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A AY Examiner is responsible for the implementation, administration and upholding the high standards of seamanship set by Asian Yachtmasters in their region. They will liaise with recognized teaching establishments, associated clubs, AY Yachting Centers and Instructors on the operation of AY Courses and other pleasure yacht training schemes in their region

Candidates seeking a AY Examiner endorsement must possess a Offshore Yachtmaster - Certificate of Competency with at least 10 seasons of Logged sea time and completed over 50,000 nm on cruising, offshore motor and sailing yachts

An Asian Yachtmaster Examiner will be required to:

  • Establish AY Yachting Centers and train Practical and Theory Instructors to conduct  AY Instructional Courses
  • Conduct One-day Assessments for candidates seeking International Certificates of Competency, Instructor and Examiner Endorsements



They must be familiar with the practical and oral methods of Instruction of AY Courses and other Training Schemes. A Yachting Examiner will be capable of undertaking One-day personal Assessments to determine a candidate's level of pleasure yachting knowledge, practical and instructional abilities.

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