Level 1 - Advanced Crewing Techniques Syllabus

Sailing Yacht (S.Y.) and
Motor Yacht (M.Y.)

Certificates of Competency


Level 3 - Coastal Yachtmaster Syllabus


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Level 4 – Offshore Yachtmaster Syllabus

Level 1 -
Introduction to Sailing

Introduction to Sailing & Power Yacht Handling
Beginner’s and Competent Crew
Course Completion Certificate

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Level 1 - Advanced Crewing Techniques

Crew Roles, Spinnaker Handling and Teamwork
Completed or experienced basic sailing techniques Level 1 above
Course Completion Certificate

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Level 2 -
Day Skipper

Sailing Yacht & Powered Craft Handling
Introduction to Sailing through to Day Skipper
Certificates of Competency (up to 12m L.O.A)

Go to L2 Practical & Theory Syllabus

Level 3 -
Coastal Yachtmaster

Advanced Sailing and Motor Yacht Handling
Day Skipper to Coastal Yachtmaster
Certificates of Competency (up to 20m L.O.A)

Go to L3 Practical & Theory Syllabus

Level 4Offshore Yachtmaster

Offshore Sailing & Motor Yacht Handling
Coastal Yachtmaster to Offshore Yachtmaster
Certificates of Competency (up to 40m L.O.A.)

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