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The Asian Yachtmasters courses are set up so pupils can achieve the following standard - Demonstrate that they know what they should be doing on a yacht and can do it to the required standard, so that, they can go away and in their own time, practice to become more proficient.

The International Levels of Competency have been introduced to help participants set and reach some achievable yacht handling targets thereby getting the most from the sport, whatever you're choice of yacht (Sail S.Y. or Motor M.Y.) maybe. They have been designed as a progressive training scheme, where the basic techniques are first mastered then the more advanced skills are introduced

The two Asian Yachtmasters (Sail and Motor Yacht) are designed to cater for a wide range of pleasure boats. Anything from sailing a dinghy or traditional open-day boat to coastal cruising yachts with accommodations and mega-yachts used for over-night passages or ocean racing purposes.

There is a Introduction to Sailing course and three levels of qualifications from Day-Shipper to Offshore Yachtmaster are awarded based on:

  • Introduction to Sailing and Day Skipper Course Completion Certificates at authorized Training Centers by the Instructor or Principle
  • Course Completion Certificates for Coastal and Offshore Yachtmaster students as they successfully complete their respective Theory and Practical Sections at authorized Training Centers by the Instructor or Principal
  • International Certificates of Competency for Coastal and Offshore Yachtmaster's by the regional AY Examiner to students who have satisfactorily completed a One-day Assessment and the Theory and Practical Sections to their level of assessment
  • Instructor and Examiner Endorsements by the regional AY Examiner to current Yachtmaster Certificate holders who have satisfactorily completed a One-day Assessment of their Instructional abilities to the desired Level of Competency

As we are now reaching the higher levels of yacht handling ability it is necessary to show a level of practical proficiency in the subjects covered by the AY Syllabus.

Certificates of Competency will not be awarded to students if –
Their ability to Skipper a yacht is adversely affected, to a marked degree by Sea-sickness or any other physical disability.
They are unable to demonstrate sufficient ability in basic seamanship, navigation or yacht handling to appreciate the technique required of a skipper.
And 3. They demonstrate a lack of understanding of any part of the AY Syllabus to the extent that it would be unwise or dangerous for them to go to sea as a skipper of a yacht. This will allow for a standard to be maintained and the necessary records kept for reference.

Students who have successfully obtained a Yachtmaster - Certificate of Competency are being recognized by many commercial maritime service boards by awarding the equivalent Coxswain and Master Class V Sailing School Vessel (SSV) qualifications.

This allows successful AY Certificate Holders to charter yachts become paid skippers and crew on yachts (in some country's), do yacht deliveries and enable some exchange of Instructors, Coaches and Examiners between country's for those who wish to travel abroad.

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