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Persons interested in further information or serious yachties wanting to:

(1.)Contact a AY Examiner and arrange a personal One-Day  Assessment to assess your International Level of Competency or how to obtain Instructor and Examiner Endorsements.
(2.) Enquire about becoming an approved AY Training Center and capable of conducting AY Instructional Courses in your region.
(3.) Engage a private Instructor to tailor AY Practical and Theory Sessions to suite your schedule.
(4.) Enquire about AY Training Centers and the special offers now available on all Practical and Theory Instructional Courses.
(5.) Organize some good ole yachting experiences with other experienced Asian Yachtmasters.

(6.) Click on  then copy and complete your detail's (below) onto the E-mail Message Form.

Full Name:

Business Name:
Postal Address:


Date of Birth:

Certificates Held:
Present Rating:
Contact Telephone No:
Handphone / Mobile / Inmarsat:
Fax No:

(7.) If registering briefly describe your yachting achievements and / or business interests.

(8.) Personal Log and additional information can be attached as a file or document.

(9.) Then Send.

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