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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pleasure Yachting. It is a sport which attracts thousands of newcomers each year, who find that the quickest way to pick up the necessary seagoing skills required for a successful lifestyle afloat is by taking courses at recognized yachting centers.

One of the last remaining individual freedoms left in the world today is the privilege of taking a pleasure yacht to sea without meeting cumbersome legal requirements to prove your yachting ability and the vessels seaworthiness. This privilege grants us the true freedom to sail the seas but it is the moral responsibility of the owner and skipper of every yacht that puts to sea to ensure that the crew and passengers are not exposed to avoidable danger or risks and that no unnecessary demands are made on the local rescue services—That’s if there are any!

This means that yacht skippers must become competent to deal with any weather condition and situations that they may encounter on a passage. The crew should also posses the ability to be equally competent by assisting the skipper in running the yacht efficiently.

Asian Yachtmasters invites all boating enthusiasts interested in acquiring some practical yachting skills and valuable boating knowledge to spend some time exploring the easy Step by Step boat handling maneuvers covering the essential skills to safely master any type or size of pleasure yacht. The beauty of yachting is that it is one of the few active sports where age is no barrier and all students participate on equal terms, it's experience which matters.

Some people never tire of the enjoyment, which comes from a leisurely afternoon's sail, while others will quickly join in the exciting physical and technical competition of racing. Some may have broader horizons, seeing yachting as a first step towards discovering offshore cruising or seeking gamefull employment as captain or crew on pleasure yachts. It is envisaged that through the extensive. AsianYachting network the Instructional Courses and One-day Assessments can be arranged and conducted on your own boat or the boat of your choice anywhere in the world.

Whatever your goal, a good start is vital if you are to enjoy the sport and get the most from it. The Asian Yachtmasters - AY Courses are essentially practical so that you will be able to take control of a sailing or motor yacht as quickly as possible, and over time develop further confidence and competence by building onto the basic principles. They have been carefully designed to give you the best introduction and help you - before, during and after courses to develop these skills further.

One of the things that hold people's interest in yachting for a lifetime is that you never seem to stop learning. By setting simple, achievable goals and using the well-structured AY Instructional Courses it is possible to learn the basics of sailing in a weekend. To become a well rounded experienced sailor will take a lot longer. The learning rate will relate to the way the student applies themselves to both the study and practice of the subject. Somebody who studies good instructional notes and goes yachting three or four times a week could become a proficient, quite experienced sailor in 12 months. We wish all new or old sailors good luck and god speed in achieving your yachting endeavors.

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