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Asian Yachtmasters Start-up Kit
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The unique Asian Yachtmasters Start-up Kit is Now available from the AY Headquarters for only US$35 and contains your choice of the following:

(1) A Personal AY Logbook and Syllabus to keep a record of your yachting achievements, courses completed and assessed International Level of Competency... US 10

(2) Your choice of  AY Handbooks from Level 1 Introduction to Sailing through to Level 3 and 4 Offshore Yachtmaster will be available.
Level 1
Introduction to Sailing Handbook... US 10
Level 2 Day Skipper Handbook... US 15
Level 3 and 4 Coastal & Offshore Yachtmaster...
US 25 (Coming soon)

Merchandising items

(1) Replacement AY Certificates of Competency or transfers... US 50 (Allow 1 week processing}

(2) Package of 50 x replacement laminated personalized business card size AY Certificates... US 20


Make inquiries Now! About the AY Start-up Kits, Instructional Courses and the possibility of joining other Asian Yachtmasters in their pleasure yachting pursuits
E-Mail the AY Headquarters at

AY Certificate Package
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After Course completion and One-day Assessment the AY Examiner will award successful candidates with their respective AY International Certificates of Competency.

The Asian Yachtmasters Certificate package includes:
(1) Wall Certificate ready for your signature and
laminating material to protect your certificate after signing it.

(2) 40 x laminated personal business card size AY Certificates

(3) Signed off AY Logbook

(4) Logbook Certificate

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