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JoinOnaria Logo.jpg (2263 bytes) and AlexanderForbesLogo.jpg (1739 bytes) who have successfully advertised their companyís logo's on the hull and sails of the victorious racing yacht Gotcha and on team shirts worn by the crew and supporters of this fast emerging Malaysian yacht racing team. By becoming an advertising sponsor your company would be directly contributing to the development of yachting in Malaysia and keeping the skillful Rahim brothers and the Gotcha racing team on their winning ways during the prestigious South East Asian Perpetual Cup. A series of yacht racing regatta's held annually in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

AmirMoxTrophy.jpg (7034 bytes) The S.E.A. Regatta Circuit is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to promote their organization and products to a targeted clientele on a yacht that is well known in this region for her fair sailing and race winning record. Also the opportunity to be directly exposed to the regionís sailing community through the regatta coverage.

GOTCHA Is the sentimental favorite on the regionís sailing circuit and due to her successes commands good media coverage in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Additionally, by advertising on GOTCHA you will automatically be sponsoring us in our quest to win the Southeast Asian Regatta Series. Your support would no doubt combine Malaysian yachting achievements and plant your company's interests firmly into the regionís yachting arena. 


GOTCHA Is a 36-foot racing sloop. Designed by Bruce Farr and Associates, she was built in 1991 by Hitech Yachts in Australia and complies with the CHS measurement rules whilst her stability, safety standards and rating allows her to participate in the racing division. In 1994, she had a new keel and rudder installed which made her more responsive in light airs and improved her off-wind performance, which is ideal for this regionís circuit.

GOTCHAís past successes include winning the Raja Muda International Regatta three times in 1992, 1994 and 1995 with her former owners including the 10th anniversary in 1999 with her present Malaysian owners. She achieved this feat against the regular heavyweights on the circuit and at the Phuket Kingís Cup Regatta, GOTCHA   has emerged as the Racing Class B champion on two occasions. In one of these she had a perfect finish of all firsts.

GOTCHAís exploits in Southeast Asia are well known and she does command considerable media coverage and has graced the front pages of various sailing magazines and newspapers. She is now Malaysian owned and will be flying the Malaysian colors, which will no doubt attract considerable attention with the regionís print and electronic media.

Crew training has been conducted in earnest through out the year at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club for this series and they are determined to out-perform the rest and defend last years 1st place overall and be the first Malaysian owned yacht to win the prestigious Raja Muda Cup two years in succession. Also, god willing, the Kingís Cup, Singapore Straits Cup and eventually, the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy. Your corporationís support would be vital in determining our ability to put together the strongest Malaysian challenge so far.

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All the regattas in the South-East Asian regatta circuit have been classified under Category B advertising as stipulated in the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), The Racing Rules of Sailing 1997-2000 under Appendix G. Of course advertisements shall meet generally accepted moral and ethical standards. We will be required to seek permissions from the various organizing committees that the advertisement shall not be in conflict/competition with the event sponsor or contravene the host countryís advertising guidelines. We are allowed to advertise either one or two of:

(a) The name of your organization,
(b) A brand or product name, or
(c) A logo

Corporations that have advertised in the past on many of the yachts and promoted their products on the past South-East Asian regatta circuit includes QBE Insurance, ADAM (cellular telephone network), San Miguel, Carlsberg, P&O Insurance, Ford, BMW, Tag Heuer, Thai Airways, Singha Beer, Sebana Cove Marina, Able Shipping and Triumph Swimwear.

As the carrier, we will endeavor to ensure that you, as an advertiser, will get the maximum mileage in terms of media exposure and promotion of your products. The advertising costs are calculated based on Gotcha's regatta budget and is limited to a maximum of two corporations. The opportunities available to your corporation includes:


Advertising On Hull

A space of approximately 3.8m long x 0.8m high is available on both sides of the hull (aft section) for advertisement

US$ 15,000 for 1 year

Advertising On Sails


A space of approximately 3.5m long x 2.8m high is available for the inclusion of the logo or depiction. This is only an approximation since depending on the design, a larger area may be available.


A space of approximately 3.35m long x 1.12m high is available on both sides of the mainsail for advertisement. Only one advertisement is allowed.



US$ 20,000
for 1 year


US$ 25,000
for 1 year

Banners and Flags

Subject to confirmation (rules are silent on this), banners and flags can be displayed from the forestay when not racing. There is considerable space available since during this time the yacht will either be motoring or at the mooring/marina areas.

Free of Charge

Crew Uniform

Gotcha shorts, T-shirts, function attire, and caps etc. are produced annually and carry the advertisers logo. The advertiser can also supply company shirts and the crew will don these during the regatta period.

US$ 5,000
per advertisement

Corporate Promotions

In the event that your corporation requires the yacht can be made available for photography or photo sessions during corporate promotions. Details on the requirements can be negotiated.

Price on application

(Negotiate on terms of usage)

Promotional Yacht / Support Vessel

A sailing yacht or motor yacht is expected to be available as a support vessel during the regatta and also for promotional purposes. Since she is not an entrant, she can be advertised to the maximum. Details on this requirement can be negotiated.


Price on application

(To negotiate on terms of usage)

Total Advertising Sponsorship Package

For exclusive coverage on Gotchaís hull, sails and crew uniforms by a single advertising sponsor for one year. This package can also include naming rights of the yacht to include your corporations name or identity and will be used during the series to capture further publicity in the published results and during press releases of your kind and healthy support.

US$ 65,000
for 1 year
















We look forward to your review of our proposal and please feel Please feel free to E-mail Amir Zohri at:
or Capt Marty at: or phone him in Malaysia on 016 - 2714134 if you need any more information or to negotiate on the above proposal.

Thank you and I look forward to your positive response.

Amir Zohri Rahim
Skipper: GOTCHA

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