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Introduction to Sailing syllabusGood news for people that just want to go for a ride on a sailboat or learn the basics and see if they want to take up sailing pursuits in the future. We have moved the practical sessions for the Discover Sailing trips and Learn to Sail courses to Admiral Marina in Port Dickson. (See below) These sessions would suit a small family or agile group of friends that would like to share in a sailing experience on our 25ft racing keelboat over the weekend or during the school holidays. Although no experience is necessary, participants are expected to be involved with sailing the yacht and agile enough to move from side to side during the maneuvers

The Learn to Sail with Asian Yachtmasters keel boat training scheme is designed to promote growth of the local sailing scene. The main aim is to provide a place where similarly interested people can come together and partake in all sorts of pleasure boating activities. We have taken over the 25ft Platu #129 and renamed her AsianYachting 1 and are inviting interested persons to come to Pt Dickson and try out our 2-hour Discover Sailing program, to see what its like and perhaps go on to pursue further sailing activities.

Who to contact?
AY Headquarters on +6 06 6477701,
Google map Hasslan +6 016 2564532,
Capt Marty +6 016 2714134
Or Email: info@asianyachting.com

Where are we located?
Port Dickson is the closest beach resort town and has the only decent marina facilities near to Kuala Lumpur. Presently split between two locations. Practical sailing sessions take place at Admiral Marina and Theory Sessions from PD World Marina. (See enlarged Location Map or click on the interactive Goggle aerial photo for how to get there)
Apartment B-1-8 Straits View
PD World Marina
Pt Dickson 71050,

Discover Sailing (2 hours)
This is basically a joy ride around the harbour for people to experience sailing and see if they like to go for more.
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm daily (Booking required in advance)

Min 3 - Max 6 persons per trip

Introduction to Sailing Course (2 days)
If you are looking for a more hands on approach to sailing on a racing yacht then the 2-Day Introduction to Sailing course is recommended. No previous sailing experience is needed and the aim is to provide a brief taste of sailing for novices. By the end of a Two-day Course, participants will have had a short introduction to the sport, including basic boat handling techniques and a healthy dose of essential background knowledge thrown in. The course syllabus includes safety, seamanship, knots and nautical terms. Course Completion Certificates will be awarded to those successfully completing the course which is limited to 5 participants per session. So enroll early to avoid disappointment.
Dates: TBA
10:00 to 12:30 Classroom Theory
12:30 to 14:00 Lunch
14:00 to 16:30 Practical Session onboard yacht.

Enrollments can now be Registered Online...

Advanced Crewing Techniques (2 days)
As demand for team building exercises and forming racing teams is increasing, the main aim of the 2-day Advanced Crewing Techniques course is
to compliment the Introduction to Sailing course. The Advanced Crewing Techniques concentrates on crew roles, spinnaker handling and teamwork. Participants should have completed or have experienced the basic sailing techniques covered in the Introduction to Sailing syllabus before proceeding onto the advanced course. Course Completion Certificates will be awarded to those successfully completing the course.
Dates: TBA Register Online...
10:00 to 12:30 Classroom Theory
12:30 to 14:00 Lunch
14:00 to 16:30 Practical Session onboard yacht.

Introductory Rates



Weekends &
Public Holidays


Discover Sailing (2 hours).

per pax

Introduction to Sailing (2 days)



per pax



Under 21

per pax



Advanced Crewing Techniques (2 days)      
Adults per pax
Under 21 per pax

Boat Hire


7.7m Sailing Boat (5 pax max)

per day



7.7m Sailing Boat (5 pax max) 1/2 day
RM 600.00
RM 500.00

Instructor / Skipper

per day




per day



Note: Introduction to Sailing & Advanced Crewing courses commence with a minimum of 4 adults or 5 under 21 yrs old.

Being a outdoor sport on a sailing yacht participants are to take note to the following:
Be prepared for the weather. Under the sun / rain, light /strong wind and sea conditions.
Soft white sole footwear, shorts, T-shirts / swimming costume, sun screen and hats recommended
Wear provided life jackets while on the yacht.
Adhere to skipper / crew instructions

Day Skipper (3 days).
Must have logged 1 sailing season and some helming experience
Instruction and Examination
Aim: To run budding skippers with the basic knowledge of sailing through practical maneuvers and crew techniques including the all important Man-Overboard recovery, sail reefing
and a comprehensive introduction to chart work, navigation and meteorology.

Practical work will be assessed on a continuous basis onboard a yacht during training sessions and a oral interview or short paper will be used as the basis for theory assessment. Course Completion Certificates will be awarded to those successfully completing the course. Successful students will be safety conscious and capable of skippering a yacht during day-light hours in variable weather conditions and protected waters without an Instructor on board.

Coastal Yachtmaster Passages. (Min 2-Days including overnight passage).
For experienced sailors only.
Aim: Basically an exercise in safe piloting by developing practical coastal navigation skills. It is assumed that students starting this course have already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge implied in Level 1 & 2. By the end of the course, the successful sailor will have a competent, safe, practical approach when in charge of a yacht and will be capable of sailing and making seamanlike decisions in moderate conditions up to 200 nautical miles offshore

Coastal / Offshore Yachtmaster (One-Day Assessments {Up to 20m LOA).
The necessary logged miles as skipper or crew or at least two to three seasons club experience to be qualified for assessment. He/she will satisfactorily demonstrate a competent, realistic and purposeful approach to sailing, including man overboard procedures. They will, whilst afloat and ashore, able to satisfactorily answer relevant questions of the Level 3 Coastal Yachtmaster syllabus.

Racing Squad.
For sailors that require specialised training or have displayed exceptional sailing skills during periods of Instruction or posses a natural talent for the sport. Students are selected and intensively trained in specialized racing techniques and strategy. The intention is to produce the best sailors in offshore / inshore performance racing and tactics. Courses can be held mid-week for sailing teams wanting to pit their skills against others at regional regattas to an International Level of Competency

Elite Squad.
Racing teams needing personalized training programs to achieve sailing excellence on a selected yacht or specialised crew training to further their endeavours may apply to train with the Elite Squad.

Meanwhile access the complete AY sail training syllabus with easy step by step boat handling maneuvers, plus all the info on obtaining the essential practical skills to safely master any type or size of pleasure yacht anywhere in the world from http://asianyachting.com/AYmasters/aymenu.htm


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