Participants are to take note to the following:
Be prepared for the weather. Under the sun / rain, light / strong wind and various sea conditions.

Anything with a rubber sole will provide the necessary traction.
White soft soled shoe recommended. We hate black soled shoes because they can leave black marks.
Open toed sandals? Being the first time on a boat for you might bang your toes and bruise yourself. So we hate to see people banging their toes.
We like to see basketball / tennis shoes ( if you do not have proper deck shoes) onboard for proper protection from the elements.

A hat is always a good idea. A baseball style hat is nice, though something with an all-round brim will protect you from the sun better.
Whatever hat you wear, use retainers so that you do not lose it when the wind blows it off your head.

Pants don't really matter; shorts are better.
Long sleeve help protect arms from the sun
Tight and stiff restrict your movements.
Loose and dangles can catch on something.
It doesn't really matter but certainly light coloured clothing will be much more comfortable for you.
Fashionable, nobody else going to see you except those on board.

Sunglasses and good sunscreen protects from the sun.

Soft outsole footwear, shorts, long sleeve T-shirts / swimwear, sun screen and hats recommended.