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Each scheme Sailing or Motor Yacht (SY and MY) start from beginner’s level through to excellence and provides for Instructor and Examiner at all level’s. Competent sailor’s need not start at the beginning but may enter at any level by One-day Assessment based on knowledge and previous experience. Motor yachtsmen will not be required to demonstrate sailing ability but will be required to demonstrate a sound knowledge of Marine Engine Installations and their use.

The beauty of the International Level of Competency system is that it is self-generating. As sailor’s become proficient in their boat handling skills they can graduate on to higher levels or step into the roles of Instructors, Coaches and Examiners for the training of others.

Learn to SAIL with Asian Yachtmasters is based on the highly successful Royal Yachting Association’s (R.Y.A.) National Yacht Cruising Scheme, the Australian Yachting Federation’s (A.Y.F.) Youth Sailing Academy and the U.S. Coastguard Service. These schemes have grown faster than any other in the developed sailing regions. Mainly due to their wide spread use by commercial sailing schools, primary and secondary schools, navy and army establishments, sailboat hires, Tafe colleges, scouts, church groups, sea rescue organizations and other outdoor activity groups.

Thereby allowing valid certificate holders from countries with established yachting schemes upon producing proof of certification to be accepted by direct transfer for similar AY Levels of Competency and vice-versa.

The AY Courses and International Certificates of Competency can be progressively phased in your region, over a three-year period to meet the high standards set by the International Sailing Schools Association in becoming an approved Instructional Course and Yachting Center.

To make inquiries about introducing Asian Yachtmasters courses in your region email the AY directly at: to begin consultations with the regional Yachting Examiner.

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