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The task of instructors will be to conduct the AY Practical and Theory Sessions to their Level of Certification.

Practical Instructors should be sailors with at least three season’s experience and must hold the relevant Certificate of Competency for their desired level of instruction.

Theory Instructors can be sailors with considerable experience in yachting and familiar with the practical and oral methods of Instruction of the AY Courses and Training Scheme.

Candidates will be required to under go a One-day Assessment and conduct a short course attended by the regional AY Examiner where the following will be judged:

  • The organization intending to conduct AY Practical and Theory Sessions
  • Methods of Practical Instruction and Assessment
  • A assessment of the candidates Yachting Knowledge and Instructional Ability

After successful meeting the criterion above AY Instructors Endorsements are issued to the candidates Level of Competency.

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