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The main aim of Asian Yachtmasters is firstly and foremost to set high standards of competency for students in seamanship, boat handling and sea safety. At the same time make it easier for sailors to enjoy all forms of pleasure boating activities.

The International Levels of Competency have been introduced to help participants set and reach some achievable yacht handling targets thereby getting the most from the sport, whatever you're choice of yacht (Sail S.Y. or Motor M.Y.) maybe. They have been designed as a progressive training scheme, where the basic techniques are first mastered then the more advanced skills are introduced.

Each Level of Competency has its own individual and comprehensive AY Practical and Theory Syllabus, which caters for a wide range of pleasure boats. Anything from sailing a dinghy or traditional open-day boat to coastal cruising yachts with accommodations and mega yachts used for over-night passages or ocean racing purposes.

Go to the comprehensive and independent Introduction to Sailing, Day Skipper, Coastal and Offshore Yachtmaster Practical and Theory Syllabus Sections to navigate yourself through a maze of step by step yacht handling techniques, sailing drills and discover a wealth of pleasure yachting information.

The overall objective is to train sailors to internationally accepted standards and develop a core of trusted and qualified professionals capable of handling pleasure yachts as experienced crew, skippers and Yachtmasters. Instructors and Examiners endorsements are available to students wishing to further their yachting careers by conducting AY Courses at other yachting centers. Especially in countries or coastal regions that have yet to establish their own pleasure yachting guidelines and standards.

Although AY issues International Certificates of Competency these do not replace local knowledge assessment periods or over ride any regional marine by-laws pertaining to the licensing of pleasure yacht operators.

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