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Becoming an approved AsianYachting Center to educate sailors in safe boating activities is expected to become a showcase to developing future water sports champions and skilled pleasure craft operators in the region.

Yacht clubs and other educational organizations interested in conducting AY Practical Sailing or Motor Cruising Courses and awarding Introduction to Sailing and Day Skipper Course Completion Certificates can apply for recognition after being inspected and approved by the regional AY Examiner.

All approved AsianYachting Centers will need to be licensed to use the Asian Yachtmasters syllabus and highly rated in the International standards (below) to become eligible to conduct AY Day Skipper, Coastal and Offshore Yachtmaster Courses and issue participants with International Certificates of Competency is based on the following general points:

  • The qualifications of the Principal at the proposed AsianYachting Center. Ensuring that the delegation of responsibility is put into the hands of one who is fully experienced and responsible enough to maintain the high International standards laid down by the Asian Yachtmasters Scheme.
  • The vessels to be used for instruction, their suitability, condition and number.
  • General equipment carried on such vessels.
  • The availability of Safety equipment its condition and use
  • The shore based instructional facilities and equipment.
  • The quality of the instructional staff, their experience, qualifications and ability to manage the schemes.
  • In the case of a residential establishment, the accommodation arrangements for students.
  • Full knowledge of the AY Syllabus and the Courses being offered including the methods and details of the training lectures and the length of the practical sailing program.
  • Ability to complete AY Logbooks and issue AY Theory and Practical Course Completion Certificates to students when courses have been satisfactorily completed
  • Payment of a annual AY Certification Fee based on the size of training establishment and courses expected to be conducted.

Make inquiries about introducing Asian Yachtmasters and becoming a recognized AY Training Center or school in your region, e-mail the AY directly at:

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