President’s Cup Regatta 2000
by Jerry Rollin

The Regatta in it’s new time slot of early March attracted a smaller fleet than usual, but maintained it’s competitive edge and international competitiveness at the top end of the IRC Racing Fleet. The Keelboat Racing started on Tuesday 7 March, which allowed a number of crew to compete in the first race having flown in from the SORC Regatta in Florida.

420 Regatta

The Regatta had started on Saturday 4 March with 3 days of 420 competition. The Philippine Sailing Association and the Subic Bay Yacht Club provided the boats. In winds from 5 to 12 knots there was some exiting racing, with the fleet being dominated by the Wilmott brothers from Australia. Having recently competed in and won the trials for the Australian 420 team for the Olympics it was no surprise when the Wilmotts won all of their races.

Overall Results

Jeremy Wilmott Nathan Wilmott 4.5 pts 1st
Clarence Tayong Robert Dollete 16 pts 2nd
Bernard Floren Richly Magsanay 17 pts 3rd

The main Regatta consisted of 3 classes. Open Racing Class, Ocean Cruising Class and Platu 25 Class.

Open Racing Class

The Open Racing Class had no restrictions on professional crew and attracted many of the previous winners to return including Subic Centennial the 1999 winner, Karakoa- Clariden the 1998 winner and Hi-fidelity the Lipton Cup winner and King’s Cup Champion from 1999

Racing consisted of 3 days with 2 windward leeward each day and 2 days with longer round the islands and bay races. The lighter Sydney 46’s reveled in the 10 to 15 knot winds, but David Kong’s new Hocus Pocus 2 an X612 was never able to show her true potential in the comparatively light conditions.

A very close battle ensued between the 2 Sydney 46’s helmed by Neil Pryde and Jamie Wilmott with an America’s Cup stile dial up start at the beginning of the last race, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the other competitors, some of whom were so distracted they themselves were late at the start.

In the end Neil Pryde, who has now won every Regatta in Asia except the President’s Cup was just beaten by the Philippine based Subic Centenial Team.

Overall Result

Subic Centennial Sydney 46 Judes Echaus 5.75 pts 1st
Hi-fidelity Sydney 46 Neil Pryde 9.5 pts 2nd
Karakoa-Clariden Excel 53 Ray Ordovesa 18 pts 3rd

On the Water Race Management

The well practiced Manila Yacht Club Race Team headed by Lionie Francisco came under the direction of Principle Race Officer John McLellan from New Zealand for the 4th year and his assistant for the last 4 years and Regatta Race Officer for the last 7 years, Allan Lundy from Manila. John managed to contain his exuberance following the Kiwis America’s Cup victor very well and only on one occasion was seen to appear in a black ‘t’ shirt carrying typically kiwi sporting comments regarding their new name for the trophy.

In addition to the Race Committee Boat from Manila Yacht Club the Committee had the use of a fleet of boats from SBYC organised by Danny Calapatia, the Marina Manager and kept supplied by Zeni Krug.

Shore Based Race Management

As usual Peter Capotosto took over the responsibility of Race Committee Chairman for the keelboat section of the Regatta to allow organizing Chairman Jerry Rollin to go racing on Irvmiren. Peter was ably supported by Shelley Deakin (with baby Alex in constant attendance) and by Connie Magtibas of the Manila Yacht Club Race Office. Connie was this year assisted by Russel Saustino and Guen Cerillo.

Ocean Racing Class

Ocean Cruising Class raced the same courses as the Open Racing Class and overall results were computed for the interest of the competitors. The competitive Swan 68 of Andy Soriano Irvmiren dropped out of contention for honours when during the first race on the last day a $5 ‘O’ ring gave way releasing all the backstay hydraulic fluid. The class became a battle between Vixen, Vivaldi and Stripped.

Overall Results

Vixen X 442 Russ Peart 8.25 pts 1st
Vivaldi J35 Donnie Altura 8.25 pts 2nd
Stripped X 442 Henry Kaye 17 pts 3rd

Platu 25 Class

The Platu fleet was provided for the competition by Subic Bay yacht Club, the Philippine Sailing Association and the Manila Yacht Club. The fleet competed in a total of 9 races of which all results counted. The biggest upset was seen with the poor showing of Mark Haswell, winner of the last 2 King’s Cup Platu Regattas. This however did allowed the visiting teams from Singapore and Australia and the local teams to fight it out for the winning slots.

Overall Results

                              PSA Centennial Nathan Wilmot 6.75 pts 1st
                              The Dogs Mark Jewell 22 pts 2nd
                              Irvmiren Centennial Sarah Wilmott 25 pts 3rd

PYS Cruising Class

The local Cruising fleet joined the Regatta for the last 2 days and produced some exiting races in 2 long courses around Subic Bay. They raced under the Portsmouth Yardstick System as defined by the Regatta Rating Committee.

Overall Result

Viking Express S & S 36 Maru Maruyama 3.75 pts 1st
Lethal Weapon X 119 Bobby Benares 4.75 pts 2nd
Ruby Tuesday Young 11 John Vause 5 pts 3rd

Social Activity

As is now expected the social scene was active and exiting. As the Regatta has moved away from Easter, which is the busiest time of year, competitors were give the free run of the first class facilities of the Subic Bay Yacht Club. The central gathering point was the Boathouse, organised under the watchful eye of Ed Matias (Food and Beverage Manager) and Lot de Leon of SBYC. Here a heavily subsidised bar and snack service was available all day. Daily awards were presented to the winners, by the Sponsors, with the Organising Committee Chairman Jerry Rollin in his familiar role as MC.

It has now become a tradition of the Regatta that many crews meet for breakfast at the Subic Bay Yacht Club to enjoy the enormous buffet spread before going out to race. Once again Mari Vargas the Club Manager and Cynthia Rondel in charge of administration ensured that everything was up to the usual high standard.

The Welcome Cocktail Party was held in the SBYC Piano Lounge and featured a presentation of Philippine Cultural Dancing provided by the Department of Tourism. Andy Soriano and Vic Vic Villavicencio presented all participating yacht owners with a bottle of Champagne engraved with the Regatta Logo and dates. Andy then presented Vic Vic with his own bottle of Champagne to show the gratitude of the Organising Committee to him and the Subic Bay Yacht Club for their support of the event.

The Presidential Awards Dinner was once again held beside the pool with President Estrada being represented by Secretary Vicente Rivera of the Department of Transport and Communications. The Secretary was assisted in the presentations by the hosting Clubs Commodore’s Vic Vic Villevecenco and Mike Zosa and by Manila Yacht Club Sailing Director Andes Soriano.

Once again Cynthia Norton assisted by Michael Deakin, the new Manila Yacht Club Manager, the Socials Committee, Subic Bay Yacht Club and the Sponsors excelled themselves provided a sumptuous buffet, all the drink you could consume and 2 great bands (Sabor Latino and K O Jones) all for $25. Partying went on well into the night.

The Sponsors

The Organising Committee had worked very hard to attract sponsors to the event and were very successful. The Major Event Sponsor was International Container Terminal Services International (ICTSI), whose sponsorship included providing the new President’s Cup replicas that where presented to the top three yachts in each class.

Additional sponsorships came from: Nestle Philippines, Coca Cola, Tanduay Rhum, Philippine Sports Commission, Royal Caribbean / Celebrity Cruises, San Miguel Corporation, Qantas Airways, British Airways, The Hive 100.3, Anthony’s Wines and Spirits, Compaq Computers, Tabaqueria de Filipinas inc, Neil Pryde, Subic International Hotel, Sperry Top-sider.

Under the direction of Terri Razon, part of the sponsors contributions were channeled into the supply of trophies for each class and for each race. We saw imaginative engraved trophies of cut glass, pewter mugs, silver bowls, ships bells and champagne bottles.

International Jury
A bevy of International Jurors arrived mainly due to the sponsorship of Quantas and British Airways with Mark Pryke from Australia taking over the Chairmanship from Jess Villieral whose was in New York apparently helping his daughter give birth!!! Mark was joined by Tom Mooney from Australia, Shane Boom from New Zealand, Peter Jolly from UK, Mike Urwin from the RORC in UK and Brian Murray from the Philippines. Not having many protest to deal with they undertook the task of supervising the sail measurement checks at the start of the event and safety equipment scrutineering checks throughout the Regatta. Mark Pryke conducted his now regular Regatta event Rules talk, which as usual saw the experienced and not so experienced gaining valuable insights into the rules of the game.

Summary of Regatta 2000

Although the 15 to 20 knot winds that were expected did not appear during the event they did appear the week before and soon after the event. The conditions during the event with winds between 7 and 12 knots did provide exiting conditions for racing. Some races were delayed to allow the wind direction to settle and the very last race of the regatta was cancelled when the NE winds were not able to overcome the sea breeze and the wind direction and velocity refused to settle.

The move away from Easter did mean that the fleet was smaller than in previous years as some of the Hong Kong boats chose to compete in the China Sea Race to Subic at Easter and not in both events. Separating the two events does not benefit either event and the Organising Committee hopes that discussions will bring the events back together again for the next China Sea Race in 2002.

Advantages seen for the move away from Easter were a steadier wind allowing most races to get away on schedule, access to all the facilities of the Subic Bay Yacht Club throughout the Regatta, which has to be restricted when the members are using the facilities over Easter.

Regatta 2001

The Organising Committee decided, taking all matters and views into consideration, that the event would take place during the same time slot in 2001. As 2001 is the year of the San Fernando Race it is expected that the Asian racing fleet will come to the Philippine in early March for the President’s Cup and either remain cruising in Philippine water or if they want to sail to Hong Kong to compete in the San Fernando Race over Easter.

President’s Cup 2000 Steering Committee

Chairman Andres Sta. Maria
Members Ernesto Echauz SBYC/PSA
Victor Villavicenco SBYC
Andres Soriano III MYC
Jerry Rollin MYC


Subic Bay Freeport Zone Chairman Chairman Felicito C. Payumo
Subic Bay Yacht Club Commodore Vic Vic Villavicencio
Manila Yacht Club Commodore Mike Zosa
Manila Yacht Club Manager Michael Deakin
Subic Bay Yacht Club Manager Mari Vargas
Subic Bay Yacht Club Marine Manager Danny Calapatia

Regatta Organizing Committee

Chairman Jerry Rollin
Socials Cynthia Norton
Trophies Terri Razon
Registration and Results Shelley Deacon
Master of Ceremonies James Deacon
SBYC Coordinator Cynthia Rondael
Marina Manager Danny Calapatia
Public Relations Peter Capotosto
Platu 25s Mark Haswell

Race Committee:

Chairman Peter Capotosto
Principal Race Officer John McLellan
Race Officer Allan Lundy
Scrutineering Mark Pryke
Measurer Mike Urwin
Race Committee Boat Leonie Francisco

International Jury:

Chairman - Mark Pryke Australia
Members - Shane Borrell New Zealand
Tony Mooney Australia
Peter Jolly UK
Bryan Murray Philippine
Mike Urwin UK

Regatta Secretariat

Connie L. Matignas
Russel Saustino
Guen Cerilla

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