the steering mechanism. Even the two seasoned professional racing class teams suffered some fateful moments and gear breakage which moved them up and down the order. Before the race the senior crew members on Evolution Racing, that have crowded the cockpit, were trying to negotiate with the Hi Fi crew, that they limit themselves to three or four tacks up the windward beat but all this nonsense was thrown out the window when the skippers get the bit between the teeth and face off on the race course. Once again jockeying for the windward berth started early with Ray Roberts coming out on top at both starts. Then the wheels fell off, according to the Evolution Racing crew and everything that could go wrong did go wrong, as they handed the lead over to Pryde's Hi Fi who went on to win Race 3. After the baptism from hell was delivered by Ray Roberts, the Evolution Racing crew came out on fire for the second race and never looked back to claim victory and bring the overall score to two race wins each. Goto AY Race Report 2

Singapore Straits Racing off to a good start...
26:01:2011 Although the sky was overcast and heavily laden with rain there was 12-14 knots of North Easterly breeze and sloppy seas for the sailors to play with. Racing got away on time and despite storm activity over Singapore on the left and Bintan Island to the right, it stayed away in the middle till the end of the second race. The strong incoming current caught a few crews off guard, that hit the windward mark and over stood the downwind gybe angles to end up reaching back into the mark. Late spinnaker drops in the fresh breeze also saw crews paying the price and loosing valuable minutes as they untangled the mess of flapping sails and sailed on pass the mark. As expected right from the five minute warning signal, the two top contenders in the 2010-11 AYGP, Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing and Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi were jockeying for the windward starting berth and did not let up until the end of racing. Ray Roberts may have led off the line but the tenacious Neil Pryde clung on and despite both hitting the windward mark and completing 360 degree penalty turns, out smarted Roberts on the downwind leg to grab the lead. Only seconds separated them, even when they broke tacks in the middle of the course, when they came back together it was on again tack for covering tack. Very akin to match racing tactics at play. Once in the lead Neil Pryde stole the march in Race 1 and by not giving an inch away notched up the first victory. Ray Roberts did not make the same mistake in Race 2 and led from the start to the finish to even up the score at one win each. Game on!Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportSingapore Straits held in Indonesia
25:01:2011 Although the regatta is a SingaporeSailing event and this year Raffles Marina are the organisers, the entire event is run from Nongsa Point Marina Resort in Batam, Indonesia. This bold new racing format was experimented with last year and comes as a result of an over reactive Singapore Port Authority claiming that is not safe for yachts to race through crowded holding grounds and cross busy shipping lanes. As the land reclamation has almost reached the border it is difficult to hold decent length races in Singapore anymore. Despite having to obtain cumbersome Indonesian cruising permits, twenty yachts have made their way to Batam and are ready to race in five separate classes. The two top contenders in the 2010-11 AYGP, Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing and Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi will have to duel it out match racing style as some late withdrawals have left the racing class with only two entrants. With only four events to go in the AYGP the final outcome here will put Ray Roberts and Neil Pryde in an unbeatable position and the 2010-11 Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards out of reach of the other contestants. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

January 2011 - AYGP Update - Going down to the wire...
Goto January AYGP UpdateBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
19 Jan 2011:
Although we have only just crossed the half way point of the 2010-11 season, Ray Roberts and Neil Pryde have taken such a commanding lead in the AYGP Championship that it is almost mathematically beyond the reach of the other contestants. Roberts has won three and placed second at one event to sit on 19 points. Pryde has won one and placed second at three events to trail Roberts by two points. The next closest skipper is Sam Chan's TP52 Freefire and Frank Pong's Reichel Pugh 75 Jelik III tied on six points and trailing the leading duo by 13 points. They will have to win at least three of the remaining four regattas and the leaders not score any points for them to get back into the running. This is not likely to happen as they are likely to only contest two of the remaining four regatta's. So once again it comes down to the dueling duo but which one will come out on top? All the regattas they have contested have been extremely close and gone down to the final race. This season the best seven results out of the ten regattas were supposed to count towards the AYGP Championship. As the Vietnam Race was cancelled and the dates of the Commodore's Cup and Top of the Gulf are overlapping, making it impossible for yachts to compete at both events, we have decided to count the best six regatta results instead of seven. So it On On into the season and may the best crew win... Goto January AYGP Update

AY Race Report 4 & SummaryRoyal Langkawi Int Regatta - The cream always rises to the top...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
15:01:2011 LANGKAWI:
After an hours delay the decision was made to race inside Bass Harbour. Which proved to be the right move as the wind picked up to 10 knots and lasted long enough for three races to be conducted and complete the original schedule of races. In most classes there was two or three yachts vying for the overall title and very keen to get on with the job. After the last few days the wind was a welcome relief and bought the event to a successful conclusion. All is forgiven! Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing started the day with a two point lead over Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi. A start line incident between them had Neil Pryde hailing protest and saw Ray Roberts completing 2x360 degree penalty turns, then setting off in last place to catch the fleet. He must of drawn the 'Get out of jail free' card as they managed to get back through the order and score second place behind the victorious Hi Fi. This narrowed their lead down to one point. The plan to keep going through the paces and producing good boat speed worked out in the end. Victory in Race 7 and 2nd place in Race 8 sealed the deal for the defending champion to win the Prime Minister's Challenge Trophy for the 6th consecutive year. Goto AY Race Report 4 & Summary

Royal Langkawi Int Regatta - Welcome to the Langkawi sports lottery...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
14:01:2011 LANGKAWI: Skippers and crew have become all to familiar with the glass like conditions and the postponement flag onshore that they were a little hesitant to leave this morning. The only flag on the pole indicated that racing would be offshore. The Police start boat tied up along side further compounded their late departure and to their surprise, when they ventured onto the course there was wind and PRO Mark Pryke was hell bent on starting on time at 9:30. Fortunately the pin boat drifted half way through the first starting sequence and a short postponement was called which allowed the rest of the racing class yachts to reach the starting area. When the sequence resumed they continued through the classes and many boats were still caught well short of the line when their starting signal sounded. In view of the circumstances surely another 15 minute wait which we have become accustomed to would have made all the difference. Goto AY Race Report 3

AY Race Report 2Royal Langkawi Int Regatta - Wind plays havoc with racing...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
13:01:2011 LANGKAWI: Although racing was moved to the outside courses, the fickle nature of the wind still posed difficulties to the race officials and competitors alike. Day 2 started with a two hour postponement waiting for the wind to arrive and by the time competitors reached the racing area it was 12:25 before PRO Mark Pryke could get racing underway. Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing became the first casualty of the day. After winning the start the keel hooked the anchor line of the pin end boat and they lost several valuable minutes before getting untangled. In the desperate chase to catch up, the wind died out leaving them in a big hole in the middle of the course and when it returned did a full 180 degree change, completely reversing the windward / leeward course. The second race today got away in a building sea breeze which looked very promising but the approaching rain clouds soon changed things and once again reversed the wind direction and made a miss match of the order. All classes in both races were shortened except the racing class in the second race. Goto AY Race Report 2

Royal Langkawi Int Regatta - Hurry up and wait...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
12:01:2011 LANGKAWI: After all the running around to get ready for the 9:30 start, the wind decided not to cooperate and the postponement flag was raised well before the boats left the marina. Crews patiently waited in the shade for something to happen. Four hours latter, signs of the incoming sea breeze stirred the race committee into action and soon after the crews were mustered onboard at their work stations. The order of the day was windward/leeward courses in picturesque Bass Harbour. As the breeze peaked at 8 knots and suffered from directional instability, it was always going to be a hard day, especially for the race officials. When Race 1 got underway the breeze was already starting to clock around and by the second rounding the course turned in a soldiers course. To make matters worse it swung 180 degrees forcing the racing class to douse spinnakers and raise headsail's before they could finish. It then faded away and a shortened course was required to finish the rest of the classes. Goto AY Race Report 1

Goto AY Pre-Regatta ReportRoyal Langkawi Int Regatta - Rock & roll into the New Year...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
11:01:2011 LANGKAWI: Forty six yachts have signed on, for the 9th running of this much celebrated and highly regarded regatta, beginning here tomorrow. Regatta Director, Ahmad Zailani Bashah (Zack), is very pleased with the increase in numbers and welcomed six Hobie 16 catamarans making their debut this year and there inclusion is expected to popularise future events. The underlying aim of the event has always been to provide competitive and enjoyable racing for all crews, irrespective of the design or vintage of their yachts. Crews on the six high tech racing yachts have arrived early and are conducting new sail measurements as part of there ongoing optimisation program and shaking off the excesses from the festive season in preparation for racing. Once again Neil Pryde's custom Welbourn 52 Hi Fi and Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing will be going head to head but stiff competition is expected to come from Frank Pong's 75ft Reichel Pugh Jelik II and Fred Kinmonth/Nick Burns Mills 51 EFG Bank Mandrake despite making their debut in Langkawi. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report

January 2011 AYGP Newsletter - Onward and Upwards...
January 2011 AYGP NewsletterBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
7th Jan 2011: With the festive season already fading into a memory, the serious contenders for the 2010-11 AYGP Championship are coming together again next week for the Royal Langkawi International Regatta and the Singapore Straits Regatta from January 26th to 29th. During the break some crew members competed on the grueling Rolex Sydney Hobart Race and although they have a lot of stories to tell, are expected to be in top form for the Asian regattas coming up in quick succession. As we cross the half way mark in the season, Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing holds a one point lead over Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi and are expected to once again go head to head in Langkawi. On the last three events they have traded blows and finished on top of the podium which included an unprecedented dead heat in race six at the King's Cup. Next in line is Frank Pong's 75ft Reichel Pugh, Jelik III, being the biggest yacht in the fleet is the perennial line honours favourite and with every race is getting closer to claiming the handicap honours and is long overdue to clinch the title. Also in with a chance is Olympian, Song Xia Quin on the helm of Pong's TP52 Jelik V with an all-Chinese crew put in an admirable performance at the Raja Muda and King's Cup to steadily climb the rankings. Goto AYGP January Newsletter

Optimist Worlds roundupAsian sailors dominate Optimist Worlds
IODA World Sailing Championship Langkawi, Malaysia (Jan 7, 2011) Noppakao Poonpat scored a bullet in the last race of the championship to become the 2010 Optimist World Champion and defended her Female title in great style! After an OCS and 16th in yesterday's races, Noppakao could still be beaten by Ahmad Syukri but in true champions style she kept control of the race and lead almost from the start to be victorious. Malaysia's national sailor Ahmad Syukri Abdul Aziz created history by winning the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA) World title in the men's individual event for the first time in 30 years of competition. Japanese sailor Okada Keiju held second Male and Overall third. Another Malaysian sailor Mohd Faizal Norizan finished third in the men's category and fourth Overall.

Langkawi, Malaysia (Jan 3, 2011) The Thailand team of Noppakao Poonpat, Don Whitcraft, Totsapon Mahawichean, Jirawat Jadklay and Sarawut Phesiri are the newly crowned International Optimist World Team Racing Champions. In a field of 16 international teams, the Thai squad went undefeated in all their elimination matches, and then proceeded to also shut out Singapore in the finals. Peru came in third while host Malaysia was placed sixth. For roundup of the news, photos and video's goto the MYA - IODA World Sailing Championship mini site.

IODA World Sailing ChampionshipOptimist Worlds underway in Langkawi
This fabulous island venue plays host to a near record attendance of 235 sailors from as many as 56 countries. Many sailors arrived early to familiarize with the sailing conditions in the race area, including the current, which can make this venue particularly challenging. Amongst the sailors there are 6 champions including Sinclair Jones (Peru) the reigning World Champion and Malaysian runner-up, Mohamad Faizal Norizan, on his home waters. Noppakao Poonpat, first girl last year in Brazil, is also, one of five sailors from Thailand. The Continental Champions from the North Americans (Christoper Williford USA), South Americans (Ignacio Varisco ARG), Oceanians (Nia Jerwood AUS), Africans (Imane Cherif Sahraoui ALG) and Asians (Kimberley Lim SIN) are hoping to add a Worlds title to their names. This year
IODA have launched a Mini-Site and in conjunction with the MYA - IODA World Sailing Championship site are posting Photos, Videos, Results, Live Tracking during the races and News bits after racing.

RSHYR - AY MicrositeNo Secret – ‘Boettch’ wins Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery30 Dec 1330hrs:
On his 22nd attempt, South Australian yachtsman Geoff Boettcher has finally achieved his longheld dream, winning the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race overall. In being announced the overall winner at 12.00pm today, Boettcher’s Secret Men’s Business 3.5 becomes the second consecutive South Australian yacht to win the race, and only one of five South Australians to win since the race’s inception in 1945. Boettcher and his crew, including former America’s Cup navigator Steve “Reggie” Kemp, realised late last evening that their chances of winning the coveted Tattersall’s Cup was increasing as the night wore on. That’s when the nervous pacing began over a few well-earned drinks. “It was hard trying to sleep last night,” admitted ‘Boettch’ early this morning as he waited to hear that the NSW yacht Victoire was out of the picture and finally that Peter Moseley’s Local Hero, also from NSW, had failed to finish in time to beat Boettcher and his crew. “It was spooky last night not being sure whether we’d won or not. There was a bit of anxiety. Today’s confirmation means I can comprehend it now,” he said. The humorous 64 year-old was in good form aboard his yacht today. “It took me 22 years to win this race - so I’m glad it’s finally happened – I’m running out of runway,” he said referring to his age. Of the race itself, Boettcher told: “We had to take our foot off the peddle a bit in Bass Strait, but we pushed the boat and crew to the limit; you have to if you want to win. We experienced 50 knots, choppy seas and big waves – sometimes it was a challenge just getting on deck!” Check out the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery and AY Microsite for the news summary in brief and links to News, Tracking, Photo Gallery and Video's.

RSHYR - AY MicrositeProtests against Wild Oats XI and Ran dismissed
29 Dec 1800hrs: Wild Oats XI has been confirmed as line honours winner of the 2010 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race , for the fifth time, after the Race Committee radio protest was dismissed. The protest against Ran was also dismissed. There was a dockside presentation in Hobart of the line honours trophy and Rolex Yacht-Master watch to the winning crew of Wild Oats XI. “It's a big deal, a lot of effort goes into the race, the result is a good one and we're very happy," skipper Mark Richards said. Although he had always been confident he had fully complied with the rules, Richards conceded that he was a very relieved man when the final verdict was announced “I’m very relieved,” he said after this afternoon’s trophy presentation. “Protests are never a good thing, especially from the race committee. They had reasons to do what they did but fortunately we’d done our homework, ticked off all the boxes and got out of trouble.
Juries are very good at making you sweat and they made us sweat today, but commonsense prevailed and the right result was made.” Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Commodore Garry Linacre said justice had been done. “We'll now sit down at some stage and have a good look at the rule book and see what changes need to be made to the wording in relation to the use of HF (High Frequency) radio. That's not to say safety of crews, and the ability of one yachtie to go to the aid of another yachtie in distress, will not always be paramount in the eyes of the race committee." The presentation capped a dramatic night and day that will stand out in the 66-year annals of Rolex Sydney Hobart races. Check out the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery and AY Microsite for the news summary in brief and links to News, Tracking, Photo Gallery and Video's.

RSHYR - AY Microsite66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Fleet Trickles into Hobart...
29th Dec 1130hrs: Sean Langman and Anthony Bell’s 100-foot super maxi Investec Loyal was the second yacht across the finish line of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, arriving last night just after midnight, three and a half hours behind the provisional line honours winner and race favourite Wild Oats XI. Investec Loyal’s sailing time to Hobart was two days, eleven hours and eleven minutes. The yacht was on track to finish sooner; however as is often the case when arriving at the mouth of the Derwent River after dark, the breeze typically drops right off. This was Langman’s 20th Rolex Sydney Hobart race. Once across the line he congratulated the Wild Oats XI crew on being first to Hobart, only a few hours before. Asked whether he can challenge Bob Oatley’s super maxi Wild Oats XI again and win, he responded, “definitely, there is more in this boat, more in the team.”
Later Wednesday morning, four more contenders crossed the finish line in Hobart: Lahana, Ichi Ban, Wild Thing and Rán.

RSHYR - AY MicrositeThe 30-meter fixed keel water ballasted Lahana, skippered by Peter Millard, completed the gruelling race in two days, fourteen hours, and nine minutes. Lahana arrived at the finish line at 3:09am 29 December. Like Investec Loyal crossing the finish line was frustrating as the winds on the Derwent River were all but gone. The story was similar for Matt Allen's Jones 70 Ichi Ban. Allen and his crew sailed an inspiring race. The whole way they had been in the breakaway pack of four leading yachts, snapping at the sterns of their much bigger rivals and ahead of the remaining super maxi Wild Thing and the 72-foot mini-maxi Rán. Grant Wharington’s Wild Thing finished 23 minutes behind Ichi Ban at 0615 Wednesday morning while Zennstrom’s Rán arrived seven minutes later at 0622. Like Wild Oats XI, Rán also faces the same protest about the use of its radio from the event Race Committee. The International Jury will hear the protest at 1300 today at the Royal Yacht Club Tasmania.

RSHYR - AY Photo GalleryAt 1030 Wednesday, saw the arrival of Alan Brierty’s Reichel/Pugh Limit and less than three minutes later, Stephen Ainsworth’s Loki. Both boats were locked in a dead heat for most of the race. According to Limit’s owner Alan Brierty, “First Loki got in front, then we got in front. It was back and forth. We finally got in front and stayed in front at Tasman Light. Speaking of the neck-and-neck battle with Loki, Brierty said, “It was a race within the race. For us, it was the race.” Nine yachts have finished, with 61 yachts still racing. Still up for grabs is the Tattersall’s Cup for the overall handicap win. Currently leading is Darryl Hodgkinson’s Beneteau 45, Victoire, which would need to finish by 0736 tomorrow (Dec 30). From the boats that have finished Geoff Boettcher's Reichel Pugh 51 SECRET MENS BUSINESS 3.5 from South Australia is leading the IRC stakes and as time goes by is rapidly rising up the rankings.

More News and Live Tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Video Coverage pages. Catch up with all the action. Replay Yahoo!7News video's. A selection of photos have been placed in the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery and AY Microsite for the news summary in brief. Enjoy!

RSHYR - AY Microsite66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Wild Oats XI first boat to Hobart
28th Dec 2130hrs: Bob Oatley’s champion 100-foot supermaxi Wild Oats XI has reasserted its claim as one of Australia’s greatest ocean racing yachts by being first across the Rolex Sydney Hobart finish line. After storming to the finish at 15-19 knots of boat speed over the final miles, Wild Oats XI reached the finish line off Hobart’s historic Battery Point at 8:37pm this evening, Tuesday 28 December. Wild Oats XI has been named the provisional line honours winner pending the decision of the International Jury over a protest by the Race Committee regarding their HF radio. The jury will convene at 1:00pm on Wednesday 29 December at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, the race finishing club. Wild Oats XI, from the Reichel Pugh design board, led the 87-strong field out of Sydney Harbour after the 1pm start on Sunday afternoon and held pole position for the entire 628 nautical mile race, finishing 30 nautical miles ahead of her nearest rival, Sean Langman and Anthony Bell’s supermaxi Investec Loyal, with Matt Allen’s Ichi Ban a further 51 nautical miles behind and currently in third place.
Wild Oats XI’s elapsed time was 2 days 7 hours 37 minutes 20 seconds with an average speed of a tad over 11 knots of boat speed over the challenging course.

RSHYR - AY Photo GalleryAfter Neville Crichton’s 100-footer Alfa Romeo blocked Wild Oats’ quest for five straight titles last year, skipper Mark Richards vowed their race preparation would change dramatically. This year the boat contested many more offshore races and spent significant time on the water ironing out the wrinkles and perfecting the teamwork of a crew comprising some of the biggest names in Australian and New Zealand ocean racing, and now with a staggering 220 Rolex Sydney Hobarts between them. A number of modifications were also made to the boat to improve her upwind performance. Richards has long resented suggestions that Wild Oats XI was just a fair wind flyer. Her dominance throughout one of the toughest Rolex Sydney Hobarts in recent years should silence the sceptics once and for all. “Winners are grinners,” declared Richards as he stepped ashore holding up the fingers of one hand. “Check it out. That’s why you have five fingers: for five Sydney Hobarts. “It was a tough race, we got into some tough situations we had to get out of, and here we are. It’s a fantastic feeling and a hell of a lot better than second.” More News and Live Tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Video Coverage pages. Catch up with all the action. Replay Yahoo!7News video's. A selection of photos have been placed in the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery and AY Microsite for the news summary in brief. Enjoy!

RSHYR - AY Microsite66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - A cold, miserable night as fleet regroups
28th Dec 1230hrs: Pain and pleasure are all about perspective. Even when you are cold, tired, and the boat beneath you is slamming off six metre waves, there can be plusses as well as minuses as the Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet is finding out. Modern maxi yachts need very little wind to reach incredible speeds. But in big seas and gale force winds the order of business quickly shifts to boat preservation, shedding those acres of sail and trying to steer through waves rather than launching into the void off the top of them at speed. So after more than a day of this, spirits soar with the return of the sun and a moderate breeze. "We are in full race mode now," Lahana trimmer and helmsman Geoff Cropley reported late this morning as his yacht left Bass Strait to skirt wide round the north Tasmanian coast. "Everybody is pumped and we're going very hard. The sky is clear, we're in a breeze from the south west, we have a full mainsail up and a Code 2 headsail."

RSHYR - AY Photo GalleryInvestec Loyal skipper Sean Langman reported at 11am today. "We had some seasickness in the crew but everyone's up in the sun now. "The water/electronics problem on these boats is constant. We've been working round the clock to keep the systems going. “We are in reasonably good shape though we didn't realise until this morning that we had a substantial leak in the bow and took on a ton and a half of water. When we opened the watertight bulkhead the water came gushing out." Both Investec Loyal and Peter Millard and John Honan’s 98 footer Lahana are drawing heart from the expected lightening of the breeze as they chase Wild Oats XI down the final stretch. "Our strategy is to be the most easterly boat (furthest out to sea) and stay quite deep for a number of hours before we start shunting up towards the Tasman light," Cropley says. "We do not want to get sucked into the coast too early." "A lot of it (getting past Wild Oats XI) is the time of arrival. We'll arrive at Tasman Island as the breeze fades, the sun goes down and the wind shuts down (in the Derwent River)." Variable breeze on the river just might offer the tactical opportunity that has eluded Wild Oats XI's challengers so far. Not everyone is pleased that the breeze has softened. Unlike the supermaxis, Matt Allen's Volvo 70 Ichi Ban was built for round the world racing. She has relished the big southerly and has sailed a great race, lying fourth behind Wild Oats XI, Lahana and Investec Loyal and ahead of bigger rivals. "We've been really pleased with how it's been going," Allen says, "the hardest part will be when we encounter light airs. Wild Oats XI is better than us in light airs so hopefully we can keep the (wind) pressure going. More News and Live Tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Video Coverage pages. Catch up with all the action. Replay Yahoo!7News video's. A selection of photos have been placed in the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery and AY Microsite for the news summary in brief. Enjoy!

2010 Rolex Syd-Hobart Race66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Southerly claims three overnight retirements
28th Dec 0600hrs: There was a further three retirements overnight in the 66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race among the small to mid size boats, bringing to 15 the total number to have retired with 72 still at sea. Last night the southerly smacking off the New South Wales south coast continued to pummel those yet to pass Green Cape and enter what typically is the most notorious stretch of the 628 nautical mile course, Bass Strait. With more favourable conditions predicted later today, the race is set to enter its next phase, downwind flying and the chase for the coveted Tattersall’s Cup, the stunning silver trophy for the overall winner of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s premier race. Race leaders Wild Oats XI and Investec Loyal are 16 nautical miles apart and both well out to sea east of Eddystone Point on Tasmania’s north-east coast. They are travelling at about 10 knots having set their laylines for the next mark of the course, Tasman Island. Yacht Tracker was showing Grant Wharington’s Wild Thing as third, 9 nautical miles behind Investec Loyal and 25 behind Wild Oats XI.

RSHYR - AY Photo GalleryThe fleet is still experiencing south-westerly weather, but much gentler with conditions abating from midnight last night. The forecast for today is for winds to swing clockwise from the south-west to the west at 10 knots by about midday before the wind is due to turn north-easterly this afternoon, building to 20 knots during the day and up to 30 knots tonight. They are ideal conditions to bring the remainder of the fleet down the Tasmanian coast and forward of the computer-predicted time of the first boat, which a short time ago was 9.30am tomorrow. Leading the race on corrected time is veteran Syd Fischer’s TP52 Ragamuffin. The three overnight retirees were Nemesis (an undisclosed problem), Pirelli Celestial (mainsail damage) and Salona II (steering). Nemesis is the only one yet to make the port of Eden but is expected later today. Injured Dodo crewman Brian Moore was transferred off the 66 foot yacht at Eden at around 1am this morning to a police vessel after his broken arm was strapped up by ambulance staff. He was taken to Pambula Hospital. More news and Live Tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Video Coverage pages. Replay all the video action on the Seven Network and its online affiliate Yahoo!7. A selection of photos have been placed in the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery Enjoy!

2010 Rolex Syd-Hobart Race66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Conditions abating as 2nd night approaches
27th Dec 1830hrs: Conditions appear to be easing at sea but not before the strong gale force south-westerly wind that built to its peak this afternoon claimed another three yachts in the Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet. The people’s maxi, Jim Cooney’s Brindabella, has retired this afternoon with a torn mainsail. The Jutson 79, the 1997 line honours winner, is returning to Sydney. Two more yachts have retired this afternoon; Robert Reynolds’ DK46 Exile has pulled out of the blue water classic, navigator Julie Hodder reporting “our steering wheel was smashed by the boom when we took off our main. We are very disappointed.” Martin Power’s Victorian Peterson 44 Bacardi has also retired from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s annual classic after being dismasted 35 nautical miles east of Batemans Bay on the New South Wales south coast.

RSHYR - AY Photo GalleryThe Mark Richards skippered Wild Oats X1 still leads the fleet. The supermaxi is in the middle of Bass Strait, about 290 nautical miles from the finish, with a computer-projected finishing time of about 9pm tomorrow evening. Navigator Ian Burns said the crew had experienced 40 knots, but the yacht and crew had punched on to be in good condition and high spirits. “It was pretty arduous going, very hard to slow the boat down to keep it in one piece,’’ he said. “We had to get down to very, very small sails and really work at keeping the boat slow so we weren’t crashing off waves too much.” “We’ll just deal with each wave and each puff of breeze as they come to us. We’ll get there when we get there,” Burns added. The 100 footer is maintaining an 18-19 nautical mile lead over Sean Langman’s supermaxi Investec Loyal with the big mover today, Matt Allen’s Jones 70 Ichi Ban, lying third, eight miles further back. Then follows Peter Millard and John Honan’s 30 metre maxi Lahana, Grant Wharington’s Wild Thing and Niklas Zennstrom’s JV72 Rán, the first foreign entry, about 47 miles astern of the race leader. More News and Live Tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Video Coverage pages. Catch up with all the action. Replay Yahoo!7News video's. A selection of photos received have been placed in the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery and AY Microsite for the news summary in brief. Enjoy!

66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Storm force conditions take out five yachts within an hour
2010 Rolex Syd-Hobart Race 27th Dec 1410hrs: Gale force headwinds have churned the waters, tossing the boats around like a bucking bronco trying to throw its rider and taking their toll on the race fleet with five retirements in less than an hour this afternoon as the fleet battles 40 to 50 knot winds off the New South Wales south coast. Nick Athineos’ modified 66-footer Dodo (The Stick) is heading to Eden, their ETA 7pm this evening, to drop off an injured crew member. They have not retired from racing and will assess the situation once they reach the coastal port. Steven Proud’s Sydney 38 Swish was the first to retire within the drama-filled hour, at 3.15 pm this afternoon, reporting that their radio wasn’t working and they were withdrawing from the 628-nautical mile ocean classic which is living up to its fearsome reputation, after having dished out a number of light and straightforward races in the past few years. At 3.25pm Ludde Ingvall’s 90-foot high profile entry YuuZoo, a former line honours winner, retired from the race, advising the race committee they had a torn headsail. They also tweeted from the boat that they had structural and rigging problems. At 3.43pm Tony Donnellan’s Victorian Reichel Pugh 47 Shamrock advised they were retiring with rudder bearing damage and heading to Sydney, giving an ETA of 8am Tuesday. At 3.52pm Andrew Wenham’s Volvo 60 Southern Excellence retired from racing, citing rig failure. At 3.55pm the Sailors with DisAbilities crew on the TP52 Wot Eva reported that diesel issues have brought their assault on Australia’s best-known blue water event to a sudden halt. The total number of retirements is now six with Dodo heading to Eden but still classed as racing. Jazz Player retired yesterday. The forecast for tonight is for winds west to south-westerly 25 to 35 knots and locally reaching 40 knots in the east then moderating to 20 to 25 knots overnight, with squalls and associated showers. Seas are expected to abate overnight, down from 3 to 4 metres to 2 to 3 metres later in the evening.
More News and Live Tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Video Coverage pages. Catch up with all the action. Replay Yahoo!7News video's. A selection of photos received have been placed in the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery Enjoy!

2010 Rolex Syd-Hobart Race66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2010 - Wild Oats XI leads fleet into Bass Strait.
27th Dec 1130hrs: Bob Oatley’s super maxi Wild Oats XI has led the 86-boat Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race fleet into the notorious Bass Strait this morning, with Sean Langman’s Investec Loyal and Grant Wharington’s Wild Thing in hot pursuit. Langman and Wharington’s yachts are level pegging, but the two are sailing either side of the rhumbline, some 20 nautical miles behind the leader, Investec Loyal to the east and Victorian yacht Wild Thing to the west. The lead boats are sailing in a squally sou-westerly in the 30 knot range. Another battle is taking place just 10nm astern of them, as Matt Allen’s Jones 70 Ichi Ban (NSW) and Peter Millard/John Honan’s 100 footer Lahana (NSW) are within a mile of each other to the east of the rhumbline. In other news, the NSW yacht She has reported a head injury to crew member Colin Apps, who was reportedly seasick and fell, bumping his head and sustaining a head injury. She will liaise with the police launch Vanguard, which was following the fleet. Vanguard is towing an 8 metre rib, which will be used to transfer Apps off the boat. The boat will take Apps to Ulladulla where an ambulance will be waiting. More News and Live Tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Video Coverage pages. Catch up with all the action. Replay Yahoo!7News video's. A selection of photos received have been placed in the RSHYR - AY Photo Gallery Enjoy!

Sailing fix over Christmas / New Year - 66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2010
2010 Rolex Syd-Hobart Race 26th Dec 1600hrs: The Mark Richards skippered 100 footer, Wild Oats XI, shrugged off a cheeky challenge from Grant Wharington’s Melbourne 98 footer, Wild Thing, to stamp its mark early on the line honours battle. Despite forecasts that this will be one of the toughest races in years, the 87 strong fleet started in remarkably mild conditions on a flat Sydney Harbour at 1pm today in an 11 knot west-nor-westerly breeze. Both start lines reported clean starts as nearly 1000 competitors began the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s, infamous Aussie blue water classic under overcast skies in light wind that produced a colourful spinnaker procession out of the Harbour before the fleet turned at the seaward mark to point south towards Hobart.
On the eastern side of the front start line, reserved for the largest boats, Grant Wharington staged a nail-biting and brilliant start with just seconds to spare at the helm of Wild Thing. The 100 footers, Bob Oatley’s Wild Oats XI and Sean Langman and Anthony Bell’s Investec Loyal squared off on the western side, while Stephen Ainsworth’s Loki timed things perfectly about a third of the way down the tightly congested line. Wild Thing had a wild monent when they clipped a press boat with its bow-sprit. Fortunately no one was hurt & now Grant Wharington is back chasing the leading maxi yachts down the New South Walas coast! The last boat to leisurely leave Sydney Harbour was the Italian entry Onelife, in the Cruising Division. Sometime this evening the fleet will encounter a southerly change of 15 to 20 knots accompanied by scattered thunderstorms. More news and live tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Live Video Coverage pages. Also the start replay will soon become available at the Seven Network and its online affiliate Yahoo!7 Hobart Race site.

Seasons Greetings. from AsianYachting Seasons Greetings...
From AsianYachting MultiMedia
22 Dec 2010: We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas plus a safe and prosperous New Year for 2011. We also take this opportunity to thank all our faithful subscribers and advertising sponsors for coming aboard with us, plus safe boating were ever your travels may take you over the holiday season. If your visiting the Asian region please make a point of looking us up in Port Dickson or at the next regatta usually found in around the media center.

AY Regatta Photo LibraryDon't miss the Christmas Image Giveaway
22 Dec 2010: Hurry for your last minute Christmas presents. All you have to do is check out the extensive AY Regatta Photo Library and if you find a photo you like, email us the details under the image and which gallery it came from. Then we will send you "Absolutely free" the highest quality resolution images that we have on file. It's that easy! So what are you waiting for? Start clicking the mouse and sending your photo requests to: info@asianyachting.com
We are ready and waiting to send your Christmas presents. If selecting multiple images make sure your email box is empty or has storage capability to receive files up to 5 MB in size.

2010 Rolex Syd-Hobart RaceNeed a Sailing fix over the Christmas / New Year period
22 Dec 2010: The Australia Network has been granted rights by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, to broadcast the entire ninety minute start program of the 66th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2010 to 31 million homes across 45 countries in Asia, (Astro Channel 521 Malaysia) the Pacific and the Indian sub-continent, including Australian troops serving in Afghanistan and other parts of the region. Eighty-nine yachts will start the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race at 1pm AEST (10:00am East Asia) on Boxing Day, 26 Dec, in spectacular fashion on Sydney Harbour. The Seven Network retains exclusive national broadcast rights till 2015, will produce a 90 minute live program of the start line action from 12:30pm AEST (09:30am East Asia) and through its online affiliate Yahoo!7 will webstream the start globally and is already running regular race updates at key intervals throughout the day, right up until the overall winner of the race is announced. Goto Entry List or
for more details and live tracking go directly to the official CYCA - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2010 website. Check out the official Rolex RegattaNews.com - Photo Gallery and Live Video Coverage pages.

IODA World Sailing ChampionshipNext-Up in Asia - Optimist Worlds
22 Dec 2010: It is with great anticipation, that in a little over a week from now, we eagerly await the start of the MYA organised IODA World Sailing Championship in Langkawi, Malaysia from 28th December to 8th January. According to the Entry List, they expect this year's country attendance to break the record set in 2000: there are 56 countries entered, with Sri Lanka and Philippines among the 'first timers'.

Optimist Worlds Live TrackingIn order to make the Championship much more accessible to the sailing world in general, IODA have launched a Mini-Site run by the IODA Secretariat at: http://www.optiworld.org/MiniSite/ This is an event dedicated site that will be updated with Photos, Videos, Results, Live Tracking of the races and News bits. So far, they have posted some news connected to the event, on the IODA website and are now featuring a photo slide show of the International teams coming to Malaysia. They can also be found on Facebook & Twitter and will continue posting as usual.

Well if its Boat Shows you are into, don't miss the 8th Phuket International Boat Show (PIMEX) from January 6th - 9th. Held at the Royal Phuket Marina there will be a full array of boats on display in the water and ample space for marine suppliers to exhibit their products in air conditioned comfort. So go, catch up with all the friendly brokers, dealers and their fabulous yacht brands, all under the one roof in Phuket.

We will be back early in the New Year, with the continuing AY MultiMedia coverage from the 9th Royal Langkawi Int Regatta (Jan 11th - 15th) and the 17th Singapore Straits Regatta. (Jan 26th - 29th). Until then take it easy over the holiday season and see you early January with all the action from Asian waters.

ASR 2010 - AY Wrap-upAsia Superyacht Rendezvous - Spectacular sailpast adds value to wonderful event...
By AsianYachting Multimedia
December 18th: An orchestrated sailpast, saw seven magnificent Power and Sailing Superyachts line up in front of The Surin, Phuket for an aerial photo shoot, which heralded the end of "on the water' activities and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous. Although the sky was overcast and some light drizzle was being experienced, this did not deter the owners, skippers, crew and VIP guests from bringing this auspicious occasion to a wonderful conclusion. Captain Charley Dwyer drew the media's attention to "This is the only Superyacht event in the world where the motor vessels get involved. We welcome their participation and like them to share in the experience". Gordon Fernandes, General Manager of Asia Pacific Superyachts added that "Next year we have already come up with a few new ideas that will further enhance their involvement". To the average person in the street, owning one of these sensational superyachts or even going aboard for a visit would be a 'Dream come true'. In Asia, this rich and famous culture is just starting to be addressed, as opposed to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean which have long been the playground for the lucrative European and American markets. Goto AY Wrap-up and AY Photo Gallery

Asia Superyacht Rendezvous - Now for something completely different...
By AsianYachting Multimedia
Goto AY Event CoverageDecember 16th: Motor and Sailing Superyachts from around the world have arrived in Phuket, Thailand to attend the 10th anniversary of the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous. This exclusive occasion attracts the really “big boats” plus their owners, crews and guests in an extravaganza where the focus centers mostly on fun and socialising, with like-minded sea-loving friends and throw in some on the water activities with a lot of camaraderie and plenty of superb dining and beach parties taking a priority. Superyachts competing include: the 50M SYPerseus built by Perini Navi in 2001 that graced the Premier Cruising Class at the King's Cup last week; the 36.7 Maverick II, built by Sterling in 1988 that will perform start boat duties; the 40.3M MY Lady Arraya built by Oceanfast in 1990 and based in Thailand; the 36.07M Vie Sans Soucis built by Kings Yachts in Taiwan; the 74M Silver Zwei built in 2009; the 53M Noble House built in 2005 by Sensations Yacht; the 38M Ananta built in 2000; and 27.2M Major Affair built in 2007 by Sunseeker, Britain. Unfortunately three yachts have been held up for various reasons in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Goto AY Event Coverage and AY Photo Gallery

December 2010 - AYGP UpdateDecember 2010 - AYGP Update - Moving into top gear...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
15 Dec 2010:
Although Ray Roberts and Neil Pryde have resumed their battle at the top of the 2010-11 AYGP Championship, this has not deterred the other competitors from having a go at them. In fact, at the final King's Cup press conference, Ray Roberts admitted that their presence has lifted the standard of racing in the Asian region, which now includes five TP52s, to be as good as anywhere in the world. The light and changing conditions saw many place changes and the dueling duo did not have it all their own way. The Racing Class results were exceptionally close coming down to the last race on the last day and the final results saw just one point difference between Evolution Racing and Hi Fi, that also delivered an unprecedented dead heat in race six. They were just 11 seconds apart at the finish and equal on corrected time.
After four regattas under the new high scoring system, we now have twelve different skippers and yachts scoring points towards winning the 2010-11 Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. Goto AYGP December Update

PKCR 2010 - AY Summary 24th Phuket King's Cup - Memories of a brilliant event full of action
By King's Cup Media & AY Multimedia
This year there are 10 winners at the 24th running of the Phuket King's Cup. Each of them has earned the respect of their peers through delivering close, consistent competition in challenging conditions. (See AY Race Report 4) The cup attracted 107 yachts representing 16 nations across the 10 classes. Mixed among the competitors were sailors of all levels from club weekend racers to America's Cup, Olympic and world champion sailors. At the start of the week the 2010 King's Cup had all the potential to deliver a brilliant event and by the end of the week, that is exactly what happened. The quality of entrants in each of the classes has grown from last year. The results were exceptionally close coming down to the last race on the last day counting for everything in several classes. Few classes were dominated by one boat. Many races saw the winners and losers separated by a matter of seconds on corrected times. In the Racing Class, which included five TP52s, the final results saw just one point difference between Evolution Racing and HiFi. By winning this year, Ray Roberts joins the exclusive group of Bill Gasson and Neil Pryde that have won four King's Cups in their sailing careers. Goto AY Summary or view the 2010 PKCR AY Photo Gallery

More photos Capt Marty Facebook24th Phuket King's Cup - Yachts grounded on final day...
AY Race Report 5By AsianYachting MultiMedia
11 Dec 2010: At about 2:00 this morning, two tropical revolving storms (In the South China Sea & Indian Ocean) caused an uncharacteristic Westerly breeze to increase to 15/20 Knots and bought with it scattered showers/isolated thunderstorms, turning the 2m swell on the West coast of Phuket into rolling breakers on Kata Beach. This made the 100 or so yachts anchored in the bay vulnerable to washing ashore and almost impossible to launch boats from the beach, so crews could venture out to secure the anchor or move the boats around to the East coast for shelter. In the ensuring melee three King’s Cup series winners, Miss Saigon, Ichi Ban and Team Sea Bees, have been washed ashore and suffered damage in the early hours of this morning. Other boats grounded and wallowing around in the surf this morning are Thai Navy 1, Thor, Walwala, Pagatoon, Rapscallion and Silk Purse. Full story in AY Race Report 5 More photos on Capt Marty Facebook account.

24th Phuket King's Cup - Evolution Racing by a whisker...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Phuket King's Cup - Evolution Racing by a whisker...10 Dec 2010: Overnight the weather turned for the worse and once again the race committee had to deal with light patchy breezes and a strong out going current. After an hours delay and as conditions did not improve, the decision was made to get the final races underway for the elusive King's Cup class trophies. Only one windward/leeward race was scheduled for the Racing, IRC 1 and Firefly classes and if conditions suited there would be two races for IRC 2 and Multihull's. All other classes starting from the northern startline would complete one race to finish the series and PRO Ross Chisholm elected to send them on Course 6, around the islands to the south east of Phuket. As only a couple points separated Evolution Racing and Hi Fi, the cat and mouse game started early. Making there final run into the line, both boats were called up beyond the start boat. Neil Pryde lifted early to slow Hi Fi's approach, just as Ray Roberts was forced to tack away, allowing Pryde to maneuver Hi Fi in behind them and get away with the rest of the fleet. By the time Evolution Racing recovered, they were way behind and finding it difficult to advance in the lee of the other boats. Desperate times requires taking different actions from the leaders. Looking very sad on the first couple of laps, Ray Roberts finally found top gear on Evolution Racing and squeezed up into fourth place, which was enough to win the King's Cup for the fourth time. Goto AY Race Report 4

AY Race Report 324th Phuket King's Cup - Dead heat for Evolution Racing and Hi Fi...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
08 Dec 2010: Normal weather service has resumed. Clear sky, blue sea, 10 to 12 knot North Easterly breeze are classic Phuket sailing conditions, which welcomed the sailors back to the good old days that the King's Cup is famous for. Replacing the heavy overcast sky and scattered showers that has persisted over the last couple of days is a relief for everyone concerned with the regatta. The fresh morning breeze made the crews even more determined to make up for missed chances and get back into the running for the podium places. Unfortunately by midday the breeze started to play havoc and faded away which forced the race officers to shorten courses and call an end to racing for the day. Close racing between the 52 foot boats in the Racing Class continued with great abandon. Each leg some places changed and the elastic band continued to expand and contract as the skippers placed the boats in different wind lanes and heated up the angles. Just as Neil Pryde speared his Welbourn 52 across the finish line in Race 6, Ray Roberts picked up a strong gust on the leeward lay line to rapidly close in and finish only nine seconds behind Hi Fi. After handicap calculations they both have a Corrected Time of 2:10:24 which makes it a dead heat and possibly the first time in the history of the King's Cup. Goto AY Race Report 3

24th Phuket King's Cup - The pressure is building...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
Goto AY Race Report 207 Dec 2010: Despite the depressing weather forecast and pelting rain all night, PRO Jerry Rollin reported from the start line that there was 8 knots of wind under the heavy overcast sky and racing would proceed as planned. The Racing, IRC 1 and Firefly 850 Sports classes would tackle a short windward leeward race before joining the other classes on various forms of island courses to the South and East of Phuket. Everything seemed to go without a hitch and even Aaron Abramowitz’s mammoth 50 metre S/Y Perseus managed to unfurl the massive sails and take the Premier Cruising starting line along with the other entrants. After being overrun in the final stages of the Raja Muda regatta and opening this regatta in fourth place, Ray Roberts must have given the crew on his TP52 Evolution Racing the hair dryer ultimatum, as they have not lost a race since. Arch rival Neil Pryde seemed to have his Welbourn 52 Hi Fi sorted coming into this event and started with a vengeance. Although most skippers would happily accept one first, two second and two fourth places at this stage in proceedings, by Neil's standards it is disappointing to say the least and the crew will have to work hard to overcome the 5 point deficit to claw back into title contention. Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth's EFG Bank Mandrake are enjoying the lighter conditions and by scoring third and second places today, have lifted their spirits and puts them in contention for a podium finish. Goto AY Race Report 2

King's Cup - AY Race Report 124th Phuket King's Cup - Go right, go left, no go right, no go...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
06 Dec 2010: Overcast sky, with a hint of rain and no wind greeted the sailors as they headed out onto the race course. Thankfully, a light Northerly filled in enough for the race officers on both courses to get all the classes away on Race 1. Some competitors were a little to keen to get started, with IRC 1 having a general recall and several other classes having multiple individual recalls. This comes with the territory when competitors are pushing to the absolute limit. With the wind direction flicking through forty degrees and fluctuating in intensity, choosing the side of the course and sail selection, which would yield the best results, became a tacticians nightmare. After rounding the top mark the boats that went right were looking famous, that is until the boats that gybe set the spinnaker and went left, picked up the incoming breeze first and crossed in front of the early leaders. The next time around the opposite occurred and as the fleet played snakes and ladders, this is reflected in the final results. PRO Jerry Rollin managed to complete three windward/leeward races for the racing classes, in between intermittent rain showers and the cruising classes completed there one scheduled race in area B to successfully get the regatta underway. Goto AY Race Report 1

King Ben wins Monsoon Cup & crowned ISAF World Match Racing Champion
King Ben wins Monsoon Cup & crowned ISAF World Match Racing Champion05 Dec 2010: A thrilling five race final at the 2010 Monsoon Cup, saw Ben Ainslie and TEAMORIGIN demonstrate why they are champions, after completing the double, securing both the 2010 ISAF Match Racing World Championship and the prestigious Monsoon Cup. The last few days have produced exciting match racing out on Pulau Duyong. The conditions have been mainly light and tricky, torrential Monsoon rains swelling the river and producing current, testing skippers and tacticians alike. Earlier, on this final day, Ben Ainslie and his crew – Iain Percy, Christian Kamp, Matthew Cornwell and Mike Mottle, became the new ISAF Match Racing World Champions, having staged a stunning late season charge to snatch the title from the clutches of long time series leader Mathieu Richard (FRA) French Match Racing Team. With the World title in the bag there was still unfinished business with the Tour's richest final at stake. Ainslie and his crew kept their composure for an epic final against Australian star Torvar Mirsky of Mirsky Racing Team. It was a fitting finale to an enthralling 2010 World Match Racing Tour, with nail-biting match racing that went to the wire: Mirsky recovered from a shaky start to take the first race by a comfortable margin. But Ainslie was 11 seconds ahead at the finish of the second. After four races the score was again even, leaving everything hanging on the fifth, which went in Ainslie's favour. Commenting on his landmark victory, Ainslie said: "It was obviously a great way for us to end as a team. It was very tough out there today but it was a united effort and we’re really happy all round. For the whole team this has been massive for us. We've enjoyed being on the Tour an incredible amount." Full round-up at: http://www.monsooncup.com.my

24th Phuket King's Cup - AY Pre-Regatta Report24th Phuket King's Cup - Ready to shoot for the stars...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
05 Dec 2010: Over 100 boats and 2,000 participants from around the world have descended on Phuket to challenge for the Royal Trophy. This year is the 24th running of SE Asia's biggest regatta, where participants come to enjoy the Island, the tropical sailing conditions and the wonderful Thai hospitality at the nightly prize giving celebrations. The yachts range in size from 5.7 metre sports boats with 5 crew onboard, right up to Aaron Abramowitz’s mammoth 50 metre Premier Cruising entrant, S/Y Perseus requiring 36 crew to drive the yacht forward. The entries come from all continents, with a strong showing from Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines and, of course, Thailand. As reported in the December 2010 - AYGP Newsletter, ten high tech yachts have entered the racing class and are more than ever determined to get the better of Neil Pryde and Ray Roberts, that run full on professional campaigns and have dominated proceedings over the last few years. From my Impiana Private Villa which overlooks the race course, yesterdays squally unpredictable conditions have been replaced with a steadily building North Easterly land breeze that is usually experienced this time of the year. The Wind GURU forecast is a bit up and down for the first few days and increasing towards the end of the week which should see some good fun in the sun sailing conditions for all to enjoy. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report...

December 2010 - AYGP Newsletter - Each event the stakes get higher...
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Goto AYGP December Newsletter 03 Dec 2010: Every regatta brings a new set of obstacles to overcome. Last week it was the overnight passage races on the Raja Muda regatta, next week its the tricky inter island and intense windward/leeward courses to the South and West of Phuket during the King's Cup to contend with. Attracting the largest number of entries from near and far, introduces a new degree of difficulty, which makes it harder to win or even capture a podium place. Ten high tech yachts have entered the racing class and are more than ever determined to get the better of Neil Pryde and Ray Roberts, that run full on professional campaigns and have dominated proceedings over the last few years. Boat owners are constantly working on modifications to improve the boats performance and optimize the IRC rating to suit the local conditions. No stranger to the King's Cup, Hannes Waimer returns with a TP52 Team Premier, this time all the way from Dubai. This makes it five TP52's on the starting grid, which is a first for the Asian region and we can expect some start line drama and a close battle on the high seas as the racing unfolds. By scoring 3rd place in the Raja Muda, Xiaqun Song and her all Chinese crew on Frank Pong's TP52 Jelik V have shown they are a force to be reckoned with and intend on getting in amongst the action again. After three regattas under the new high scoring system, we now have twelve different skippers and yachts scoring points towards winning the 2010-11 Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. Check out the Asian Racing Calendar for the all year round racing season, held at some of the finest tropical island resorts in Asia. Goto AYGP December Newsletter

Follow the Monsoon CupMonsoon Cup Quarter Finalists decided - Champion crashes out...
PULAU DUYONG (Dec 03, 2010): On day 3 of the Monsoon Cup, the final event of the 2010 ISAF World Match Racing Tour, the World Championship was still wide open. Tension was high as this was a make or break day for several of the World Championship contenders. There were many pivotal matches in this busy day, with the current ISAF World Match Racing Tour leader Mathieu Richard, Adam Minoprio the 2009 World Champion and dual Monsoon Cup winner Peter Gilmour all in danger of missing the quarter finals. After a busy day of trials and tribulations the Quarter Finalists are: Ian William (Team GAC Pindar), Ben Ainslie (TEAMORIGIN), Jesper Radich (Gaastra Racing Team), Francesco Bruni (Team Azzurra), Bjorn Hansen (Hansen Global Team), Torvar Mirsky (Mirsky Racing Team), Peter Gilmour (YANMAR Racing) and Mathieu Richard (French Match Racing Team) just scraping into 8th place. Reigning World Champion Adam Minoprio (ETNZ/BlackMatch Racing) has been eliminated after several humiliating defeats and missed the cut. Follow the rest of the Monsoon Cup Quarter, Semi's and Grand Final at: http://www.monsooncup.com.my

November AY Team NewsNovember AY Team News - Jeremy out to create history at Monsoon Cup
PULAU DUYONG (Nov 28, 2010): Since winning the Malaysian Match Racing Championship (MMRC) a month ago, Jeremy Koo (Mas) of Koo Racing Team-Evernew has only been dreaming of one thing – creating history in the Monsoon Cup which starts on Tuesday with the Coronation Cup. As the winner of the MMRC, Jeremy received an invitation to compete in the Monsoon Cup, the last leg of the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT). The six-day event will be held at the five-star Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa from Tuesday until Dec 5. “My aim this year is two fold. One is to win as many races as possible and secondly, try to avoid ending up with the wooden spoon. I think I have a good chance of upsetting one or two of the skippers but that will be easier said than done.” As for his own preparations, Jeremy said besides the China Cup, he spent one week training with the South Korean sailing team who finished third in the just concluded Asian Games. He also just competed in the Raja Muda International Regatta. “I will have a day’s rest before flying to Terengganu to meet up with my crew on Tuesday. We will have two hours practice to fine tune our teamwork before the Monsoon Cup,” said Jeremy, who is a former World Champion in the Byte Class. “I’m feeling confident and can’t wait for the event to begin.” More in Nov AY Team News...

AY Race Report 5 & SummaryRMSIR - Drama plays out to the end...
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27th Nov 2010 - Langkawi Harbour Races: Like men possessed by iron resolutions, all the racing teams headed out onto Bass Harbour and the fresh 10 knot North Easterly breeze ensured that racing got underway on time and in enough pressure to fight right to the very end. Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing held a slender 4 point lead over Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52 Hi Fi at the start of the day and the cat and mouse game came to life just before the preparatory signal. PRO Jerry Rollin announced "Clear Start" and a tight tacking duel began on the first upwind. Frank Pong 75’ Reichel Pugh Jelik III steamed into the lead followed by the dueling Evolution Racing and Hi Fi that went out to the extreme right hand side on the downwind. Evolution Racing then got caught up in a fish trap and despite the quick thinking crew member that jumped over and detached the line from the keel, they rounded in last place and started on the long fight back. Neil Pryde's Hi Fi then went on to record first place and despite clambering back Evolution Racing finished in fourth place leaving them with only a one point advantage with one race to go. Goto AY Race Report 5 & Summary Here...

16th Asian Games Crowns Champions in China...
16th Asian Games Crowns Champions in China...From ISAF
22 Nov 2010 Guangzhou, China: While there was little or no sailing coverage either on TV or the Internet we have finally found this summary by ISAF. Strange circumstances have led to an information breakdown with only very brief class round-ups after the medal races have been run at the end of the competition. Really pathetic for this multi billion $$ extravaganza and ranked 2nd in size to the Olympic Games. The medallists have been decided at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou China. The home nation came out on top with eleven medals including four gold's. Thailand was next on the medal table with three gold medals adding to their total of eight. 2010 Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship silver medallist Keerati Bualong (THA) hung on to the gold medal in the open Laser Radial event. Hisaki Nagai from Japan was three points behind with the silver medal and Scott Glen Sydney (SIN) was another three points behind with the bronze. Thailand also won the gold medal in the other open event, the Hobie 16. Damrongsak Vongtim and Kitsada Vongtim won eight races from their twelve race series to beat Joohyun Jun and Gweon Jeong (KOR) into the silver meal position. The podium was completed by Wee Chin Teo and Ming Ho Wong (SIN). Korea won their only gold medal in the men's Laser event with Jeemin Ha holding off Colin Cheng from Singapore. The brozne medal went to Huichao Chen (CHN). Check out the rest of the medal winners and earlier press releases Here...

AY Race Report 4RMSIR - Races 4 & 5 - What a difference a day makes...
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26th Nov 2010 - Penang to Langkawi Race: Surprisingly the North West breeze came in very early and as all the competitors were in the starting vicinity, PRO Jerry Rollin got racing underway fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time. Close hauled, leaving Penang Harbour most competitors favoured the Northern shore and those that could point the highest exited the hilly mainland and off lying islands without tacking. As the breeze backed to the left, it freed up the leading boats and allowed Frank Pong to ease his 75’ Reichel Pugh, Jelik III into overdrive. Conflicting wind predictions between PredictWind, WindGuru and local experts had tacticians scratching their heads, as a building storm appeared on the horizon and by the time it descended upon them, the dice was already cast and would ultimately determine the final outcome. Goto AY Race Reports Here...

RMSIR - Races 3 & 4 - Picking up the pace...
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RMSIR - Races 3 & 4 - Picking up the pace...24th Nov 2010 - Penang Harbour Races: The windless harbour and glassy sea, had a familiar look to last year, when racing in Penang was abandoned due to the very same conditions. Perhaps a touch of déjàvou for the experienced hands, until a line of wind appeared to seaward of the racing area and gradually filled in so racing could get underway 2hrs 40 mins late at 14:40. As racing swings over briefly to short bursts of 'around the cans' racing, the competition intensifies as a different discipline requires different crewing skills from the lengthy passage races. Unperturbed PRO Jerry Rollin's race management team patiently waited and when the time was right fired away two races in quick succession to double the number of races held to date. As all races count in the overall score it is time to make a move and let your intentions be known.All the racing class contestants expected to improve their standings after the two passage races turned into a lottery. Everything seemed to be going Ray Roberts and his TP52 Evolution Racing way so far, but arch rival Neil Pryde has some other plans for his Welbourn 52 Hi Fi, which included catching up and mowing down Ray Roberts lead and that's just what they did. Goto AY Race Report 3 Here...

AY Race Report 2 Here...RMSIR - Race 2 - Slowest race in 21 year history....
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23rd Nov 2010 - Pangkor to Penang Island: Some sailors not only had to deal with getting across the sand bar in front of the new Pangkor Marina at low tide, but once out in the open water, they all faced the aftermath of an almighty thunder storm that passed through in the wee hours of the morning, which whipped up choppy seas and left over little or no wind with confusing directional stability to play with. PRO Jerry Rollin's race management team struggled to get Passage Race 2 start away. They had no alternative, other than ask the fleet to "follow me" in the direction of Penang and perform a rolling start when they found an area with a settled wind pattern. To make matters worse the strong incoming current didn't help, as some of the Classic Class boats that started two hours earlier had already been washed downstream and failed to make any headway in the washing machine like conditions. Thankfully only a couple miles up the road, in the lee of Pulau Pangkor and nearby to previous years starting area, an unusually consistent South Westerly breeze sprung up and a rolling start line was set up between two Marine Police vessels and racing got underway with a downwind spinnaker start. Although there was a lot of jockeying around the favoured pin end boat, with the media/photographers onboard, surprisingly all classes got off to a clear start. Crews busied themselves for spinnaker hoists, amidst loud shouting either barking orders and abuse in short bursts at each other. Goto AY Race Report 2 Here...

RMSIR - Race 1 - Playing the patience game...
AY Race Report 1 Here...By AsianYachting MultiMedia
21st Nov 2010 - PT Klang to Pangkor Island: After a short delay while the brand new Marine Police start boat, motored towards the inbound sea breeze, racing got underway in 6 to 8 knots of NNW breeze and flat water. An earlier start for the Classic Class saw all the boats swept across the line with a strong outgoing current, mostly backwards. The welcoming seabreeze gave crews some respite from the suns burning rays but some skippers were still a little eager to get going and found themselves crowded in at the pin end of the line. By 18:00hrs the sea breeze had completely faded and the water turned into glass for the rest of the evening. Talk about painted ships on a painted ocean! With only small zephyrs of breeze to play with, this is when full concentration on boat speed is needed and hugging the coast to get out of the strong incoming tidal current is of paramount importance. The full moon helped stay in the breeze lanes and those lucky enough to receive the wind first when a storm front passed overhead in the wee hours of the morning is what eventually determined the podium places on passage Race 1. It took Sam Chan's TP52 Ffreefire a little over 15 hours to cover the 90 mile course at an average speed of 6 knots and the whole crew agreed "That it was the hardest 90 miles of racing they have ever done in their lives and glad that its over". Most the fleet finished well after sunrise and those that have not retired where still arriving late into the afternoon. Goto AY Race Report 1 Here..

RMSIR Pre-Regatta ReportRMSIR - 21 today and entering a new era...
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19 Nov 2010: As the tradewind season's change from SW to NE monsoon, so to does the Asian regatta season swing from the South China Sea to the Malacca Straight and up to the Andaman Sea on the Western side of the Malay Peninsula. For the 21st consecutive year, the Royal Selangor Yacht Club is organising the latest edition of the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta (RMSIR). An armada of sailing yachts, skippers and crew have assembled in Port Klang, to join with Malaysian sailors and celebrate the 21st running of this classic regatta. This unique event consists of three overnight passage races and two days of “round the cans” harbour racing scheduled during the Penang and Langkawi stopovers. After the welcome dinner tonight, the passage race from Port Klang to Pangkor Island starts tomorrow 20th, then onto Penang Island on the Monday 22nd, where the usual Tri-Shaw Races, Harbour races and slap up dinner party at the beautiful Khoo Kongsi clan house will be taking place. Off again to Langkawi Island on the Thursday 25th for the final day's racing in Bass Harbour plus the farewell party and prize-giving at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report Here...

16th Asian Games 2010 - In full swing but sailing coverage is disgraceful !!!
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16th Asian Games - SAIL for GOLD - SingSail
17 Nov 2010: The sailing program at the Guangzhou Asian Games has been going full tilt since the beginning of the week in Shanwei. Despite six Astro Supersport Channels beaming out live sports coverage and daily highlights on Satellite TV the media coverage on the internet is virtually non existent. The Sailing Results can be found on the 16th Asian Games website or more directly from http://www.gz2010.cn/info/ENG_ENG/ZZ/ZZS103A_SA@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ENG.html but there are NO daily summary/written reports, photos, progressive overall scores or video's to be seen. Other than these race results the closest anyone comes to finding out what's going on, outside of China, is by intercepting a few individual Facebook comments and Shu Fen's SingSail Twitters are posting provisional race results and short daily summery's of there sailors progress on their Asian Games - SAIL for GOLD microsite. Despite the games being a multi billion $$ extravaganza and ranked 2nd in size to the Olympic Games, there is nothing on the Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF), ISAF or GAGOC websites. Chun Qu assured us that Shi Qing will be updating the outside media via the ASAF site. This is a disgrace!!!! Especially since they declined our AY MultiMedia services many months ago, as it was all under control and using the old BOB media team. They just don't get it! Do they?

Meanwhile we will just have to make do with the Live LVT, SAILTV and AYTV coverage of the Louis Vuitton Trophy 2010 all the way from Dubai UAE. Coverage starts at 12:00am Dubai time (8:00am UTC) or 16:00 Malay Time. As we come to grips with YouTube we will be running most of AY MultiMedia through our AsianYachting - Capt Marty Channel. NOW showing - LVT DUBAI - Day 4 SAILTV BMWO Highlights Enjoy!

Nov 2010 - AYGP Newsletter2010-11 AYGP Championship - Starting to get serious...
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
With all the International media coverage presently going on, it's easy to overlook that the 21st Raja Muda Regatta gets underway at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club next weekend and the Phuket King's Cup in early December. Delivery crew on the seriously campaigned yachts, presently on route to Port Klang have reported on Social Networks that during the South China Sea crossing, they experienced up to 40 knot winds, lots of rain and at times up to 20 knot boat speed in big following seas. Some sort shelter and relief in Vietnamese waters for much needed R&R and drying out from the relentless rain. Each crew member will have a story to tell from their character building exercise. With the cancellation of RHKYC's Hong Kong to Vietnam Race because Super Typhoon Megi threatened the safe passage of competitors, means there will only be nine five star events on the 2010-11 AYGP Championship this sailing season. Also recent announcements suggest the AYGP event for the Philippines will continue to be the Commodore's Cup in Subic Bay from April 27th to 30 2011. Straight after the Biennial San Fernando Race starting on Thursday 21st April 2011 over the Easter long weekend, so the Hong Kong boats can get a crack at the title. All is revealed in the November 2010 - AYGP Newsletter

16th Asian Games declared open...
16th Asian Games
What a Wonderful World the internet has turned into. We finished the R du R game, just in time for the 16th Asian Games multi billion $$ Opening Ceremony extravaganza, live on Astro SuperSport direct from Guangzhou, China. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao rushed back from the G20 Seoul Summit in South Korea to declare open the Games in the middle of the Pearl River on Haixinsha Island, to the thunderous explosion of a massive fireworks display on near-by residential buildings and the 610-metre high Canton Tower as a backdrop. Nearly 10,000 athletes from 45 countries will be contesting 42 sports. Other countries should check your local TV listings. We hope to see some sailing when it starts next week. Eight dinghy, four windsurfing, one Hobie catamaran class and match racing in J80 keelboats will be taking place at the Guangdong Ocean Sports Training Centre (GOSTC) in Shanwei, China in conjunction with the Chinese Yachting Association from November 12-27. Although China is expected to dominate the games, the Malaysian Olympic Council based on the recent Commonwealth Games medal haul are targeting 9 maybe 10 gold medals at these games. The MYA Sailing Team are a little more optimistic and aiming for five medals in the dinghy classes and after the recent Malaysian Match Racing Championship hope the keelboat team have garnered enough experience to finish on the podium. From all reports, we have been assured that daily updates and photos will be posted on the Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF) and the official Guangzhou Asian Games websites.

AY November News Here...Route du Rhum Virtual Regatta - Felicitations! Capt Marty Arrivee...
Virtual 2010 Route du Rhum Regatta By AsianYachting MultiMedia
12th Nov: St Malo, France - Point-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe - Without getting cold, wet or miserable, our very own Capt Marty (AUS) based in PD, Malaysia breasted the finish line off Point-à-Pitre, just after 10 hrs 09 mins 25 secs (Friday, CET/Paris). With an Elapsed time of 11 Days 21 hrs 6 mins in the Virtual 2010 Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale Regatta. A very tired and drained Capt Marty said after ghosting along at 1.5 knots towards the finish line "Glad to finish now as the wind has shut down out there and the Guadeloupe region is shrouded in the doldrums!!! Pity for the other 246,408 entrants behind us. Considering we only worked out, how to Log-On, 18 hours after the race started, back in 56,259th place, for nearly 12 days we have skillfully played the wind angles, round the outside on the northern route and proudly worked our way up into 3592th place". With an elapsed time of 11 days, 21 hours, 6 minutes Capt Marty's average speed was 15.28 kts after sailing about 4356 miles. Over the theoretical course distance of 3539 miles, Capt Marty's average speed is 12.41 knots. He finished 2 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes, 01 seconds behind Franck Cammas (Groupama 3) the real race winner in the Ultime Class. Cammas finished 16hrs 16min 47secs (CET) on Tuesday 09th November. Surely we deserve at least a T-Shirt prize for effort. What do you say Sebastion? Read all about how the social networking revolution is affecting sailing and the Facebook generation is easy for the Flintstone's to understand in the AY November News Here...

16th Asian GamesNext Up - 16th Asian Games
Eight dinghy, four windsurfing, one Hobie catamaran class and match racing in J80 keelboats will be taking place at the 16th Asian Games held from November 12-27, at the Guangdong Ocean Sports Training Centre (GOSTC) in Shanwei, China in conjunction with the Chinese Yachting Association. From all reports, we have been assured that daily updates and photos will be posted on the Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF) and the official Guangzhou Asian Games websites. Although China is expected to dominate the games, the Malaysian sailing team is aiming for five medals in the dinghy classes and after the recent Malaysian Match Racing Championship hope the team have garnered enough experience to finish on the podium. This region also bore the brunt of Typhoon Megi when it came ashore and the conditions for the games are expected to be windy with a 2-3 meter ocean swell rolling in. This will be a welcome change from the usual light conditions and present new and unique challenges to all the competing sailors. Bring it on!!!

ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year AwardsISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards goto Blanca Manchón and Tom Slingsby
9th November: ISAF and Rolex are proud to announce that the female and male winners of the 2010 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards are Blanca Manchón (ESP) and Tom Slingsby (AUS). Blanca Manchón was nominated for the third time tonight and had her family and friends with her at the Awards ceremony here in Athens. “This is really fantastic,” said a radiant Manchón on stage as she accepted her trophy and her Rolex timepiece. I worked very hard to get here but I’m young – only 23 years old – so I hope I continue to do many things and maybe I will see you again here someday." Tom Slingsby could not make it to Athens for the ceremony due to electrical storms over Sydney that grounded international flights. Slingsby was surprised when his phone call to “discuss laser sailing”, turned into a live announcement from HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, announcing that he had won the 2010 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award. “Wow, thank you!” said Slingsby. “I just remember sitting on the rocks in Sydney harbour watching the Olympics. I remember seeing people like Ben Ainslie and Robert Scheidt winning, two former winners of the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards, and thinking, “I want that, that’s really what I want to do.” To be considered among them today is really an incredibly big honour." More at the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards microsite at http://www.sailing.org/worldsailor

Route du Rhum - La Banque PostaleRoute du Rhum - Victory for Cammas & Groupama 3
9th November: When he brought the giant 31m trimaran Groupama 3 across the finish line off Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe under perfect sunshine and light breezes Franck Cammas (FRA) won the 9th edition of the Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale, the 3542 miles transatlantic race from Saint Malo for solo skippers which takes place every four years. Cammas crossed the finish line at 16h 16min 47. Secs (CET paris// 15h 16 mins 47 secs GMT,// 11 hrs 16 mins 47 seconds local time) The elapsed time for the course, after starting Saint Malo at 1302hr (CET/paris) is. 9 days 3 hours 14 mins 47 seconds. His average speed over the course on the water was 20, 39 knots for the actual course sailed of 4471 miles. The course record of 7 days17 hrs 19 mins 6 seconds was set in 2006. Cammas adds his name to the legend of the 'Rhum' as successor to Mike Birch, Marc Pajot, Philippe Poupon, Florence Arthaud, Laurent Bourgnon, Michel Desjoyeaux and Lionel Lemonchois. More on the Route du Rhum Here...

Platu Championship - Close Battle to the End
Ferret News
October 28th 2010: This years Quantum One Design Platu Championship of Thailand has been won by Rolf Heemskerk, of Holland, beating Scott Duncanson, of Australia, by one point after 4 rounds. These two skippers have been sharing the Platu honours in very close battles continuously for the last 3 years but in very light conditions. Rolf won the Thai Nationals last week to take the crown away from Scott, who has held it for the last two years.
Almost every regatta these two have competed in has been won by very close margins and in more than one instance, had to resort to count back to separate them. But this is Rolf Heemskerk's year and he should enjoy his success and look forward to next years Platu Championship which promises to have even more International flavour and an ever increasing level of competitors. The success of this Championship relies on there being many charter boats available, and all prepared to a standard capable of winning. This allows crews to travel from all over the world knowing they can compete on equal terms with the local sailors. For all information on the Platu Championship check out http://www.OMYCsailing.com Platu section.and charter boat enquiries contact Kev Scott email kevscott@hotmail.com or Thailand cell phone +66 878 25 00 11

AMRC - Fianl Day 4 SummaryAMRC - Fianl Day 4 Summary - Robertson defends title and heads for lucrative Monsoon Cup
PULAU DUYONG (OCT 28, 2010): 23-year old New Zealand skipper Phil Robertson (Waka Racing) today showed why he has the scalps of some of the top guns on the ISAF World Match Racing circuit hanging on his belt. The Asian Match Racing Championship sailed on the Pulau Duyong Basin in Terengganu, Malaysia, is one of three qualifying events ahead of the 2010 Monsoon Cup, the final event on the World Match Racing Tour. David Gilmour swept through the first of the round robins undefeated and finished the two round robins in second place, having twice beaten Phil Robertson and his Waka Racing Team. In the semi finals, Team Gilmour steadied after a first match loss and went on to beat Wataru Sakomoto's Team Siesta (JPN) 2-1. Robertson was impressive against Reuben Corbett (Black Sheep Racing) and his Malaysian crew winning two races (2-0) to go straight through to the final. Take a tour with PRO David Tallis, through the last flights of Round Robin 2 during the morning session before the finals got underway. Also view some more wonderful Subzero Images of the racing action in the Final Day 4 PR Summary...

AMRC - Day 2 Press ReleaseAMRC - Day 3 - Wind plays havoc at the AMRC in Terengganu
PULAU DUYONG (OCT 27, 2010): Wataku Sakamoto (JPN) Team Siesta is guaranteed a top four finish in the Asian Match Racing Championship (AMRC) as Mother Nature wrecked havoc on the third day of the event at the five-star Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa. After two-days of strong winds which saw a total of 16 of the scheduled 18 flights in the qualifying sessions completed, the wind deserted the race course and no further racing could take part this afternoon. Defending AMRC Champion Phil Robertson (NZL) WAKA Racing (12-2) shrugged off his two defeats to David Gilmour (AUS) Team Gilmour (11-3) to top the standings ahead of his rival at end of racing, while Reuben Corbett (NZL) Black Sheep Racing is third (10-4) and Wataku Sakamoto (JPN) Team Siesta is fourth with a 9-5 record. The plan was for the top four to face off in the semi-finals with the winners then going on to the final to decide who gets the invitation to race in the Monsoon Cup. However, Principal Race Officer, David Tallis said if there is no wind tomorrow, there could be just a final. Read all about it in the Day 3 Press Release...

AMRC - Day 2 Press ReleaseAMRC - Day 2 - Gilmour suffers first defeat as Malaysian crew come to the fore...
PULAU DUYONG (OCT 26, 2010): David Gilmour (AUS) Team Gilmour is one win away from reaching the Asian Match Racing Championship (AMRC) semi-finals, but his perfect record was crushed in stunning fashion by Reuben Corbett (NZL) Black Sheep Racing and his all-Malaysian crew at the five-star Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa today. Gilmour, who swept the Qualifying Session 1 with a perfect 8-0 record, started the Qualifying Session 2 on a winning note when he defeated Mark Lees (GBR) Team Echo. However, Corbett and his Malaysian crew – Mohammad Razali Mansor, Azhar Saadon Zubir, Rafiz Ibrahim and Hairolnizam Hat – stopped his winning run when they won their match by 49 seconds. Gilmour now has a 10-2 record after also losing to Peter Nicholas (AUS) Freshie Racing Team, but completed a double when he once again defeated defending AMRC Champion Phil Robertson (NZL) WAKA Racing. With the top four skippers going into the semi-finals, Gilmour only needs one more win to book his place in the final four. Robertson is second with a 9-2 record while Corbett also has nine wins but from 12 matches. Wataru Sakamoto (JPN) Team Siesta is fourth after winning seven of his 11 matches. Graeme Sutherland (HKG) Team Hermes is fifth with 6-6 record. More in the Day 2 Press Release...

Asian Match Racing Championship - Day 1 - David Gilmour's passport to success...
Asian Match Racing Championship - Day 1PULAU DUYONG (OCT 25, 2010): David Gilmour (AUS) Team Gilmour crushed the opposition in the Asian Match Racing Championship (AMRC) Qualifying Session 1 when he won his first five matches at the five-star Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa today. The son of four-time World Champion Datuk Peter Gilmour, David’s stellar performance on the opening day of the four-day Championship saw him register wins over defending Champion Phil Robertson (NZL) WAKA Racing and Reuben Corbett (NZL) Black Sheep Racing. He, however, nearly missed his flight to Malaysia as his passport expires four days short of the required six months for entry. However, everything was sorted out and despite a lack of sleep the younger Gilmour showed he is a chip of the old block – his father twice won the Monsoon Cup at this venue – by cruising into the lead. Besides Gilmour, Corbett and Robertson, there are six other teams – Wataru Sakamoto (Japan) Team Siesta, Neil Semple (THAI) Capital TV, Graeme Sutherland (HKG) Team Hermes, Tan Wearn Haw (SIN) SINYIDAI, Mark Lees (GBR) Team ECHO and Peter Nicholas (AUS) Freshie Racing Team – who are all vying for the title. Check out the team lineup in the Day 1 Press Release...

MMRC Day 4 Final Press ReleaseMalaysian Match Racing Championship - Jeremy Koo storms into Monsoon Cup
PULAU DUYONG (OCT 23, 2010): Jeremy Koo (Koo Racing Team-Evernew) swept past younger sister and two-time Champion Tiffany Koo (Koo Racing Team) to win the Malaysian Match Racing Championship (MMRC) at Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa. As the winner of the MMRC, Jeremy will get the chance to sail in the Monsoon Cup which will be held at the same venue from Nov 30-Dec 5. Jeremy, who crewed for Tiffany when she emerged victorious in the MMRC in 2006 and 2007, had mixed emotions after sailing to a 3-0 victory in the first ever MMRC final to feature siblings. He was elated that he has finally claimed the MMRC as a skipper after finishing third last year, but sad he denied his baby sister a chance to win the title for a third time. Jeremy also admitted he was lucky the wind was strong today as he felt a lighter wind would have favoured Tiffany. “I finally did it,” said an elated Jeremy immediately after climbing off his boat. “The crew were just tremendous today and I’m delighted to finally win the MMRC but a little sad as I beat my sister. She was a little unlucky as the strong wind helped me. Goto MMRC Day 4 Final Press Release

Malaysian Match Racing Championship - Day 3 Summary - Only the brave make it into the semi finals
- Day 2 Press Release - Nik Ashraf & Jeremy Koo keep the pressure on Hazwan
- Day 2 Morning Notes & Round Robin 1 Wrap-Up

Malaysian Match Racing Championship - Defending champion Hazwan sets the pace on Day 1
MMRC Day 1 Press ReleasePULAU DUYONG (OCT 20, 2010): Hazwan Hazin Dermawan (Team Pulse-AC Law) set the pace on the opening day of the Malaysian Match Racing Championship by winning all five of his matches at the Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa in Pulau Duyong. The defending champion, however, is wary of the challenges ahead as he has not faced his top three rivals – Mohd Razali Mansor (MAF1), Jeremy Koo (Koo Racing Team-Evernew) and Tiffany Koo. Razali and Jeremy are joint second at the moment with four points from five matches while Tiffany is joint fourth with Nurul Elia Anuar (Sail Putrajaya) and Nik Ashraf Qaedi (Team One) on three points. Mohd Masyuri Rahmat, who is bound for the Asian Games next month, had a nightmare start as he only collected one point while last year’s pacesetter Rizal Mahadi Sazli is also stuck on one point. Debutante Jerome Welch has lost all six of his matches thus far. Hazwan said the shifty winds, which turned 180 degrees, made life difficult for him but expects tomorrow’s matches against Razali, Jeremy and Tiffany to be more daunting than the weather conditions. The highlight of the day, was undoubtedly the Koo-family face-off. Jeremy, who was on Tiffany’s crew when she won the MMRC in 2006 and 2007, was determined to upset his sister, whom he was facing for the very first time. Got MMRC Day 1 Press Release

Goto the AYGP Oct UpdateAYGP Oct Update - Defending champion, Ray Roberts triumphs at China Coast Regatta
By AsianYachting Event Media
Despite having to battle it out in 25 to 27 knot headwinds and a lumpy seaway, Ray Roberts and his TP52 Evolution Racing crew put on a superb performance to win all seven races on the trot and in doing so retained the CCR title and kick started their 2010-11 AYGP campaign in grand style. Held in classic CCR sailing conditions the results belie the level of close competition, as the local teams put up a good fight and on several occasions missed out by only a few seconds. The new keel and bulb optimisation program on Evolution Racing seems to be paying dividends already. The stalwarts of the Hong Kong big boat racing scene were determined to return the silverware to the RHKYC trophy cabinet. Arch rival Neil Pryde on his prize winning Welbourn 52, Hi Fi pulled out all the stops but just could not find an extra minute of pace around the testing course to advance beyond second place. Even the biggest boat in the fleet, Frank Pong's 75’ Reichel Pugh, Jelik III took line honours in every race but could not convert any over to handicap wins and had to settle on third overall. Goto the AYGP Oct Update

Malaysian Match Racing Championship - Malaysian sailors pushing the rules to the limit...
October AY Team News...19:10:10 The Malaysian Match Racing Championship (MMRC) takes place this week (20 – 23 October) at the Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa, Pulau Duyong, Terengganu, home of the Monsoon Cup. The biggest name in this year’s MMRC is undoubtedly Tiffany Koo, a two-time winner of the event. Tiffany's - Koo Racing Team emerged the champion in 2006 and 2007, have been training hard in an attempt to make it a hat trick of victories. Brother Jeremy has formed his own team called Koo Racing Team - Evernew and could turn into her biggest nemesis on the water. Defending MMRC champion Hazwan Hazim, returns as Team PULSE - AC LAW with new sponsors onboard and have ambitious plans of being the first all Malaysian team to embark on a world tour event outside of Malaysia. But first they will have to overcome eight other formidable teams if they are to gain entry into the big league. A lot of attention will be focused on Mohd Masyuri's team representing the Malaysian Yachting Association (MYA}. They came from behind to beat Mohd Razali Mansor and Nurul Elia Anuar's team to snatch victory at the recent Asian Games Qualifiers and in doing so, became the Malaysian keelboat match racing team for the Asian Games. Check out the 2010 MMRC team line up in the October AY Team News... Go Malaysia Boleh!

Final CCR Day 3 SummaryRHKYC - China Coast Regatta Day 3 - Only the rough & tough stand on the podium
17 Oct 10: The final day of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s flagship regatta, sponsored by Ocean Safety, offered a challenge to the fleets, with 25 to 27 knots and a ‘two Stugeron’ swell. The conditions deterred some competitors from starting and only 41 of the 47 entries made it across the start line for the first windward/leeward of the day. Three laps were set for all fleets except IRC Cruising and HKPN, and a few shredded kites later, the winners consisted of the usual suspects, bar IRC Cruising, which saw Torben Kristensen’s Authority claim her first bullet, and in HKPN where Michael Delaney brought Bodicea’s only first for the regatta. Evolution Racing and Red Kite II continued building their picket fences, while Blondie and Hakawati also claimed a single point to stay on top of the class points table and by the end of the day proudly stand on the top step of the podium. Check out the final CCR Day 3 Summary...

RHKYC - China Coast Regatta Day 2 - Evolution Racing, Blondie and Red Kite II rule the day
China Coast Regatta Day 216 Oct 10: Wind Guru promised more of the 16knot breeze that featured on Day 1 of the China Coast Regatta and Wind Guru did not lie! Day 2 was UK-Halsey Sails Day, which offered the Racing Divisions three windward leeward races, while Cruising and HKPN were scheduled to head off on an islands course after one windward/leeward in the morning. Under a grey sky and on a lumpy sea, RHKYC Race Officer Steve Bourne started proceedings on time, sending the J/80 fleet on a two lap course, before sending Cruiser and HKPN fleets on the same course. Racing Division A were set a three lap race and were on their way when an incoming barge crane caused the RO to raise the AP and delay the Racing B and Racing C starts for 30 minutes while the ship moved outside the racing zone. Champagne sailing with a constant 16 knots gave another line honours to Jelik 3 and another first on corrected time to Evolution Racing in A, Blondie in B and Anthony Root's Archambault 35, Red Kite II, in C. J/80 Hakawati, helmed by Jim Johnstone, claimed her first bullet of the regatta, while Simon Boyde's Cave Canem, extended her dominance in the IRC Cruising division. In HKPN, Jack Ng chalked up a first for No One Else. Although Evolution Racing, Blondie and Red Kite II stayed in the winners' enclosure and have built an unassailable lead at the top of their groups, the results belie the level of close competition which has been offered by their respective classes. Check out the CCR Day 2 Summary...

China Coast Regatta Day 1RHKYC - China Coast Regatta Day 1 - And there racing...
15 Oct 10: Competitors arriving at Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's Middle Island venue this morning were greeted with a steady drizzle, which quickly gave way to the bright and breezy weather expected from Hong Kong's foremost "big boat" regatta. Day 1 was Simpson Marine Day and the conditions off the south east of Lamma Island, on Hong Kong's south side were ideal for the first race of the day - a steady 14 to 16 knots north easterly allowed Race Officer Steve Bourne to set a three lap windward leeward for racing divisions A, B and C and a two lap race for the J/80 fleet. With Racing A champing at the bit, Bourne allowed the J/80 fleet to get started on their first windward leg, before starting the fleet of four TP52s, together with Neil Pryde's Welbourn 52, Hi Fi and Frank Pong's Reichel Pugh 75, Jelik 3 . Whilst Jelik 3 unsurprisingly led the fleet, Ray Roberts mounted an impressive chase on Evolution Racing to finish only 3 minutes behind on the water and five minutes ahead of the opposition on corrected time. One in the bag for last year's defending champion. Check out the CCR Day 1 Summary...

AYGP Oct NewsletterAYGP Oct Newsletter - Rounds 2 & 3 to kick off in Hong Kong
Although over three months have elapsed since the first AYGP event (SS Phuket Raceweek), the racing class have regrouped and now come together for the China Coast Regatta (15-17 Oct) this weekend. Which is quickly followed by the HK to Vietnam Race starting three days latter on October 20th. In the Aug-Sept AYGP Newsletter we outlined how the teams have re-invented themselves by either acquiring new boats or making modifications on their old rides to improve all round performance. As Hong Kong has the most racing class boats in the Asian region, it comes as no surprise that they have won most of the regional regatta's, including the annual AYGP Championship and must be commended for making the long journey to campaign their vessels in SE Asian waters each year. The Racing Class entry list boasts two brand new IRC racers, together with past year’s winners and stalwarts of the Hong Kong big boat racing calendar. Go AYGP Oct Newsletter...

AY Courses available and datesDiscover Sailing - Huge Price Reduction
Experience the wonderful world of Sailing. Prices for DISCOVER SAILING have been slashed to RM50 per person for 2 hour sailing trips from PD World Marina in Port Dickson
. This would suit a small family or agile group of friends that would like to share in a sailing experience on our small race boat over the weekend or during the school holidays. Although no experience is necessary, participants are expected to be involved with running the yacht and agile enough to move from side to side during the maneuvers. If you are looking for a more hands on approach to sailing on a racing yacht then the 2-Day Introduction to Sailing course is recommended. No previous sailing experience is needed and the aim is to provide a brief taste of sailing for novices. By the end of a Two-day Course, participants will have had a short introduction to the sport, including basic boat handling techniques and a healthy dose of essential background knowledge thrown in. Check out the courses and dates available at: http://asianyachting.com/AYmasters/classes.htm

Sept AY Team NewsSeptember 2010 - AY Team News - Which other National Teams are going to the Asian Games?
At the 14th Asian Sailing Championship held from 20th-29th March 2010 at the Guangdong Ocean Sports Training Centre (GOSTC), Shanwei, China, hosted by the Asian Sailing Federation and Chinese Yachting Association as the pre-event for the Guangzhou Asian Games in November this year. Seven match racing teams raced on J80 keelboats which was hotly contested in strong conditions and steep seas. AY have been eagerly following some recent national qualifying sessions and trying to work out which countries will be sending keelboat teams and have summarised our findings so far in the Sept AY Team News. If you can assist us in the search, please email any team news and results to info@asianyachting.com As Keelboat match racing is a relative new discipline to the Asian Games scene and the certainty of winning a medal cannot be determined, most national sailing organisations and Olympic Councils are not willing to fund the teams expenses. The problem with sustaining a match racing team in Asia is that there is no continuity of events throughout the year to keep a racing team together. Thailand is leading the way by having three Match Racing events this year. The next big match racing events for teams to garner more experience is the Malaysian Match Racing Championship (MMRC) taking place at Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa, home of the Monsoon Cup, from 20th – 23rd October 2010. It will be followed by the Asian Match Racing Championship (AMRC) from 26th – 29th October 2010. For South Asian sailors the Mumbai International Match Race - ISAF Grade 3 Match Racing Regatta is squeezed in from 25 – 28 October 2010.

Match Race Cup III - ThailandMatch Race Cup III - Thailand - Ridgely Balderas, Philippine Team wins closely fought finals...
By Neil Semple
Sept 18th and 19th 2010: As usual at Royal Varuna Yacht Club match racing events, the start line was just 30 metres from the beach bar and the spectators had a great view. A new addition this time was a huge comfy sofa for onlookers to sit on while watching the pre-start and exciting racing action. The best match of the entire weekend was the final battle of the round robin stage Group B, between Jon Eriksson and Ridgely Balderas, as this would determine which one of them would get into the semi-finals. We thought it was all over on the last beat when Jon went out the left, got good wind and pulled into the lead, while Ridgely got stuck in a bit of a hole in the middle of the course. But Ridgely's excellent spinnaker work allowed the Philippine team to close the gap on the run. Just before the finish line Ridgely gybed onto port to cross the line just ahead of Jon on starboard just a few meters behind.†We were all on the edge of our seats at the beach bar sofa. Even spectators on the yacht club veranda 100 metres away, could hear the whoops of delight from the Filipino boat. This sent a message to the rest of the teams that the Filipinos had got into a groove. The lighter conditions which had troubled the Filipino's earlier in the event now presented few worries. In a closely fought final contest with Veerasit Puangnak (THA), Ridgely held onto the lead and won both match races and claimed first place in Thailand Match Racing Cup III of 2010. So who is Ridgely Balderas? He is with the Philippine Sailing Association and has done most of his sailing in small two man 470 dingy's and has some experience in large keel boats, but is fairly new to match racing.
Balderas match racing team is also the Philippine national team and consists of his former 470 crew and other SEA Games medallists.They will represent the Philippines at the Asian Games in the keel boat match racing in November 2010
. Goto full Match Race Cup lll story and results Here...

Video of AC34 Press ConferenceAC34 - 72ft wingsail catamarans in 2013
The America’s Cup, sailing’s most iconic event, has been re-energized and rejuvenated, ready for 2013 and the future. Russell Coutts, CEO of BMW ORACLE Racing, unveiled a new vision for the future of the America’s Cup at a press conference at the team’s base in Valencia. The best sailors in the world will race on the fastest boats with the introduction of an exciting wingsail catamaran. Coutts was joined by Vincenzo Onorato, President of the Challenger of Record syndicate Mascalzone Latino, in announcing that the next craft for the 34th America’s Cup will be a high-performance, wingsail catamaran known as the AC72. Other new developments include the formation of an America’s Cup World Series to bring Cup racing to new shores and audiences beginning next year, with the creation of the AC45, a scaled-down wingsail catamaran intended to acquaint monohull sailors with multihull racing, and the Youth America’s Cup, which will begin in 2012 using the smaller AC45 as the competing AC teams move onto the bigger AC72. A clear vision for the future led to analysis of the best practices in other major sports. Six months of dialogue with potential teams and stakeholders followed, resulting in the transformed competition details. Replay the video's of the Press Conference and take a look at AC72. Download the AC34 Protocol Here...

2010/11 AYGP - Aug-Sept - Newsletter2010/11 AYGP - Aug-Sept - Newsletter - Re-igniting the racing class
By AsianYachting Event Media
Every few years the Racing Class competitors at Asian regattas, go through a process of re-inventing themselves and surprisingly come up with even bigger and better solutions. The enjoyment of an all year round racing season, held at some of the finest tropical island resorts in Asia is attracting the attention of International racing teams as a great place to go and compete, especially over the corresponding winter months. Recently this process gained momentum when two high profile boat building companies introduced two new state of the art racing boat designs into the region and found up to four owners, willing to bring a racing crew together to campaign their boat at selected events on the Asian Racing Calendar. After the taste of International success at the Rolex Commodore's Cup in the UK, Nick Burns and Fred Kinmonth, intension is to bring the Mills 40, EFG Bank Mandrake to Hong Kong and join in the local racing scene. Sam Chan has purchased a latter version TP 52 Ffreefire and successfully competed on the 2010 Giraglia Rolex Cup in Europe (See video) before packing her up and shipping to Hong Kong. Read all about it, in the Aug-Sept AYGP Newsletter...

Western Circuit - AY Race Report 2SMU-RM Western Circuit - Sarab Singh's WINDSIKHER tops the podium
August 27th:
After the overnight thunder storm and howling wind had abated, it left the west coast shrouded in heavy cloud cover and vacuum like conditions on the water. The sailors were ready for the last day of racing but had to wait almost two hours before the breeze materialized and racing could get underway. It was make or break time for most the class titles and the race committee took it in their stride to provide the maximum number of races in the prevailing conditions to produce the fairest of results. Strong tidal currents, a capsized catamaran, individual recalls and the ability to get the Moth up and planning determined the final outcome. Third place for WINDSIKHER in the first race today, upset Sarab Singh's crew as David Ross' Kerr 32 KUKUKERCHU were rapidly closing in on the overall leaders. This stirred the troops into action, who reacted with two wins in a row to secure the title and put an end to all the speculation of who is the rightful champion. Go to AY Race Reports

Western Circuit - AY Race Report 2SMU-RM Western Circuit - Last chance for bragging rights...
August 27th:
Saturday is the last day of racing at this years Western Circuit. It is make or break time for most the class titles and the final fling at the Gala Dinner & Prize giving plus the Charity Auction for Singapore Sailability in the Raffles Marina ballroom in the evening. Don't want to miss out on this one if your in Singapore. A full round of windward /leeward races are planned but the weather will determine if they are completed. Sarab Singh's Sydney 40MOD WINDSIKHER holds a commanding lead in the IRC A class and David Ross' Kerr 32 KUKUKERCHU will have to win all the races to displace them from taking the title. If you can't make it down for the racing bring your car down and the Sailability gang will happily give it a wash as they are raising urgently needed funds for purchasing extra boats and competing at local and International events. Go to AY Race Reports

YOG 2010 - ISAF micrositeYouth Olympic Games - Medal race concludes racing
August 25th:
Siripon Kaewduang-Ngam of Thailand claims the first Sailing Gold Medal in the Techno 293 Girls at the Youth Olympic Games. Veronica Fanciulli ITA wins the medal race and claims the Silver medal in the process. Third place for Singapore's Audrey Yong secures her the bronze medal. As the Byte Cll Girls ran down to the finish in a big cluster the Gold goes to Lara Vadlau of Austria who did just what she needed to win the medal. Silver goes to Daphne van der Vaart of NED whilst in a very tight finish the Bronze goes to Constanze Stolz GER. Ian Barrows ISV just had to sail a conservative race to win the Byte Cll Boys Gold for the US Virgin Islands. As the pack crossed the finish line Just van Aanholt AHO won the medal race and clinched the Bronze medal in the process. The Silver nearly slipped from Florain Haufe’s grasp on the last leg but the German held on to finish in seventh to claim the Silver medal. Mayan Rafic’s fourth place in the medal race was easily enough to seal him the Gold medal in the Techno 293 Boys division. Kieran Martin GBR won the medal race and takes the Bronze medal. Michael Cheng HKG confirmed the Silver medal with a fifth place finish in the medal race. Check out the complete results, photos and roundup on the ISAF microsite at: http://www.sailing.org/yog/

Western Circuit - AY Race Report 2SMU-RM Western Circuit - What a difference a day makes...
August 22nd: Despite the many weather forecasts available these days, the sailors have come to the conclusion that the best solution for local waters is "What you see is what you get". Yesterdays dreary, wet and sufferable light conditions were replaced with a warm, sunny, clear blue sky and a building 8 to 10 knot SSW breeze that saw the IRC A & B, PY and SB3 keelboat classes away on the same short passage race as yesterday. Picking the best course on the first windward beat ultimately set the pace and awarded the skippers that chose the correct side with podium places. The Catamaran class combined with the International Moth class to further their short windward/leeward race program. The ten IOM remote-controlled yachts and eleven Singapore Sailability Access 2.3's completed their two day race program and were awarded trophies for their efforts and a bottle of champagne Mumm from the sponsors. All in all, everywhere you look there are sailboats going about the serious business of competing. Go to AY Race Reports

Rolex Commodores' CupRolex Commodores' Cup - 2nd place for Hong Kong
For those that like to find out how other Asian racing teams are doing at International events, we have good news from the other side of the world that the Hong Kong Team finished second to the Irish, on 117.5 points to Ireland’s 73.5. However Jamie McWilliam on board Blondie IV was satisfied with the result: “I think if we’d been second having cocked it up, it would have been irritating, but the Irish guys sailed with great style and great skill and I’m absolutely delighted for them.” After mounting multiple teams in the past, the Irish were considered favourite going into both the 2006 and 2008 events but failed to win either, so the Irish boats Antix, marinerscove.ie and Roxy 6 have finally secured the Rolex Commodores’ Cup for the emerald isle. Catch up with all the news at: http://commodorescup.rorc.org/ Take a look at the stunning Rolex / Kurt Arrigo Photo Gallery

SMU-RM Western Circuit - Slow and steady wins the day...
Western Circuit - AY Race Report 2August 21st: All morning the sky was heavily overcast and releasing light drizzling rain, even the Malaysian coastline was shrouded in fog. Then as if on queue, a light SSW breeze sprung up on the way to the start line. Enough to send the IRC A & B, PY and Catamaran classes on a passage race in the approaches to the Johor Strait, while the Laser SB3 and the International Moth classes continued on with the short windward/leeward race program. Ten IOM remote-controlled yachts also kicked off on a two day racing campaign. As it turned out the breeze did not get much above 6 knots the whole day and probably averaged around 3-4 knots leaving big patches of little or no wind to contend with. When the breeze fluctuates up and down it also changes direction, so it is paramount that tacticians keep there head out of the boat and pick the best wind lanes to sail the boat in. All week the IRC A skippers have been working on ways to improve the boats performance including bringing in specialist crew members to bolster their confidence. This was evident right from the very start, when David Ross' Kerr 32 KUKUKERCHU nailed the line on starboard tack, just as Sarab Singh's Sydney 40MOD WINDSIKHER entered on port tack, only to get run over by the fleet and consequently caught up in a short tacking duel with KUKUKERCHU. Go to AY Race Reports

Western Circuit - AY Race Report 2SMU-RM Western Circuit - Senior sailors join the sporting action in Singapore...
August 20th: After a week of youthful sporting competition (YOG 2010) held all over the island nation, the senior sailors (19 & above) get another chance to display their yachting prowess as they take to the waters off Raffles Marina for two more days of solid racing action. Last weekend the opening rounds of the 13th SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta were fired away (See Results) and this weekend the keelboat teams and catamarans get a chance to improve their standings on two passage races, while the International Moth class take on short course racing in front of the marina. Also the IOM remote-controlled yachts are gunning for the annual WC title this weekend. Up for grabs this weekend is the SMU Presidentís Cup which will be awarded to the winner of the passage race at Sunday's nights dinner and prize giving party. As this regatta is held over 3 weekends the final rounds will be short course racing for all classes next Saturday (28th Aug) together with the Gala Dinner & Prize giving plus the Charity Auction for Singapore Sailability in the Raffles Marina ballroom. Photos of Day 1 and the items to go under the auctioneers hammer for charity can be viewed from: http://www.westerncircuit.com/photo_gallery.html Go to AY Race Reports

Rolex Commodores' CupHong Kong sailors doing well at Rolex Commodores' Cup
For those that like to find out how other Asian racing teams are doing at International events, we have good news from the other side of the world that the three Hong Kong Teams presently battling it out in the Solent for the Rolex Commodores' Cup. At the end of play yesterday the three Hong Kong teams still hold onto second overall to the runaway Irish, but have been knocked back due to their small boat Rockall III’s mishap, causing her to finish ninth (depending upon the outcome of their protest). From being 30 points astern of the Irish yesterday, the Hong Kong team is currently 40.5 points behind them. However the regatta is far from over with a race around the Isle of Wight coming with a x1.5 points co-efficient today (Friday) and a double points scoring inshore race to conclude the regatta on Saturday. There is still a lot to play for and you can follow all the action at http://commodorescup.rorc.org/ Conditions for the race around the Isle of Wight look set to be brisk with southwesterly winds gusting up to 25 knots forecast. Take a look at the stunning Rolex / Kurt Arrigo Photo Gallery

YOG 2010 - AY Event ReportYouth Olympic Games - Singapore - Find out how the sailors are faring...
August 17th: The sailing competition started today. If you want to follow how your sons and daughters or friends of friends kids are faring in the sailing events at the Youth Olympic Games presently being held in Singapore, the organisers have come up with a few innovative ways of dealing with the digital age. The YOG Sailing Competition features one hundred, 15-16 year sailors, from 52 countries born between 1 January 1994 and 31 December 1995, competing across four events (Byte CII & Techno 293 Windsurfer) divided into boys and girl classes. As the official websites are doing a wonderful job of disseminating the news and the major media players have far greater access to the stories through the Main Press Centre, AsianYachting will not be covering the event in our usual way. Instead we have produced the YOG 2010 - AY Event Report after searching for competitors information have identified and recommended the best YOG 2010 websites, Social Networks and Blog sites for the general public to find out what is going on. Check out the YOG 2010 - AY Event Report Here...

SMU-RM Western Circuit Sailing Regatta - AY Race ReportsSMU-RM Western Circuit - Celebrations all round as the games get started..
August 15th: In the wake of last nights dazzling Youth Olympic Games opening ceremony, fifty sailing craft took to the waters in front of Raffles Marina on the west coast of Singapore to celebrate this auspicious occasion with their own long standing Western Circuit Regatta. Eight keelboats in IRC 1 and another 8 in IRC 2. Five Club Racers, nine Laser SB3's, ten off the beach catamarans plus five of the latest Moth designs along with eight Access 2.3's for disabled sailors set out to contest there class titles over the next three weekends. Last night the grim looking weather forecast struggled to reach five knots all day, which almost turned into a reality when the overcast skies did not allow the sea breeze effect to take hold. Never the less the light SW breeze did pick up more than the forecast and stayed for the whole day, which allowed the race committee to complete the scheduled three races for some classes and two for others. Several skippers were a bit to keen and scored OCS for being over the start line and did not return. Go to AY Race Reports

Marine Industry players in MalaysiaMarine Industry players in Malaysia
At the 1st Singapore Superyacht Conference it became very apparent that most foreign delegates didn't know much about the megayacht facilities already available in South East Asian waters and what the Asian region in general has to offer owners, skippers, crew and their guests. In the final SS Conference - AY Summary we wowed to develop a one-stop Marina Guide and have carried out some updating and new inclusions to the long standing Asian Directory that already contains web links and email contacts for most Asian National Organisations, Sailing Clubs and Major Events Also you can Check out the major Marine Industry Players in Malaysia at: http://asianyachting.com/news/MMIAlistings.htm Please take a minute to look if there are any businesses we have missed out on or other categories that should be included so a full directory can be completed. After forming the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association, the 2nd Asia Superyacht Conference is slated in Singapore from 12-14 October. This year there are two key objectives: firstly, the development of the Superyacht building industry in Asia with a specific focus on China and Taiwan; and secondly, enhancing the Asia-Pacific region as the world's third biggest cruising destination.

August AY Team News Where do we go from here...Mohd Masyuri & Royal Malaysian Navy 1 - Qualify for Asian Games 2010
07:07:2010 Day 2: In blustery conditions yesterday, Mohd Masyuri and his Royal Malaysian Navy 1 team came from behind to snatch victory and be selected as the keelboat match racing team to represent Malaysia at the 16th Asian Games. To be contested latter this year from November 12-27, at the Guangdong Ocean Sports Training Centre (GOSTC) in Shanwei, China. After struggling in the round robin stage and scraping into last spot for the semi final cut, Mohd Masyuri's RMN1 team went on to beat Nurul Elia's more favoured Perak Team, that topped the leader board after winning every race in the round robins, chose to race the lowly fourth placed finishers. By sailing fast and staying within the rules during the pre-start and on course tacking duels, they skillfully earned two race wins to go on and duel it out in the finals with fellow navy compatriots Mohd Razali on Royal Malaysian Navy 2. Who with all their experience overcame Nik Ashraf's Malaysian Yachting Assoc 2 team in their semi final round 2-0 and is considered the top navy match racing team to beat. That did not deter Mohd Masyuri's crew as they once again put on a masterful display, that even Datuk Peter Gilmour would be proud of and maneuvered their Platu 25 to inflict two penalties during pre-start and on the course to come from behind and snatch the lead within the rules and in the process triumph in the first ever MYA/RMN organised selection trials. A very jubilant team have sailed their way into the record books. Extensive Photo Gallery and results are posted on the MYA Website Full report check out the August AY Team News Where do we go from here...

July 2010 AYGP UpdateJuly 2010 AYGP Update - SS Phuket Raceweek - Spectacular start to 2010-11 Season
By AsianYachting Event Media
Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awardsThroughout the event the overall lead in the IRC Racing class, seesawed between Scott Duncanson's Phuket 8 Quantum Fusion M and Ben Copley's Swan CS 42 Katsu. Coming into the final storm swept day, Copley's Katsu had a two point lead over Duncanson's Quantum Fusion M. The previous day Antony Hastings' Beneteau First 53 F5 Baby Tonga went out determined to put in a good showing in the fresh conditions to hold onto third overall with Ray Waldron's brand new Phuket 8 Surf Patrol improving with every race and nipping on the leaders heels. Final podium placing's were dependant on how many races could be run on the last day. Scott Duncanson managed to keep his Phuket 8 Quantum Fusion M upright and sailed conservatively during the storm to take Race 7 handicap honours. Ben Copley's Katsu took line honours and second place, but Duncanson was closing in fast. The race committee were set up and almost ready to hold Race 8 when the second storm struck and had to abandon proceedings. Copley finally ditched Katsu's bridesmaid role and took home the overall Racing Class trophy. Antony Hastings Baby Tonga did enough in the earlier races to take third spot on the podium. Under the new scoring system the first five boats now score points towards the Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards which have been updated at: http://asianyachting.com/news/AYGP10-11.htm Also goto the SS Raceweek 2010 - AY Photo Gallery is posted at: http://asianyachting.com/photos/photo.htm?PRW10

Six Senses Phuket Raceweek - All hell breaks loose on the final day...
By AsianYachting Event Media
SS Phuket Raceweek - AY Race Report 3July 25th: At the sumptuous Six Senses Evason breakfast overlooking the racing area, the warning signs for a tough day ahead were already in full view. White caps and lumpy seas, stirred up by 20 to 25 knot South West Monsoon winds. Upon arrival at Race Control at Into the Beach, Nitt kindly pointed out at that Stuart Williamson's Beneteau 34.7 Skandia Endeavour of Whitby had drifted off, some time during the night and was firmly planted on the rocks at Koh Bon. A Thai fishing boat had been engaged to skull drag her from the beach and tow her into Ao Chalong for repairs. As the assembled media were due to board the boats an enormous storm descended on Phuket bringing with it 30 to 35 knot gusts and lashing rain. After half an hour delay, those that were brave enough to tackle the bronco bucking jetty and risk ruining their valuable camera equipment, clambered aboard and headed out to the racing area to see what was going on out there. Capt Brent McInnes our boat owner and driver afforded us a brief photo shoot of the Skandia Endeavour of Whitby grounding and then expertly guided his magnificent Donzi speedboat around the starting area, all the time desperately trying to keep the photographic equipment dry. Just after PRO Simon James started the IRC Racing and IRC 2 classes the threatening black clouds that were building out to sea, descended over the race course and all hell broke loose in torrential rain and zero visibility. Goto full story AY Race Report 4 & Summary

SS Phuket Raceweek - AY Race Report 3Six Senses Phuket Raceweek - A day of two contrasts!
By AsianYachting Event Media
July 24th: What started with a brisk windward / leeward race, finished in almost drifting conditions on a passage race around the islands. The storm that swept in from the Andaman Sea, engulfed all of Phuket in heavy rain, soon put an end to the lovely 15 knot SW breeze and left the yachts rocking and rolling in the lumpy sea that formed overnight. To make matters worse the sailors had to contend with a strong out going current, which turned the usual surfing conditions around the back of the islands into a drifting match in a difficult seaway. Again some skippers were a little to keen at the start and individually recalled for being over the line. This time it was Horst Lakits' Swan 55 Big A that miss judged the current and collected The Moorings sponsored start boat, fortunately with little or no visible damage other than a bruised ego. The crew on Antony Hastings' Beneteau First 53 F5 Baby Tonga went out determined to put in a good showing in the fresh conditions and that's just what they did. Taking the IRC Racing daily double in Race 5 by 42 seconds from Ben Copley's Swan CS 42 Katsu and Ray Waldron's brand new Phuket 8 Surf Patrol taking third spot. Check out AY Race Report 3

Six Senses Phuket Raceweek off to a slow start...
SS Phuket Raceweek - AY Pre-Regatta ReportBy AsianYachting Event Media
July 22nd: After some deliberation the 20 IRC monohull racers got divided into three classes according to their rating and potential performance. Hot off last weekends SEA Property Multihull Championship nine boats are fronting up in the Multihull Class and eight Firefly 850 Sports in the one-design class. Two classic boats round out the order, making it a total of 39 boats contesting this year. The weather forecast did not look to promising and after a short wait, PRO Simon James managed to get the fleet away on a two island passage race. Some were a little to keen to get underway and a general recall for the combined IRC 1 & 2 classes even delayed the proceedings further. Hopes for another race were dashed as the wind did not pick-up and moved all over the place, so PRO James decided to call it a day in light of the circumstances. Competitors found it difficult in the lee of the islands, on the one race that was sailed today. This is were fortunes can be won and lost. From the press boat it looked like a game of snakes and ladders, until they rounded the final hurdle and got back into the wind line. The boats that had a fast trip through the lee of Koh Aeo have in general gone on to win their class. Check out AY Race Report 1

2010/11 AYGP - July 2010 - Newsletter - Evolution Sails sponsors new Skipper & Yacht of the Year trophy
By AsianYachting Event Media
2010/11 AYGP - July 2010 - NewsletterWe proudly announce that Evolution Sails have come onboard as trophy sponsor for the 2010-11 AYGP Championship to be known as the Evolution Sails AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. They have also signed up for a years worth of Internet advertising in AsianYachting monthly publications and Race Reports. We will still be presenting the Perpetual AYGP Cup filled with chilled champagne and the Armani Koh Samui blue blazer at the gala Sawadee.com Regatta 2010 Samui season ending prize presentation. The new trophy will be the one that the winning skipper can take home with them and display in their trophy cabinet. Winning these awards is considered a very special honour, where skippers and boat owners are rewarded for running a successful racing campaign over 10 regatta's held in SE & E Asian waters each year. As these prestigious awards go way beyond cheap plastic trophy's, we are considering a design competition amongst budding artists living in the SE Asian region, to make it not only a memorable and unique occasion but also worthy of displaying in the office back home. We welcome any interest from designers and artists that would like to get involved with the trophy design competition by contacting info@asianyachting.com Six Senses Phuket Raceweek kicks off the 2010-11 AYGP Championship this week from Wednesday 21st to Sunday 25th July as the elegant Six Senses Evason Resort plays host on the south east coast of Phuket. Goto 2010/11 AYGP - July 2010 - Newsletter

SEA Property Multihull Championship - AY Race Reports3rd SEA Property Multihull Championship - Horizon job earns Henry Kaye and Thor victory
By AsianYachting Event Media
July 18th: Overnight the strong conditions over the last couple of days moderated down to a mere 5 knots at start time and 10 knots being the highest reading, half way around the course. Simon James' race team decided to send the racing class on an 18nm passage race and the Firefly's on a lengthy windward/leeward course in the bay. Some Firefly skippers suggested they change to a passage race and after some neat diplomacy and owners voting by radio, PRO James announced that both classes will be doing Course 5, the long passage out to the safe water mark, then back through the Chalong Bay gate and up around Koh Bon and back. All eyes were on the pointscore leaders - Henry Kaye and Fergus Wilmer's Seacart 30 Thor and the newly launched Andaman Cabriolet Da Vinci skippered by German ace Andy Pape who were tied for first place in the racing class - Hans Rahmann's Voodoo had a four point advantage over Twin Sharks skippered by boat designer Mark Pescott in the Firefly class. Caution seemed to be the order of the day at the startline, with the leading contenders taking clear lines and concentrating on boatspeed. Goto AY Race Report 3 & Summary Here...

SEA Property Multihull Championship - AY Race Report 13rd SEA Property Multihull Championship - Fun and games in over 20 knots...
By AsianYachting Event Media
July 17th: Wind gusts up to 25 knots provided some exhilarating downwind rides with most boats sitting in the high teens for long periods of time. As a consequence the breakage list continues to grow and most boats have suffered from some sort of damage. Judging by the smiles on the crews faces as they come ashore and the lively bar talk long into the evening, everyone is very pleased with the boats performance and outcome whether it is good or bad. It is not very often that strong winds coincide with regatta dates but on this occasion the Ao Chalong Yacht Club have lucked in, much to everyone's pleasure. For the first race today PRO Simon James choose to send the fleet on a passage race around Chalong Bay and out to the Phuket Port deep sea mark and back, then a windward / leeward course for the second race today. After blitzing the fleet yesterday Henry Kaye and Fergus Wilmer's Seacart 30 Thor did not have it all their way today. Despite taking line honours in both races they came to an abrupt holt when they hit an uncharted reef in Race 1 and broke the reefing line in Race 2, that severely hindered their progress and had to settle on third and second places. Goto AY Race Report 2 Here...

SEA Property Multihull Championship - AY Pre-Regatta ReportExciting start to the 'Multihull Only' regatta
By AsianYachting Event Media
July 16th: The 3rd SEA Property Multihull Championship got underway with some exciting thrills and spills in overcast conditions and an increasing SW tradewind. Twenty boats have fronted up and as crews assembled at the Ao Chalong Yacht Club this morning there were distinct signs that a regatta was about to take place. One skipper was heard to say "So this is what a proper yacht club looks like". Everyone was keen to get going and the tension increased as they approached the start line. PRO Simon James choose to send the fleet around a windward / leeward course then on a short passage race up to Koh Bon and back. In Chalong Bay the breeze fluctuated between 5 and 10 knots for the first race then dramatically increased as they left the shelter of the bay and the large sea swell around Koh Bon saw the excitement factor multiply on the spinnaker reach back. A few nose dives, (See photo) shredded sails, snapped prodders and a lot of broken equipment had crews desperately jury rigging the damage or returning to shore for some urgently needed repairs. Goto AY Race Report 1 Here...

SEA Property Multihull Championship - AY Pre-Regatta Report'Multihull Only' event unique for the Asian region...
By AsianYachting Event Media
July 15th: After a couple of years flying below the radar, the 3rd SEA Property Multihull Championship organised by the Ao Chalong Yacht Club kicks off tomorrow and this 'Multihull Only' event has grown in stature to become the largest ocean racing multihull event in South East Asian waters. The entire SE Asian archipelago falls within the tropical cruising belt and the year round sailing season suits modern day multihull sailing enthusiasts down to the tee. Over the last couple of years there has been an explosion of catamaran and trimaran manufacturers in the region. The majority of the 19 boat fleet are either Latitude 8 Firefly's, a variety of Vietnam built Corsair Marine folding trimarans plus a couple of Andaman Cabriolet's. They are all competing like mad, both on and off the water for boat sales, so overall performance at the regatta is everything! The weather forecast is for squally SW monsoon conditions being drawn across the peninsula towards Typhoon CONSON, which is presently stirring up the South China Sea, so we can expect some excitement over the next few days. Goto AY Pre-Regatta Report Here...

Third round of QUANTUM Platu One Design Championship of Thailand
Was held at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya. Seven boats contested this event which was held in very light shifty conditions. This made it difficult for the Race Officers but they did a superb job and ran all seven races over the two days. The conditions also highlighted the work of the tacticians who had to contend with constantly changing pressures and wind directions along with a very strong incoming tide. Many boats almost hit the top mark inspires allowing a generous lay line. It was good to see several new teams alongside the regulars. The Singapore Management University sent a young team and its always good to welcome their happy attitude combined with hard work and a desire to win. Mark Haswell traveled from Phuket to help introduce two new members to Platu racing, Tony Mallia and his wife Lek. The Ferret, with Scott Duncanson on the helm won the event but were kept honest by Morten Jacobsen's Emma Matilde in second place with Kawanisan's The Puma team giving both boats a hard time when they got up to speed. The final round - The Platu Nationals will be held on the 21/24th October 2010. Book you charter boat now!

Learn to SAIL with Asian YachtmastersJuly 2010 AY Team News - Reviving the Learn to SAIL with Asian Yachtmasters Courses at the AY Center in PD
After a years absence and as the economic climate seems to be getting better, we are reviving the Learn to Sail with Asian Yachtmasters keel boat training scheme, which was originally designed to promote growth on the local Asian sailing scene. The main aim of the AsianYachting Center in Port Dickson, Malaysia is to provide a place where similarly interested people can come together and partake in all sorts of pleasure boating activities. We have just taken over Platu #129 (Soon to be renamed AsianYachting 1) and after applying some antifouling, we will be inviting interested persons from all over the world to come to Pt Dickson and try out our 2-hour Discover Sailing program, to see if they like it...

MONSOON SAILING SCHOOL IS BACK Putrajaya Maritime Center (July 29 - Aug 1st, 2010)It is also our intention to continue on with forming an AY Racing Team and are constantly on the lookout for serious sailors that want to develop their racing skills and go on to successfully compete at regional keelboat regattas and match racing events. If you want to TRY OUT for our AY Racing Team we have set aside some weekends, when we will take anyone sailing that is interested in making up the core of sailors needed to make a team. (Goto 2009 AY Team News to see how the team fared at the 2009 Malaysian Match Racing Championship) The full AY Syllabus can be accessed from the extensive AY Menu Click Here...

Also the MONSOON SAILING SCHOOL IS BACK Putrajaya Maritime Center (July 29 - Aug 1st, 2010) For more information and to confirm Online Registration, please contact: Mira Navaretna Email mira@tbest.com.my T +603-2283 3324 / +6016-338 5341 Check them out at: http://mss.monsooncup.com.my/

July 2010 AY News & Views - Indonesian Rally Season begins
July 2010 AY News & ViewsThis month brings a very diverse range of regattas that stretch across the length and breadth of the SE Asian archipelago. First up in Phuket is the 'Multihull Only' - 3rd SEA Property International - Phuket Multihull Championship (July 16-18) which is closely followed by the action packed Six Senses Phuket Raceweek (July21 to 25 ).

Sandeq Race July 28 - Aug 7Then on July 24th three simultaneous starts, will get the Rally Season underway from both ends of the Indonesian archipelago - Darwin to Ambon Yacht Race & Sail Indonesia Rally take off from Darwin, Northern Australia and are headed for the Maluku Spice Islands to attend Sail Banda, Indonesia's largest marine event for 2010. At the other end of the spectrum the 7th Borneo International Yachting Challenge runs from July 24th to 31st - Starting in Miri, Sarawak and visiting other East Malaysian states of Labuan and Sabah before finishing up at Sutera Harbour in Kota Kinabalu. Check out the Asian Sailing Calendar Here... Adventure seekers should take note, that's not all we have on offer here in Asia- The 300 nautical mile Sandeq Race from July 28 - Aug 7 is being billed as "The world's fastest, longest and hardest race for traditional fishing vessels" and has turned into one of Indonesia's best nautical events held each year! This will be the 10th race for traditional Sandeq outrigger, sailing boats, that starts in Mamuju and ends in Makassar, SW Sulawesi. More about these exciting craft, Race Program and how to join in the fun Click Here Browse the July 2010 AY News & Views online edition for Asian and International Sailing News & Views, Regatta Previews, Photo Gallery's, World Records & Unluckiest sailors of the month at: http://asianyachting.com/Archive/newsletter/125July10.htm

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